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"GOING to him! Happy letter! Tell him —Emily Dickinson1891
"My True Love Hath My Heart and I Hav...Mary Elizabeth Coleridge1908
"Not Honey"H. D.1921
"Oh could I raise the darken'd veil"Nathaniel Hawthorne1820
"To-morrow to Fresh Woods and Pasture...Amy Lowell1912
"We As Women"Charlotte Perkins Gilman1911
"Whose are the little beds," I askedEmily Dickinson1891
'Ittle Touzle HeadRay G. Dandridge1922
'Tis so much joy! 'Tis so much joy!Emily Dickinson1890
'Tis sunrise, little maid, hast thouEmily Dickinson1896
'Tis whiter than an Indian pipeEmily Dickinson1896
'Twas a long parting, but the timeEmily Dickinson1890
'Twas just this time last year I died.Emily Dickinson1896
'Twas later when the summer wentEmily Dickinson1890
'Twas such a little, little boatEmily Dickinson1890
'Weh Down SoufDaniel Webster Davis1922
14. Composed Upon Westminster Bridge,...William Wordsworth1807
1492Emma Lazarus1888
18. [The world is too much with us; l...William Wordsworth1807
19. [It is a Beauteous Evening, Calm ...William Wordsworth1807
1915Robert Graves1918
2. [The sun has long been set,]William Wordsworth1807
4. [My heart leaps up when I behold]William Wordsworth1807
7. [I wandered lonely as a Cloud]William Wordsworth1807
A Baby Asleep After PainD. H. Lawrence1916
A Baby Running BarefootD. H. Lawrence1916
A Baby SongElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
A Bacchanalian VerseRobert Herrick1648
A Bacchanalian Verse (2)Robert Herrick1648
A Ballad of BurialRudyard Kipling1919
A Ballad of DreamlandAlgernon Charles Swinburne1878
A Ballade of Jakko HillRudyard Kipling1919
A Bard’s EpitaphRobert Burns1786
A Bird SongChristina Rossetti1873
A Bird came down the WalkEmily Dickinson1891
A BirthdayChristina Rossetti1861
A Blue CoatGertrude Stein1914
A Boston Ballad [1854]Walt Whitman1892
A Boundless MomentRobert Frost1923
A BoxGertrude Stein1914
A Box (2)Gertrude Stein1914
A Boy Scouts’ Patrol SongRudyard Kipling1919
A Boy and His DadEdgar Guest1921
A Boy in ChurchRobert Graves1918
A British–Roman SongRudyard Kipling1919
A Broadway PageantWalt Whitman1892
A Brook In the CityRobert Frost1923
A BrownGertrude Stein1914
A Bucolic Betwixt Two: Lacon And ThyrsisRobert Herrick1648
A Bucolic, or Discourse of NeatherdsRobert Herrick1648
A Butterfly in ChurchGeorge Marion McClellan1922
A CampRobert Louis Stevenson1885
A Canticle To ApolloRobert Herrick1648
A Carafe, That is a Blind GlassGertrude Stein1914
A CarolRudyard Kipling1919
A Carol Closing Sixty-NineWalt Whitman1892
A CautionRobert Herrick1648
A Centre In a TableGertrude Stein1914
A ChairGertrude Stein1914
A Channel PassageRupert Brooke1916
A CharmRudyard Kipling1919
A Charm, or an Allay For LoveRobert Herrick1648
A Child's AmazeWalt Whitman1892
A Child's NightmareRobert Graves1918
A Christmas CarolSamuel Taylor Coleridge1829
A Christmas CarolGeorge Wither1622
A Christmas Carol Sung To the King In...Robert Herrick1647
A Christmas GreetingWalt Whitman1892
A Clear MidnightWalt Whitman1892
A ClothGertrude Stein1914
A CoatW. B. Yeats1916
A Code of MoralsRudyard Kipling1919
A CoinCarl Sandburg1916
A Coloured Print by ShokeiAmy Lowell1912
A Conjuration To ElectraRobert Herrick1648
A Converted RooterWilliam F. Kirk1910
A Country-life: To His Brother, Mr. T...Robert Herrick1648
A Cradle SongWilliam Blake1794
A Cradle SongW. B. Yeats1899
A Dead BocheRobert Graves1918
A Death SongPaul Laurence Dunbar1922
A Death-bedRudyard Kipling1919
A DedicationRudyard Kipling1919
A Dedication to Gavin Hamilton, Esq.Robert Burns1786
A Deep-sworn VowW. B. Yeats1919
A Defence For WomenRobert Herrick1648
A Dialogue Between Himself And Mistre...Robert Herrick1648
A Dialogue Betwixt Horace And Lydia, ...Robert Herrick1648
A Dirge Upon the Death of the Right V...Robert Herrick1648
A Divine ImageWilliam Blake1794
A DogGertrude Stein1914
A DrawingGertrude Stein1914
A DreamRobert Burns1786
A Dream GirlCarl Sandburg1916
A Dream PangRobert Frost1913
A Dream Within a DreamEdgar Allan Poe1820
A Drinking SongW. B. Yeats1916
A Fairy TaleAmy Lowell1912
A Farewel to AmericaPhillis Wheatley1773
A Farm PictureWalt Whitman1892
A FeatherGertrude Stein1914
A FenceCarl Sandburg1916
A Few Idle WordsElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
A FireGertrude Stein1914
A Fixed IdeaAmy Lowell1912
A Font of TypeWalt Whitman1892
A Fountain, a Bottle, a Donkey's Ears...Robert Frost1923
A Friend's IllnessW. B. Yeats1916
A Frightful ReleaseGertrude Stein1914
A FrolicRobert Herrick1648
A Funeral Poem on the Death of C. E. ...Phillis Wheatley1773
A General SummaryRudyard Kipling1919
A GiftAmy Lowell1914
A Girl's GardenRobert Frost1916
A Glass of BeerJames Stephens1918
A Gleam of SunshineHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
A GlimpseWalt Whitman1892
A Good BoyRobert Louis Stevenson1885
A Good DeathRobert Herrick1648
A Good HusbandRobert Herrick1648
A Good PlayRobert Louis Stevenson1885
A Grace after DinnerRobert Burns1791
A Grace after MeatRobert Burns1793
A Grace before DinnerRobert Burns1791
A Hand-MirrorWalt Whitman1892
A HandkerchiefGertrude Stein1914
A Hillside ThawRobert Frost1923
A Hundred CollarsRobert Frost1914
A Hymn To BacchusRobert Herrick1648
A Hymn To Bacchus (2)Robert Herrick1648
A Hymn To CupidRobert Herrick1648
A Hymn To Sir Clipseby CrewRobert Herrick1648
A Hymn To Venus And CupidRobert Herrick1648
A Hymn To the GracesRobert Herrick1648
A Hymn To the LaresRobert Herrick1648
A Hymn To the MusesRobert Herrick1648
A Hymn To the Muses (2)Robert Herrick1648
A Hymn on the Nativity of My SaviorBen Jonson1640
A January DandelionGeorge Marion McClellan1916
A Japanese Wood-CarvingAmy Lowell1912
A Jelly-FishMarianne Moore1909
A Just ManRobert Herrick1648
A King And No KingRobert Herrick1648
A KissRobert Herrick1648
A LadyAmy Lowell1914
A LandscapeElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
A Late WalkRobert Frost1913
A Lazy DayPaul Laurence Dunbar1905
A Leaf for Hand in HandWalt Whitman1892
A LeaveGertrude Stein1914
A Legend of the Foreign OfficeRudyard Kipling1919
A LetterRalph Waldo Emerson1904
A Line-storm SongRobert Frost1913
A Litany in Time of PlagueThomas Nashe1600
A Litany of AtlantaW. E. B. Du Bois1922
A Little Bit of a TumblerGertrude Stein1914
A Little CabinCharles Bertram Johnson1922
A Little Called PaulineGertrude Stein1914
A Little SongAmy Lowell1912
A London Thoroughfare. 2 A.M.Amy Lowell1914
A Long DressGertrude Stein1914
A Love SongWilliam Carlos Williams1916
A Love SongD. H. Lawrence1916
A LoverAmy Lowell1917
A Lowden Sabbath MornRobert Louis Stevenson1885
A Lyric To MirthRobert Herrick1648
A March in the Ranks Hard-Prest, and ...Walt Whitman1892
A Mean In Our MeansRobert Herrick1648
A Meditation For His MistressRobert Herrick1648
A MemoryLola Ridge1918
A MemoryRupert Brooke1916
A Memory Of the Players In a Mirror a...James Joyce1917
A Memory of JuneClaude McKay1922
A Memory of YouthW. B. Yeats1916
A Method of a CloakGertrude Stein1914
A Mile an’ a BittockRobert Louis Stevenson1885
A Million Young WorkmenCarl Sandburg1918
A Minor PoetStephen Vincent Benét1918
A MomentMary Elizabeth Coleridge1921
A Mother’s Lament for her Son’s DeathRobert Burns1788
A Mountain GraveRalph Waldo Emerson1904
A Mounted UmbrellaGertrude Stein1914
A MusicalPaul Laurence Dunbar1913
A Musical InstrumentElizabeth Barrett Browning1860
A Nation's StrengthWilliam Ralph Emerson1847
A NativityRudyard Kipling1919
A Negro Love SongPaul Laurence Dunbar1896
A New Cup And SaucerGertrude Stein1914
A New Psalm for the Chapel of KilmarnockRobert Burns1789
A New-year’s Gift Sent To Sir Simon S...Robert Herrick1648
A Noiseless Patient SpiderWalt Whitman1892
A Nuptial Song or Epithalamy On Sir C...Robert Herrick1648
A Nuptial Verse To Mistress Elizabeth...Robert Herrick1648
A Panegyric To Sir Lewis PembertonRobert Herrick1648
A PaperGertrude Stein1914
A Paranæticall, or Advisive Verse, To...Robert Herrick1648
A Paraphrase on Psalm CXIVJohn Milton1909
A Parisian Roof Garden in 1918Natalie Clifford Barney1920
A Passing BellD. H. Lawrence1916
A Pastoral Sung To the King: Montano,...Robert Herrick1648
A Pastoral Upon the Birth of Prince C...Robert Herrick1648
A Patch of Old SnowRobert Frost1916
A Paumanok PictureWalt Whitman1892
A Persian LessonWalt Whitman1892
A PetticoatGertrude Stein1914
A PianoGertrude Stein1914
A Pict SongRudyard Kipling1919
A Piece of CoffeeGertrude Stein1914
A Pilgrim’s WayRudyard Kipling1919
A Pinch of SaltRobert Graves1918
A PlateGertrude Stein1914
A Poem for Children with Thoughts on ...Jupiter Hammon1782
A Poet to his BelovedW. B. Yeats1899
A Poet’s Welcome to his Love-Begotten...Robert Burns1784
A Poison TreeWilliam Blake1794
A Political LitanyPhilip Freneau1775
A PortraitRobert Louis Stevenson1885
A Position In the Hebrew DivinityRobert Herrick1647
A Prairie SunsetWalt Whitman1892
A PrayerJoseph Seamon Cotter, Jr.1922
A PrayerClaude McKay1922
A Prayer for my DaughterW. B. Yeats1921
A Prayer in SpringRobert Frost1913
A Prayer in the Prospect of DeathRobert Burns1781
A Prayer on going into my HouseW. B. Yeats1919
A Prayer under the Pressure of Violen...Robert Burns1781
A PrognosticRobert Herrick1648
A Promise to CaliforniaWalt Whitman1892
A Prophecy: To George Keats in AmericaJohn Keats1900
A Psalm of LifeHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1839
A Psalm or Hymn To the GracesRobert Herrick1648
A PurseGertrude Stein1914
A QuestionCharlotte Perkins Gilman1911
A RebusPhillis Wheatley1773
A RecantationRudyard Kipling1919
A Red FlowerClaude McKay1922
A Red HatGertrude Stein1914
A Red StampGertrude Stein1914
A Request To the GracesRobert Herrick1648
A Riddle SongWalt Whitman1892
A Ring Presented To JuliaRobert Herrick1648
A Ripple SongRudyard Kipling1919
A School SongRudyard Kipling1919
A Seaside IdylElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
A Seltzer BottleGertrude Stein1914
A Servant When He ReignethRudyard Kipling1919
A Servant to ServantsRobert Frost1914
A ShawlGertrude Stein1914
A Short Hymn To LarRobert Herrick1648
A Short Hymn To VenusRobert Herrick1648
A Sight in Camp in the Daybreak Gray ...Walt Whitman1892
A Slumber Did My Spirit SealWilliam Wordsworth1800
A Smuggler’s SongRudyard Kipling1919
A Solar EclipseElla Wheeler Wilcox1892
A SongRobert Herrick1648
A SongW. B. Yeats1919
A Song To the MaskersRobert Herrick1648
A Song Upon SilviaRobert Herrick1648
A Song at Cock-crowRudyard Kipling1919
A Song for Merry HarvestEliza Cook1840
A Song for New Year's EveWilliam Cullen Bryant1864
A Song for OccupationsWalt Whitman1892
A Song for St. Cecilia's DayJohn Dryden1687
A Song in StormRudyard Kipling1919
A Song of JoysWalt Whitman1892
A Song of KabirRudyard Kipling1919
A Song of ThanksEdward Smyth Jones1922
A Song of TravelRudyard Kipling1919
A Song of the EnglishRudyard Kipling1919
A Song of the RoadRobert Louis Stevenson1885
A Song of the Rolling EarthWalt Whitman1892
A Song of the White MenRudyard Kipling1919
A Song to MithrasRudyard Kipling1919
A Sonnet of PerillaRobert Herrick1648
A SoundGertrude Stein1914
A SphinxCarl Sandburg1916
A Spiritual WomanD. H. Lawrence1916
A St. Helena LullabyRudyard Kipling1919
A Star In a Stone-BoatRobert Frost1923
A Stormed CityGeorge Gordon Byron1881
A Substance In a CushionGertrude Stein1914
A Summer NightElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
A TableGertrude Stein1914
A Tale of Two CitiesRudyard Kipling1919
A Tall ManCarl Sandburg1918
A Teamster’s FarewellCarl Sandburg1916
A Ternary of Littles, Upon a Pipkin o...Robert Herrick1648
A Thank-OfferingElla Higginson1898
A Thanksgiving PoemPaul Laurence Dunbar1922
A Thanksgiving To God For His HouseRobert Herrick1647
A ThoughtRobert Louis Stevenson1885
A Thought from PropertiusW. B. Yeats1919
A Thought of the NileLeigh Hunt1818
A Thousand Martyrs I Have MadeAphra Behn1688
A Three-part SongRudyard Kipling1919
A Time To EatGertrude Stein1914
A Time To TalkRobert Frost1916
A Tippling Ballad—When Princes and Pr...Robert Burns1792
A Toast to the MenEdgar Guest1909
A TranslationRudyard Kipling1919
A Tree SongRudyard Kipling1919
A TriadChristina Rossetti1862
A Tribute to the Future of My RaceLaura Cornelius Kellogg1903
A Truthful SongRudyard Kipling1919
A Twilight SongWalt Whitman1892
A UnitElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
A Valediction: Forbidding MourningJohn Donne1633
A Violin at DuskLizette Woodworth Reese1920
A VisionOscar Wilde1881
A VisionRobert Burns1794
A Vision of RestAlexander Posey1910
A Visit from St. NicholasClement Clarke Moore1823
A Visit from the SeaRobert Louis Stevenson1885
A Voice from DeathWalt Whitman1892
A Vow To MarsRobert Herrick1648
A Vow To MinervaRobert Herrick1648
A Vow To VenusRobert Herrick1648
A WaistGertrude Stein1914
A White HunterGertrude Stein1914
A Will To Be WorkingRobert Herrick1647
A WindflowerLizette Woodworth Reese1891
A Winter Blue JaySara Teasdale1915
A Winter NightRobert Burns1786
A Winter RideAmy Lowell1912
A Winter's TaleD. H. Lawrence1916
A Winter’s TaleD. H. Lawrence1916
A Woman Homer sungW. B. Yeats1916
A Woman Waits for MeWalt Whitman1892
A charm invests a faceEmily Dickinson1891
A clock stopped — not the mantel's;Emily Dickinson1896
A death-blow is a life-blow to someEmily Dickinson1891
A deed knocks first at thoughtEmily Dickinson1891
A dew sufficed itselfEmily Dickinson1896
A door just opened on a street —Emily Dickinson1896
A drop fell on the apple treeEmily Dickinson1890
A face devoid of love or graceEmily Dickinson1896
A lady red upon the hillEmily Dickinson1896
A lane of Yellow led the eyeEmily Dickinson1890
A light exists in springEmily Dickinson1896
A little road not made of manEmily Dickinson1890
A long, long sleep, a famous sleepEmily Dickinson1896
A modest lot, a fame petiteEmily Dickinson1896
A murmur in the trees to noteEmily Dickinson1896
A narrow fellow in the grassEmily Dickinson1891
A poor torn heart, a tattered heartEmily Dickinson1891
A precious, mouldering pleasure 'tisEmily Dickinson1890
A route of evanescenceEmily Dickinson1891
A sepal, petal, and a thornEmily Dickinson1896
A shady friend for torrid daysEmily Dickinson1891
A sickness of this world it most occa...Emily Dickinson1896
A sloop of amber slips awayEmily Dickinson1896
A solemn thing it was, I saidEmily Dickinson1896
A something in a summer's dayEmily Dickinson1890
A spider sewed at nightEmily Dickinson1891
A thought went up my mind to-dayEmily Dickinson1891
A throe upon the featuresEmily Dickinson1891
A toad can die of light!Emily Dickinson1896
A train went through a burial gateEmily Dickinson1890
A word is deadEmily Dickinson1896
A wounded deer leaps highestEmily Dickinson1890
A. D. BloodEdgar Lee Masters1916
A. E. FCarl Sandburg1920
Aaron HatfieldEdgar Lee Masters1916
Abel MelvenyEdgar Lee Masters1916
Abel’s BloodRobert Herrick1647
Aboard at a Ship's HelmWalt Whitman1892
Above The TreeElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
Above the DockT. E. Hulme1912
Abraham Davenport [excerpt]John Greenleaf Whittier1866
Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln1824
Abraham Lincoln Walks at MidnightVachel Lindsay1914
Abraham Lincoln, Born Feb. 12, 1809Walt Whitman1892
AbsencePaul Laurence Dunbar1899
AbsenceClaude McKay1922
AbstinenceRobert Herrick1648
Accomplished FactsCarl Sandburg1920
AccusationRobert Herrick1648
Ace" ShawEdgar Lee Masters1916
Achilles In OrcusElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
AconH. D.1916
AcrosticLewis Carroll1861
Action PoemHelen Hoyt1915
Adam Armour’s PrayerRobert Burns1785
Adam Lay IboundenAnonymous1400
Adam WeirauchEdgar Lee Masters1916
Adam's CurseW. B. Yeats1903
Address spoken by Miss FontenelleRobert Burns1793
Address to BeelzebubRobert Burns1786
Address to EdinburghRobert Burns1786
Address to Wm. Tytler, Esq., of Woodh...Robert Burns1787
Address to a HaggisRobert Burns1786
Address to the DeilRobert Burns1785
Address to the ToothacheRobert Burns1786
Address to the Unco GuidRobert Burns1786
Address to the shade of ThomsonRobert Burns1791
Adelaide CrapseyCarl Sandburg1918
Adieu to a SoldierWalt Whitman1892
AdlestropEdward Thomas1917
AdolescenceClaude McKay1922
Adonais, 49-52, [Go thou to Rome]Percy Bysshe Shelley1821
Adrift! A little boat adrift!Emily Dickinson1896
AdversityRobert Herrick1648
Adversity (2)Robert Herrick1648
Advice the Best ActorRobert Herrick1648
Aedh Laments the Loss of LoveW. B. Yeats1899
Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of HeavenW. B. Yeats1889
Aedh gives his Beloved certain RhymesW. B. Yeats1899
Aedh hears the Cry of the SedgeW. B. Yeats1899
Aedh pleads with the Elemental PowersW. B. Yeats1899
Aedh tells of a Valley full of LoversW. B. Yeats1899
Aedh tells of the Rose in his HeartW. B. Yeats1899
Aedh tells of the perfect BeautyW. B. Yeats1899
Aedh thinks of those who have spoken ...W. B. Yeats1899
Aedh wishes for the Cloths of HeavenW. B. Yeats1899
Aedh wishes his Beloved were deadW. B. Yeats1899
AfflictionRobert Herrick1647
Afraid? Of whom am I afraid?Emily Dickinson1890
AfricaClaude McKay1922
After Apple-PickingRobert Frost1914
After Autumn, WinterRobert Herrick1648
After LoveSara Teasdale1917
After Many DaysD. H. Lawrence1916
After Reading "Antony and Cleopatra"Robert Louis Stevenson1890
After a hundred yearsEmily Dickinson1891
After dark vapors have oppress'd our ...John Keats1817
After the Dazzle of DayWalt Whitman1892
After the Sea-ShipWalt Whitman1892
After the Supper and TalkWalt Whitman1892
After the WinterClaude McKay1922
AftermathAmy Lowell1912
Afternoon in FebruaryHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
Afternoon on a HillEdna St. Vincent Millay1917
AfterwardsThomas Hardy1917
AgainRobert Herrick1648
Again (2)Robert Herrick1648
Against FruitionSir John Suckling1646
Against LoveRobert Herrick1648
Against Unworthy PraiseW. B. Yeats1916
Age Unfit For LoveRobert Herrick1648
Age and DeathEmma Lazarus1888
Ages and Ages Returning at IntervalsWalt Whitman1892
Ah Poverties, Wincings, and Sulky Ret...Walt Whitman1892
Ah, SunflowerWilliam Blake1794
Ah, woe is me, my Mother dearRobert Burns1779
Air and AngelsJohn Donne1633
Albert SchirdingEdgar Lee Masters1916
Alexander ThrockmortonEdgar Lee Masters1916
Alexander's Feast; or, the Power of M...John Dryden1697
Alfonso ChurchillEdgar Lee Masters1916
Alfonso, Dressing to Wait at TableClaude McKay1922
Alfred MoirEdgar Lee Masters1916
AlixCarl Sandburg1918
All Day LongCarl Sandburg1916
All Is TruthWalt Whitman1892
All Souls' Night, 1917Hortense King Flexner1920
All Things Decay And DieRobert Herrick1648
All Things Run Well For the RighteousRobert Herrick1647
All Things can tempt meW. B. Yeats1916
All overgrown by cunning mossEmily Dickinson1896
Alley RatsCarl Sandburg1920
AlmsEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
AlmsRobert Herrick1647
Alms (2)Robert Herrick1647
AloneEdgar Allan Poe1875
Alp and FrancescaGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Alphabet PoemEdward Lear1877
Alphonso of CastileRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Alter? When the hills do.Emily Dickinson1890
AltitudeLola Ridge1920
Always the MobCarl Sandburg1918
Amanda BarkerEdgar Lee Masters1916
AmazeAdelaide Crapsey1915
AmbitionRobert Herrick1648
Ambition (2)Robert Herrick1648
Amelia GarrickEdgar Lee Masters1916
AmericaWalt Whitman1892
AmericaHerman Melville1866
AmericaJames Monroe Whitfield1853
AmericaClaude McKay1922
America, a Prophecy, Plates 3 and 4William Blake1793
Ami GreenEdgar Lee Masters1916
Among the MultitudeWalt Whitman1892
Among the Red GunsCarl Sandburg1916
Amor IntellectualisOscar Wilde1881
Amos SibleyEdgar Lee Masters1916
Ample make this bed.Emily Dickinson1891
An ABC (The Prayer of Our Lady)Geoffrey Chaucer1602
An AcrosticEdgar Allan Poe1911
An Address to Miss Phillis WheatleyJupiter Hammon1787
An AmericanRudyard Kipling1919
An Answer to the Rebus, by the Author...Phillis Wheatley1773
An Apple GatheringChristina Rossetti1861
An AppointmentW. B. Yeats1916
An April DayHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1839
An Army Corps on the MarchWalt Whitman1892
An Astrologer’s SongRudyard Kipling1919
An August Evening in ItalyGeorge Gordon Byron1881
An August MidnightThomas Hardy1901
An Autumn ReverieElla Wheeler Wilcox1873
An Eclogue or Pastoral Between Endymi...Robert Herrick1648
An Electric Sign Goes DarkCarl Sandburg1920
An Empty ThreatRobert Frost1923
An EncounterRobert Frost1916
An End DecreedRobert Herrick1648
An Ended DayWalt Whitman1892
An Epitaph Upon a ChildRobert Herrick1648
An Epitaph Upon a Sober MatronRobert Herrick1648
An Epitaph Upon a VirginRobert Herrick1648
An Epitaph on the marchioness of Winc...John Milton1909
An Epithalamy To Sir Thomas Southwell...Robert Herrick1648
An EternityArchibald MacLeish1917
An Evening LullWalt Whitman1892
An Evening Thought: Salvation by Chri...Jupiter Hammon1760
An Hymn To JunoRobert Herrick1648
An Hymn To LoveRobert Herrick1648
An Hymn to HumanityPhillis Wheatley1773
An Hymn to the EveningPhillis Wheatley1773
An Hymn to the MorningPhillis Wheatley1773
An Imperial RescriptRudyard Kipling1919
An Indignation DinnerJames D. Corrothers1922
An Irish Airman foresees his DeathW. B. Yeats1919
An Ode For HimRobert Herrick1648
An Ode To Master Endymion Porter, Upo...Robert Herrick1648
An Ode To Sir Clipseby CrewRobert Herrick1648
An Ode of the Birth of Our SaviourRobert Herrick1647
An Ode to HimselfBen Jonson1640
An Ode, or Psalm To GodRobert Herrick1647
An Old Man's Winter NightRobert Frost1916
An Old SongRudyard Kipling1919
An Old Twenty-Third ManRobert Graves1918
An UmbrellaGertrude Stein1914
An altered look about the hills;Emily Dickinson1891
An awful tempest mashed the airEmily Dickinson1891
An everywhere of silverEmily Dickinson1891
AnacreonticRobert Herrick1648
Anacreontic (2)Robert Herrick1648
Anacreontic VerseRobert Herrick1648
Anchor SongRudyard Kipling1919
And They ObeyCarl Sandburg1916
And This Will be AllCarl Sandburg1920
And Thou art DeadGeorge Gordon Byron1881
And What Shall You SayJoseph Seamon Cotter, Jr.1922
Andy the Night-WatchEdgar Lee Masters1916
Aner CluteEdgar Lee Masters1916
AngelsRobert Herrick1647
Angels in the early morningEmily Dickinson1890
AngerRobert Herrick1648
Angutivaun TainaRudyard Kipling1919
Anna ImrothCarl Sandburg1916
Annabel LeeEdgar Allan Poe1850
Anne RutledgeEdgar Lee Masters1916
AnotherRobert Herrick1648
Another (10)Robert Herrick1647
Another (11)Robert Herrick1647
Another (12)Robert Herrick1647
Another (13)Robert Herrick1647
Another (14)Robert Herrick1647
Another (15)Robert Herrick1647
Another (16)Robert Herrick1647
Another (17)Robert Herrick1647
Another (2)Robert Herrick1648
Another (3)Robert Herrick1648
Another (4)Robert Herrick1648
Another (5)Robert Herrick1648
Another (6)Robert Herrick1648
Another (7)Robert Herrick1648
Another (8)Robert Herrick1648
Another (9)Robert Herrick1647
Another Charm For StablesRobert Herrick1648
Another Grace For a ChildRobert Herrick1647
Another Grace for a ChildRobert Herrick1647
Another New-year’s Gift: Or, Song For...Robert Herrick1647
Another On HerRobert Herrick1648
Another On LoveRobert Herrick1648
Another Song [Are they shadows that w...Samuel Daniel1610
Another Song of a FoolW. B. Yeats1919
Another StarCharlotte Perkins Gilman1911
Another To Bring In the WitchRobert Herrick1648
Another To GodRobert Herrick1647
Another To God (2)Robert Herrick1647
Another To His SaviourRobert Herrick1647
Another To NeptuneRobert Herrick1648
Another To the MaidsRobert Herrick1648
Another Upon HerRobert Herrick1648
Another Upon Her WeepingRobert Herrick1648
Another of GodRobert Herrick1647
Another of the SameRobert Herrick1648
Another on the SameJohn Milton1909
Another on the said OccasionRobert Burns1784
Answer to a Child's QuestionSamuel Taylor Coleridge1817
Ante AramRupert Brooke1916
Anthea’s RetractationRobert Herrick1648
Anthem for Doomed YouthWilfred Owen1920
Anthony FindlayEdgar Lee Masters1916
Antigonish [I met a man who wasn't th...Hughes Mearns1922
AnxietyD. H. Lawrence1916
ApologiaOscar Wilde1881
Apology to Mr. Syme for not dining wi...Robert Burns1795
ApostateLéonie Adams1921
Apparently with no surpriseEmily Dickinson1890
ApparitionsWalt Whitman1892
Appellate JurisdictionMarianne Moore1915
AppleGertrude Stein1914
Apples of HesperidesAmy Lowell1912
Approach of WinterWilliam Carlos Williams1921
AprilElla Higginson1898
AprilRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Aprons of SilenceCarl Sandburg1920
ArcadesJohn Milton1909
Archibald HigbieEdgar Lee Masters1916
Arcturus is his other name, —Emily Dickinson1891
Are You the New Person Drawn Toward Me?Walt Whitman1892
Are friends delight or pain?Emily Dickinson1896
Arithmetic on the FrontierRudyard Kipling1919
Arlo WillEdgar Lee Masters1916
Armies in the FireRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Army HeadquartersRudyard Kipling1919
ArquaGeorge Gordon Byron1881
ArtRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Art Above Nature: To JuliaRobert Herrick1648
As Adam Early in the MorningWalt Whitman1892
As Consequent, Etc.Walt Whitman1892
As I Ebb'd with the Ocean of LifeWalt Whitman1892
As I Lay with My Head in Your Lap Cam...Walt Whitman1892
As I Ponder'd in SilenceWalt Whitman1892
As I Sit Writing HereWalt Whitman1892
As I Walk These Broad Majestic DaysWalt Whitman1892
As I Watch the Ploughman PloughingWalt Whitman1892
As If a Phantom Caress'd MeWalt Whitman1892
As OneElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
As They Draw to a CloseWalt Whitman1892
As Toilsome I Wander'd Virginia's WoodsWalt Whitman1892
As at Thy Portals Also DeathWalt Whitman1892
As by the dead we love to sitEmily Dickinson1891
As children bid the guest good-nightEmily Dickinson1890
As far from pity as complaintEmily Dickinson1896
As if some little Arctic flowerEmily Dickinson1890
As imperceptibly as griefEmily Dickinson1891
As kingfishers catch fire, dragonflie...Gerard Manley Hopkins1880
As the Bell ClinksRudyard Kipling1919
As the Greek's Signal FlameWalt Whitman1892
As the Time Draws NighWalt Whitman1892
AscensionJohn Donne1610
Ashes denote that fire was;Emily Dickinson1896
Ashes of LifeEdna St. Vincent Millay1917
Ashes of SoldiersWalt Whitman1892
AshurnatsirpalCarl Sandburg1918
Ask me no moreThomas Carew1640
Asking for RosesRobert Frost1913
AsparagusGertrude Stein1914
AspirationHenrietta Cordelia Ray1910
AssaultEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
AssurancesWalt Whitman1892
AssuredAlexander Posey1910
AstarteGeorge Gordon Byron1881
AstigmatismAmy Lowell1914
Astraea ReduxJohn Dryden1660
AstræaRalph Waldo Emerson1904
At BaiaH. D.1921
At Galway RacesW. B. Yeats1916
At NightYone Noguchi1920
At NightAmy Lowell1912
At VeronaOscar Wilde1881
At a Dinner PartyAmy Levy1889
At a Solemn MusicJohn Milton1909
At a Vacation Exercise in the College...John Milton1909
At a WindowCarl Sandburg1916
At half-past three a single birdEmily Dickinson1891
At last to be identified!Emily Dickinson1890
At least to pray is left, is left.Emily Dickinson1891
At the Abbey TheatreW. B. Yeats1916
At the CarnivalAnne Spencer1922
At the Closed Gate of JusticeJames D. Corrothers1922
At the Entering of the New YearThomas Hardy1920
At the LastWitter Bynner1917
At the PianoThomas Hardy1917
At the Sea-sideRobert Louis Stevenson1885
At the Touch of YouWitter Bynner1917
At the WindowD. H. Lawrence1916
At the ZooWilliam Makepeace Thackeray1863
At the round earth's imagined corners...John Donne1633
AthanasiaOscar Wilde1881
Auguries of InnocenceWilliam Blake1863
AugustHelen Hunt Jackson1886
AugustAlgernon Charles Swinburne1904
AugustLizette Woodworth Reese1887
AugustElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
Aunt HelenT. S. Eliot1917
Auntie’s SkirtsRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Aureng-Zebe, PrologueJohn Dryden1675
Aurora Leigh Eigth BookElizabeth Barrett Browning1856
Aurora Leigh Fifth BookElizabeth Barrett Browning1856
Aurora Leigh First BookElizabeth Barrett Browning1856
Aurora Leigh Fourth BookElizabeth Barrett Browning1856
Aurora Leigh Ninth BookElizabeth Barrett Browning1856
Aurora Leigh Second BookElizabeth Barrett Browning1856
Aurora Leigh Seventh BookElizabeth Barrett Browning1856
Aurora Leigh Sixth BookElizabeth Barrett Browning1856
Aurora Leigh Third BookElizabeth Barrett Browning1856
Aurora RabyGeorge Gordon Byron1881
AusterityJanet Loxley Lewis1920
AutumnElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
AutumnAlexander Posey1910
AutumnAmy Lowell1919
AutumnT. E. Hulme1909
Autumn (1839)Henry Wadsworth Longfellow1839
Autumn (1845)Henry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
Autumn FiresRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Autumn MovementCarl Sandburg1918
Ave ImperatrixOscar Wilde1881
Ave Maria plena GratiaOscar Wilde1881
AztecCarl Sandburg1916
Aztec MaskCarl Sandburg1913
Azure and GoldAmy Lowell1912
Baby FaceCarl Sandburg1918
Baby ToesCarl Sandburg1920
Baby VampsCarl Sandburg1920
BabylonRobert Graves1918
BacchusRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Back YardCarl Sandburg1916
Back to the Army AgainRudyard Kipling1919
Bad May Be BetterRobert Herrick1648
Bad Princes Pill the PeopleRobert Herrick1648
Bad Wages For Good ServiceRobert Herrick1648
Ballad of Another OpheliaD. H. Lawrence1916
Ballad of a WeddingSir John Suckling1646
Ballad on Mr. Heron’s Election—No. 1Robert Burns1795
Ballad on Mr. Heron’s Election—No. 2Robert Burns1795
Ballad on Mr. Heron’s Election—No. 3Robert Burns1795
Ballad on Mr. Heron’s Election—No. 4Robert Burns1796
Ballad on the American WarRobert Burns1784
Ballade de MargueriteOscar Wilde1881
Ballade of a SubstituteWilliam F. Kirk1910
Balloon FacesCarl Sandburg1920
Baltic Fog NotesCarl Sandburg1920
Band ConcertCarl Sandburg1918
BaptismClaude McKay1922
BaptismRobert Herrick1647
Barley-break; Or, Last In HellRobert Herrick1648
Barney HainsfeatherEdgar Lee Masters1916
Barry HoldenEdgar Lee Masters1916
BarterSara Teasdale1917
Bas-ReliefCarl Sandburg1920
BashfulnessRobert Herrick1648
BasketCarl Sandburg1920
BastardsRobert Herrick1648
BathCarl Sandburg1916
Batter my heart, three person'd God (...John Donne1633
Batterton DobynsEdgar Lee Masters1916
Beat! Beat! Drums!Walt Whitman1892
Beautiful WomenWalt Whitman1892
BeautyElinor Wylie1921
BeautyRobert Herrick1648
BeautyRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Beauty and BeautyRupert Brooke1915
Because I could not stop for DeathEmily Dickinson1890
Bed in SummerRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Before DawnAmy Lowell1912
Before I got my eye put outEmily Dickinson1891
Before Marching and AfterThomas Hardy1915
Before The MirrorElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
Before a Midnight Breaks in StormRudyard Kipling1919
Before the AltarAmy Lowell1912
Before the Feast of ShushanAnne Spencer1922
Before the ice is in the poolsEmily Dickinson1896
Before you thought of springEmily Dickinson1891
Beggar WomanCharles Reznikoff1921
Beggar to Beggar criedW. B. Yeats1916
BeggarsRobert Herrick1647
BeginnersWalt Whitman1892
Beginning DifficultRobert Herrick1648
Beginning My StudiesWalt Whitman1892
Beginnings And EndingsRobert Herrick1647
Behind a WallAmy Lowell1912
Behold This Swarthy FaceWalt Whitman1892
Bei HennefD. H. Lawrence1913
Being Once Blind, His Request To BiancaRobert Herrick1648
Bells in the RainElinor Wylie1921
Belshazzar had a letter, —Emily Dickinson1890
BeltsRudyard Kipling1919
Benjamin FraserEdgar Lee Masters1916
Benjamin PantierEdgar Lee Masters1916
Bereaved of all, I went abroadEmily Dickinson1896
BereavementGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Berket and the StarsWilliam Carlos Williams1921
BermudasAndrew Marvell1681
BerryingRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Bert KesslerEdgar Lee Masters1916
Besides the Autumn poets singEmily Dickinson1891
Best To Be MerryRobert Herrick1648
Between Two HillsCarl Sandburg1916
Beyond the YearsPaul Laurence Dunbar1913
Bible Defence of SlaveryFrances Ellen Watkins Harper1851
Big SteamersRudyard Kipling1919
BilbeaCarl Sandburg1918
Bill ’AwkinsRudyard Kipling1919
BirchesRobert Frost1916
Birds of PreyClaude McKay1922
Birds of Prey” MarchRudyard Kipling1919
Birth of Canada as a Nation, July Fir...James McIntyre1889
Birthday Ode for 31st December, 1787Robert Burns1787
Biting of BeggarsRobert Herrick1648
Bivouac on a Mountain SideWalt Whitman1892
Black HorizonsCarl Sandburg1922
Black MammiesJohn Wesley Holloway1922
Black WomanGeorgia Douglas Johnson1922
BlacklistedCarl Sandburg1916
BlameRobert Herrick1648
Blame the Reward of PrincesRobert Herrick1648
Blazing in gold and quenching in purpleEmily Dickinson1891
Bless God, he went as soldiersEmily Dickinson1896
Blessed Be BaseballWilliam F. Kirk1910
Blessings for ChanukahJessie E. Sampter1920
BlightEdna St. Vincent Millay1917
BlightRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Blind BartimeusHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1841
Blind JackEdgar Lee Masters1916
Blizzard NotesCarl Sandburg1918
Block CityRobert Louis Stevenson1913
BlueD. H. Lawrence1916
Blue EveningRupert Brooke1916
Blue Island IntersectionCarl Sandburg1920
Blue MaroonsCarl Sandburg1920
Blue RidgeCarl Sandburg1920
Blue RosesRudyard Kipling1919
Blue-Butterfly DayRobert Frost1923
BlueberriesRobert Frost1914
Boat Song—Hey, Ca’ Thro’Robert Burns1787
BobsRudyard Kipling1919
BoesCarl Sandburg1916
Bond and FreeRobert Frost1916
BonesCarl Sandburg1916
Bonie Jean: A BalladRobert Burns1793
Bonnivard aloneGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Bonnivard and his BrothersGeorge Gordon Byron1881
BookGertrude Stein1914
Book 1, Ode 5, [To Pyrrha]Horace1673
Book 4, Ode 1, [To Venus]Horace1673
Book of Nonsense, 1, 10 & 12Edward Lear1846
BootsRudyard Kipling1919
BorderlandsLouise Imogen Guiney1899
BostonRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Boston HymnRalph Waldo Emerson1904
BoundAline Murray Kilmer1921
Boy and FatherCarl Sandburg1920
Boys Will Be BoysCharlotte Perkins Gilman1911
BrahmaRalph Waldo Emerson1857
BranchesCarl Sandburg1920
Brass KeysCarl Sandburg1920
Bravo, Paris Exposition!Walt Whitman1892
Break of DayJohn Donne1612
Break, Break, BreakAlfred Lord Tennyson1842
BreakfastGertrude Stein1914
Breasal the FishermanW. B. Yeats1899
Bribes And Gifts Get AllRobert Herrick1648
Bricklayer LoveCarl Sandburg1918
Bridge-Guard in the KarrooRudyard Kipling1919
Bright StarJohn Keats1838
Bring me the sunset in a cupEmily Dickinson1891
BringersCarl Sandburg1918
BroadwayWalt Whitman1892
BroadwayCarl Sandburg1916
Broken DreamsW. B. Yeats1919
Broken TabernaclesCarl Sandburg1920
Broken-face GargoylesCarl Sandburg1920
BronzesCarl Sandburg1920
Brooding GriefD. H. Lawrence1916
Brookland RoadRudyard Kipling1919
Brother and SisterD. H. Lawrence1916
BrotherhoodGeorgia Douglas Johnson1922
BrothersJames Weldon Johnson1922
Brown BessRudyard Kipling1919
Brown of OssawatomieJohn Greenleaf Whittier1859
Brown's Descent or the Willy-nilly SlideRobert Frost1916
BuckwheatCarl Sandburg1920
Buddha at KamakuraRudyard Kipling1919
Buffalo BillCarl Sandburg1918
Buffalo DuskCarl Sandburg1920
Bulb Planting TimeEdgar Guest1922
BurialEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
BurialRobert McAlmon1921
BurialRobert Herrick1648
Burial of the MinnisinkHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1839
Burlesque Lament fo Wm. Creech’s AbsenceRobert Burns1787
Bury Me in a Free LandFrances Ellen Watkins Harper1854
But Men Loved Darkness Rather Than LightRichard Crashaw1646
Butch" WeldyEdgar Lee Masters1916
ButterGertrude Stein1914
ButterfliesRudyard Kipling1919
ButtonsCarl Sandburg1916
By Blue Ontario's ShoreWalt Whitman1892
By Broad Potomac's ShoreWalt Whitman1892
By Use Comes EasinessRobert Herrick1648
By the ArnoOscar Wilde1881
By the Bivouac's Fitful FlameWalt Whitman1892
By the Hoof of the Wild GoatRudyard Kipling1919
By the StreamPaul Laurence Dunbar1896
By the Waters of BabylonEmma Lazarus1887
By ways remote and distant waters spe...Gaius Valerius Catullus1896
Byron and his ContemporariesGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Caboose ThoughtsCarl Sandburg1918
CadenzaCarl Sandburg1920
CahootsCarl Sandburg1920
Cain and AdahGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Cain and Lucifer in the Abyss of SpaceGeorge Gordon Byron1881
CakeGertrude Stein1914
Calamus [In Paths Untrodden]Walt Whitman1892
Caledonia: A BalladRobert Burns1789
Calling And CorrectingRobert Herrick1647
Calling the DoctorJohn Wesley Holloway1922
CallsCarl Sandburg1920
Calvin CampbellEdgar Lee Masters1916
CammaOscar Wilde1881
Camps of GreenWalt Whitman1892
Canterbury Tales, General PrologueGeoffrey Chaucer1478
Canterbury Tales, The Knight's Tale, ...Geoffrey Chaucer1478
Canterbury Tales, The Nun's Priest's ...Geoffrey Chaucer1478
Canterbury Tales, Wife of Bath's Prol...Geoffrey Chaucer1478
Captain Orlando KillionEdgar Lee Masters1916
Care a Good KeeperRobert Herrick1648
CareersRobert Graves1918
Careless WaterGertrude Stein1914
CarillonHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
CaritasRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Carl HamblinEdgar Lee Masters1916
Carlovingian DreamsCarl Sandburg1920
Caroline BransonEdgar Lee Masters1916
CarrefourAmy Lowell1920
Carrion ComfortGerard Manley Hopkins1918
CartoonCarl Sandburg1918
Casey at the BatErnest Lawrence Thayer1888
Casey on a BatWilliam F. Kirk1910
Casey's RevengeGrantland Rice1910
Cassius HuefferEdgar Lee Masters1916
CasualtiesRobert Herrick1648
Caution In CounselRobert Herrick1648
Cavalry Crossing a FordWalt Whitman1892
CeleryGertrude Stein1914
CeliaLola Ridge1920
CellsRudyard Kipling1919
Ceremonies For Candlemas EveRobert Herrick1648
Ceremonies For ChristmasRobert Herrick1648
Ceremony Upon Candlemas EveRobert Herrick1648
Certain Maxims of HafizRudyard Kipling1919
CezanneAlfred Kreymborg1916
ChamfortCarl Sandburg1916
Change Common To AllRobert Herrick1648
Change Gives ContentRobert Herrick1648
Channel FiringThomas Hardy1914
ChansonOscar Wilde1881
Chant-PaganRudyard Kipling1919
Chanting the Square DeificWalt Whitman1892
ChanukahMarion Hartog1917
Chanukah DreamsJudith Ish-Kishor1917
Chanukah HymnAdolph Huebsch1917
Chapter Headings, IRudyard Kipling1919
Chapter Headings, IIRudyard Kipling1919
Chapter Headings, IIIRudyard Kipling1919
Chapter Headings, IVRudyard Kipling1919
Chapter Headings, VRudyard Kipling1919
CharacterRalph Waldo Emerson1904
CharityArchibald MacLeish1917
Charles WebsterEdgar Lee Masters1916
Charlie FrenchEdgar Lee Masters1916
CharmidesOscar Wilde1881
CharmsRobert Herrick1648
Charms (2)Robert Herrick1648
Charon And Philomel; a Dialogue SungRobert Herrick1648
Chase HenryEdgar Lee Masters1916
ChasersCarl Sandburg1920
ChaucerBenjamin Brawley1922
Cheerfulness In Charity; Or, the Swee...Robert Herrick1648
Cherry-TimeRobert Graves1918
Cherry-pitRobert Herrick1648
Cherry-ripeRobert Herrick1648
ChicagoCarl Sandburg1916
Chicago PoetCarl Sandburg1918
ChickenGertrude Stein1914
Chicken (2)Gertrude Stein1914
Chicken (3)Gertrude Stein1914
Chicken (4)Gertrude Stein1914
ChicksCarl Sandburg1918
ChildCarl Sandburg1916
Child MargaretCarl Sandburg1918
Child MoonCarl Sandburg1916
Child of the RomansCarl Sandburg1916
Childe Harold's Pilgrimage [I stood i...George Gordon Byron1818
Childe Harold's Pilgrimage [There is ...George Gordon Byron1818
Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, Canto III...George Gordon Byron1818
Childe Harold’s DepartureGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Children of the SunFenton Johnson1922
Chil’s SongRudyard Kipling1919
ChoicesCarl Sandburg1916
Cholera CampRudyard Kipling1919
ChooseCarl Sandburg1916
Choose For the BestRobert Herrick1648
Chop-cherryRobert Herrick1648
ChopinEmma Lazarus1888
ChordsCarl Sandburg1920
Choriambics—IRupert Brooke1916
Choriambics—IIRupert Brooke1916
ChorusEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
ChristRobert Herrick1647
Christabel [excerpt]Samuel Taylor Coleridge1816
ChristelJohann Wolfgang von Goethe1902
Christmas BellsHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1865
Christmas CarolPaul Laurence Dunbar1922
Christmas Comes AgainElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
Christmas EveElla Higginson1898
Christmas Eve in FranceJessie Fauset1922
Christmas TideEliza Cook1840
Christmas TreesRobert Frost1916
Christmas at MelroseLeslie Pinckney Hill1922
Christmas at SeaRobert Louis Stevenson1888
Christmas in IndiaRudyard Kipling1919
Christmas in the HeartPaul Laurence Dunbar1922
Christmas-eve, Another CeremonyRobert Herrick1648
Christmas: 1915Percy MacKaye1917
Christ’s ActionRobert Herrick1647
Christ’s BirthRobert Herrick1647
Christ’s IncarnationRobert Herrick1647
Christ’s PartRobert Herrick1647
Christ’s SadnessRobert Herrick1647
Christ’s SufferingRobert Herrick1647
Christ’s Twofold ComingRobert Herrick1647
Christ’s Words On the Cross: My God, ...Robert Herrick1647
ChrysaorHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1850
CirceH. D.1921
CirclesRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Circles of DoorsCarl Sandburg1920
CitiesH. D.1916
Cities and Thrones and PowersRudyard Kipling1919
City TreesEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
City VisionsEmma Lazarus1888
City of OrgiesWalt Whitman1892
City of ShipsWalt Whitman1892
Clarence FawcettEdgar Lee Masters1916
ClarensGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Clark Street BridgeCarl Sandburg1916
Clean CurtainsCarl Sandburg1920
Clean HandsCarl Sandburg1920
ClearedRudyard Kipling1919
ClemencyRobert Herrick1648
Clemency In KingsRobert Herrick1648
ClimbingAmy Lowell1912
Clinton South of PolkCarl Sandburg1920
ClitumnusGeorge Gordon Byron1881
ClocksCarl Sandburg1918
ClosedElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
Closing RhymesW. B. Yeats1916
Clothes Are ConspiratorsRobert Herrick1648
Clothes Do But Cheat And Cozen UsRobert Herrick1648
Clothes For ContinuanceRobert Herrick1647
CloudsChristina Rossetti1872
CloudsRobert Herrick1647
CloudsRupert Brooke1916
Co-heirsRobert Herrick1647
Cock-crowRobert Herrick1647
CodaEzra Pound1916
Cold ClimateGertrude Stein1914
Cold IronRudyard Kipling1919
Color - Caste - Denomination -Emily Dickinson1890
Colored HatsGertrude Stein1914
Columbus CheneyEdgar Lee Masters1916
ColumnsRudyard Kipling1919
Come My CantilationsEzra Pound1914
Come Up from the Fields FatherWalt Whitman1892
Come slowly — Eden!Emily Dickinson1890
Come, said my SoulWalt Whitman1892
Comfort In CalamityRobert Herrick1648
Comfort To a Lady Upon the Death of H...Robert Herrick1648
Comfort To a Youth That Had Lost His ...Robert Herrick1648
Comforts In ContentionsRobert Herrick1647
Comforts In CrossesRobert Herrick1648
ComingCharlotte Perkins Gilman1911
Coming To ChristRobert Herrick1647
CommemorationClaude McKay1922
Commemoration of Rodney’s VictoryRobert Burns1793
CompensationJames Edwin Campbell1922
CompensationRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Compensation [The WINGS of Time are b...Ralph Waldo Emerson1904
ComplaintWilliam Carlos Williams1921
Complete DestructionWilliam Carlos Williams1921
Complimentary Epigram to Mrs. RiddellRobert Burns1793
Complimentary versicles to Jessie LewarsRobert Burns1796
Comrades FourClaude McKay1912
Comus, a MaskJohn Milton1909
Concord HymnRalph Waldo Emerson1837
ConfessionRobert Herrick1647
ConformityRobert Herrick1648
Conformity is ComelyRobert Herrick1648
Confusion of FaceRobert Herrick1647
Connubii Flores, or the Well-wishes A...Robert Herrick1648
Conrad SieverEdgar Lee Masters1916
Conrad’s ReturnGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Constance HatelyEdgar Lee Masters1916
Constancy to an Ideal ObjectSamuel Taylor Coleridge1828
ConsultationRobert Herrick1648
Content, Not CatesRobert Herrick1648
ContentionRobert Herrick1648
ContinuitiesWalt Whitman1892
Conversation GalanteT. S. Eliot1917
ConversionT. E. Hulme1912
CookingGertrude Stein1914
Cool TombsCarl Sandburg1918
Cooney PotterEdgar Lee Masters1916
Corinna's Going A-mayingRobert Herrick1648
Corn Hut TalkCarl Sandburg1920
CoronachSir Walter Scott1875
Corporal StareRobert Graves1918
CorrectionRobert Herrick1647
Corsair LifeGeorge Gordon Byron1881
CosmosRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Could I but ride indefiniteEmily Dickinson1896
Could mortal lip divineEmily Dickinson1896
CounselRobert Herrick1648
CourageClaude McKay1922
Courage CooledRobert Herrick1648
Cousin NancyT. S. Eliot1917
Crabapple BlossomsCarl Sandburg1920
CranberriesGertrude Stein1914
CrapshootersCarl Sandburg1920
CreamGertrude Stein1914
Cream (2)Gertrude Stein1914
Crepuscule du MatinAmy Lowell1912
Cricket and BaseballWilliam F. Kirk1910
CrimsonCarl Sandburg1916
Crimson Changes PeopleCarl Sandburg1920
Crimson RamblerCarl Sandburg1918
CrippleCarl Sandburg1916
Critic and PoetEmma Lazarus1888
Cross And PileRobert Herrick1648
CrossesRobert Herrick1648
Crosses (2)Robert Herrick1648
Crossing Brooklyn FerryWalt Whitman1892
Crossing the BarAlfred Lord Tennyson1889
CrownedAmy Lowell1912
CrucibleCarl Sandburg1920
CrueltiesRobert Herrick1648
CrueltyRobert Herrick1648
Cruelty Base In CommandersRobert Herrick1648
CruisersRudyard Kipling1919
CrutchesRobert Herrick1648
Cuckoo SongH. D.1921
Cuckoo SongRudyard Kipling1919
CucumberGertrude Stein1914
CultureRalph Waldo Emerson1904
CumulativesCarl Sandburg1916
Cunctation In CorrectionRobert Herrick1648
CupidoRalph Waldo Emerson1904
CupsGertrude Stein1914
Cups of CoffeeCarl Sandburg1920
CurfewHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
Curse of a Rich Polish Peasant on His...Carl Sandburg1920
CustardGertrude Stein1914
CutletGertrude Stein1914
Daisy FraserEdgar Lee Masters1916
DanCarl Sandburg1920
DancerCarl Sandburg1920
DanegeldRudyard Kipling1919
Dangers Wait On KingsRobert Herrick1648
Daniel M'CumberEdgar Lee Masters1916
Danny BoyFrederick Edward Weatherly1910
Danny DeeverRudyard Kipling1919
DanteHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
Dante in ExileGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Dare you see a soul at the white heat?Emily Dickinson1891
Darest Thou Now O SoulWalt Whitman1892
DarknessGeorge Gordon Byron1816
Darzee’s ChauntRudyard Kipling1919
Davis MatlockEdgar Lee Masters1916
DawnJohn Gould Fletcher1917
DawnGordon Bottomley1917
DawnRupert Brooke1916
Dawn in New YorkClaude McKay1922
DawnsAmy Lowell1921
Day That I Have LovedRupert Brooke1916
Day and NightRupert Brooke1916
DaysRalph Waldo Emerson1912
De Cunjah ManJames Edwin Campbell1922
De Drum MajahRay G. Dandridge1922
Deacon TaylorEdgar Lee Masters1916
Dead Cow FarmRobert Graves1918
Dead FiresJessie Redmon Fauset1922
Dead FiresJessie Fauset1922
Dead LeavesGeorgia Douglas Johnson1918
Dead Men's LoveRupert Brooke1916
Dear FriendsEdwin Arlington Robinson1897
Dear March - Come in -Emily Dickinson1896
Dear Pretty YouthThomas Shadwell1674
Death Ends All WoeRobert Herrick1648
Death Snips Proud MenCarl Sandburg1920
Death and Dr. HornbookRobert Burns1785
Death is a dialogue betweenEmily Dickinson1890
Death is like the insectEmily Dickinson1896
Death of General GrantWalt Whitman1892
Death of Jacopo FoscariGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Death of SalemenesGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Death of SelimGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Death of the Princess CharlotteGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Death sets a thing significantEmily Dickinson1891
Death, be not proud (Holy Sonnet 10)John Donne1633
December, 1919Claude McKay1922
Dedication from “Barrack Room BalladsRudyard Kipling1919
Deep in the Quiet WoodJames Weldon Johnson1917
Del CascarWilliam Stanley Braithwaite1922
DelayRobert Herrick1648
Delayed till she had ceased to knowEmily Dickinson1890
Delia: An OdeRobert Burns1789
Delicate ClusterWalt Whitman1892
Delight becomes pictorialEmily Dickinson1891
Delight in DisorderRobert Herrick1648
DelilahRudyard Kipling1919
DemeterH. D.1921
Denial In Women No Disheartening To MenRobert Herrick1648
Departed to the judgmentEmily Dickinson1890
DesertionRupert Brooke1916
DesignRobert Frost1916
Despondency: An OdeRobert Burns1786
DestinyRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Destruction of SennacheribGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Devotion Makes the DeityRobert Herrick1648
Dialogue Song—Philly and WillyRobert Burns1794
Diana of the HuntForceythe Willson1867
Did the harebell loose her girdleEmily Dickinson1891
DietRobert Herrick1648
Diligence Is to Magic as Progress Is ...Marianne Moore1915
Dillard SissmanEdgar Lee Masters1916
DiningGertrude Stein1914
Dining-Room TeaRupert Brooke1916
DinnerGertrude Stein1914
Dippold the OpticianEdgar Lee Masters1916
DirgeEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
DirgeThomas Lovell Beddoes1851
DirgeRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Dirge for Two VeteransWalt Whitman1892
Dirge of Dead SistersRudyard Kipling1919
Dirt And Not CopperGertrude Stein1914
DisciplineD. H. Lawrence1916
Discontents In DevonRobert Herrick1648
Discord Not DisadvantageousRobert Herrick1648
Discord in ChildhoodD. H. Lawrence1916
Discordants [Dead Cleopatra lies in a...Conrad Aiken1916
DiscoveryFlorence Ripley Mastin1918
Disillusionment of Ten O'ClockWallace Stevens1915
DissoluteD. H. Lawrence1916
Dissuasions From IdlenessRobert Herrick1648
DistanceJohn Boyle O'Reilly1892
Distance Betters DignitiesRobert Herrick1648
DistrustRobert Herrick1648
Distrust (2)Robert Herrick1648
Divided DestiniesRudyard Kipling1919
Divination By a DaffodilRobert Herrick1648
Do You Want AffidavitsCarl Sandburg1920
Doc HillEdgar Lee Masters1916
DocksCarl Sandburg1916
Doctor MeyersEdgar Lee Masters1916
DogheadsCarl Sandburg1920
Dogwood BlossomsGeorge Marion McClellan1922
Dolor of AutumnD. H. Lawrence1916
Don Juan [If from great nature's or o...George Gordon Byron1819
Donal OgIsabella Augusta, Lady Gregory1919
DoomsdayRobert Herrick1647
Dora WilliamsEdgar Lee Masters1916
Dorcas GustineEdgar Lee Masters1916
Double Red DaisiesRobert Graves1918
Doubt No More That OberonEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
Doubt me, my dim companion!Emily Dickinson1890
DoubtsRupert Brooke1916
Dover BeachMatthew Arnold1867
Dow KrittEdgar Lee Masters1916
Dr. Siegfried IsemanEdgar Lee Masters1916
Drab habitation of whom?Emily Dickinson1896
Draw And DrinkRobert Herrick1648
Draw-glovesRobert Herrick1648
Dream and the SongJames D. Corrothers1922
Dream-LandEdgar Allan Poe1844
Dream-TimeElla Higginson1898
DreamsHelen Hunt Jackson1886
DreamsEdgar Allan Poe1884
DreamsAmy Lowell1912
DreamsRobert Herrick1648
Dreams NascentD. H. Lawrence1916
Dreams OldD. H. Lawrence1916
Dreams Old and NascentD. H. Lawrence1916
Dreams in the DuskCarl Sandburg1916
Drinking SongHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
Drowning is not so pitifulEmily Dickinson1896
Drummer HodgeThomas Hardy1920
DrumnotesCarl Sandburg1918
DrunkD. H. Lawrence1916
Dulce et Decorum EstWilfred Owen1920
DunbarAnne Spencer1922
DunesCarl Sandburg1916
During Wind and RainThomas Hardy1917
Dusk SongWilliam H.A. Moore1922
Dusk in AutumnSara Teasdale1907
DustRupert Brooke1916
Dust of SnowRobert Frost1920
Dusty DoorsCarl Sandburg1920
Duty To TyrantsRobert Herrick1648
Dying Speech of the Doge of VeniceGeorge Gordon Byron1881
DynamiterCarl Sandburg1916
Déjeuner Sur L’HerbeEdith Sitwell1918
E TenebrisOscar Wilde1881
E. C. CulbertsonEdgar Lee Masters1916
Each and AllRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Each life converges to some centreEmily Dickinson1891
Each that we lose takes part of us;Emily Dickinson1896
Early AffectionGeorge Moses Horton1865
Early MoonCarl Sandburg1918
EarringsRobert Herrick1647
Earth Took of EarthAnonymous1000
Earth, My LikenessWalt Whitman1892
EaseRobert Herrick1647
Easter DayOscar Wilde1881
Easter, 1916W. B. Yeats1921
EatingGertrude Stein1914
Eating (2)Gertrude Stein1914
EbbEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8Anonymous1611
EchoesEmma Lazarus1888
Eddi’s ServiceRudyard Kipling1919
Edgehill FightRudyard Kipling1919
Edith ConantEdgar Lee Masters1916
Editor WhedonEdgar Lee Masters1916
Edmund PollardEdgar Lee Masters1916
Eel-GrassEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
EggsGertrude Stein1914
Ego Dominus TuusW. B. Yeats1919
EgyptH. D.1921
EidolonsWalt Whitman1892
Eighteen Sixty-OneWalt Whitman1892
El BesoAngelina Weld Grimké1909
El DoradoEdgar Allan Poe1849
El ManoloElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
ElaineEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
EldersLouise Bogan1922
Election Ballad at close of Contest f...Robert Burns1790
Election Ballad for Westerha’Robert Burns1789
Election Day, November, 1884Walt Whitman1892
ElectrocutionLola Ridge1921
Elegies, Book One, 5Ovid1582
ElegyD. H. Lawrence1916
ElegyEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
Elegy Before DeathEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
Elegy V: His PictureJohn Donne1896
Elegy Written in a Country ChurchyardThomas Gray1751
Elegy on Captain Matthew HendersonRobert Burns1790
Elegy on StellaRobert Burns1787
Elegy on Willie Nicol’s MareRobert Burns1790
Elegy on the Death of Robert RuisseauxRobert Burns1785
Elegy on the Death of Sir James Hunte...Robert Burns1787
Elegy on the Year 1788Robert Burns1788
Elegy on the late Miss Burnet of Monb...Robert Burns1790
Eleventh Avenue RacketCarl Sandburg1920
Elijah BrowningEdgar Lee Masters1916
Elizabeth ChildersEdgar Lee Masters1916
Elliott HawkinsEdgar Lee Masters1916
Elmer KarrEdgar Lee Masters1916
Eloisa to AbelardAlexander Pope1717
Elsa WertmanEdgar Lee Masters1916
Elysium is as far as toEmily Dickinson1890
Embro Hie KirkRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Emily SparksEdgar Lee Masters1916
EmpiresRobert Herrick1648
En-dorRudyard Kipling1919
Encouragements to a LoverSir John Suckling1637
End of SummerGertrude Stein1914
EndymionHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1841
EndymionOscar Wilde1881
Endymion, Book I, [A thing of beauty ...John Keats1818
EnglandGeorge Gordon Byron1881
England [(Beppo, Stanzas 47–49]George Gordon Byron1881
England in 1819Percy Bysshe Shelley1839
England’s AnswerRudyard Kipling1919
English ThorntonEdgar Lee Masters1916
EnigmaLeonora Speyer1921
Enoch DunlapEdgar Lee Masters1916
EnslavedClaude McKay1922
EnvoyRobert Louis Stevenson1887
EpigramRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Epigram Addressed to an ArtistRobert Burns1787
Epigram at Brownhill InnRobert Burns1791
Epigram at RoslinInnRobert Burns1787
Epigram on Andrew TurnerRobert Burns1794
Epigram on Dr. Babington’s looksRobert Burns1794
Epigram on Francis Grose the AntiquaryRobert Burns1789
Epigram on Jessy Staig’s recoveryRobert Burns1794
Epigram on Miss DaviesRobert Burns1791
Epigram on Miss FontenelleRobert Burns1792
Epigram on Mr. James GracieRobert Burns1795
Epigram on Parting with a kind Host i...Robert Burns1787
Epigram on PoliticsRobert Burns1793
Epigram on Rough RoadsRobert Burns1786
Epigram on a Country Laird (CardonessRobert Burns1794
Epigram on a SuicideRobert Burns1794
Epigram on a Swearing CoxcombRobert Burns1794
Epigram on an Innkeeper (“The MarquisRobert Burns1794
Epigram on the Laird of LagganRobert Burns1793
Epigram on the said OccasionRobert Burns1784
Epigram on the same Laird’s Country SeatRobert Burns1794
Epigram pinned to Mrs. Riddell’s carr...Robert Burns1794
Epigram to Miss Ainslie in ChurchRobert Burns1787
Epigram to Miss Jean ScottRobert Burns1787
Epigrams against the Earl of GallowayRobert Burns1793
Epigrams: On my First SonBen Jonson1616
Epigram—Commissary Goldie’s BrainsRobert Burns1793
Epigram—Divine Service at LamingtonRobert Burns1791
Epigram—Kirk and State ExcisemenRobert Burns1793
Epigram—Thanks for a National VictoryRobert Burns1793
Epigram—The Keekin GlassRobert Burns1791
Epigram—The Raptures of FollyRobert Burns1793
Epigram—The Toad-eaterRobert Burns1791
Epigram—The True Loyal NativesRobert Burns1793
EpilogueRobert Browning1889
EpilogueD. H. Lawrence1916
EpilogueEdgar Lee Masters1916
Epilogue to English Bards and Scotch ...George Gordon Byron1881
Epistle from Esopus to MariaRobert Burns1794
Epistle from Mr. Murray to Dr. PolidoriGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Epistle from Mrs. Yonge to Her HusbandLady Mary Wortley Montagu1724
Epistle on J. LapraikRobert Burns1785
Epistle to Colonel de PeysterRobert Burns1796
Epistle to Davie, A Brother PoetRobert Burns1785
Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot [Shut, shut ...Alexander Pope1735
Epistle to Dr. BlacklockRobert Burns1789
Epistle to Hugh ParkerRobert Burns1788
Epistle to James SmithRobert Burns1786
Epistle to James Tennant of GlenconnerRobert Burns1789
Epistle to John Goldie, in KilmarnockRobert Burns1785
Epistle to John Maxwell, Esq., of Ter...Robert Burns1791
Epistle to John RankineRobert Burns1784
Epistle to Major LoganRobert Burns1786
Epistle to Mrs. Scott of Wauchope HouseRobert Burns1787
Epistle to Robert Graham, Esq., of Fi...Robert Burns1788
Epistle to William SimsonRobert Burns1785
Epistle to a FriendGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Epistle to a Young FriendRobert Burns1786
Epistle to the Rev. John M’MathRobert Burns1785
EpitaphEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
Epitaph for Gavin Hamilton, Esq.Robert Burns1786
Epitaph for James SmithRobert Burns1785
Epitaph for Mr. Gabriel Richardson, B...Robert Burns1795
Epitaph for Mr. W. CruickshankRobert Burns1787
Epitaph for Mr. Walter RiddellRobert Burns1794
Epitaph for Mr. William Michie, Schoo...Robert Burns1787
Epitaph for Robert Aiken, Esq.Robert Burns1786
Epitaph for William Nicol, High Schoo...Robert Burns1787
Epitaph in a Church-Yard in Charlesto...Amy Lowell1912
Epitaph on Captain LascellesRobert Burns1794
Epitaph on Holy WillieRobert Burns1785
Epitaph on James GrieveRobert Burns1784
Epitaph on John Busby, Esq., Tinwald ...Robert Burns1794
Epitaph on John Dove, InnkeeperRobert Burns1785
Epitaph on John RankineRobert Burns1784
Epitaph on William Hood, SeniorRobert Burns1784
Epitaph on William MuirRobert Burns1784
Epitaph on Wm. Graham, Esq., of Mossk...Robert Burns1794
Epitaph on a HareWilliam Cowper1783
Epitaph on a Henpecked SquireRobert Burns1784
Epitaph on a Lap-dogRobert Burns1793
Epitaph on a Noisy PolemicRobert Burns1784
Epitaph on a noted coxcombRobert Burns1794
Epitaph on my Ever Honoured FatherRobert Burns1784
Epitaph on the sameRobert Burns1794
Epitaph on “Wee JohnnieRobert Burns1786
Epitaph to a DogGeorge Gordon Byron1808
Epitaphs of the WarRudyard Kipling1919
EpithalamionEdmund Spenser1595
Epithalamium, [Happy Bridegroom]Sappho1922
Ernest HydeEdgar Lee Masters1916
ErosRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Eros [They put their finger on their ...Ralph Waldo Emerson1904
EscapeRobert Graves1918
Escape at BedtimeRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Essay on Criticism [But most by numbers]Alexander Pope1711
Essay on Man, Epistle I [excerpt]Alexander Pope1734
Essay on Man, Epistle IIAlexander Pope1734
Essential oils are wrungEmily Dickinson1891
Esteem for ChlorisRobert Burns1794
Et Dona FerentesRudyard Kipling1919
Et Tu In Arcadia VixistiRobert Louis Stevenson1885
EternityWilliam Blake1880
EternityRobert Herrick1647
Ethiopia Saluting the ColorsWalt Whitman1892
Eugene CarmanEdgar Lee Masters1916
Eugenia ToddEdgar Lee Masters1916
Europe [The 72d and 73d Years of Thes...Walt Whitman1892
EuthanasiaGeorge Gordon Byron1881
EvadneH. D.1921
Evangeline, A Tale of AcadieHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1847
Evarra and His GodsRudyard Kipling1919
EveningH. D.1916
Evening In a Sugar OrchardRobert Frost1923
Evening SongSherwood Anderson1917
Evening StarHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
Evening WaterfallCarl Sandburg1920
EvensongRobert Herrick1648
Event of Things Not In Our PowerRobert Herrick1648
EvilRobert Herrick1647
EvolutionJohn Banister Tabb1894
Examples; Or, Like Prince, Like PeopleRobert Herrick1648
ExcelsiorWalt Whitman1892
ExcelsiorHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1841
Except the heaven had come so nearEmily Dickinson1891
Except to heaven, she is nought;Emily Dickinson1890
ExcessRobert Herrick1648
ExcursionD. H. Lawrence1916
Exhortation to Mr. WilberforceGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Exhortation to Mrs. FryGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Exhortation: Summer, 1919Claude McKay1922
ExileElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
ExiledEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
Expenses ExhaustRobert Herrick1648
ExperienceRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Experiment to meEmily Dickinson1891
Extemporaneous Effusion on being appo...Robert Burns1789
Extempore Reply to an InvitationRobert Burns1793
Extempore in the Court of SessionRobert Burns1787
Extempore on some commemorations of T...Robert Burns1792
Exultation is the goingEmily Dickinson1890
Eye GlassesGertrude Stein1914
Ezra BartlettEdgar Lee Masters1916
Fabien dei FranchiOscar Wilde1881
FableRalph Waldo Emerson1899
FacesWalt Whitman1892
Facing West from California's ShoresWalt Whitman1892
FactionsRobert Herrick1648
FailureRupert Brooke1916
Fair After FoulRobert Herrick1648
Fair Days: Or, Dawns DeceitfulRobert Herrick1648
Fair Shows DeceiveRobert Herrick1648
Fairy BreadRobert Louis Stevenson1885
FaithRobert Herrick1647
Faith Four-squareRobert Herrick1648
Faith MathenyEdgar Lee Masters1916
Faith is a fine inventionEmily Dickinson1891
Fall Leaves FallEmily Brontë1922
Fallen MajestyW. B. Yeats1916
FalltimeCarl Sandburg1918
False MourningRobert Herrick1648
FalsehoodWilliam Cartwright1651
FameRobert Herrick1648
FameRalph Waldo Emerson1904
FameGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Fame Makes Us ForwardRobert Herrick1648
Fan Me With These Lilies FairElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
Fan-Piece for Her Imperial LordEzra Pound1916
Far Rockaway Night till MorningCarl Sandburg1920
Far from love the Heavenly FatherEmily Dickinson1896
FarewellJohn Clare1920
FarewellJohann Wolfgang von Goethe1798
Farewell Frost, or Welcome the SpringRobert Herrick1648
Farewell to the FarmRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Farther in summer than the birdsEmily Dickinson1891
Fast Anchor'd Eternal O Love!Walt Whitman1892
FateRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Fate slew him, but he did not drop;Emily Dickinson1896
FatherEdgar Guest1919
Father MalloyEdgar Lee Masters1916
Father, I bring thee not myself, —Emily Dickinson1896
FatigueAmy Lowell1912
FaultsSara Teasdale1917
FaunRobert Graves1918
Faust [Go, find yourself a more obedi...Johann Wolfgang von Goethe1808
FearRobert Herrick1648
Fear Gets ForceRobert Herrick1648
Feed Me, Also, River GodMarianne Moore1916
Felicity Knows No FenceRobert Herrick1648
Felicity Quick of FlightRobert Herrick1648
Felix SchmidtEdgar Lee Masters1916
Fellow CitizensCarl Sandburg1916
FemalesCharlotte Perkins Gilman1911
Few FortunateRobert Herrick1648
Few get enough, — enough is one;Emily Dickinson1896
Fickle Fortune: A FragmentRobert Burns1782
Fiddler JonesEdgar Lee Masters1916
Fifty YearsJames Weldon Johnson1922
FightCarl Sandburg1916
FilmsCarl Sandburg1918
FindingRupert Brooke1916
FinishCarl Sandburg1920
Finite to fail, but infinite to venture.Emily Dickinson1896
FinlandRobert Graves1918
Fire And IceRobert Frost1923
Fire DreamsCarl Sandburg1918
Fire PagesCarl Sandburg1920
Fire-LogsCarl Sandburg1918
Firelight and NightfallD. H. Lawrence1916
First FigEdna St. Vincent Millay1920
First O Songs for a PreludeWalt Whitman1892
First Work, And Then WagesRobert Herrick1648
Fish CrierCarl Sandburg1916
FishmongerMarsden Hartley1920
Five Cent BalloonsCarl Sandburg1920
Five Towns on the B. & OCarl Sandburg1920
Flame-HeartClaude McKay1922
Flamingo DreamsWilliam Saphier1920
FlandersCarl Sandburg1918
Flash CrimsonCarl Sandburg1920
Flat LandsCarl Sandburg1918
FlatteryRobert Herrick1648
Fletcher McGeeEdgar Lee Masters1916
FlightRupert Brooke1916
FlirtationClaude McKay1922
FloodJames Joyce1917
Flossie CabanisEdgar Lee Masters1916
Flower of LoveClaude McKay1922
Flower-GatheringRobert Frost1913
FlowersHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1839
FluxCarl Sandburg1916
Flying FishCarl Sandburg1920
Flying Fish: An Ode [excerpt]Charles Wharton Stork1917
FogCarl Sandburg1919
Fog PortraitCarl Sandburg1920
FolliesCarl Sandburg1916
Follow Me ’OmeRudyard Kipling1919
Footsteps of AngelsHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1839
For All We Have and AreRudyard Kipling1919
For FearCharlotte Perkins Gilman1911
For Him I SingWalt Whitman1892
For Once, Then, SomethingRobert Frost1920
For YouCarl Sandburg1922
For You, O DemocracyWalt Whitman1892
For each ecstatic instantEmily Dickinson1891
For the FallenLaurence Binyon1914
For to AdmireRudyard Kipling1919
ForbearanceRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Forbidden fruit a flavor hasEmily Dickinson1896
Ford o’ Kabul RiverRudyard Kipling1919
Foreign ChildrenRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Foreign LandsRobert Louis Stevenson1885
ForerunnersRalph Waldo Emerson1904
ForeverPaul Laurence Dunbar1901
FortuneRobert Herrick1648
Fortune FavoursRobert Herrick1648
Four ConversationsWilliam F. Kirk1910
Four Preludes on Playthings of the WindCarl Sandburg1922
Four Things Make Us Happy HereRobert Herrick1648
Four WindsSara Teasdale1917
Four-Leaf CloverElla Higginson1898
FragmentAmy Lowell1912
Fragment 3: Come, come thou bleak Dec...Samuel Taylor Coleridge1893
Fragment of Song—The Night was StillRobert Burns1786
Fragment of Song—“My Jean!Robert Burns1785
Fragment on SensibilityRobert Burns1786
Fragment: QuestionsPercy Bysshe Shelley1902
Fragmentary BlueRobert Frost1923
Fragments on Nature and Life. LifeRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Fragments on Nature and Life. NatureRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Fragments on the Poet and the Poetic ...Ralph Waldo Emerson1904
Fragment—Her Flwoing LocksRobert Burns1785
FranceRudyard Kipling1919
France [the 18th Year of these StatesWalt Whitman1892
FrancescaEzra Pound1909
Francis II, King of NaplesAmy Lowell1912
Francis TurnerEdgar Lee Masters1916
Frank DrummerEdgar Lee Masters1916
Frankie’s TradeRudyard Kipling1919
Frankincense and MyrrhAmy Lowell1912
Franklin JonesEdgar Lee Masters1916
Frederick DouglassPaul Laurence Dunbar1895
Free VerseRobert Graves1918
Free WelcomeRobert Herrick1647
FreedomRalph Waldo Emerson1904
French LeaveClaude McKay1922
Frequently the woods are pinkEmily Dickinson1891
Fresh Cheese And CreamRobert Herrick1648
FriendsW. B. Yeats1916
FriendshipRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Friendship After LoveElla Wheeler Wilcox1883
Fringed GentiansAmy Lowell1912
Frogs Eat Butterflies. Snakes Eat Fro...Wallace Stevens1922
From Far Dakota's Canyons [June 25, 1...Walt Whitman1892
From Montauk PointWalt Whitman1892
From One Who StaysAmy Lowell1912
From Paumanok Starting I Fly Like a BirdWalt Whitman1892
From Pent-Up Aching RiversWalt Whitman1892
From The HeadlandElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
From a Bridge CarElias Lieberman1917
From a Railway CarriageRobert Louis Stevenson1885
From all the jails the boys and girlsEmily Dickinson1896
From cocoon forth a butterflyEmily Dickinson1891
From the ShoreCarl Sandburg1916
From the TelephoneFlorence Ripley Mastin1922
From us she wandered now a yearEmily Dickinson1896
Frost at MidnightSamuel Taylor Coleridge1798
Full of Life NowWalt Whitman1892
FutilityWilfred Owen1917
FutilityClaude McKay1922
Fuzzy-WuzzyRudyard Kipling1919
Gallio’s SongRudyard Kipling1919
GalootsCarl Sandburg1920
GardenH. D.1916
Garden WirelessCarl Sandburg1918
GargoyleCarl Sandburg1918
Gaspar BecerraHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1850
Gathering LeavesRobert Frost1923
GehaziRudyard Kipling1919
General JoubertRudyard Kipling1919
Gentlemen-rankersRudyard Kipling1919
GentlenessRobert Herrick1648
George GrayEdgar Lee Masters1916
George Moses Horton, MyselfGeorge Moses Horton1865
George TrimbleEdgar Lee Masters1916
Georgine Sand MinerEdgar Lee Masters1916
GermsWalt Whitman1892
GerontionT. S. Eliot1920
GethsemaneRudyard Kipling1919
GettysburgHerman Melville1866
Ghost HouseRobert Frost1913
Giffen’s DebtRudyard Kipling1919
GiftsRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Girl in a CageCarl Sandburg1918
Girls of To-dayCharlotte Perkins Gilman1911
Gitanjali 35Rabindranath Tagore1913
Give All to LoveRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Give Me the Splendid Silent SunWalt Whitman1892
Given in marriage unto theeEmily Dickinson1896
Glazed GlitterGertrude Stein1914
Glee! The great storm is over!Emily Dickinson1890
Gliding O'er allWalt Whitman1892
GlimmerCarl Sandburg1920
GloryRobert Herrick1648
Glory (2)Robert Herrick1648
Go, lovely rose!Edmund Waller1645
Goblin MarketChristina Rossetti1862
GodIsaac Rosenberg1915
GodRobert Herrick1647
God (2)Robert Herrick1647
God (3)Robert Herrick1647
God (4)Robert Herrick1647
God And the KingRobert Herrick1647
God Has a Twofold PartRobert Herrick1647
God Hears UsRobert Herrick1647
God Not To Be ComprehendedRobert Herrick1647
God Sparing In ScourgingRobert Herrick1647
God To Be First ServedRobert Herrick1647
God gave a loaf to every birdEmily Dickinson1891
God is OneRobert Herrick1647
God made a little gentian;Emily Dickinson1891
God permits industrious angelsEmily Dickinson1890
God's AngerRobert Herrick1647
God's Anger Without AffectionRobert Herrick1647
God's BlessingRobert Herrick1647
God's GrandeurGerard Manley Hopkins1918
God's WorldEdna St. Vincent Millay1917
God's-AcreHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1841
God, And LordRobert Herrick1647
GodsWalt Whitman1892
Godwin JamesEdgar Lee Masters1916
God’s BountyRobert Herrick1647
God’s Bounty (2)Robert Herrick1647
God’s CommandsRobert Herrick1647
God’s DescentRobert Herrick1647
God’s DwellingRobert Herrick1647
God’s Gifts Not Soon GrantedRobert Herrick1647
God’s GraceRobert Herrick1647
God’s HandsRobert Herrick1647
God’s KeysRobert Herrick1647
God’s MercyRobert Herrick1647
God’s Mirth: Man’s MourningRobert Herrick1647
God’s PardonRobert Herrick1647
God’s PartRobert Herrick1647
God’s PowerRobert Herrick1647
God’s PresenceRobert Herrick1647
God’s Presence (2)Robert Herrick1647
God’s Presence (3)Robert Herrick1647
God’s Price And Man’s PriceRobert Herrick1647
God’s ProvidenceRobert Herrick1647
God’s Time Must End Our TroubleRobert Herrick1647
Going BackD. H. Lawrence1919
Going Down Hill on a BicycleHenry Charles Beeching1895
Going for WaterRobert Frost1913
Going to heaven!Emily Dickinson1891
Gold And FrankincenseRobert Herrick1647
Gold Before GoodnessRobert Herrick1648
Goldwing MothCarl Sandburg1918
Goliath and DavidRobert Graves1918
Goliath of GathPhillis Wheatley1773
GoneCarl Sandburg1916
Good And BadRobert Herrick1647
Good ChristiansRobert Herrick1647
Good Friday: Rex Tragicus; Or, Christ...Robert Herrick1647
Good HopeRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Good HoursRobert Frost1914
Good Luck Not LastingRobert Herrick1648
Good Manners At MeatRobert Herrick1648
Good Men Afflicted MostRobert Herrick1647
Good NightRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Good Precepts or CounselRobert Herrick1648
Good and Bad ChildrenRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Good night! which put the candle out?Emily Dickinson1891
Good-Bye My FancyWalt Whitman1892
Good-Bye My Fancy!Walt Whitman1892
Good-byeRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Good-bye And Keep ColdRobert Frost1923
Good-nightCarl Sandburg1920
GovernmentCarl Sandburg1916
Gow’s WatchRudyard Kipling1919
GraceRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Grace before and after MeatRobert Burns1793
GracelandCarl Sandburg1916
Graces For ChildrenRobert Herrick1647
Grand Is the SeenWalt Whitman1892
Granville CalhounEdgar Lee Masters1916
GrassCarl Sandburg1918
GravesCarl Sandburg1916
Great God, I Ask Thee for No Meaner PelfHenry David Thoreau1842
Great Grief, Great GloryRobert Herrick1647
Great Maladies, Long MedicinesRobert Herrick1648
Great NamesGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Great Spirits SuperviveRobert Herrick1648
Great streets of silence led awayEmily Dickinson1891
Great-HeartRudyard Kipling1919
Greater LoveWilfred Owen1917
Greece, IGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Greece, IIGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Greece, IIIGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Greece, IVGeorge Gordon Byron1881
GreenD. H. Lawrence1917
Grey EveningD. H. Lawrence1916
GriefRobert Herrick1648
Grief (2)Robert Herrick1648
GriefsRobert Herrick1648
Grieg Being DeadCarl Sandburg1920
Griffy the CooperEdgar Lee Masters1916
GrotesqueAmy Lowell1919
Grotto of EgeriaGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Guillaume ApollinaireGertrude Stein1913
GullsWilliam Carlos Williams1917
Gunga DinRudyard Kipling1892
Gustav RichterEdgar Lee Masters1916
GuyRalph Waldo Emerson1904
GypsyCarl Sandburg1916
HabitHazel Hall1921
HadramautiRudyard Kipling1919
HaidéeGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Haidée againGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Halcyon DaysWalt Whitman1892
Half Moon in a High WindCarl Sandburg1920
Half-ballad of WatervalRudyard Kipling1919
Hallo! My Fancy, Whither Wilt Thou Go?Elizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
Hallow-E'en, 1914Winifred M. Letts1916
Hallow-E'en, 1915Winifred M. Letts1916
Hallowe'enJoel Benton1919
Hallowe'enJohn Kendrick Bangs1919
Hallowe'en CharmArthur Guiterman1920
HalloweenMadison Julius Cawein1907
HalloweenArthur Peterson1916
HalloweenRobert Burns1785
HallowmasMadison Julius Cawein1907
HallucinationF. S. Flint1917
Halsted Street CarCarl Sandburg1916
HamatreyaRalph Waldo Emerson1847
Hamilton GreeneEdgar Lee Masters1916
Hamlet MicureEdgar Lee Masters1916
HandfulsCarl Sandburg1916
Hannah ArmstrongEdgar Lee Masters1916
Hanrahan laments because of his Wande...W. B. Yeats1899
Hanrahan reproves the CurlewW. B. Yeats1899
Hanrahan speaks to the Lovers of his ...W. B. Yeats1899
Hanukkah LightsPhilip M. Raskin1917
HapThomas Hardy1898
HappinessRobert Herrick1648
HappinessCarl Sandburg1916
Happiness To Hospitality; Or, a Heart...Robert Herrick1648
Happy ThoughtRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Hardening of HeartsRobert Herrick1647
Hare DrummerEdgar Lee Masters1916
Harlan SewallEdgar Lee Masters1916
Harlem ShadowsClaude McKay1922
Harmon WhitneyEdgar Lee Masters1916
Harold ArnettEdgar Lee Masters1916
Harp Song of the Dane WomenRudyard Kipling1919
Harrison Street CourtCarl Sandburg1916
Harry Carey GoodhueEdgar Lee Masters1916
Harry WilmansEdgar Lee Masters1916
Harvest SunsetCarl Sandburg1920
Hassan’s MotherGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Hast Never Come to Thee an HourWalt Whitman1892
Haste HurtfulRobert Herrick1648
HateCarl Sandburg1920
Hatred and vengeance, my eternal portionWilliam Cowper1816
HatsCarl Sandburg1920
Haunted HousesHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1858
Haunted SeasCale Young Rice1921
HauntingsRupert Brooke1916
HauntsCarl Sandburg1918
Have MeCarl Sandburg1918
Have you got a brook in your little h...Emily Dickinson1890
HaymakingJohn Clare1835
HazeCarl Sandburg1920
He Made This ScreenMarianne Moore1921
He Wonders Whether to Praise or to Bl...Rupert Brooke1916
He ate and drank the precious wordsEmily Dickinson1890
He fumbles at your spiritEmily Dickinson1896
He preached upon "breadth" till it ar...Emily Dickinson1891
He put the belt around my life, —Emily Dickinson1891
He touched me, so I live to knowEmily Dickinson1896
HealthRobert Herrick1648
Heart not so heavy as mineEmily Dickinson1891
Heart, we will forget him!Emily Dickinson1896
HeavenRobert Herrick1647
HeavenRupert Brooke1916
Heaven (2)Robert Herrick1647
Heaven is what I cannot reach!Emily Dickinson1896
HelasOscar Wilde1881
Helen All AloneRudyard Kipling1919
HelgaCarl Sandburg1920
HeliosH. D.1921
HellRobert Herrick1647
Hell (2)Robert Herrick1647
Hell FireRobert Herrick1647
Hell Fire (2)Robert Herrick1647
HellespontGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Hemlock and CedarCarl Sandburg1918
Henrietta MariaOscar Wilde1881
Henry C. CalhounEdgar Lee Masters1916
Henry JamesRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Henry LaytonEdgar Lee Masters1916
Henry PhippsEdgar Lee Masters1916
Henry TrippEdgar Lee Masters1916
Her BedRobert Herrick1648
Her FatherThomas Hardy1919
Her LegsRobert Herrick1648
Her PraiseW. B. Yeats1919
Her VoiceOscar Wilde1881
Her final summer was itEmily Dickinson1891
Herbert MarshallEdgar Lee Masters1916
Here the Frailest Leaves of MeWalt Whitman1892
Here’s his Health in WaterRobert Burns1786
Heriot’s FordRudyard Kipling1919
HeritageClaude McKay1922
Herman AltmanEdgar Lee Masters1916
Hermes of the WaysH. D.1916
HermioneRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Hero-WorshipAmy Lowell1912
Heroic Stanzas on the Death of Oliver...John Dryden1658
HeroismRalph Waldo Emerson1904
High Conspiratorial PersonCarl Sandburg1920
High from the earth I heard a bird;Emily Dickinson1896
Hildrup TubbsEdgar Lee Masters1916
Him rival to the gods I place (51)Gaius Valerius Catullus1863
Hippolytus TemporizesH. D.1921
Hiram ScatesEdgar Lee Masters1916
His Age, Dedicated To His Peculiar Fr...Robert Herrick1648
His AlmsRobert Herrick1648
His Answer To a FriendRobert Herrick1648
His Answer To a QuestionRobert Herrick1648
His Anthem To Christ On the CrossRobert Herrick1647
His CavalierRobert Herrick1648
His ChangeRobert Herrick1648
His Charge To Julia At His DeathRobert Herrick1648
His ComfortRobert Herrick1648
His Coming To the SepulchreRobert Herrick1647
His ConfessionRobert Herrick1647
His Content In the CountryRobert Herrick1648
His Covenant; Or, Protestation To JuliaRobert Herrick1648
His CreedRobert Herrick1647
His DesireRobert Herrick1648
His DreamRobert Herrick1647
His DreamW. B. Yeats1916
His Ejaculation To GodRobert Herrick1647
His Embalming To JuliaRobert Herrick1648
His Excellency General WashingtonPhillis Wheatley1776
His Excuse for LovingBen Jonson1640
His Farewell To SackRobert Herrick1648
His GrangeRobert Herrick1648
His Grange, or Private WealthRobert Herrick1648
His Hope or Sheet AnchorRobert Herrick1648
His Lachrymæ; Or, Mirth Turned To Mou...Robert Herrick1648
His Last Request To JuliaRobert Herrick1648
His Litany To the Holy SpiritRobert Herrick1647
His LossRobert Herrick1648
His Meditation Upon DeathRobert Herrick1647
His Misery In a MistressRobert Herrick1648
His Offering, With the Rest, At the S...Robert Herrick1647
His Own EpitaphRobert Herrick1648
His Own Face HiddenCarl Sandburg1920
His Parting From Mrs. Dorothy KennedyRobert Herrick1648
His PetitionRobert Herrick1647
His PhoenixW. B. Yeats1919
His Poetry His PillarRobert Herrick1648
His PowerRobert Herrick1647
His Prayer For AbsolutionRobert Herrick1647
His Prayer To Ben JonsonRobert Herrick1648
His Protestation To PerillaRobert Herrick1648
His RecantationRobert Herrick1648
His Request To JuliaRobert Herrick1648
His Return To LondonRobert Herrick1648
His Sailing From JuliaRobert Herrick1648
His Saviour’s Words Going To the CrossRobert Herrick1647
His Tears To ThamesisRobert Herrick1648
His Weakness In WoesRobert Herrick1648
His Winding-sheetRobert Herrick1648
His WishRobert Herrick1648
His Wish (2)Robert Herrick1648
His Wish To GodRobert Herrick1647
His Wish To PrivacyRobert Herrick1648
His Words To Christ Going To the CrossRobert Herrick1647
His bill an auger isEmily Dickinson1896
Historical AssociationsRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Hits and RunsCarl Sandburg1918
Hod PuttEdgar Lee Masters1916
Hog MeatDaniel Webster Davis1922
HolidaysRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Holland HouseGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Holy InnocentsChristina Rossetti1881
Holy ThursdayWilliam Blake1794
Holy Willie’s PrayerRobert Burns1785
HomeRupert Brooke1916
Home BurialRobert Frost1914
Home FiresCarl Sandburg1920
Home ThoughtsClaude McKay1922
Home ThoughtsCarl Sandburg1920
Home-ComingLéonie Adams1921
Homer ClappEdgar Lee Masters1916
Homing SwallowsClaude McKay1922
Hon. Henry BennettEdgar Lee Masters1916
Honky Tonk in Cleveland, OhioCarl Sandburg1922
Honours Are HindrancesRobert Herrick1647
HoodlumsCarl Sandburg1920
Hope HeartensRobert Herrick1648
Hope Well And Have Well: Or, Fair Aft...Robert Herrick1648
Hope is a subtle glutton;Emily Dickinson1896
Hope is the thing with feathersEmily Dickinson1890
Hora StellatrixAmy Lowell1912
Horse FiddleCarl Sandburg1920
Horses and Men in RainCarl Sandburg1918
Hortense RobbinsEdgar Lee Masters1916
HouseCarl Sandburg1918
How Doth the Little Busy BeeIsaac Watts1715
How Great My GriefThomas Hardy1901
How He Would Drink His WineRobert Herrick1648
How His Soul Came EnsnaredRobert Herrick1648
How Lilies Came WhiteRobert Herrick1648
How Marigolds Came YellowRobert Herrick1648
How MuchCarl Sandburg1920
How Much?Carl Sandburg1922
How Pansies or Heart’s-ease Came FirstRobert Herrick1648
How Primroses Came GreenRobert Herrick1648
How Roses Came RedRobert Herrick1648
How Roses Came Red (2)Robert Herrick1648
How Solemn As One by One [Washington ...Walt Whitman1892
How Springs Came FirstRobert Herrick1648
How Violets Came BlueRobert Herrick1648
How Yesterday LookedCarl Sandburg1920
How dare the robins singEmily Dickinson1896
How happy is the little stoneEmily Dickinson1891
How many times these low feet staggeredEmily Dickinson1890
How still the bells in steeples standEmily Dickinson1896
How the Wall-flower Came First, And W...Robert Herrick1648
How the old mountains drip with sunsetEmily Dickinson1896
How to Get RichesBenjamin Franklin1740
Huge Vapours Brood above the Clifted ...Charlotte Smith1798
HumanitadOscar Wilde1881
HumdrumCarl Sandburg1918
HumilityRobert Herrick1647
Humming Bird WomanCarl Sandburg1920
HungerRobert Herrick1648
Hunting-song of the Seeonee PackRudyard Kipling1919
HuntressH. D.1916
Hush'd Be the Camps To-Day [May 4, 1865Walt Whitman1892
HydrangeasCarl Sandburg1916
Hyla BrookRobert Frost1916
HymenH. D.1921
HymnRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Hymn [There is in all the sons of men]Ralph Waldo Emerson1904
Hymn before ActionRudyard Kipling1919
Hymn for My Brother's OrdinationHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1850
Hymn of the Moravian Nuns of BethlehemHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1839
Hymn to God, My God, in My SicknessJohn Donne1623
Hymn to the NightHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1839
HysteriaT. S. Eliot1917
I Am He That Aches with LoveWalt Whitman1892
I Am Not YoursSara Teasdale1917
I Am a Little World Made Cunningly (H...John Donne1635
I Am the People, the MobCarl Sandburg1916
I Am!John Clare1848
I CANNOT live with youEmily Dickinson1890
I Call And I CallRobert Herrick1648
I Do Not Love TheeCaroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton1829
I Dream'd in a DreamWalt Whitman1892
I Found Her Out ThereThomas Hardy1914
I Have a Rendezvous with DeathAlan Seeger1917
I Hear America SingingWalt Whitman1892
I Hear It Was Charged Against MeWalt Whitman1892
I Hear an ArmyJames Joyce1914
I Heard You Solemn-Sweet Pipes of the...Walt Whitman1892
I Know My SoulClaude McKay1922
I Live Within The Stranger's GateElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
I Love YouSara Teasdale1911
I Love You, But A Sense Of PainElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
I Never Saw That Land BeforeEdward Thomas1918
I SangCarl Sandburg1916
I Saw Old General at BayWalt Whitman1892
I Saw in Louisiana a Live-Oak GrowingWalt Whitman1892
I Shall ReturnClaude McKay1922
I Sing the Body ElectricWalt Whitman1892
I Sit and Look OutWalt Whitman1892
I Want to Die While You Love MeGeorgia Douglas Johnson1922
I Was Looking a Long WhileWalt Whitman1892
I Was with ClarkeWilliam F. Kirk1910
I Will Sing You One-oRobert Frost1923
I Wonder What it Feels Like to be Dro...Robert Graves1918
I am Raftery the PoetAnthony Raftery1903
I am the People, the MobCarl Sandburg1916
I asked no other thingEmily Dickinson1890
I breathed enough to learn the trickEmily Dickinson1896
I bring an unaccustomed wineEmily Dickinson1891
I can wade griefEmily Dickinson1891
I could suffice for Him, I knewEmily Dickinson1890
I cry your mercy—pity—love!—ay, loveJohn Keats1819
I died for beauty, but was scarceEmily Dickinson1890
I dreaded that first robin soEmily Dickinson1891
I envy seas whereon he ridesEmily Dickinson1896
I felt a clearing in my mindEmily Dickinson1896
I felt a funeral in my brainEmily Dickinson1896
I found the phrase to every thoughtEmily Dickinson1891
I gained it soEmily Dickinson1891
I gave myself to himEmily Dickinson1891
I had a daily blissEmily Dickinson1896
I had a guinea golden;Emily Dickinson1896
I had been hungry all the years;Emily Dickinson1891
I had no cause to be awakeEmily Dickinson1891
I had no time to hate, becauseEmily Dickinson1890
I have a king who does not speak;Emily Dickinson1896
I have no life but thisEmily Dickinson1891
I have not told my garden yetEmily Dickinson1891
I heard a fly buzz when I died;Emily Dickinson1896
I held a jewel in my fingersEmily Dickinson1891
I hide myself within my flowerEmily Dickinson1890
I know I am but summer to your heart ...Edna St. Vincent Millay1922
I know a place where summer strivesEmily Dickinson1891
I know some lonely houses off the roadEmily Dickinson1890
I know that he existsEmily Dickinson1891
I like a look of agonyEmily Dickinson1890
I like to see it lap the MilesEmily Dickinson1891
I live with him, I see his face;Emily Dickinson1896
I lived on dread; to those who knowEmily Dickinson1891
I lost a world the other day.Emily Dickinson1890
I many times thought peace had comeEmily Dickinson1891
I meant to find her when I came;Emily Dickinson1896
I meant to have but modest needsEmily Dickinson1891
I measure every grief I meetEmily Dickinson1896
I never hear the word "escape"Emily Dickinson1891
I never lost as much but twiceEmily Dickinson1890
I never saw a moorEmily Dickinson1890
I noticed people disappearedEmily Dickinson1891
I read my sentence steadilyEmily Dickinson1891
I reason, earth is shortEmily Dickinson1890
I shall forget you presently, my dear...Edna St. Vincent Millay1920
I shall know why, when time is overEmily Dickinson1890
I should have been too glad, I seeEmily Dickinson1891
I should not dare to leave my friendEmily Dickinson1891
I sing to use the waitingEmily Dickinson1896
I started early, took my dogEmily Dickinson1891
I stepped from plank to plankEmily Dickinson1896
I taste a liquor never brewedEmily Dickinson1890
I think I should have loved you prese...Edna St. Vincent Millay1922
I think just how my shape will riseEmily Dickinson1891
I think the hemlock likes to standEmily Dickinson1890
I tie my Hat—I crease my ShawlEmily Dickinson1890
I took my power in my hand.Emily Dickinson1891
I went to heaven, —Emily Dickinson1891
I went to thank herEmily Dickinson1890
I wish I knew that woman's nameEmily Dickinson1896
I wonder if the sepulchreEmily Dickinson1896
I worked for chaff, and earning wheatEmily Dickinson1896
I years had been from homeEmily Dickinson1891
I'd Love to be a Fairy's ChildRobert Graves1918
I'm ceded, I've stopped being theirs;Emily Dickinson1890
I'm nobody! Who are you?Emily Dickinson1891
I'm wife; I've finished thatEmily Dickinson1890
I've got an arrow here;Emily Dickinson1896
I've seen a dying eyeEmily Dickinson1890
I. 1887A. E. Housman1896
I. The WestA. E. Housman1922
IF you were coming in the fallEmily Dickinson1890
IF——Rudyard Kipling1919
II. [As I gird on for fighting]A. E. Housman1922
II. [Loveliest of trees, the cherry now]A. E. Housman1896
III. The RecruitA. E. Housman1896
III. [Her strong enchantments failing,]A. E. Housman1922
IV. Illic JacetA. E. Housman1922
IV. ReveilleA. E. Housman1896
IX. [On moonlit heath and lonesome bank]A. E. Housman1896
IX. [The chestnut casts his flambeaux...A. E. Housman1922
Ice HandlerCarl Sandburg1916
Ida ChickenEdgar Lee Masters1916
Ida FrickeyEdgar Lee Masters1916
IdyllSiegfried Sassoon1920
If I Had KnownAlice Dunbar-Nelson1895
If I may have it when it's deadEmily Dickinson1896
If I should dieEmily Dickinson1891
If I should n't be aliveEmily Dickinson1890
If We Must DieClaude McKay1922
If You Should Tire of Loving MeMargaret Widdemer1917
If anybody's friend be deadEmily Dickinson1891
If recollecting were forgettingEmily Dickinson1896
If the foolish call them 'flowers,'Emily Dickinson1896
If tolling bell I ask the cause.Emily Dickinson1896
If—Rudyard Kipling1910
Il PenserosoJohn Milton1909
Ill GovernmentRobert Herrick1648
Ille TerrarumRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Illinois FarmerCarl Sandburg1918
IllusionsRalph Waldo Emerson1904
ImageryArchibald MacLeish1917
ImagesRichard Aldington1916
Imanuel EhrenhardtEdgar Lee Masters1916
Immortal is an ample wordEmily Dickinson1896
ImmortalityGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Impossibilities To His FriendRobert Herrick1648
Impression du MatinOscar Wilde1881
Impression du VoyageOscar Wilde1881
Impression: Le ReveillonOscar Wilde1881
Impromptu Lines to Captain RiddellRobert Burns1789
Impromptu on Carron Iron WorksRobert Burns1787
Impromptu on Dumourier’s Desertion of...Robert Burns1793
Impromptu on Mrs. Riddell’s BirthdayRobert Burns1793
ImprovisationAlfred Kreymborg1916
In BetweenGertrude Stein1914
In BondageClaude McKay1922
In Cabin'd Ships at SeaWalt Whitman1892
In DarknessAmy Lowell1912
In Equal SacrificeRobert Frost1913
In ExaminationRupert Brooke1916
In ExileEmma Lazarus1882
In Flanders FieldsJohn McCrae1915
In LouisianaAlbert Bigelow Paine1900
In Memoriam E. B. ERalph Waldo Emerson1904
In Memoriam F. A. SRobert Louis Stevenson1885
In Memoriam, Epilogue, [O true and tr...Alfred Lord Tennyson1850
In Memoriam, [Ring out, wild bells]Alfred Lord Tennyson1850
In Memoriam, [To Sleep I give my powe...Alfred Lord Tennyson1850
In Memory of Alfred PollexfenW. B. Yeats1919
In Memory of Major Robert GregoryW. B. Yeats1919
In NeglectRobert Frost1913
In Paths UntroddenWalt Whitman1892
In PortRobert Louis Stevenson1885
In Praise of ShameLord Alfred Douglas1894
In Praise of WomenRobert Herrick1648
In SpringtimeRudyard Kipling1919
In SummerPaul Laurence Dunbar1913
In Summer TimePaul Laurence Dunbar1913
In Tall GrassCarl Sandburg1918
In TenebrisFord Madox Ford1892
In The CityElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
In The Still, Star-lit NighElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
In Trouble and ShameD. H. Lawrence1916
In a Back AlleyCarl Sandburg1916
In a BoatD. H. Lawrence1916
In a BreathCarl Sandburg1916
In a Disused GraveyardRobert Frost1923
In a ValeRobert Frost1913
In drear nighted DecemberJohn Keats1817
In lands I never saw, they sayEmily Dickinson1891
In the City of NightJohn Gould Fletcher1921
In the Dark None DaintyRobert Herrick1648
In the DesertStephen Crane1895
In the GardenThomas Hardy1915
In the Gold Room: a HarmonyOscar Wilde1881
In the Home StretchRobert Frost1916
In the Jewish Synagogue at NewportEmma Lazarus1867
In the Little Old Market-PlaceFord Madox Ford1917
In the Matter of One CompassRudyard Kipling1919
In the Matter of Two MenJames D. Corrothers1922
In the Mountains on a Summer DayLi Po1919
In the Neolithic AgeRudyard Kipling1919
In the Next YardHelen Hoyt1917
In the Shadow of the PalaceCarl Sandburg1920
In the StatesRobert Louis Stevenson1885
In the Still, Star-Lit NightElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
In the WildernessRobert Graves1918
IncantationGeorge Parsons Lathrop1892
IndifferenceEdna St. Vincent Millay1917
Indignation" JonesEdgar Lee Masters1916
Inexorable DeitiesEdgar Lee Masters1919
Infant JoyWilliam Blake1794
Inferno, Canto IDante Alighieri1877
Inferno, Canto XXXIVDante Alighieri1877
InlandEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
Inscribed on a Work of Hannah More’sRobert Burns1786
Inscription at Friars’ Carse HermitageRobert Burns1795
Inscription for a Well in Memory of t...Ralph Waldo Emerson1904
Inscription for an Alter of IndependenceRobert Burns1795
Inscription for the Entrance to a WoodWilliam Cullen Bryant1854
Inscription for the Headstone of Ferg...Robert Burns1787
Inscription to ChlorisRobert Burns1795
Inscription to Jessie LewarsRobert Burns1796
Inscription to Miss Graham of FintryRobert Burns1794
InsightRalph Waldo Emerson1904
InspirationHenry David Thoreau1895
Instructions for a BalletMaxwell Bodenheim1922
IntellectRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Intellect [Gravely it broods apart on...Ralph Waldo Emerson1904
InterimLola Ridge1920
InterimEdna St. Vincent Millay1917
InteriorCarl Sandburg1918
InterludeEdith Sitwell1920
Interpolation SoundsWalt Whitman1892
Into My OwnRobert Frost1913
Into the TwilightW. B. Yeats1899
Introductory RhymesW. B. Yeats1916
InvictusWilliam Ernest Henley1888
Invitation to LovePaul Laurence Dunbar1896
InvocationJane Johnston Schoolcraft1860
Ippolit KonovaloffEdgar Lee Masters1916
IronCarl Sandburg1916
Ironic: LL.DWilliam Stanley Braithwaite1922
IronyD. H. Lawrence1916
Is Heaven a physician?Emily Dickinson1891
Is It Because I Am Black?Joseph Seamon Cotter, Jr.1922
Is bliss, then, such abyssEmily Dickinson1896
Is is not Always MayHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1841
Isa NutterEdgar Lee Masters1916
Isaiah BeethovenEdgar Lee Masters1916
Isaiah lxiiiPhillis Wheatley1773
Isolation: To MargueriteMatthew Arnold1857
It Is MuchCarl Sandburg1916
It Is a Small PlantWilliam Carlos Williams1920
It Was Black, Black TookGertrude Stein1914
It Was Not FateWilliam H.A. Moore1922
It can't be summer, — that got through;Emily Dickinson1891
It dropped so low in my regardEmily Dickinson1896
It is an honorable thoughtEmily Dickinson1896
It is not yours, O mother, to complainRobert Louis Stevenson1885
It is the SeasonRobert Louis Stevenson1885
It makes no difference abroadEmily Dickinson1890
It might be easierEmily Dickinson1896
It sifts from Leaden SievesEmily Dickinson1891
It sounded as if the streets were run...Emily Dickinson1891
It struck me every dayEmily Dickinson1896
It tossed and tossed, —Emily Dickinson1891
It was not Death, for I stood upEmily Dickinson1891
It was too late for manEmily Dickinson1890
It's all I have to bring todayEmily Dickinson1896
It's like the light, —Emily Dickinson1896
It's such a little thing to weepEmily Dickinson1896
ItaliaOscar Wilde1881
ItalyGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Italy [(Beppo, Stanzas 41–45]George Gordon Byron1881
It’s an owercome sooth for age an’ youthRobert Louis Stevenson1885
I’ll go and be a SodgerRobert Burns1782
I’ll tell you how the sun roseEmily Dickinson1890
J. Milton MilesEdgar Lee Masters1916
JabberersCarl Sandburg1918
JabberwockyLewis Carroll1871
JackCarl Sandburg1916
Jack London and O. HenryCarl Sandburg1920
Jack McGuireEdgar Lee Masters1916
Jacob GodbeyEdgar Lee Masters1916
Jacob GoodpastureEdgar Lee Masters1916
James GarberEdgar Lee Masters1916
James IRudyard Kipling1919
Jan KubelikCarl Sandburg1916
JanuaryHelen Hunt Jackson1886
Japanese LullabyEugene Field1892
JasminesClaude McKay1922
JawsCarl Sandburg1916
Jazz FantasiaCarl Sandburg1920
JealousyRupert Brooke1916
Jeduthan HawleyEdgar Lee Masters1916
Jefferson HowardEdgar Lee Masters1916
JehovahRobert Herrick1647
Jennie M'GrewEdgar Lee Masters1916
Jenny Kiss'd MeLeigh Hunt1838
Jeremy CarlisleEdgar Lee Masters1916
Jim BrownEdgar Lee Masters1916
Jobson’s AmenRudyard Kipling1919
John BallardEdgar Lee Masters1916
John Barleycorn: A BalladRobert Burns1782
John Bourbon, PitcherWilliam F. Kirk1910
John CabanisEdgar Lee Masters1916
John Ericsson Day MemorialCarl Sandburg1918
John Hancock OtisEdgar Lee Masters1916
John Horace BurlesonEdgar Lee Masters1916
John M. ChurchEdgar Lee Masters1916
John SkeltonRobert Graves1918
John WassonEdgar Lee Masters1916
Johnnie SayreEdgar Lee Masters1916
JolietCarl Sandburg1918
JonahRobert Graves1918
Jonas KeeneEdgar Lee Masters1916
Jonathan HoughtonEdgar Lee Masters1916
Jonathan Swift SomersEdgar Lee Masters1916
Joseph DixonEdgar Lee Masters1916
Josiah TompkinsEdgar Lee Masters1916
JourneyEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
Journey and Death of HassanGeorge Gordon Byron1881
JoyCarl Sandburg1916
Joy in the WoodsClaude McKay1920
Joy, Shipmate, Joy!Walt Whitman1892
Juan Higera CreekRobinson Jeffers1916
Jubal and Tubal CainRudyard Kipling1919
Judah MaccabeeJessie E. Sampter1920
Judge Selah LivelyEdgar Lee Masters1916
Judge SomersEdgar Lee Masters1916
Judson StoddardEdgar Lee Masters1916
JugCarl Sandburg1920
Julia MillerEdgar Lee Masters1916
Julian ScottEdgar Lee Masters1916
Julia’s Churching, or PurificationRobert Herrick1648
Julia’s PetticoatRobert Herrick1648
JuneCarl Sandburg1916
Jungheimer’sCarl Sandburg1916
Just Before April CameCarl Sandburg1920
Just lost when I was saved!Emily Dickinson1891
JusticeRudyard Kipling1919
Justice ArnettEdgar Lee Masters1916
J—K. HuysmansAmy Lowell1912
KarawaneHugo Ball1916
KatharineRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Keep Me, Jesus, Keep MeWaverley Turner Carmichael1922
Keepsake MillRobert Louis Stevenson1885
KillersCarl Sandburg1920
KinCarl Sandburg1916
Kin to SorrowEdna St. Vincent Millay1917
KindlinessRupert Brooke1916
King Henry VII and the ShipwrightsRudyard Kipling1919
King Witlaf's Drinking-HornHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1850
King and No KingW. B. Yeats1916
KingsRobert Herrick1648
Kings And TyrantsRobert Herrick1648
Kinsey KeeneEdgar Lee Masters1916
KissesRobert Herrick1648
Kisses LoathsomeRobert Herrick1648
Kissing UsuryRobert Herrick1648
Kitchener’s SchoolRudyard Kipling1919
KnowledgeRobert Herrick1647
Knowlt HoheimerEdgar Lee Masters1916
Knows how to forget!Emily Dickinson1890
KnucksCarl Sandburg1918
KosmosWalt Whitman1892
KreislerCarl Sandburg1918
Kubla KhanSamuel Taylor Coleridge1816
L'EnvoiHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1839
L. [Clunton and Clunbury,]A. E. Housman1896
L. of G.'s PurportWalt Whitman1892
LI. [Loitering with a vacant eye]A. E. Housman1896
LII. [Far in a western brookland]A. E. Housman1896
LIII. The True LoverA. E. Housman1896
LIV. [With rue my heart is laden]A. E. Housman1896
LIX. The Isle of PortlandA. E. Housman1896
LV. [Westward on the high-hilled plains]A. E. Housman1896
LVI. The Day of BattleA. E. Housman1896
LVII. [You smile upon your friend to-...A. E. Housman1896
LVIII. [When I came last to Ludlow]A. E. Housman1896
LX. [Now hollow fires burn out to bla...A. E. Housman1896
LXI. Hughley SteepleA. E. Housman1896
LXII. ["Terence, this is stupid stuff:]A. E. Housman1896
LXIII. [I Hoed and trenched and weeded,]A. E. Housman1896
LXV [Once, I knew a fine song]Stephen Crane1896
La Bella Donna della mia MenteOscar Wilde1881
La Belle Dame Sans MerciJohn Keats1819
La Figlia Che PiangeT. S. Eliot1917
La Fuite de la LuneOscar Wilde1881
La Nuit BlancheRudyard Kipling1919
La Paloma in LondonClaude McKay1922
La Vie C'est la VieJessie Fauset1922
LabourRobert Herrick1647
Lady MontrevorChristina Rossetti1896
LaisH. D.1922
Lake of Geneva—CalmGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Lake of Geneva—StormGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Lambert HutchinsEdgar Lee Masters1916
Lambro’s ReturnGeorge Gordon Byron1881
LamentEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
Lament for James, Earl of GlencairnRobert Burns1791
Lament for the MakarisWilliam Dunbar1460
Lament of Mary, Queen of ScotsRobert Burns1791
Lament of TassoGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Lamia [Left to herself]John Keats1820
LanguagesCarl Sandburg1916
Large Bounds Do But Bury UsRobert Herrick1648
Lar’s Portion And the Poet’s PartRobert Herrick1648
LasciviousnessRobert Herrick1647
Last AnswersCarl Sandburg1916
Last DaysElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
Last Words to MiriamD. H. Lawrence1921
Last leaving EnglandGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Late in the nichtRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Laughing Blue SteelCarl Sandburg1920
Laughing CornCarl Sandburg1918
LawsRobert Herrick1648
Laws (2)Robert Herrick1648
Laws for CreationsWalt Whitman1892
LawyerCarl Sandburg1918
Lay of the Last Minstrel, Canto VI, [...Sir Walter Scott1805
Lay this laurel on the oneEmily Dickinson1891
Le Monocle de Mon OncleWallace Stevens1918
Le Roy GoldmanEdgar Lee Masters1916
Leander’s ObsequiesRobert Herrick1648
Leap Year PoemMother Goose1719
Learning to ReadFrances Ellen Watkins Harper1854
Leather LeggingsCarl Sandburg1918
LeavenRobert Herrick1648
LedaH. D.1921
Legendary LightsAlter Abelson1917
LegendsCarl Sandburg1918
LeisureAmy Lowell1912
LenityRobert Herrick1648
LenoreEdgar Allan Poe1850
Leprosy In ClothesRobert Herrick1648
Leprosy In HousesRobert Herrick1648
Les SilhouettesOscar Wilde1881
Let Love Go OnCarl Sandburg1920
Let Us Live and Love (5)Gaius Valerius Catullus1601
Let down the bars, O Death!Emily Dickinson1891
Let me not mar that perfect dreamEmily Dickinson1896
Letter SCarl Sandburg1920
Letter from Town: The Almond TreeD. H. Lawrence1920
Letter to S. S. from Mametz WoodRobert Graves1918
LettersRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Letters to Dead ImagistsCarl Sandburg1916
LettuceAbraham Cowley1711
LiaisonD. H. Lawrence1916
Libertatis Sacra FamesOscar Wilde1881
LibertyEdward Thomas1917
LibertyRobert Herrick1648
LibidoRupert Brooke1916
LichtenbergRudyard Kipling1919
LifeEdith Wharton1894
LifeWalt Whitman1892
LifeGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Life and BaseballWilliam F. Kirk1910
Life and DeathWalt Whitman1892
Life in a LoveRobert Browning1855
Life is the Body’s LightRobert Herrick1648
Life, and Death, and GiantsEmily Dickinson1896
Lift Every Voice and SingJames Weldon Johnson1917
Lights OutEdward Thomas1917
Like Brooms of SteelEmily Dickinson1890
Like Loves His LikeRobert Herrick1648
Like Pattern, Like PeopleRobert Herrick1648
Like mighty footlights burned the redEmily Dickinson1891
Like trains of cars on tracks of plushEmily Dickinson1890
Lillian StewartEdgar Lee Masters1916
LimitedCarl Sandburg1916
LimitsRalph Waldo Emerson1904
LinesRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tint...William Wordsworth1798
Lines Have Their Linings, And Books T...Robert Herrick1648
Lines Inscribed Upon a Cup Formed fro...George Gordon Byron1922
Lines Inscribed in a Lady’s Pocket Al...Robert Burns1793
Lines Inscribed under Fergusson’s Por...Robert Burns1787
Lines Written in Early SpringWilliam Wordsworth1798
Lines Written in the Belief That the ...Rupert Brooke1916
Lines Written under the Picture of Mi...Robert Burns1787
Lines of John M’Murdo, Esq.Robert Burns1793
Lines on Fergusson, the PoetRobert Burns1792
Lines on Meeting with Lord DaerRobert Burns1786
Lines on NonsenseEliza Lee Follen1839
Lines on the Author’s DeathRobert Burns1784
Lines on the Fall of FyersRobert Burns1787
Lines to EllenRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Lines to John M’Murdo of DrumlanrigRobert Burns1789
Lines to John Syme, Esq., with a doze...Robert Burns1795
Lines to Mr. John KennedyRobert Burns1786
Lines to Sir John Whitefoord, BartRobert Burns1791
Lines to a Gentleman who sent a Newsp...Robert Burns1790
Lines to a Lady WeepingGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Lines to an Old SweetheartRobert Burns1786
Lines written in DejectionW. B. Yeats1919
Lines written on a Bank-noteRobert Burns1786
Lines: 'When the Lamp is Shattered'Percy Bysshe Shelley1824
Lingering Last DropsWalt Whitman1892
Lip-labourRobert Herrick1647
Lips TonguelessRobert Herrick1648
ListeningAmy Lowell1912
ListeningD. H. Lawrence1916
Little And LoudRobert Herrick1648
Little Brown BabyPaul Laurence Dunbar1922
Little Orphant AnnieJames Whitcomb Riley1885
Littleness No Cause of LeannessRobert Herrick1648
Liu Ch'eEzra Pound1916
Live Blindly and Upon the HourTrumbull Stickney1917
Lo, Victress on the PeaksWalt Whitman1892
Loading And UnloadingRobert Herrick1647
LoamCarl Sandburg1918
LocalitiesCarl Sandburg1918
Locations and TimesWalt Whitman1892
Loch Na GarrGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Locked InsideCharlotte Perkins Gilman1911
Loin ClothCarl Sandburg1918
Lois SpearsEdgar Lee Masters1916
LondonWilliam Blake1794
LondonGeorge Gordon Byron1881
London SnowRobert Bridges1890
LonelinessTrumbull Stickney1905
Long GunsCarl Sandburg1920
Long Island SoundEmma Lazarus1888
Long LifeRobert Herrick1647
Long, Long HenceWalt Whitman1892
Long, Too Long AmericaWalt Whitman1892
Long-looked-for Comes At LastRobert Herrick1648
Look Down Fair MoonWalt Whitman1892
Look back on time with kindly eyesEmily Dickinson1890
Looking For a Sunset Bird In WinterRobert Frost1923
Looking ForwardRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Looking-glass RiverRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Loon PointAmy Lowell1912
LootRudyard Kipling1919
Lord Gregory: A BalladRobert Burns1793
Lord RandallAnonymous1600
Lord RobertsRudyard Kipling1919
LosersCarl Sandburg1920
LossH. D.1916
Loss From the LeastRobert Herrick1648
LossesCarl Sandburg1916
LostCarl Sandburg1916
Lost IllusionsGeorgia Douglas Johnson1922
Lots To Be LikedRobert Herrick1648
Lotus Hurt by the ColdD. H. Lawrence1916
Louis NapoleonOscar Wilde1881
Louise SmithEdgar Lee Masters1916
LoveSamuel Taylor Coleridge1826
LoveElizabeth Barrett Browning1870
LoveRobert Herrick1648
LoveRupert Brooke1916
Love (III)George Herbert1633
Love Dislikes NothingRobert Herrick1648
Love Is EnoughWilliam Morris1873
Love Killed By LackRobert Herrick1648
Love Lightly PleasedRobert Herrick1648
Love Me Little, Love Me LongRobert Herrick1648
Love NotCaroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton1850
Love PalpableRobert Herrick1648
Love Perfumes All PartsRobert Herrick1648
Love ReturnedBayard Taylor1875
Love and Black MagicRobert Graves1918
Love and ThoughtRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Love and a QuestionRobert Frost1913
Love in Fantastique Triumph sattAphra Behn1677
Love in a LifeRobert Browning1855
Love is a SyrupRobert Herrick1648
Love is anterior to lifeEmily Dickinson1896
Love's PhilosophyPercy Bysshe Shelley1819
Love's SecretWilliam Blake1863
Love, What It isRobert Herrick1648
Lover's LanePaul Laurence Dunbar1922
Lovers' InfinitenessJohn Donne1633
Lovers: How They Come And PartRobert Herrick1648
Love’s Play At Push-pinRobert Herrick1648
Loving and BelovedSir John Suckling1646
Low BarometerRobert Bridges1880
Low-TideEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
Lucinda MatlockEdgar Lee Masters1916
Lucius AthertonEdgar Lee Masters1916
Luck is not chanceEmily Dickinson1890
Luck of Eden HallHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1841
LukannonRudyard Kipling1919
Lullaby of an Infant ChiefSir Walter Scott1816
LunchGertrude Stein1914
Lunch at a City ClubStephen Vincent Benét1920
LycidasJohn Milton1638
Lydia HumphreyEdgar Lee Masters1916
Lydia PuckettEdgar Lee Masters1916
Lyman KingEdgar Lee Masters1916
Lyric For LegaciesRobert Herrick1648
L’AllegroJohn Milton1909
L’EnvoiWilla Cather1903
L’EnvoiRudyard Kipling1919
M. IRudyard Kipling1919
MY 71st YearWalt Whitman1892
Mabel OsborneEdgar Lee Masters1916
Macdonough’s SongRudyard Kipling1919
Madonna MiaOscar Wilde1881
MagCarl Sandburg1916
Magdalen WalksOscar Wilde1881
Magrady GrahamEdgar Lee Masters1916
Maid of AthensGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Maiden LaneLouise Morgan Sill1917
Maiden Speech of the Æolian HarpRalph Waldo Emerson1904
MaidenhoodHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1841
Maids’ Nays Are NothingRobert Herrick1648
MalachiteGertrude Stein1914
MaladeD. H. Lawrence1916
MamieCarl Sandburg1916
Mammy HumsCarl Sandburg1918
Man was made to Mourn: A DirgeRobert Burns1784
Man, the Man-HunterCarl Sandburg1920
Mana AbodaT. E. Hulme1912
MandalayRudyard Kipling1919
Manfred and the Seven SpiritsGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Manfred on the CliffsGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Manfred’s EndGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Manfred’s Farewell to the SunGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Manitoba Childe RolandCarl Sandburg1918
MannaRobert Herrick1647
MannahattaWalt Whitman1892
MannersRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Manual SystemCarl Sandburg1920
Manufactured GodsCarl Sandburg1920
Many SoldiersEdgar Lee Masters1916
Man’s Dying-place UncertainRobert Herrick1648
MapleRobert Frost1923
MarchElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
MarchWilliam Carlos Williams1921
March EveningAmy Lowell1912
Marching SongRobert Louis Stevenson1885
MargaretCarl Sandburg1916
Margaret Fuller SlackEdgar Lee Masters1916
Marie BatesonEdgar Lee Masters1916
MarigoldsRobert Graves1918
MariposaEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
Market DayAmy Lowell1912
MarriageWilliam Carlos Williams1916
Marriage MorningAlfred Lord Tennyson1870
Martha, MarthaRobert Herrick1647
Mary McNeelyEdgar Lee Masters1916
Mary and GabrielRupert Brooke1916
Mary's LambSarah Josepha Hale1830
Mary, Pity WomenRudyard Kipling1919
Mary’s SonRudyard Kipling1919
MascotsCarl Sandburg1920
MaskCarl Sandburg1916
Masonic Song—Ye Sons of Old KillieRobert Burns1786
MassesCarl Sandburg1916
MatingD. H. Lawrence1916
Matins; Or, Morning PrayerRobert Herrick1648
May-DayRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Mazeppa’s RideGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Me ImperturbeWalt Whitman1892
Me! Come! My dazzled faceEmily Dickinson1896
Mean Things Overcome MightyRobert Herrick1648
Meat Without MirthRobert Herrick1648
MedallionCarl Sandburg1918
Meditation 29Philip Pain1668
MediumsWalt Whitman1892
Meeting And PassingRobert Frost1916
Meeting at NightRobert Browning1845
MemoirCarl Sandburg1918
Memoir of a Proud BoyCarl Sandburg1918
MemorandaCarl Sandburg1920
MemorialClaude McKay1922
MemoriesWalt Whitman1892
MemoryW. B. Yeats1919
Memory Is ImmortalElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
Men Mind No State In SicknessRobert Herrick1648
Men improve with the YearsW. B. Yeats1919
MendingHazel Hall1921
Mending WallRobert Frost1914
Menelaus and HelenRupert Brooke1916
MercedesElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
Merciles BeauteGeoffrey Chaucer1375
MercyRobert Herrick1647
Mercy And LoveRobert Herrick1647
Merits Make the ManRobert Herrick1648
Merlin IRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Merlin IIRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Merlin’s SongRalph Waldo Emerson1904
MeropsRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Merrow DownRudyard Kipling1919
Merry AutumnPaul Laurence Dunbar1896
MesopotamiaRudyard Kipling1919
Metamorphosis VIII, 611-724Ovid1683
Mezzo CamminHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
Michael Robartes asks Forgiveness bec...W. B. Yeats1899
Michael Robartes bids his Beloved be ...W. B. Yeats1899
Michael Robartes remembers forgotten ...W. B. Yeats1899
Mickey M'GrewEdgar Lee Masters1916
Mid-DayH. D.1916
Midnight Mass for the Dying YearHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1839
MidsummerWilliam Cullen Bryant1826
Mildred's UmbrellaGertrude Stein1914
MilkGertrude Stein1914
Milk (2)Gertrude Stein1914
Mill-DoorsCarl Sandburg1916
Milton [excerpt]William Blake1811
Mime XCharles Schwob1901
Mine SweepersRudyard Kipling1919
Mine by the right of the white election!Emily Dickinson1890
Minerva JonesEdgar Lee Masters1916
Miniver CheevyEdwin Arlington Robinson1910
MiraclesWalt Whitman1892
MirageAmy Lowell1912
MiragesWalt Whitman1892
MirthRobert Herrick1647
MiseriesRobert Herrick1648
MisgivingRobert Frost1923
Miss MelerleeJohn Wesley Holloway1922
Mist FormsCarl Sandburg1920
MithridatesRalph Waldo Emerson1904
MnemosyneTrumbull Stickney1902
MobilityGeorge Gordon Byron1881
ModerationRobert Herrick1648
Moderation (2)Robert Herrick1648
Modern Love: IGeorge Meredith1862
Mohammed Bek HadjetlacheCarl Sandburg1920
MomusCarl Sandburg1916
MonadnocRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Monadnoc from AfarRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Monadnock in Early SpringAmy Lowell1912
Money Gets the MasteryRobert Herrick1648
Money Makes the MirthRobert Herrick1648
Mongan laments the Change that has co...W. B. Yeats1899
Mongan thinks of his past GreatnessW. B. Yeats1899
Monna Innominata [I dream of you, to ...Christina Rossetti1881
Monna Innominata [I loved you first]Christina Rossetti1881
Monna Innominata [I wish I could reme...Christina Rossetti1881
Monody on a Lady, famed for her CapriceRobert Burns1794
Monologue of a MotherD. H. Lawrence1916
MonosyllabicCarl Sandburg1918
MonotoneCarl Sandburg1916
Montes Scripturarum: the Mounts of th...Robert Herrick1647
MontparnasseErnest Hemingway1920
MoonlightSara Teasdale1920
MoonriseGerard Manley Hopkins1918
MoonriseH. D.1917
MoonsetCarl Sandburg1918
Mora Sponsi, the Stay of the BridegroomRobert Herrick1647
MoreGertrude Stein1914
More Modest, More ManlyRobert Herrick1648
More Potent, Less PeccantRobert Herrick1648
Morning JoyClaude McKay1922
Morning SongSara Teasdale1920
Morning Song in the JungleRudyard Kipling1919
Morning at the WindowT. S. Eliot1917
Morning is the place for dewEmily Dickinson1896
Morning on ShinnecockOlivia Ward Bush-Banks1899
Morns like these we parted;Emily Dickinson1891
MortalityWilliam Knox1828
Most Words, Less WorksRobert Herrick1648
MotherLola Ridge1920
Mother NightJames Weldon Johnson1922
Mother and BabeWalt Whitman1892
Mother o' MineRudyard Kipling1892
Mother o’ MineRudyard Kipling1919
Mother to ChildCharlotte Perkins Gilman1911
Motto prefixed to the Author’s first ...Robert Burns1786
Mount ShastaJohn Rollin Ridge1868
Mountain PinesRobinson Jeffers1904
Mowgli’s Song against PeopleRudyard Kipling1919
MowingRobert Frost1913
Mr. ApollinaxT. S. Eliot1917
Mr. Flood's PartyEdwin Arlington Robinson1921
Mr. PhilosopherRobert Graves1918
Mr. William Smellie: A SketchRobert Burns1787
Mrs. Benjamin PantierEdgar Lee Masters1916
Mrs. Charles BlissEdgar Lee Masters1916
Mrs. Eliz. Wheeler, Under the Name of...Robert Herrick1648
Mrs. George ReeceEdgar Lee Masters1916
Mrs. KesslerEdgar Lee Masters1916
Mrs. MerrittEdgar Lee Masters1916
Mrs. MeyersEdgar Lee Masters1916
Mrs. PurkapileEdgar Lee Masters1916
Mrs. SibleyEdgar Lee Masters1916
Mrs. WilliamsEdgar Lee Masters1916
Much madness is divinest senseEmily Dickinson1890
MuckersCarl Sandburg1916
Mudville's FateGrantland Rice1910
Mulholland’s ContractRudyard Kipling1919
MultitudeRobert Herrick1648
MummiaRupert Brooke1916
MunicipalRudyard Kipling1919
Murmurings in a Field HospitalCarl Sandburg1916
MusicRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Music In A CrowdElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
Musicians wrestle everywhereEmily Dickinson1891
MusketaquidRalph Waldo Emerson1904
MutabilityPercy Bysshe Shelley1816
MutabilityRupert Brooke1916
MuttonGertrude Stein1914
My 71st YearWalt Whitman1892
My Bed is a BoatRobert Louis Stevenson1885
My Boy JackRudyard Kipling1919
My BrookHelen Hay Whitney1898
My ButterflyRobert Frost1913
My Canary BirdWalt Whitman1892
My Childhood Home I See AgainAbraham Lincoln1847
My ConscienceRobert Louis Stevenson1885
My Father was a Farmer: A BalladRobert Burns1782
My Father’s ChairRudyard Kipling1919
My Galley Charged with ForgetfulnessThomas Wyatt1557
My GardenRalph Waldo Emerson1904
My Garden with WallsWilliam Brooks1918
My Girl she’s Airy: A FragmentRobert Burns1784
My Grandmother's Love LettersHart Crane1920
My HarpJohn Rollin Ridge1848
My HeroBenjamin Brawley1922
My Highland Lassie, ORobert Burns1786
My House, I SayRobert Louis Stevenson1913
My KingdomRobert Louis Stevenson1885
My Lady’s LawRudyard Kipling1919
My LanternMarianne Moore1910
My Last DuchessRobert Browning1842
My LegacyWalt Whitman1892
My Light with YoursEdgar Lee Masters1918
My Little DreamsGeorgia Douglas Johnson1922
My Lost YouthHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1855
My MotherClaude McKay1922
My New-cut AshlarRudyard Kipling1919
My November GuestRobert Frost1913
My PeopleCarl Sandburg1920
My Picture Left in ScotlandBen Jonson1640
My Picture-GalleryWalt Whitman1892
My RivalRudyard Kipling1919
My ShadowRobert Louis Stevenson1885
My Ship and IRobert Louis Stevenson1885
My StarRobert Browning1855
My TenantPhilip M. Raskin1917
My TreasuresRobert Louis Stevenson1885
My VoiceOscar Wilde1881
My WifeRobert Louis Stevenson1896
My body which my dungeon isRobert Louis Stevenson1885
My cocoon tightens, colors teaseEmily Dickinson1890
My country need not change her gownEmily Dickinson1891
My friend must be a birdEmily Dickinson1896
My house, I sayRobert Louis Stevenson1885
My life closed twice before its closeEmily Dickinson1896
My life has been the poem I would hav...Henry David Thoreau1849
My nosegays are for captivesEmily Dickinson1891
My river runs to theeEmily Dickinson1860
My worthiness is all my doubtEmily Dickinson1896
Myself and MineWalt Whitman1892
MysteryD. H. Lawrence1916
M’Andrew’s HymnRudyard Kipling1919
Nameless PainElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
Nancy KnappEdgar Lee Masters1916
Napoleon’s FarewellGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Native MomentsWalt Whitman1892
Natural TheologyRudyard Kipling1919
NatureGeorge Herbert1633
NatureRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Nature IRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Nature IIRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Nature rarer uses yellowEmily Dickinson1891
Nature the Consoler, IGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Nature the Consoler, IIGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Nature to the LastGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Nature, the gentlest motherEmily Dickinson1891
Nature’s Law: A PoemRobert Burns1786
Ne Plus UltraSamuel Taylor Coleridge1834
Near KeokukCarl Sandburg1918
NeedRobert Herrick1648
NeglectRobert Herrick1648
Negro PoetsCharles Bertram Johnson1922
Negro SerenadeJames Edwin Campbell1922
NeighborsCarl Sandburg1920
Nellie ClarkEdgar Lee Masters1916
NemesisRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Nest EggsRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Neutrality LoathsomeRobert Herrick1647
Never BornCarl Sandburg1920
Never Too Late To DieRobert Herrick1648
Never give all the heartW. B. Yeats1904
New Farm TractorCarl Sandburg1920
New FeetCarl Sandburg1918
New HampshireRobert Frost1923
New Year's MorningHelen Hunt Jackson1892
New York at NightAmy Lowell1912
New feet within my garden goEmily Dickinson1890
Nicholas BindleEdgar Lee Masters1916
NiggerCarl Sandburg1916
NightH. D.1916
Night FellFlorence Ripley Mastin1918
Night Movement—New YorkCarl Sandburg1920
Night StuffCarl Sandburg1920
Night and DayRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Night on the PrairiesWalt Whitman1892
Nights Nothings AgainCarl Sandburg1920
Niobe in Distress for her Children sl...Phillis Wheatley1773
No Action Hard To AffectionRobert Herrick1648
No AnswerElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
No Bashfulness In BeggingRobert Herrick1648
No Coming To God Without ChristRobert Herrick1647
No Danger To Men DesperateRobert Herrick1648
No Despite To the DeadRobert Herrick1648
No Difference I’ Th’ DarkRobert Herrick1648
No Escaping the ScourgingRobert Herrick1647
No Fault In WomenRobert Herrick1648
No Labor-Saving MachineWalt Whitman1892
No Loathsomeness In LoveRobert Herrick1648
No Luck In LoveRobert Herrick1648
No Man Without MoneyRobert Herrick1648
No Pains, No GainsRobert Herrick1648
No Platonic LoveWilliam Cartwright1651
No Second TroyW. B. Yeats1916
No Shipwreck of Virtue. To a FriendRobert Herrick1648
No Spouse But a SisterRobert Herrick1648
No Time In EternityRobert Herrick1647
No Want Where There’s LittleRobert Herrick1648
No brigadier throughout the yearEmily Dickinson1891
No rack can torture meEmily Dickinson1890
No!Thomas Hood1844
NocturneAlfred Kreymborg1916
Nocturne in a Deserted BrickyardCarl Sandburg1916
Noel: Christmas Eve 1913Robert Bridges1920
None Free From FaultRobert Herrick1648
None Truly Happy HereRobert Herrick1647
Nonsense AlphabetEdward Lear1846
Nor Buying or SellingRobert Herrick1648
Norman and SaxonRudyard Kipling1919
North And SouthRobert Herrick1647
North AtlanticCarl Sandburg1920
North and SouthClaude McKay1922
Not DeadRobert Graves1918
Not Every Day Fit For VerseRobert Herrick1648
Not Heat Flames Up and ConsumesWalt Whitman1892
Not Heaving from My Ribb'd Breast OnlyWalt Whitman1892
Not Meagre, Latent Boughs AloneWalt Whitman1892
Not To Covet Much Where Little is the...Robert Herrick1648
Not To KeepRobert Frost1923
Not To LoveRobert Herrick1648
Not Youth Pertains to MeWalt Whitman1892
Not any higher stands the graveEmily Dickinson1896
Not in this world to see his faceEmily Dickinson1890
Not knowing when the dawn will comeEmily Dickinson1896
Not the PilotWalt Whitman1892
Not with a club the heart is brokenEmily Dickinson1896
Not yet, my soulRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Note to Mr. Renton of LamertonRobert Burns1787
Nothing ElegantGertrude Stein1914
Nothing Free-costRobert Herrick1648
Nothing Gold Can StayRobert Frost1923
Nothing NewRobert Herrick1648
NovemberElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
NovemberHelen Hunt Jackson1891
NovemberWilliam Cullen Bryant1824
November NightAdelaide Crapsey1915
NowCharlotte Perkins Gilman1911
Now Close the WindowsRobert Frost1913
Now Finale to the ShoreWalt Whitman1892
Now Precedent Songs, FarewellWalt Whitman1892
Now That The Pain Is Gone, I Too Can ...Elizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
Now Winter Nights EnlargeThomas Campion1617
NurembergHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
OMary Sidney Herbert1595
O Black and Unknown BardsJames Weldon Johnson1922
O Captain! My Captain!Walt Whitman1892
O Friend, Begin A Loftier SongElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
O Hymen! O Hymenee!Walt Whitman1892
O Living Always, Always DyingWalt Whitman1892
O Magnet-SouthWalt Whitman1892
O Me! O Life!Walt Whitman1892
O SouthlandJames Weldon Johnson1922
O Star of France [1870-71]Walt Whitman1892
O Tan-Faced Prairie-BoyWalt Whitman1892
O Word I Love to SingClaude McKay1922
O You Whom I Often and Silently ComeWalt Whitman1892
O, Gather Me the RoseWilliam Ernest Henley1874
Oaks TuttEdgar Lee Masters1916
ObedienceRobert Herrick1648
Obedience In SubjectsRobert Herrick1648
Oberon’s FeastRobert Herrick1648
Oberon’s PalaceRobert Herrick1648
ObjectsGertrude Stein1914
OblivionJessie Fauset1922
ObservationRobert Herrick1647
Observation (2)Robert Herrick1647
Occasioned by General Washington's Ar...Philip Freneau1783
OctoberRobert Frost1913
OctoberElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
OctoberRalph Waldo Emerson1904
October HillsJohn Rollin Ridge1868
October-NovemberHart Crane1918
OdeRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Ode [O TENDERLY the haughty day]Ralph Waldo Emerson1904
Ode [Sung in the Town Hall, Concord, ...Ralph Waldo Emerson1904
Ode for General Washington’s BirthdayRobert Burns1794
Ode in Memory of the American Volunte...Alan Seeger1916
Ode on Intimations of Immortality fro...William Wordsworth1807
Ode on WaterlooGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Ode on a Grecian UrnJohn Keats1820
Ode on the Departed Regency BillRobert Burns1789
Ode on the death of a favorite catThomas Gray1748
Ode to BeautyRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Ode to Napoleon BuonaparteGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Ode to NeptunePhillis Wheatley1773
Ode to SilenceEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
Ode to SolitudeAlexander Pope1735
Ode to a Georgia GentWilliam F. Kirk1910
Ode to a NightingaleJohn Keats1820
Ode to the West WindPercy Bysshe Shelley1820
Ode, Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. Osw...Robert Burns1789
Of Him I Love Day and NightWalt Whitman1892
Of LoveRobert Herrick1648
Of Love (2)Robert Herrick1648
Of Love (3)Robert Herrick1648
Of Love: A SonnetRobert Herrick1648
Of Many Worlds in This WorldMargaret Cavendish1653
Of That Blithe Throat of ThineWalt Whitman1892
Of all the souls that stand createEmily Dickinson1891
Of all the sounds despatched abroadEmily Dickinson1890
Of bronze and blazeEmily Dickinson1896
Of the Surface of ThingsWallace Stevens1919
Of the Terrible Doubt of AppearancesWalt Whitman1892
Of tribulation these are theyEmily Dickinson1891
OfferingsWalt Whitman1892
Oh! Snatch’d AwayGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Oh, The Wild, Wild Days Of Youth!Elizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
Ol' Doc' HyarJames Edwin Campbell1922
Old Age's Lambent PeaksWalt Whitman1892
Old Age's Ship & Crafty Death'sWalt Whitman1892
Old Black MenGeorgia Douglas Johnson1922
Old ChantsWalt Whitman1892
Old English riddleAnonymous1000
Old HousesLizette Woodworth Reese1920
Old IrelandWalt Whitman1892
Old IronsidesOliver Wendell Holmes1830
Old ManuscriptAlfred Kreymborg1921
Old Mother LaidinwoolRudyard Kipling1919
Old OsawatomieCarl Sandburg1918
Old Salt KossaboneWalt Whitman1892
Old SanteclausClement Clarke Moore1821
Old TimersCarl Sandburg1918
Old War-DreamsWalt Whitman1892
Old WineMargaret Widdemer1918
Old WomanCarl Sandburg1916
Old-fashioned Requited LoveCarl Sandburg1920
Ollie McGeeEdgar Lee Masters1916
Olney Hymns, I, [Walking with God]William Cowper1779
Olney Hymns, IX [The Contrite Heart]William Cowper1779
Olney Hymns, XLVIII [Joy and Peace in...William Cowper1779
Olney Hymns, XXXII [The Shining Light]William Cowper1779
OmahaCarl Sandburg1920
On A Pair of GartersSir John Davies1876
On Arranging a Bowl of VioletsGrace Hazard Conkling1907
On Being Brought from Africa to AmericaPhillis Wheatley1773
On BroadwayClaude McKay1922
On Carpaccio's Picture: The Dream of ...Amy Lowell1912
On Chloris requesting a sprig of blos...Robert Burns1794
On Elphinstone’s Translation of Marti...Robert Burns1787
On First Looking into Chapman's HomerJohn Keats1816
On FortuneRobert Herrick1648
On Gilly-flowers BegottenRobert Herrick1648
On Glenriddell’s Fox breaking his cha...Robert Burns1791
On HalloweenJanet Little1792
On Hearing of the Intention of a Gent...George Moses Horton1828
On HeavenRobert Herrick1647
On HimselfRobert Herrick1648
On Himself (10)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (11)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (12)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (13)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (14)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (15)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (16)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (17)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (18)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (2)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (3)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (4)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (5)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (6)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (7)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (8)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (9)Robert Herrick1648
On His Being Arrived to the Age of Tw...John Milton1909
On His BlindnessJohn Milton1909
On His BookRobert Herrick1648
On His Deceased WifeJohn Milton1658
On His Seventy-fifth BirthdayWalter Savage Landor1894
On ImaginationPhillis Wheatley1773
On Journeys Through the StatesWalt Whitman1892
On Julia’s BreathRobert Herrick1648
On Julia’s LipsRobert Herrick1648
On Julia’s PictureRobert Herrick1648
On Liberty and SlaveryGeorge Moses Horton1829
On LoveRobert Herrick1648
On Love (2)Robert Herrick1648
On Love (3)Robert Herrick1648
On My Bed Of A Winter NightElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
On My First SonBen Jonson1603
On Poet Prat. EpigRobert Herrick1648
On Poet-ApeBen Jonson1616
On QuittingEdgar Guest1912
On RecollectionPhillis Wheatley1773
On Scaring some Water-Fowl in Lock TuritRobert Burns1787
On Seeing a Tuft of Snowdrops in a StormWilliam Wordsworth1820
On Seeing the Elgin MarblesJohn Keats1817
On ShakespeareJohn Milton1630
On SnowJonathan Swift1857
On Some Shells Found InlandTrumbull Stickney1905
On SummerGeorge Moses Horton1837
On Tam the ChapmanRobert Burns1784
On The CampagnaElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
On The HilltopElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
On TimeJohn Milton1645
On Tomasin ParsonsRobert Herrick1648
On Viewing the Skull and Bones of a WolfAlexander Posey1910
On VirtuePhillis Wheatley1773
On WomanW. B. Yeats1919
On a Perfumed LadyRobert Herrick1648
On a Primitive CanoeClaude McKay1922
On a Scotch Bard, gone to the West In...Robert Burns1786
On a Thought of Wordsworth'sThéophile Gautier1903
On a Tree Fallen Across the RoadRobert Frost1923
On being asked for a War PoemW. B. Yeats1919
On hearing that the Students of Our N...W. B. Yeats1916
On his Deceased WifeJohn Milton1909
On my thirty-third BirthdayGeorge Gordon Byron1881
On seeing Mrs. Kemble in YaricoRobert Burns1794
On such a night, or such a nightEmily Dickinson1891
On the Beach at NightWalt Whitman1892
On the Beach at Night AloneWalt Whitman1892
On the Birth of a Posthumous ChildRobert Burns1790
On the BreakwaterCarl Sandburg1916
On the Capture and Imprisonment of Cr...Alexander Posey1910
On the Death of Dr. Samuel MarshallPhillis Wheatley1773
On the Death of J. C. an InfantPhillis Wheatley1773
On the Death of John M’Leod, Esq.Robert Burns1787
On the Death of Robert Dundas, Esq., ...Robert Burns1787
On the Death of Smet-Smet, the Hippop...Rupert Brooke1916
On the Death of a Fair Infant Dying o...John Milton1909
On the Death of a young GentlemanPhillis Wheatley1773
On the Death of a young Lady of Five ...Phillis Wheatley1773
On the Death of the Rev. Dr. SewellPhillis Wheatley1773
On the Death of the Rev. Mr. George W...Phillis Wheatley1773
On the Detraction which Followed upon...John Milton1909
On the Freedom of the PressBenjamin Franklin1757
On the Late Massacre in PiemontJohn Milton1909
On the Lord General Fairfax at the Si...John Milton1909
On the Medusa of Leonardo Da Vinci in...Percy Bysshe Shelley1819
On the MississippiHamlin Garland1893
On the Morning of Christ's NativityJohn Milton1645
On the New Forcers of Conscience unde...John Milton1909
On the Religious Memory of Mrs. Cathe...John Milton1909
On the RoadClaude McKay1922
On the Road to the SeaCharlotte Mew1914
On the SameJohn Milton1909
On the University CarrierJohn Milton1909
On the WayCarl Sandburg1916
On the bleakness of my lotEmily Dickinson1896
On the late Captain Grose’s Peregrina...Robert Burns1789
On this Day I complete my Thirty-sixt...George Gordon Byron1881
On this long storm the rainbow roseEmily Dickinson1890
On this wondrous seaEmily Dickinson1896
On, on the Same, Ye Jocund Twain!Walt Whitman1892
Once I Pass'd Through a Populous CityWalt Whitman1892
Once Poor, Still PenuriousRobert Herrick1648
Once Seen And No MoreRobert Herrick1648
One DayRupert Brooke1916
One Hour to Madness and JoyWalt Whitman1892
One Morn I Left Him In His BedElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
One Night as I did WanderRobert Burns1785
One Sister have I in our houseEmily Dickinson1890
One Struggle moreGeorge Gordon Byron1881
One Viceroy ResignsRudyard Kipling1919
One Year AfterClaude McKay1922
One blessing had I, than the restEmily Dickinson1896
One day is there of the seriesEmily Dickinson1890
One dignity delays for allEmily Dickinson1890
One need not be a chamber to be hauntedEmily Dickinson1891
One of the ones that Midas touchedEmily Dickinson1891
One's-Self I SingWalt Whitman1892
Onion DaysCarl Sandburg1916
Only a DadEdgar Guest1916
OontsRudyard Kipling1919
OpalAmy Lowell1919
Opus 181Arthur Davison Ficke1916
Opus 80Arthur Davison Ficke1916
OrangeGertrude Stein1914
Orange (2)Gertrude Stein1914
Orange Buds by Mail from FloridaWalt Whitman1892
Orange InGertrude Stein1914
OrangesGertrude Stein1914
OrchardH. D.1913
OreadH. D.1915
OriflammeJessie Fauset1922
OrpheusWilliam Shakespeare1623
OrpheusRobert Herrick1648
Oscar HummelEdgar Lee Masters1916
OsceolaWalt Whitman1892
OssawatomieCarl Sandburg1920
Others May Praise What They LikeWalt Whitman1892
Our ChildrenGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Our Fathers AlsoRudyard Kipling1919
Our Fathers of OldRudyard Kipling1919
Our Lady of the SnowsRudyard Kipling1919
Our Lady of the SnowsRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Our Old FeuillageWalt Whitman1892
Our Own Sins UnseenRobert Herrick1648
Our Prayer of ThanksCarl Sandburg1916
Our Singing StrengthRobert Frost1923
Our journey had advanced;Emily Dickinson1891
Our lives are Swiss, —Emily Dickinson1896
Our share of night to bearEmily Dickinson1890
Out from Behind This Mask [To Confron...Walt Whitman1892
Out of May's Shows SelectedWalt Whitman1892
Out of Time, Out of TuneRobert Herrick1648
Out of White LipsCarl Sandburg1918
Out of the Cradle Endlessly RockingWalt Whitman1892
Out of the Rolling Ocean the CrowdWalt Whitman1892
Out, Out–Robert Frost1916
OutcastClaude McKay1922
Outlines for a Tomb [G. P., Buried 1870]Walt Whitman1892
Outsong in the JungleRudyard Kipling1919
Over the Carnage Rose Prophetic a VoiceWalt Whitman1892
OzymandiasPercy Bysshe Shelley1818
Pagett, M.PRudyard Kipling1919
Pain And PleasureRobert Herrick1647
Pain Ends In PleasureRobert Herrick1647
Pain has an element of blank;Emily Dickinson1890
Pains Without ProfitRobert Herrick1648
Painting Sometimes PermittedRobert Herrick1648
PalladiumsCarl Sandburg1918
PalsCarl Sandburg1916
PanRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Pan in VermontRudyard Kipling1919
Pan with UsRobert Frost1913
PanelsCarl Sandburg1920
PantheaOscar Wilde1881
PapyrusEzra Pound1916
Parade-Song of the Camp-AnimalsRudyard Kipling1919
ParadiseRobert Herrick1647
ParalysisRupert Brooke1916
Paraphrase of the First PsalmRobert Burns1781
Parcel-gilt PoetryRobert Herrick1648
PardonRobert Herrick1647
PardonsRobert Herrick1648
ParisinaGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Park Going to SleepHelen Hoyt1915
Parties: A Hymn of HateDorothy Parker1916
Parting of Conrad and MedoraGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Passage to IndiaWalt Whitman1892
Passer Mortuus EstEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
Passers-byCarl Sandburg1916
PassoverJessie E. Sampter1920
PastoralEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
PastryGertrude Stein1914
PatienceD. H. Lawrence1916
Patience In PrincesRobert Herrick1648
Patience Taught by NatureElizabeth Barrett Browning1845
Patience: Or, Comforts In CrossesRobert Herrick1647
Patroling BarnegatWalt Whitman1892
PaudeenW. B. Yeats1916
Paul Laurence DunbarJames D. Corrothers1922
Paul McNeelyEdgar Lee Masters1916
Paul Revere's RideHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1861
Paul's WifeRobert Frost1923
PaulaCarl Sandburg1920
Pauline BarrettEdgar Lee Masters1916
PaumanokWalt Whitman1892
Pea BrushRobert Frost1916
PeaceHenry Vaughan1650
PeaceGerard Manley Hopkins1918
PeaceRupert Brooke1916
PeaceW. B. Yeats1916
Peace Not PermanentRobert Herrick1648
Peace on EarthWilliam Carlos Williams1917
Peach BlossomsCarl Sandburg1920
Pear TreeH. D.1919
Pearl FogCarl Sandburg1916
Peeled Pencil, ChokeGertrude Stein1914
Pegasus at WanlockheadRobert Burns1789
Pegasus in PoundHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1850
Peleg PoagueEdgar Lee Masters1916
PencilsCarl Sandburg1920
PenitenceRobert Herrick1648
Penitence (2)Robert Herrick1647
PenitencyRobert Herrick1647
Penniwit, the ArtistEdgar Lee Masters1916
PennsylvaniaCarl Sandburg1920
Pensive and FalteringWalt Whitman1892
Pensive on Her Dead GazingWalt Whitman1892
People Who MustCarl Sandburg1920
People With Proud ChinsCarl Sandburg1920
Percival SharpEdgar Lee Masters1916
Percy Bysshe ShelleyEdgar Lee Masters1916
PerfectionsWalt Whitman1892
PerfidyD. H. Lawrence1916
Perhaps you'd like to buy a flower?Emily Dickinson1890
Perry ZollEdgar Lee Masters1916
Persecutions ProfitableRobert Herrick1647
Persecutions PurifyRobert Herrick1647
PerseveranceRobert Herrick1648
PersonalityCarl Sandburg1916
PetalsAmy Lowell1912
Peter’s FieldRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Petit, the PoetEdgar Lee Masters1916
PhaedraH. D.1921
Pharaoh and the SergeantRudyard Kipling1919
PhiladelphiaRudyard Kipling1919
PhilosopherRalph Waldo Emerson1904
PhyllisPaul Laurence Dunbar1913
PhysiciansRobert Herrick1648
PhêdreOscar Wilde1881
PianoD. H. Lawrence1918
Pick OffsCarl Sandburg1920
Picnic BoatCarl Sandburg1916
Picture-books in WinterRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Pied BeautyGerard Manley Hopkins1918
PietRudyard Kipling1919
PigeonCarl Sandburg1920
Pigmy seraphs gone astrayEmily Dickinson1891
Pine-Trees and the Sky: EveningRupert Brooke1916
Pink DominoesRudyard Kipling1919
Pink, small, and punctualEmily Dickinson1890
Pioneers! O Pioneers!Walt Whitman1892
Pirate StoryRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Pity And PunishmentRobert Herrick1647
Pity To the ProstrateRobert Herrick1648
Place For a ThirdRobert Frost1923
PlacesCarl Sandburg1920
Places [III. Winter Sun]Sara Teasdale1922
PlasterCarl Sandburg1920
PlaygroundsLaurence Alma-Tadema1903
Pleasures PerniciousRobert Herrick1648
Plots Not Still ProsperousRobert Herrick1648
PlowmenRobert Frost1923
Plymouth Rock JoeEdgar Lee Masters1916
PodsCarl Sandburg1920
Poem 1Edmund Spenser1595
Poem on Pastoral PoetryRobert Burns1791
Poem on SensibilityRobert Burns1791
PoemsRabindranath Tagore1912
Poems Done on a Late Night CarCarl Sandburg1916
Poetical CommandmentsGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Poetical ProductionGeorge Gordon Byron1881
PoetryAlfred Kreymborg1920
PoetryMarianne Moore1919
PoetryAmy Lowell1919
PoetryClaude McKay1922
Poetry Perpetuates the PoetRobert Herrick1648
PoetsRobert Herrick1648
Poets to ComeWalt Whitman1892
PolarityClaude McKay1922
Policy In PrincesRobert Herrick1648
PoliticsRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Polo in ArizonaWilliam F. Kirk1910
Pompless no life can pass away;Emily Dickinson1891
PoolCarl Sandburg1916
Poor Honest MenRudyard Kipling1919
Poor Mailie’s ElegyRobert Burns1783
Poor little heart!Emily Dickinson1896
PoppiesCarl Sandburg1916
Poppies on the WheatHelen Hunt Jackson1870
Population DriftsCarl Sandburg1916
PortalsWalt Whitman1892
PortentWilliam Carlos Williams1913
PortiaOscar Wilde1881
PortraitCarl Sandburg1920
Portrait d'une FemmeEzra Pound1912
Portrait of a LadyT. S. Eliot1917
Portrait of a Motor CarCarl Sandburg1918
Portraits are to daily facesEmily Dickinson1891
Poseidon’s LawRudyard Kipling1919
PossessionsRobert Herrick1648
PossibilitiesRudyard Kipling1919
Posting To PrintingRobert Herrick1648
Potato Blossom Songs and JigsCarl Sandburg1918
PotatoesGertrude Stein1914
Potatoes (2)Gertrude Stein1914
PotentatesRobert Herrick1648
Potomac River MistCarl Sandburg1920
Potomac Town in FebruaryCarl Sandburg1920
PotpourriLola Ridge1920
Poverty And RichesRobert Herrick1648
Poverty the Greatest PackRobert Herrick1648
PowerRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Power And PeaceRobert Herrick1648
PrairieCarl Sandburg1918
Prairie SpringWilla Cather1913
Prairie Waters by NightCarl Sandburg1918
Pray And ProsperRobert Herrick1648
PrayerH. D.1921
PrayerRobert Herrick1647
PrayerRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Prayer at SunriseJames Weldon Johnson1917
Prayer is the little implementEmily Dickinson1891
Prayer of ColumbusWalt Whitman1892
Prayer to PersephoneEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
Prayers After World WarCarl Sandburg1920
Prayers Must Have PoiseRobert Herrick1647
Prayers of SteelCarl Sandburg1918
Prayer—O Thou Dread PowerRobert Burns1786
PreceptsRobert Herrick1648
PredestinationRobert Herrick1647
PreludeHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1839
PreludeRudyard Kipling1919
PreludesT. S. Eliot1917
PreparationEffie Waller Smith1886
PrescienceRobert Herrick1647
Presence And AbsenceRobert Herrick1648
PresencesW. B. Yeats1919
Present Government GrievousRobert Herrick1648
Presentiment is that long shadow on t...Emily Dickinson1890
Prevision or ProvisionRobert Herrick1648
Pride Allowable In PoetsRobert Herrick1648
Princes And FavouritesRobert Herrick1648
PrisonersH. D.1916
Professor NewcomerEdgar Lee Masters1916
Prologue of the Earthly ParadiseWilliam Morris1868
Prologue spoken at the Theatre of Dum...Robert Burns1789
Prologue, spoken by Mr. Woods at Edin...Robert Burns1787
PromiseRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Proof To No PurposeRobert Herrick1648
Prophets at HomeRudyard Kipling1919
Proud Music of the StormWalt Whitman1892
Proud and BeautifulCarl Sandburg1920
Proud of my broken heart since thou d...Emily Dickinson1896
Proverbs of HellWilliam Blake1790
PrudenceRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Psalm CXXXVIJohn Milton1909
Psalm of Those Who Go Forth Before Da...Carl Sandburg1918
Public WasteRudyard Kipling1919
Puck’s SongRudyard Kipling1919
Purgatorio, Canto XDante Alighieri1867
PurgatoryRobert Herrick1648
Purple MartinsCarl Sandburg1920
PurposesRobert Herrick1648
PursuitH. D.1916
Put Off the Wedding Five Times and No...Carl Sandburg1920
Putting In the SeedRobert Frost1916
PyrotechnicsAmy Lowell1916
Quai de la TournelleJohn Dos Passos1922
Quantum MutataOscar Wilde1881
QuatrainsRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Queen-Anne's-LaceWilliam Carlos Williams1921
Queries to My Seventieth YearWalt Whitman1892
QuestGeorgia Douglas Johnson1918
QuestionnaireCarl Sandburg1918
Quia Multum amaviOscar Wilde1881
Quicksand YearsWalt Whitman1892
Rabbi Ben EzraRobert Browning1864
Race of VeteransWalt Whitman1892
RainRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Rain MusicJoseph Seamon Cotter, Jr.1922
Rain in SummerHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
Raising the Devil: A Legend of Cornel...Richard Harris Barham1842
Ralph RhodesEdgar Lee Masters1916
Range-FindingRobert Frost1916
Rapine Brings RuinRobert Herrick1648
Raymond's RideWilliam F. Kirk1910
Read, sweet, how others stroveEmily Dickinson1890
ReadinessRobert Herrick1648
Ready to KillCarl Sandburg1916
Real Estate NewsCarl Sandburg1920
ReassuranceCharlotte Perkins Gilman1911
Rebecca WassonEdgar Lee Masters1916
RebirthRudyard Kipling1919
RecessionalRudyard Kipling1919
RecompenseRobert Herrick1648
ReconciliationWalt Whitman1892
ReconciliationW. B. Yeats1916
Recorders Ages HenceWalt Whitman1892
RecuerdoEdna St. Vincent Millay1922
Red Jacket (From Aloft)Walt Whitman1892
Red RosesGertrude Stein1914
Red SlippersAmy Lowell1916
Red-headed Restaurant CashierCarl Sandburg1920
Reflections IrregularJohn Rollin Ridge1848
Regression Spoils ResolutionRobert Herrick1648
RegretOlivia Ward Bush-Banks1905
ReluctanceRobert Frost1913
RememberChristina Rossetti1862
Remembered LightClark Ashton Smith1912
Remembered WomenCarl Sandburg1918
RemembranceEmily Brontë1845
Remembrance has a rear and front, —Emily Dickinson1896
RemorseCarl Sandburg1922
Remorse is memory awakeEmily Dickinson1891
Remorse: A FragmentRobert Burns1784
Remorseful ApologyRobert Burns1794
RenascenceEdna St. Vincent Millay1917
RenouncementAlice Meynell1895
RepetitionsCarl Sandburg1918
RepletionRobert Herrick1648
Reply to a Trimming Epistle, received...Robert Burns1786
Reply to an Announcement by J. RankineRobert Burns1784
Reply to the Threat of a Censorious C...Robert Burns1787
ReproachD. H. Lawrence1916
RequiemRobert Louis Stevenson1887
RequiescatMatthew Arnold1853
RequiescatOscar Wilde1881
ResignationHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1850
RestRobert Herrick1648
Rest RefreshesRobert Herrick1648
Rest in PeaceClaude McKay1922
RestlessnessD. H. Lawrence1916
RetrospectRupert Brooke1916
ReturnJohn Wilmot1714
Reuben PantierEdgar Lee Masters1916
Rev. Abner PeetEdgar Lee Masters1916
Rev. Lemuel WileyEdgar Lee Masters1916
RevelationRobert Frost1913
RevengeRobert Herrick1648
ReverenceRobert Herrick1647
Reverence To RichesRobert Herrick1648
ReversalsWalt Whitman1892
Reward And PunishmentsRobert Herrick1648
RewardsRobert Herrick1648
RhapsodyWilliam Stanley Braithwaite1922
Rhapsody on a Windy NightT. S. Eliot1917
RhubarbGertrude Stein1914
Rhyme of the Three SealersRudyard Kipling1919
Rhyming Reply to a Note from Captain ...Robert Burns1789
Richard BoneEdgar Lee Masters1916
Richard CoryEdwin Arlington Robinson1897
RichesRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Riches And PovertyRobert Herrick1647
RiminiRudyard Kipling1919
RimmonRudyard Kipling1919
Rise O Days from Your Fathomless DeepsWalt Whitman1892
River MoonsCarl Sandburg1920
River RoadsCarl Sandburg1918
Road-song of the Bandar-logRudyard Kipling1919
RoadsAmy Lowell1912
Roaming in Thought [After reading Hegel]Walt Whitman1892
RoaringRobert Herrick1647
Roast PotatoesGertrude Stein1914
RoastbeefGertrude Stein1914
Robert DavidsonEdgar Lee Masters1916
Robert Fulton TannerEdgar Lee Masters1916
Robert Southey BurkeEdgar Lee Masters1916
Rock Me to SleepElizabeth Akers Allen1859
Roger HestonEdgar Lee Masters1916
RomanceCharles Reznikoff1918
RomanceClaude McKay1922
RomeGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Rome UnvisitedOscar Wilde1881
Romulus and RemusRudyard Kipling1919
RondeauJessie Redmon Fauset1912
RoomsGertrude Stein1914
Roots and Leaves Themselves AloneWalt Whitman1892
Roscoe PurkapileEdgar Lee Masters1916
Rose AylmerWalter Savage Landor1806
Rose PogoniasRobert Frost1913
RosemaryEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
Rosie RobertsEdgar Lee Masters1916
Rouen, Place de la PucelleMaria White Lowell1853
Route MarchinRudyard Kipling1919
Roy ButlerEdgar Lee Masters1916
RubiesRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Ruins to RuinsGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Rules For Our ReachRobert Herrick1648
Running to ParadiseW. B. Yeats1916
Russell KincaidEdgar Lee Masters1916
Russia to the PacifistsRudyard Kipling1919
Russian SoniaEdgar Lee Masters1916
Rusty CrimsonCarl Sandburg1920
Rutherford McDowellEdgar Lee Masters1916
SaadiRalph Waldo Emerson1904
SabbathsRobert Herrick1647
Safe in their alabaster chambersEmily Dickinson1890
SafetyRupert Brooke1916
Safety On the ShoreRobert Herrick1648
Safety To Look To OneselfRobert Herrick1648
Sail out for Good, Eidolon Yacht!Walt Whitman1892
Saint Distaff’s Day, or the Morrow Af...Robert Herrick1648
SaladGertrude Stein1914
Salad Dressing And an ArtichokeGertrude Stein1914
Salad Dressing And an Artichoke (2)Gertrude Stein1914
SalmonGertrude Stein1914
Salut au Monde!Walt Whitman1892
SalutationRobert Herrick1647
SalvageCarl Sandburg1916
Sam HookeyEdgar Lee Masters1916
Samson AgonistesJohn Milton1671
Samuel GardnerEdgar Lee Masters1916
San MiniatoOscar Wilde1881
Sand ScribblingsCarl Sandburg1920
Sand of the Desert in an Hour-GlassHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1850
Sandhill PeopleCarl Sandburg1920
SandpipersCarl Sandburg1920
Sandy Star and Willie GeeWilliam Stanley Braithwaite1922
Santa DeccaOscar Wilde1881
SappersRudyard Kipling1919
Sappho Redivivus: A FragmentRobert Burns1789
Sappho and Phaon: Sonnet IIIMary Robinson1796
Sarah BrownEdgar Lee Masters1916
SatanRobert Herrick1647
Satan claims, at Heaven’s Gate, Georg...George Gordon Byron1881
Satisfaction For SufferingsRobert Herrick1648
SauceGertrude Stein1914
Sauce For SorrowsRobert Herrick1648
SausagesGertrude Stein1914
SavantismWalt Whitman1892
Savoir FaireCarl Sandburg1920
Say not of me that weakly I declinedRobert Louis Stevenson1885
ScandalLola Ridge1920
Scent of IrisesD. H. Lawrence1916
Scented Herbage of My BreastWalt Whitman1892
Scholfield HuxleyEdgar Lee Masters1916
Schroeder the FishermanEdgar Lee Masters1916
ScintillaWilliam Stanley Braithwaite1922
Scotch DrinkRobert Burns1785
Scots Prologue for Mr. SutherlandRobert Burns1790
Screw-gunsRudyard Kipling1919
Sea FeverJohn Masefield1916
Sea GodsH. D.1916
Sea HeroesH. D.1921
Sea IrisH. D.1916
Sea LilyH. D.1916
Sea PoppiesH. D.1916
Sea RoseH. D.1916
Sea ShellAmy Lowell1912
Sea VioletH. D.1916
Sea-WashCarl Sandburg1920
Searcy FooteEdgar Lee Masters1916
SeashoreRalph Waldo Emerson1904
SeasideRupert Brooke1916
SeaweedHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1850
Second BestRupert Brooke1916
Second Epistle to DavieRobert Burns1785
Second Epistle to J. LapraikRobert Burns1785
Second Epistle to Robert Graham, Esq....Robert Burns1791
SecretsLola Ridge1920
SecurityRalph Waldo Emerson1904
See How the Roses Burn!Hafez1858
See It ThroughEdgar Guest1917
Seek And FindRobert Herrick1648
Self-RelianceRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Sence You Went AwayJames Weldon Johnson1922
SeptemberRalph Waldo Emerson1904
September 1913W. B. Yeats1916
SerenadeDjuna Barnes1914
SerenadeOscar Wilde1881
SerenityEdward Rowland Sill1868
Serepta MasonEdgar Lee Masters1916
Sestina of the Tramp-RoyalRudyard Kipling1919
Seth ComptonEdgar Lee Masters1916
Seven WatchmenRudyard Kipling1919
Sexsmith the DentistEdgar Lee Masters1916
Shack DyeEdgar Lee Masters1916
Shadow MarchRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Shadows in the WaterThomas Traherne1910
Shadwell StairWilfred Owen1918
Shagbark HickoryCarl Sandburg1920
Shakspere-Bacon's CipherWalt Whitman1892
ShalomJessie E. Sampter1920
Shame No StatistRobert Herrick1648
She Contrasts With Herself HippolytaH. D.1921
She Is Overheard SingingEdna St. Vincent Millay1919
She Rebukes HippolytaH. D.1921
She Walketh Veiled And SleepingCharlotte Perkins Gilman1911
She Walks in BeautyGeorge Gordon Byron1815
She Was a Phantom of DelightWilliam Wordsworth1807
She Who is to ComeCharlotte Perkins Gilman1911
She died, — this was the way she died;Emily Dickinson1891
She dwelt among the untrodden waysWilliam Wordsworth1800
She laid her docile crescent downEmily Dickinson1896
She rose to his requirement, droppedEmily Dickinson1890
She slept beneath a treeEmily Dickinson1896
She sweeps with many-colored broomsEmily Dickinson1891
She went as quiet as the dewEmily Dickinson1890
SheepCarl Sandburg1916
Sheltered GardenH. D.1916
ShenandoahCarl Sandburg1918
Shepheardes Calendar [October]Edmund Spenser1579
Shillin’ a DayRudyard Kipling1919
Shiloh: A RequiemHerman Melville1866
Ships That Pass in the NightPaul Laurence Dunbar1899
ShipwreckRobert Herrick1648
ShirtCarl Sandburg1916
Shiv and the GrasshopperRudyard Kipling1919
ShoesGertrude Stein1914
Shut Not Your DoorsWalt Whitman1892
Sic VitaWilliam Stanley Braithwaite1922
Signs of the TimesPaul Laurence Dunbar1896
Silas DementEdgar Lee Masters1916
SilenceThomas Hood1827
SilenceRobert Herrick1647
SilenceD. H. Lawrence1916
Silentium AmorisOscar Wilde1881
Silver NailsCarl Sandburg1916
Silver WindCarl Sandburg1920
SimaethaH. D.1921
SinRobert Herrick1647
Sin (2)Robert Herrick1647
Sin (3)Robert Herrick1647
Sin (4)Robert Herrick1647
Sin (5)Robert Herrick1647
Sin (6)Robert Herrick1647
Sin And StrifeRobert Herrick1647
Sin SeenRobert Herrick1647
Sin Severely PunishedRobert Herrick1647
SincerityRobert Herrick1648
Sing clearlier, MuseRobert Louis Stevenson1885
SingingRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Singing NiggerCarl Sandburg1918
Single FishGertrude Stein1914
Single Life Most SecureRobert Herrick1648
SinnersRobert Herrick1647
Sins Loathed, And Yet LovedRobert Herrick1647
Sir Humphrey GilbertHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1850
Sir Richard’s SongRudyard Kipling1919
SitalkasH. D.1913
Sixteen MonthsCarl Sandburg1918
SkerryvoreRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Skerryvore: The ParallelRobert Louis Stevenson1885
SketchCarl Sandburg1916
Sketch in Verse, inscribed to the Rig...Robert Burns1789
Sketch—New Year’s Day, 1790Robert Burns1790
SkyscraperCarl Sandburg1916
Slants at Buffalo, New YorkCarl Sandburg1918
SlaveryRobert Herrick1648
Sleep is supposed to beEmily Dickinson1890
Sleeping Out: Full MoonRupert Brooke1916
SleepyheadsCarl Sandburg1920
SlipperyCarl Sandburg1920
Small the Theme of My ChantWalt Whitman1892
SmartRobert Herrick1648
SmellWilliam Carlos Williams1917
SmokeHenry David Thoreau1843
SmokeCarl Sandburg1918
Smoke Rose GoldCarl Sandburg1920
Smoke and SteelCarl Sandburg1920
Smoke-RingsRobert Graves1918
Snap-DragonD. H. Lawrence1916
SnarleyowRudyard Kipling1919
SnowEliza Cook1840
SnowRobert Frost1916
SnowCarl Sandburg1920
Snow SongFrank Dempster Sherman1897
Snow-Bound [The sun that brief Decemb...John Greenleaf Whittier1866
Snow-FlakesHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1863
So Long!Walt Whitman1892
So bashful when I spied herEmily Dickinson1890
So proud she was to dieEmily Dickinson1896
So we'll go no more a rovingGeorge Gordon Byron1830
Sobriety In SearchRobert Herrick1647
SocietyRobert Herrick1648
Soft MusicRobert Herrick1648
Softened by Time's consummate plushEmily Dickinson1896
Soiled DoveCarl Sandburg1916
Sojourn in the WhaleMarianne Moore1917
Soldier an’ Sailor TooRudyard Kipling1919
Soldier, SoldierRudyard Kipling1919
Soliloquy of the Spanish CloisterRobert Browning1842
SolitareAmy Lowell1919
SolitudeGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Solomon to ShebaW. B. Yeats1919
SolutionRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Some Comfort In CalamityRobert Herrick1648
Some keep the Sabbath going to church;Emily Dickinson1890
Some rainbow coming from the fair!Emily Dickinson1890
Some things that fly there be, —Emily Dickinson1890
Some, too fragile for winter windsEmily Dickinson1891
Sometimes with One I LoveWalt Whitman1892
SongT. S. Eliot1907
SongJames Joyce1907
SongAmy Lowell1912
SongH. D.1921
SongRupert Brooke1916
Song ["When I am dead, my dearest"]Christina Rossetti1862
Song [All suddenly the wind comes soft,]Rupert Brooke1916
Song [Come to the river’s side, my lo...John Rollin Ridge1848
Song [I saw her once—her eye’s deep l...John Rollin Ridge1848
Song at SunsetWalt Whitman1892
Song for All Seas, All ShipsWalt Whitman1892
Song for Equal SuffrageCharlotte Perkins Gilman1911
Song for Lonely RoadsSherwood Anderson1918
Song for the New YearEliza Cook1840
Song from ParacelsusRobert Browning1835
Song of DevilsThomas Shadwell1676
Song of MyselfWalt Whitman1892
Song of NatureRalph Waldo Emerson1867
Song of Old TimeEliza Cook1840
Song of PrudenceWalt Whitman1892
Song of QuietnessRobinson Jeffers1916
Song of SaulGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Song of a Second AprilEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
Song of the AnswererWalt Whitman1892
Song of the Banner at DaybreakWalt Whitman1892
Song of the Broad-AxeWalt Whitman1892
Song of the Deathless VoiceAbram Joseph Ryan1880
Song of the ExpositionWalt Whitman1892
Song of the Fifth RiverRudyard Kipling1919
Song of the Men’s SideRudyard Kipling1919
Song of the Open RoadWalt Whitman1892
Song of the OwlHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1856
Song of the Paddlers [excerpt]Herman Melville1849
Song of the Red War-boatRudyard Kipling1919
Song of the Redwood-TreeWalt Whitman1892
Song of the ShirtThomas Hood1843
Song of the TreesMary Colborne-Veel1918
Song of the UniversalWalt Whitman1892
Song of the Wise ChildrenRudyard Kipling1919
Song on May MorningJohn Milton1645
Song to CeliaBen Jonson1616
Song to David [Sublime—invention ever...Christopher Smart1763
Song: Sweetest love, I do not goJohn Donne1633
Songs for the PeopleFrances Ellen Watkins Harper1894
Songs of a GirlMary Carolyn Davies1917
Song—A Bottle and FriendRobert Burns1787
Song—A Fiddler in the NorthRobert Burns1794
Song—A Health to ane I loe dearRobert Burns1796
Song—A Health to them that’s awaRobert Burns1792
Song—A Lass wi’ a TocherRobert Burns1796
Song—A Man’s a Man for a’ thatRobert Burns1795
Song—A Rose-bud by my Early WalkRobert Burns1787
Song—A Waukrife MinnieRobert Burns1789
Song—A red, red RoseRobert Burns1794
Song—Address to the WoodlarkRobert Burns1795
Song—Ae fond KissRobert Burns1791
Song—Anna, thy CharmsRobert Burns1788
Song—Auld Lang SyneRobert Burns1788
Song—Auld Rob MorrisRobert Burns1792
Song—Awa’, Whigs, Awa’Robert Burns1789
Song—Behold the Hour, the Boat, arriveRobert Burns1791
Song—Behold the hour, etc. (Second Ve...Robert Burns1793
Song—Behold, my love, how green the g...Robert Burns1794
Song—Bessy and her Spinnin WheelRobert Burns1792
Song—Beware o’ Bonie AnnRobert Burns1789
Song—Blythe hae I been on yon hillRobert Burns1793
Song—Blythe was SheRobert Burns1787
Song—Bonie Dundee: A FragmentRobert Burns1787
Song—Bonie Peg-a-RamsayRobert Burns1795
Song—Bonie Peggy AlisonRobert Burns1780
Song—Braving Angry Winer’s StormsRobert Burns1787
Song—Braw Lads o’ Gala WaterRobert Burns1793
Song—By Allan StreamRobert Burns1793
Song—Canst thou leave me thus, my KatieRobert Burns1794
Song—Carle, an’ the King comeRobert Burns1789
Song—Ca’ the Yowes to the KnowesRobert Burns1794
Song—Ca’ the Yowes to the Knowes (old...Robert Burns1789
Song—Charlie, he’s my DarlingRobert Burns1794
Song—Clarina, Mistress of my SoulRobert Burns1788
Song—Come let me take thee to my breastRobert Burns1793
Song—Composed in AugustRobert Burns1783
Song—Composed in SpringRobert Burns1786
Song—Contented wi’ little, and cantie...Robert Burns1794
Song—Craigieburn WoodRobert Burns1791
Song—Craigieburn Wood (Second VersionRobert Burns1795
Song—Crowdie ever mairRobert Burns1795
Song—Dainty DavieRobert Burns1793
Song—Deluded swain, the pleasureRobert Burns1793
Song—Down the Burn, Davie loveRobert Burns1793
Song—Duncan DavisonRobert Burns1788
Song—Duncan GrayRobert Burns1792
Song—Fairest Maid on Devon’s BanksRobert Burns1796
Song—Farewell thou stream that windin...Robert Burns1794
Song—Farewell to BallochmyleRobert Burns1785
Song—Farewell to ElizaRobert Burns1786
Song—Farewell to the Banks of AyrRobert Burns1786
Song—Farewell to the HighlandsRobert Burns1789
Song—For a’ thatRobert Burns1785
Song—For the sake o’ SomebodyRobert Burns1794
Song—Forlorn, my love, no comfort hereRobert Burns1795
Song—Frae the friends and land I loveRobert Burns1791
Song—Fragment—Altho’ he has left meRobert Burns1791
Song—Fragment—Damon and SylviaRobert Burns1791
Song—Fragment—Johnie lad, Cock up you...Robert Burns1791
Song—Fragment—Leezie LindsayRobert Burns1795
Song—Fragment—Love for loveRobert Burns1792
Song—Fragment—No cold approachRobert Burns1792
Song—Fragment—There was a Bonie LassRobert Burns1795
Song—Fragment—Wee Willie GrayRobert Burns1795
Song—Fragment—Why tell the loverRobert Burns1795
Song—Fragment—the Wren’s NestRobert Burns1795
Song—Go on, Sweet Bird, and Soothe my...Robert Burns1788
Song—Green Grow the RashesRobert Burns1783
Song—Gudewife, count the lawinRobert Burns1790
Song—Guid ale keeps the heart aboonRobert Burns1795
Song—Had I a caveRobert Burns1793
Song—Had I the wyte, she bade meRobert Burns1795
Song—Handsome NellRobert Burns1779
Song—Here’s to thy health, my bonie lassRobert Burns1780
Song—Hey, the Dusty MillerRobert Burns1788
Song—Highland Harry back againRobert Burns1789
Song—Highland MaryRobert Burns1792
Song—How Long and Dreary is the NightRobert Burns1788
Song—How cruel are the parentsRobert Burns1795
Song—How lang and dreary is the nightRobert Burns1794
Song—I Gaed a Waefu’ Gate YestreenRobert Burns1789
Song—I Love my Love in SecretRobert Burns1789
Song—I Murder hateRobert Burns1790
Song—I Reign in Jeanie’s BosomRobert Burns1788
Song—I do confess thou art sae fairRobert Burns1792
Song—I dream’d I layRobert Burns1779
Song—I hae a Wife o’ my AinRobert Burns1788
Song—I hae been at CrookiedenRobert Burns1791
Song—In the Character of a Ruined FarmerRobert Burns1779
Song—Inconstancy in loveRobert Burns1794
Song—It is na, Jean, thy Bonie FaceRobert Burns1788
Song—It was a’ for our rightfu’ KingRobert Burns1794
Song—I’ll aye ca’ in by yon townRobert Burns1795
Song—I’ll meet thee on the Lea RigRobert Burns1792
Song—I’m O’er Young to Marry yetRobert Burns1788
Song—Jamie, Come Try MeRobert Burns1789
Song—Jockie’s taen the parting KissRobert Burns1795
Song—John Anderson, My JoRobert Burns1789
Song—Kellyburn BraesRobert Burns1792
Song—Kenmure’s on and awa, WillieRobert Burns1791
Song—Kissing my KatieRobert Burns1785
Song—Lady Mary AnnRobert Burns1792
Song—Lady Onlie, Honest LuckieRobert Burns1787
Song—Lassie wi’ the Lint-white LocksRobert Burns1794
Song—Logan BraesRobert Burns1793
Song—Love in the Guise of FriendshipRobert Burns1788
Song—Lovely Polly StewartRobert Burns1791
Song—Lovely young JessieRobert Burns1793
Song—Mally’s meek, Mally’s sweetRobert Burns1795
Song—Mary MorisonRobert Burns1780
Song—Meg o’ the MillRobert Burns1793
Song—Meg o’ the Mill (Another VersionRobert Burns1793
Song—Montgomerie’s PeggyRobert Burns1779
Song—My Bonie BellRobert Burns1791
Song—My Bonie MaryRobert Burns1788
Song—My Collier LaddieRobert Burns1792
Song—My Eppie AdairRobert Burns1789
Song—My Eppie MacnabRobert Burns1791
Song—My HoggieRobert Burns1788
Song—My Lord a-Hunting he is ganeRobert Burns1787
Song—My Love she’s but a Lassie yetRobert Burns1789
Song—My Nanie, ORobert Burns1783
Song—My Nanie’s awaRobert Burns1794
Song—My Native Land sae far awaRobert Burns1791
Song—My Peggy’s CharmsRobert Burns1787
Song—My Spouse NancyRobert Burns1793
Song—My Tocher’s the JewelRobert Burns1791
Song—My Wife’s a winsome wee thingRobert Burns1792
Song—M’Pherson’s FarewellRobert Burns1788
Song—News, lassies, newsRobert Burns1795
Song—Nithdale’s Welcome HameRobert Burns1791
Song—No Churchman am IRobert Burns1782
Song—Now Spring has clad the grove in...Robert Burns1795
Song—O Leave NovelsRobert Burns1784
Song—O May, thy MornRobert Burns1791
Song—O Tibbie, I hae seen the dayRobert Burns1779
Song—O aye my wife she dang meRobert Burns1795
Song—O bonie was yon rosy BrierRobert Burns1795
Song—O can ye Labour LeaRobert Burns1792
Song—O for ane an’ twenty, TamRobert Burns1791
Song—O lay thy loof in mine, lassRobert Burns1796
Song—O let me in this ae nightRobert Burns1795
Song—O that’s the lassie o’ my heartRobert Burns1795
Song—O wat ye wha’s in yon townRobert Burns1795
Song—O were I on Parnassus HillRobert Burns1788
Song—O were my love you lilac fairRobert Burns1793
Song—O wert thou in the cauld blastRobert Burns1796
Song—Of a’ the Airts the Wind can BlawRobert Burns1788
Song—On Chloris being illRobert Burns1795
Song—On a Bank of FlowersRobert Burns1789
Song—On the Seas and far awayRobert Burns1794
Song—Open the door to me, ohRobert Burns1793
Song—Out over the ForthRobert Burns1791
Song—Phillis the FairRobert Burns1793
Song—Phillis the Queen o’ the fairRobert Burns1793
Song—Poortith cauld and restless loveRobert Burns1793
Song—Pretty Peg, my dearieRobert Burns1794
Song—Raging Fortune: A FragmentRobert Burns1782
Song—Rantin, Rovin RobinRobert Burns1785
Song—Rattlin, Roarin WillieRobert Burns1787
Song—Raving Winds Around her BlowingRobert Burns1788
Song—Robert Bruce’s March to BannockburnRobert Burns1793
Song—Robin Shure in HairstRobert Burns1789
Song—Saw ye Bonie LesleyRobert Burns1792
Song—Saw you my dear, my PhillyRobert Burns1794
Song—Scroggam, my dearieRobert Burns1792
Song—She says she loes me best of a’Robert Burns1794
Song—She’s Fair and FauseRobert Burns1789
Song—Sic a Wife as Willie hadRobert Burns1792
Song—Stay my CharmerRobert Burns1788
Song—Steer her up and haud her gaunRobert Burns1795
Song—Strathallan’s LamentRobert Burns1787
Song—Such a parcel of Rogues in a NationRobert Burns1791
Song—Sweet AftonRobert Burns1791
Song—Sweet Tibbie DunbarRobert Burns1789
Song—Talk of him that’s Far AwaRobert Burns1788
Song—Tam GlenRobert Burns1789
Song—The Banks of NithRobert Burns1789
Song—The Banks of the DevonRobert Burns1787
Song—The Banks o’ Doon (First VersionRobert Burns1791
Song—The Banks o’ Doon (Second VersionRobert Burns1791
Song—The Banks o’ Doon (Third VersionRobert Burns1791
Song—The Bannocks o’ Bear MealRobert Burns1794
Song—The Battle of SherramuirRobert Burns1789
Song—The Birks of AberfeldyRobert Burns1787
Song—The Bonie Lad that’s Far AwaRobert Burns1788
Song—The Bonie Lass of AlbanyRobert Burns1787
Song—The Bonie Moor-henRobert Burns1787
Song—The Bonie Wee ThingRobert Burns1791
Song—The Braes o’ KilliecrankieRobert Burns1789
Song—The Braw WooerRobert Burns1795
Song—The Captain’s LadyRobert Burns1789
Song—The Captive RibbandRobert Burns1789
Song—The Cardin o’t, the Spinning o’tRobert Burns1795
Song—The Charms of Lovely DaviesRobert Burns1791
Song—The Chevalier’s LamentRobert Burns1788
Song—The Cooper o’ CuddyRobert Burns1795
Song—The Country LassRobert Burns1792
Song—The Day ReturnsRobert Burns1788
Song—The Deil’s awa wi’ the ExcisemanRobert Burns1792
Song—The Deuks dang o’er my DaddieRobert Burns1792
Song—The Dumfries VolunteersRobert Burns1795
Song—The Fall of the LeafRobert Burns1788
Song—The Flowery banks of CreeRobert Burns1794
Song—The Gallant WeaverRobert Burns1791
Song—The Gardener wi’ his PaidleRobert Burns1789
Song—The Gowden Locks of AnnaRobert Burns1790
Song—The Highland BalouRobert Burns1794
Song—The Lad they ca’ Jumpin JohnRobert Burns1788
Song—The Laddie’s dear sel’Robert Burns1789
Song—The Lass of Cessnock BanksRobert Burns1780
Song—The Lass o’ EcclefechanRobert Burns1795
Song—The Lovely Lass o’ InvernessRobert Burns1794
Song—The PosieRobert Burns1791
Song—The Rigs o’ BarleyRobert Burns1783
Song—The Slave’s LamentRobert Burns1792
Song—The Tear-drop—“Wae is my heartRobert Burns1794
Song—The Winter it is PastRobert Burns1788
Song—The Winter of LifeRobert Burns1794
Song—The Young Highland RoverRobert Burns1787
Song—The charming month of MayRobert Burns1794
Song—The lass that made the bed to meRobert Burns1795
Song—The last time I cam o’er the MoorRobert Burns1793
Song—The weary Pund o’ TowRobert Burns1792
Song—Their groves o’ sweet myrtleRobert Burns1795
Song—Theniel Menzies’ Bonie MaryRobert Burns1787
Song—There’ll never be Peace till Jam...Robert Burns1791
Song—Thine am I, my faithful FairRobert Burns1793
Song—This is no my ain lassieRobert Burns1795
Song—Thou Fair ElizaRobert Burns1791
Song—Thou Gloomy DecemberRobert Burns1791
Song—Thou hast left me ever, jamieRobert Burns1793
Song—To Daunton MeRobert Burns1788
Song—To Mary in HeavenRobert Burns1789
Song—To the Weaver’s gin ye goRobert Burns1788
Song—Up in the Morning EarlyRobert Burns1788
Song—Wandering WillieRobert Burns1793
Song—Wandering Willie (Revised VersionRobert Burns1793
Song—What can a Young Lassie do wi’ a...Robert Burns1791
Song—When she cam ben she bobbedRobert Burns1792
Song—Where are the Joys I have metRobert Burns1793
Song—Whistle and I’ll come to youRobert Burns1793
Song—Whistle o’er the lave o’tRobert Burns1789
Song—Will ye go to the Indies, my MaryRobert Burns1786
Song—Willie ChalmersRobert Burns1786
Song—Willie brew’d a Peck o’ MautRobert Burns1789
Song—Wilt thou be my DearieRobert Burns1794
Song—Ye Jacobites by NameRobert Burns1791
Song—Yon Wild Mossy MountainsRobert Burns1786
Song—Yonder pomp of costly fashionRobert Burns1795
Song—Young Jamie, pride of a’ the plainRobert Burns1794
Song—Young Jockie was the Blythest LadRobert Burns1789
Song—Young Peggy BloomsRobert Burns1785
Song—You’re welcome, Willie StewartRobert Burns1791
Song—’Twas na her bonie blue e’eRobert Burns1795
Song—“Indeed will I,” quo’ FindlayRobert Burns1783
SonnetAlice Dunbar-Nelson1922
SonnetRupert Brooke1916
Sonnet 100Lord Brooke Fulke Greville1633
Sonnet 101 [Ways apt and new to sing ...Francesco Petrarch1374
Sonnet 102 [If no love is, O God, wha...Francesco Petrarch1375
Sonnet 12 [Alas, so all things now do...Henry Howard1557
Sonnet 7 [The soote season, that bud ...Henry Howard1374
Sonnet 8 [Set me where as the sun dot...Henry Howard1557
Sonnet C. [Where art thou Muse that t...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CI. [O truant Muse what shall ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CII. [My love is strengthen'd,...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CIII. [Alack! what poverty my ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CIV. [To me, fair friend, you ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CIX. [O! never say that I was ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CL. [O! from what power hast t...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CLI. [Love is too young to kno...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CLII. [In loving thee thou kno...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CLIII. [Cupid laid by his bran...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CLIV. [The little Love-god lyi...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CV. [Let not my love be call'd...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CVI. [When in the chronicle of...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CVII. [Not mine own fears, nor...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CVIII. [What's in the brain, t...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CX. [Alas! 'tis true, I have g...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXI. [O! for my sake do you wi...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXII. [Your love and pity doth...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXIII. [Since I left you, mine...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXIV. [Or whether doth my mind...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXIX. [What potions have I dru...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXL. [Be wise as thou art crue...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXLI. [In faith I do not love ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXLII. [Love is my sin, and th...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXLIII. [Lo, as a careful hous...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXLIV. [Two loves I have of co...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXLIX. [Canst thou, O cruel! s...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXLV. [Those lips that Love's ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXLVI. [Poor soul, the centre ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXLVII. [My love is as a fever...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXLVIII. [O me! what eyes hath...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXV. [Those lines that I befor...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXVI. [Let me not to the marri...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXVII. [Accuse me thus: that I...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXVIII. [Like as, to make our ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXX. [That you were once unkin...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXXI. ['Tis better to be vile ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXXII. [Thy gift, thy tables, ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXXIII. [No, Time, thou shalt ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXXIV. [If my dear love were b...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXXIX. [The expense of spirit ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXXV. [Were't aught to me I bo...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXXVI. [O thou, my lovely boy,...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXXVII. [In the old age black ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXXVIII. [How oft when thou, m...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXXX. [My mistress' eyes are n...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXXXI. [Thou art as tyrannous,...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXXXII. [Thine eyes I love, an...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXXXIII. [Beshrew that heart t...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXXXIV. [So, now I have confes...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXXXIX. [O! call not me to jus...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXXXV. [Whoever hath her wish,...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXXXVI. [If thy soul check the...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXXXVII. [Thou blind fool, Lov...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet CXXXVIII. [When my love swears...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet I. [From fairest creatures we ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet I. [I thought once how Theocri...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet I. [Thou art not lovelier than...Edna St. Vincent Millay1917
Sonnet II. [But only three in all God...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet II. [Time does not bring relief]Edna St. Vincent Millay1917
Sonnet II. [When forty winters shall ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet III. [Look in thy glass and te...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet III. [Mindful of you the sodde...Edna St. Vincent Millay1917
Sonnet III. [Unlike are we, unlike, O...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet IV. [Not in this chamber only ...Edna St. Vincent Millay1917
Sonnet IV. [Thou hast thy calling to ...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet IV. [Unthrifty loveliness, why...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet IX. [Can it be right to give w...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet IX. [Is it for fear to wet a w...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet L. [How heavy do I journey on ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LI. [Thus can my love excuse t...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LII. [So am I as the rich, who...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LIII. [What is your substance,...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LIV. [O! how much more doth be...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LIX. [If there be nothing new,...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LV. [Not marble, nor the gilde...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LVI. [Sweet love, renew thy fo...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LVII. [Being your slave what s...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LVIII. [That god forbid, that ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LX. [Like as the waves make to...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXI. [Is it thy will, thy imag...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXII. [Sin of self-love posses...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXIII. [Against my love shall ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXIV. [When I have seen by Tim...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXIX. [Those parts of thee tha...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXV. [Since brass, nor stone, ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXVI. [Tired with all these, f...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXVII. [Ah! wherefore with inf...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXVIII. [Thus is his cheek the...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXX. [That thou art blam'd sha...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXXI. [No longer mourn for me ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXXII. [O! lest the world shou...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXXIII. [That time of year tho...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXXIV. [But be contented: when...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXXIX. [Whilst I alone did cal...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXXV. [So are you to my though...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXXVI. [Why is my verse so bar...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXXVII. [Thy glass will show t...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXXVIII. [So oft have I invoke...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXXX. [O! how I faint when I o...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXXXI. [Or I shall live your e...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXXXII. [I grant thou wert not...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXXXIII. [I never saw that you...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXXXIV. [Who is it that says m...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXXXIX. [Say that thou didst f...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXXXV. [My tongue-tied Muse in...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXXXVI. [Was it the proud full...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXXXVII. [Farewell! thou art t...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet LXXXVIII. [When thou shalt be ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet V. [I lift my heavy heart up s...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet V. [If I should learn, in some...Edna St. Vincent Millay1917
Sonnet V. [Those hours, that with gen...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet VI. BluebeardEdna St. Vincent Millay1917
Sonnet VI. [Go from me.  Yet I feel t...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet VI. [Then let not winter's rag...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet VIIHartley Coleridge1833
Sonnet VII [O Solitude! if I must wit...John Keats1817
Sonnet VII. [Lo! in the orient when t...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet VII. [The face of all the worl...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet VIII. [Music to hear, why hear...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet VIII. [What can I give thee ba...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet X [To one who has been long in...John Keats1817
Sonnet X. [For shame! deny that thou ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet X. [Yet, love, mere love, is b...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XC. [Then hate me when thou wi...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XCI. [Some glory in their birt...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XCII. [But do thy worst to ste...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XCIII. [So shall I live, suppo...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XCIV. [They that have power to...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XCIX. [The forward violet thus...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XCV. [How sweet and lovely dos...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XCVI. [Some say thy fault is y...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XCVII. [How like a winter hath...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XCVIII. [From you have I been ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XI. [And therefore if to love ...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XI. [As fast as thou shalt wan...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XII. [Indeed this very love wh...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XII. [When I do count the cloc...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XIII. [And wilt thou have me f...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XIII. [O! that you were your s...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XIV. [If thou must love me, le...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XIV. [Not from the stars do I ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XIX. [Devouring Time, blunt th...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XIX. [The soul's Rialto hath i...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XL. [Oh, yes! they love throug...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XL. [Take all my loves, my lov...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XLI. [I thank all who have lov...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XLI. [Those pretty wrongs that...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XLII. [My future will not copy...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XLII. [That thou hast her it i...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XLIII. [How do I love thee?  L...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XLIII. [When most I wink, then...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XLIV. [Belovëd, thou hast brou...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XLIV. [If the dull substance o...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XLIX. [Against that time, if e...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XLV. [The other two, slight ai...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XLVI. [Mine eye and heart are ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XLVII. [Betwixt mine eye and h...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XLVIII. [How careful was I whe...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XV. [Accuse me not, beseech th...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XV. [When I consider every thi...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XVI. [And yet, because thou ov...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XVI. [But wherefore do not you...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XVII. [My poet, thou canst tou...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XVII. [Who will believe my ver...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XVIII. [I never gave a lock of...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XVIII. [Shall I compare thee t...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XX. [A woman's face with natur...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XX. [Belovëd, my Belovëd, when...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XXI. [Say over again, and yet ...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XXI. [So is it not with me as ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XXII. [My glass shall not pers...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XXII. [When our two souls stan...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XXIII. [As an unperfect actor ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XXIII. [Is it indeed so?  If I...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XXIV. [Let the world's sharpne...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XXIV. [Mine eye hath play'd th...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XXIX. [I think of thee!—my tho...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XXIX. [When in disgrace with f...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XXV. [A heavy heart, Belovëd, ...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XXV. [Let those who are in fav...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XXVI. [I lived with visions fo...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XXVI. [Lord of my love, to who...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XXVII. [My own Belovëd, who ha...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XXVII. [Weary with toil, I has...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XXVIII. [How can I then return...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XXVIII. [My letters! all dead ...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XXX. [I see thine image throug...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XXX. [When to the sessions of ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XXXI. [Thou comest! all is sai...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XXXI. [Thy bosom is endeared w...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XXXII. [If thou survive my wel...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XXXII. [The first time that th...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XXXIII. [Full many a glorious ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XXXIII. [Yes, call me by my pe...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XXXIV. [Why didst thou promise...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XXXIV. [With the same heart, I...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XXXIX. [Because thou hast the ...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XXXIX. [O! how thy worth with ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XXXV. [If I leave all for thee...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XXXV. [No more be griev'd at t...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XXXVI. [Let me confess that we...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XXXVI. [When we met first and ...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XXXVII. [As a decrepit father ...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet XXXVII. [Pardon, oh, pardon, t...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XXXVIII. [First time he kissed...Elizabeth Barrett Browning1850
Sonnet XXXVIII. [How can my muse want...William Shakespeare1609
Sonnet on ChillonGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Sonnet on Mrs. Kemble's Reading from ...Henry Wadsworth Longfellow1850
Sonnet on approaching ItalyOscar Wilde1881
Sonnet on hearing the Dies Iræ sung i...Oscar Wilde1881
Sonnet on the Author’s BirthdayRobert Burns1793
Sonnet on the Death of Robert RiddellRobert Burns1794
Sonnet on the Massacre of the Christi...Oscar Wilde1881
Sonnet to LibertyOscar Wilde1881
Sonnet to R. Graham, Esq., on Receivi...Robert Burns1789
Sonnet to WinterEmily Chubbuck Judson1847
Sonnet to the NightingaleJohn Milton1909
Sonnet written in Holy Week at GenoaOscar Wilde1881
Sonnet-To ScienceEdgar Allan Poe1829
Sonnet: I Said I Splendidly Loved You...Rupert Brooke1916
Sonnet: Oh! Death Will Find Me, Long ...Rupert Brooke1916
SonnetsEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
Sonnet—MutationWilliam Cullen Bryant1824
Sonnet—SilenceEdgar Allan Poe1840
Soon Shall the Winter's Foil Be HereWalt Whitman1892
Sorley's WeatherRobert Graves1918
SorrowEdna St. Vincent Millay1917
SorrowD. H. Lawrence1916
SorrowsRobert Herrick1647
Sorrows SucceedRobert Herrick1648
SoulGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Soul, wilt thou toss again?Emily Dickinson1890
Soul-SightArchibald MacLeish1917
Sounds of the WinterWalt Whitman1892
SoupCarl Sandburg1920
South AfricaRudyard Kipling1919
South winds jostle themEmily Dickinson1891
Southern PacificCarl Sandburg1918
Spain, 1873-74Walt Whitman1892
SpanishCarl Sandburg1920
Sparkles from the WheelWalt Whitman1892
Speak In SeasonRobert Herrick1648
Speakin’ O’ ChristmasPaul Laurence Dunbar1922
SpellboundEmily Brontë1837
Spirit Whose Work Is Done [Washington...Walt Whitman1892
Spirits of the DeadEdgar Allan Poe1829
Spiritual LawsRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Split the lark and you'll find the musicEmily Dickinson1896
Spoils of the DeadRobert Frost1913
Spontaneous MeWalt Whitman1892
Sprin' FevahRay G. Dandridge1922
SpringEliza Cook1840
SpringEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
SpringGerard Manley Hopkins1918
Spring Day [Bath]Amy Lowell1916
Spring SongSherwood Anderson1918
Spring StormWilliam Carlos Williams1921
Spring and FallGerard Manley Hopkins1918
Spring in New HampshireClaude McKay1922
StanzasEmily Brontë1846
Stanzas Written in Dejection, Near Na...Percy Bysshe Shelley1824
Stanzas composed during a ThunderstormGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Stanzas for MusicGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Stanzas from The Fledgling Bard and t...George Reginald Margetson1922
Stanzas on NaethingRobert Burns1786
Stanzas to AugustaGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Stanzas, on the same OccasionRobert Burns1781
Star of EthiopiaLucian B. Watkins1922
StarsRobert Frost1913
Stars, Songs, FacesCarl Sandburg1920
Starting from PaumanokWalt Whitman1892
State's Attorney FallasEdgar Lee Masters1916
StatisticsCarl Sandburg1916
Steam In SacrificeRobert Herrick1648
StellenboshRudyard Kipling1919
Step lightly on this narrow spot!Emily Dickinson1891
Still LifeCarl Sandburg1918
Still Though the One I SingWalt Whitman1892
Stool-ballRobert Herrick1648
Stopping By Woods On Snowy EveningRobert Frost1923
StormH. D.1916
Storm FearRobert Frost1913
Story II. The Oilman and his ParrotJalal al-Din Rumi1898
Story XI. The Lion who Hunted with th...Jalal al-Din Rumi1898
Strange MeetingWilfred Owen1919
Street WindowCarl Sandburg1918
Streets Too OldCarl Sandburg1920
Strength To Support SovereigntyRobert Herrick1648
StripesCarl Sandburg1920
Strong BeerRobert Graves1918
Stronger LessonsWalt Whitman1892
Studies To Be SupportedRobert Herrick1648
StudyD. H. Lawrence1916
Study of an Elevation, in Indian InkRudyard Kipling1919
StyleCarl Sandburg1916
Submarine MountainsCale Young Rice1921
SubmergenceD. H. Lawrence1916
SubwayCarl Sandburg1916
Subway WindClaude McKay1922
SuccessRupert Brooke1916
Success is counted sweetestEmily Dickinson1890
Suffer That Thou Canst Not ShiftRobert Herrick1648
SufferanceRobert Herrick1648
SufferingsRobert Herrick1647
SugarGertrude Stein1914
Suggested by the Cover of a Volume of...Amy Lowell1912
Sumach and BirdsCarl Sandburg1920
SummerAmy Lowell1912
Summer ImagesJohn Clare1835
Summer MagicLeslie Pinckney Hill1922
Summer Morn in New HampshireClaude McKay1922
Summer Night, RiversideSara Teasdale1915
Summer PastJohn Gray1893
Summer RainAmy Lowell1919
Summer Shirt SaleCarl Sandburg1918
Summer SilenceE. E. Cummings1913
Summer SongWilliam Carlos Williams1917
Summer StarsCarl Sandburg1920
Summer SunRobert Louis Stevenson1885
Summer [excerpt]James Thomson1727
Summer for thee grant I may beEmily Dickinson1896
Summer in the SouthPaul Laurence Dunbar1903
Sun-UpLola Ridge1920
Sunday BaseballWilliam F. Kirk1910
SunriseLizette Woodworth Reese1887
Sunrise on the HillsHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1839
Sunset From Omaha Hotel WindowCarl Sandburg1918
Superfluous were the sunEmily Dickinson1896
Superiority to fateEmily Dickinson1896
SuperstitionAmy Lowell1919
SupplicationJoseph Seamon Cotter, Jr.1922
Suppose an EyesGertrude Stein1914
Suppressed Stanzas of “The VisionRobert Burns1786
Supreme Fortune Falls SoonestRobert Herrick1648
Surgeons must be very carefulEmily Dickinson1891
Sursum CordaRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Suspicion Makes SecureRobert Herrick1648
SuspiriaHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1850
SussexRudyard Kipling1919
SwallowsLeonora Speyer1921
Sweeney among the NightingalesT. S. Eliot1920
Sweet hours have perished here;Emily Dickinson1896
Sweet is the swamp with its secretsEmily Dickinson1896
Sweetness In SacrificeRobert Herrick1648
SwirlCarl Sandburg1920
Sylvander to ClarindaRobert Burns1787
SympathyEdith Franklin Wyatt1913
SympathyPaul Laurence Dunbar1899
SystemRobert Louis Stevenson1885
THE WlND'S VISIT.Emily Dickinson1891
THE murmur of a beeEmily Dickinson1890
TailsGertrude Stein1914
Taken from men this morningEmily Dickinson1891
Talk with prudence to a beggarEmily Dickinson1891
Tam Samson’s ElegyRobert Burns1786
Tam o’ Shanter: A TaleRobert Burns1790
TangiblesCarl Sandburg1920
TankaSadakichi Hartmann1904
TapersRobert Herrick1647
Tarrant MossRudyard Kipling1919
TavernEdna St. Vincent Millay1917
TawnyCarl Sandburg1920
Tea at the Palaz of HoonWallace Stevens1921
Teach me I am forgotten by the deadRalph Waldo Emerson1831
TearsWalt Whitman1892
TearsRobert Herrick1648
Tears (2)Robert Herrick1647
Tears (3)Robert Herrick1647
Tears (4)Robert Herrick1647
Tears And LaughterRobert Herrick1648
Tears Are TonguesRobert Herrick1648
Tears, Idle TearsAlfred Lord Tennyson1847
TeaseD. H. Lawrence1916
Teatro Bambino. Dublin, N. H.Amy Lowell1912
Tegner's DrapaHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1850
TelegramCarl Sandburg1920
Telling the BeesLizette Woodworth Reese1900
Temporal GoodsRobert Herrick1647
TemptationRobert Herrick1647
Temptation (2)Robert Herrick1647
TemptationsRobert Herrick1647
Temptations (2)Robert Herrick1647
Tennessee Claflin ShopeEdgar Lee Masters1916
TerminusRalph Waldo Emerson1904
TerniGeorge Gordon Byron1881
TestamentCarl Sandburg1918
Testimony Regarding a GhostCarl Sandburg1920
TestsWalt Whitman1892
ThanatopsisWilliam Cullen Bryant1817
Thanks in Old AgeWalt Whitman1892
ThanksgivingRobert Herrick1647
ThanksgivingElla Wheeler Wilcox1901
ThanksgivingJames Whitcomb Riley1900
ThanksgivingEdgar Guest1917
Thanksgiving DayLydia Maria Child1844
Thanksgiving TurkeyGeorge Parsons Lathrop1892
That DayRudyard Kipling1919
That I did always loveEmily Dickinson1890
That Music Always Round MeWalt Whitman1892
That Shadow My LikenessWalt Whitman1892
That is solemn we have ended, —Emily Dickinson1896
That short, potential stirEmily Dickinson1890
That such have died enables usEmily Dickinson1896
That the Night comeW. B. Yeats1916
The "Anti" and the FlyCharlotte Perkins Gilman1911
The $11,000 BeautyWilliam F. Kirk1910
The Abbot Of UnreasonElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
The Absent-minded BeggarRudyard Kipling1919
The AdirondacsRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The AdmonitionRobert Herrick1648
The Aeneid, Book I, [A grove stood in...Virgil1907
The Aeneid, Book I, [Arms and the man...Virgil1907
The Aim Was SongRobert Frost1923
The AmaranthVachel Lindsay1914
The Amber BeadRobert Herrick1648
The American RebellionRudyard Kipling1919
The AmuletRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The Angel that presided 'oer my birthWilliam Blake1908
The AnniversaryJohn Donne1633
The AnswerSara Teasdale1915
The AnswerRudyard Kipling1919
The AnswerCarl Sandburg1916
The Anti-SuffragistsCharlotte Perkins Gilman1911
The AnvilRudyard Kipling1919
The ApologyRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The ApparitionJohn Donne1633
The Apparition of His Mistress Callin...Robert Herrick1648
The Apron of FlowersRobert Herrick1648
The Argument of His BookRobert Herrick1648
The Arrow and the SongHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
The Arsenal at SpringfieldHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
The Art of Poetry [excerpt]Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux1674
The Artilleryman's VisionWalt Whitman1892
The AssRobert Herrick1647
The AssaultGeorge Gordon Byron1881
The Assault HeroicRobert Graves1918
The Atlantic CableJohn Rollin Ridge1868
The Attack on 'The Playboy of the Wes...W. B. Yeats1916
The Auld Farmer’s New-Year-Morning Sa...Robert Burns1786
The Author to Her BookAnne Bradstreet1678
The Author’s Earnest Cry and PrayerRobert Burns1786
The Autumn SheafElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
The Ave MariaGeorge Gordon Byron1881
The Axe-HelveRobert Frost1923
The Bad Season Makes the Poet SadRobert Herrick1648
The Bag of the BeeRobert Herrick1648
The BaiteJohn Donne1633
The Ballad of Boh Da ThoneRudyard Kipling1919
The Ballad of East and WestRudyard Kipling1919
The Ballad of Fisher’s Boarding-houseRudyard Kipling1919
The Ballad of Minepit ShawRudyard Kipling1919
The Ballad of Reading GaolOscar Wilde1898
The Ballad of the King’s JestRudyard Kipling1919
The Ballad of the King’s MercyRudyard Kipling1919
The Ballad of the Minor LeaguerWilliam F. Kirk1910
The Ballad of the Red EarlRudyard Kipling1919
The Ballad of the “BolivarRudyard Kipling1919
The Ballad of the “ClampherdownRudyard Kipling1919
The Balloon of the MindW. B. Yeats1919
The Band of GideonJoseph Seamon Cotter, Jr.1922
The Banjo PlayerFenton Johnson1922
The Banner of the JewEmma Lazarus1888
The Bard at InveraryRobert Burns1787
The BarrierClaude McKay1922
The Base of All MetaphysicsWalt Whitman1892
The Battle Autumn of 1862John Greenleaf Whittier1862
The Battle Hymn of the RepublicJulia Ward Howe1862
The Bean-StalkEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
The Bedman, or GravemakerRobert Herrick1648
The Bee Boy’s SongRudyard Kipling1919
The Bees and the FliesRudyard Kipling1919
The BeggarRobert Herrick1648
The Beggar To Mab, the Fairy QueenRobert Herrick1648
The BeginningRupert Brooke1916
The BeginningsRudyard Kipling1919
The Beleaguered CityHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1839
The Belfry of BrugesHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
The BellRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The Bell BuoyRudyard Kipling1919
The Belles of MauchlineRobert Burns1784
The BellmanRobert Herrick1648
The Bellman (2)Robert Herrick1647
The BellsEdgar Allan Poe1850
The Bells and Queen VictoriaRudyard Kipling1919
The BenefactorsRudyard Kipling1919
The BetrothedRudyard Kipling1919
The Big Bell in ZionTheodore Henry Shackelford1922
The Big LeagueWilliam F. Kirk1910
The Black CottageRobert Frost1914
The Black VirginityMina Loy1915
The Blast—1875Robert Louis Stevenson1885
The Bleeding Hand; Or, the Sprig of E...Robert Herrick1648
The BlessedW. B. Yeats1899
The Blue-Flag in the BogEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
The BluefishIsaac McLellan1886
The BodyRobert Herrick1648
The Bohemian HymnRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The BondmanRobert Herrick1648
The BonfireRobert Frost1916
The BookJessie E. Sampter1920
The BookwormsRobert Burns1787
The Boston AthenaeumAmy Lowell1912
The Boston Evening TranscriptT. S. Eliot1917
The Bough of NonsenseRobert Graves1918
The Bracelet To JuliaRobert Herrick1648
The Bracelet of Pearl: To SilviaRobert Herrick1648
The Bravest SoldiersWalt Whitman1892
The BrideD. H. Lawrence1916
The Bride of Corinth [From my grave t...Johann Wolfgang von Goethe1853
The Bride-cakeRobert Herrick1648
The BridgeHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
The Brigs of AyrRobert Burns1786
The Broken CrystalRobert Herrick1648
The Broken MenRudyard Kipling1919
The Bubble. a SongRobert Herrick1648
The BuildersHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1850
The Building of the ShipHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1850
The Bull-fightElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
The Burden of ItysOscar Wilde1881
The BurialRudyard Kipling1919
The Buried LifeMatthew Arnold1852
The Busy HeartRupert Brooke1916
The Busy-Man's PictureBenjamin Franklin1742
The CalfRobert Burns1786
The Calf-PathSam Foss1895
The CallRupert Brooke1916
The Call of the OpenPercy Bysshe Shelley1824
The Calming Thought of AllWalt Whitman1892
The Candour of Julia’s TeethRobert Herrick1648
The Canoe SpeaksRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The Cap and BellsW. B. Yeats1899
The CaptiveRudyard Kipling1919
The Captiv’d Bee, or the Little FilcherRobert Herrick1648
The CarcanetRobert Herrick1648
The CastawayWilliam Cowper1799
The CastawaysClaude McKay1922
The Cat and the MoonW. B. Yeats1919
The CaterpillarRobert Graves1918
The Celestial LoveRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The Celestial SurgeonRobert Louis Stevenson1887
The Census-TakerRobert Frost1923
The Centenarian's StoryWalt Whitman1892
The Ceremonies For Candlemas DayRobert Herrick1648
The Chambered NautilusOliver Wendell Holmes1858
The Changes To CorinnaRobert Herrick1648
The Character of a Happy LifeSir Henry Wotton1614
The Charge of the Light BrigadeAlfred Lord Tennyson1854
The CharmRupert Brooke1916
The Chartist’s ComplaintRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The Cheat of Cupid; Or, the Ungentle ...Robert Herrick1648
The Chewing the CudRobert Herrick1647
The ChildrenRudyard Kipling1919
The Children's HourHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1860
The Children’s SongRudyard Kipling1919
The ChilternsRupert Brooke1916
The Chimney-SweeperWilliam Blake1794
The Chimney-swallow's IdylElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
The ChoiceRudyard Kipling1919
The Choir InvisibleGeorge Eliot1884
The Christian MilitantRobert Herrick1648
The Christmas HollyEliza Cook1840
The CircleHazel Hall1921
The Circuit JudgeEdgar Lee Masters1916
The City Dead-HouseWalt Whitman1892
The City is PeopledH. D.1916
The City of BrassRudyard Kipling1919
The City of SleepRudyard Kipling1919
The City's LoveClaude McKay1922
The Cliff TempleH. D.1916
The CloudRobert Herrick1648
The Clouded MorningJones Very1839
The Coastwise LightsRudyard Kipling1919
The Cobblers’ CatchRobert Herrick1648
The CodeRobert Frost1914
The Cold HeavenW. B. Yeats1916
The ColiseumGeorge Gordon Byron1881
The CollarGeorge Herbert1633
The Collar-bone of a HareW. B. Yeats1919
The Colonel's ShieldElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
The ComfortersRudyard Kipling1919
The Coming of Good LuckRobert Herrick1648
The Coming of War: ActaonEzra Pound1916
The Coming of Wisdom with TimeW. B. Yeats1916
The CommonplaceWalt Whitman1892
The ConquerorsAlexander Posey1910
The ConsolationW. B. Yeats1916
The ContestH. D.1916
The Conundrum of the WorkshopsRudyard Kipling1890
The Convergence of the TwainThomas Hardy1915
The Corn SongJohn Wesley Holloway1922
The CottageRobert Graves1918
The Cotter’s Saturday NightRobert Burns1785
The Counterblast IronicalRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The Counterblast—1886Robert Louis Stevenson1885
The Country Life, To the Honoured M. ...Robert Herrick1648
The Country of the CamisardsRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The Courtship of the Yonghy-Bonghy-BoEdward Lear1877
The CovenantRudyard Kipling1919
The Covetous Still CaptivesRobert Herrick1648
The CowRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The Cow In Apple TimeRobert Frost1916
The CraftsmanRudyard Kipling1919
The CreationJames Weldon Johnson1922
The Credit of the ConquerorRobert Herrick1648
The Cremation of Sam McGeeRobert W. Service1907
The Crescent MoonAmy Lowell1912
The CrocodileLewis Carroll1865
The Cross of SnowHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1879
The Crowd And CompanyRobert Herrick1648
The Cruel MaidRobert Herrick1648
The Cruel MoonRobert Graves1918
The Cruel MotherAnonymous1690
The Curse. a SongRobert Herrick1648
The Dalliance of the EaglesWalt Whitman1892
The DandelionVachel Lindsay1916
The Dark HillsEdwin Arlington Robinson1920
The Darkling ThrushThomas Hardy1900
The DawnW. B. Yeats1919
The Dawn WindRudyard Kipling1919
The Dawn's Awake!Otto Leland Bohanan1922
The Day is DoneHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
The Day’s RationRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The DeadMina Loy1920
The DeadRupert Brooke1916
The Dead EmperorWalt Whitman1892
The Dead KingRudyard Kipling1919
The Dead TenorWalt Whitman1892
The Dead [These hearts were woven of ...Rupert Brooke1916
The Dean of Faculty: A new BalladRobert Burns1796
The Death and Dying Words of Poor MailieRobert Burns1783
The Death of AutumnEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
The Death of the Hired ManRobert Frost1914
The DebtPaul Laurence Dunbar1913
The Declaration of LondonRudyard Kipling1919
The Deep-sea CablesRudyard Kipling1919
The Definition of BeautyRobert Herrick1648
The Definition of LoveAndrew Marvell1681
The Delaying BrideRobert Herrick1648
The DelugeRobert Herrick1648
The Demiurge's LaughRobert Frost1913
The Departure of the Good DemonRobert Herrick1648
The DerelictRudyard Kipling1919
The Desolate FieldWilliam Carlos Williams1921
The DestroyersRudyard Kipling1919
The DifferenceWilliam F. Kirk1910
The Difference Betwixt Kings And Subj...Robert Herrick1648
The Dirge of Jephthah’s Daughter: Sun...Robert Herrick1647
The Dismantled ShipWalt Whitman1892
The Divine ImageWilliam Blake1794
The Dole of the King’s DaughterOscar Wilde1881
The DollsW. B. Yeats1916
The Double Vision of Michael RobartesW. B. Yeats1919
The Dove of DaccaRudyard Kipling1919
The DrachenfelsGeorge Gordon Byron1881
The DreamEdna St. Vincent Millay1917
The DreamRobert Herrick1648
The DreamGeorge Gordon Byron1881
The Dream (2)Robert Herrick1648
The DuelEugene Field1894
The Dumb SoldierRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The Dutch in the MedwayRudyard Kipling1919
The Dying VeteranWalt Whitman1892
The DykesRudyard Kipling1919
The Dæmonic LoveRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The EagleAlfred Lord Tennyson1851
The EastGeorge Gordon Byron1881
The Easter FlowerClaude McKay1922
The Egg-shellRudyard Kipling1919
The Eighth BookJohn Milton1674
The Eleventh BookJohn Milton1674
The EmbankmentT. E. Hulme1912
The Emperor of Ice-CreamWallace Stevens1922
The EnchanterRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The EndD. H. Lawrence1916
The EndAmy Lowell1912
The EndRobert Herrick1648
The End (2)Robert Herrick1648
The End of His WorkRobert Herrick1648
The English FlagRudyard Kipling1919
The Enkindled SpringD. H. Lawrence1916
The Entertainment; Or, Porch-verse, A...Robert Herrick1648
The Epitaph on Captain Matthew HendersonRobert Burns1790
The EucharistRobert Herrick1647
The Eve of St. Agnes, XXIII, [Out wen...John Keats1820
The Evening StarHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1846
The Everlasting VoicesW. B. Yeats1899
The ExileRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The Exiles’ LineRudyard Kipling1919
The ExpirationJohn Donne1896
The ExplanationRudyard Kipling1919
The ExplorerRudyard Kipling1919
The Exposed NestRobert Frost1916
The EyeRobert Herrick1648
The Eye (2)Robert Herrick1648
The EyesRobert Herrick1648
The Eyes Before the EarsRobert Herrick1648
The FabulistsRudyard Kipling1919
The FairiesRobert Herrick1648
The Fairies’ SiegeRudyard Kipling1919
The Fairy Temple; Or, Oberon’s Chapel...Robert Herrick1648
The Fall of Jock GillespieRudyard Kipling1919
The FarewellRobert Burns1786
The Farewell to the Brethren of St. J...Robert Burns1786
The Fascination of What's DifficultW. B. Yeats1916
The Fast, or LentRobert Herrick1647
The FearRobert Frost1914
The Feast of LightsEmma Lazarus1888
The Feet of JudasGeorge Marion McClellan1922
The Feet of the Young MenRudyard Kipling1919
The Female of the SpeciesRudyard Kipling1919
The Fiddler of DooneyW. B. Yeats1899
The Fifth BookJohn Milton1674
The FilesRudyard Kipling1919
The Fire of Drift-WoodHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1850
The FiresRudyard Kipling1919
The First BookJohn Milton1674
The First Book [I, who erewhile the h...John Milton1671
The First ChanteyRudyard Kipling1919
The First DandelionWalt Whitman1892
The First Mars or MakesRobert Herrick1648
The First Olympic Ode [excerpt]Pindar1824
The First Six Verses of the Ninetieth...Robert Burns1781
The First SnowPhilip M. Raskin1917
The First SnowfallJames Russell Lowell1847
The FishMarianne Moore1921
The FishRupert Brooke1916
The Fish, the Man, and the SpiritLeigh Hunt1836
The FishermanW. B. Yeats1916
The Five Carlins: An Election BalladRobert Burns1789
The FlightSara Teasdale1915
The FloodsRudyard Kipling1919
The FlowersRudyard Kipling1919
The FlowersRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The FlyWilliam Blake1794
The Fool ErrantAmy Lowell1912
The Fool’s SongWilliam Carlos Williams1913
The Four AngelsRudyard Kipling1919
The Four BrothersCarl Sandburg1918
The Fourth BookJohn Milton1674
The Fourth Book [Perplexed and troubl...John Milton1671
The FrankincenseRobert Herrick1648
The French WarsRudyard Kipling1919
The Frozen HeartRobert Herrick1648
The Frozen Zone; Or, Julia DisdainfulRobert Herrick1648
The Fruit Garden PathAmy Lowell1912
The Funeral Rites of the RoseRobert Herrick1648
The Funeral of Youth: ThrenodyRupert Brooke1916
The Fête ChampêtreRobert Burns1788
The Galley-SlaveRudyard Kipling1919
The GardenAndrew Marvell1681
The Garden YearSara Coleridge1834
The Garden of ErosOscar Wilde1881
The GardenerRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The Generations of MenRobert Frost1914
The Giaour [Unquenched, unquenchable]George Gordon Byron1813
The Giaour’s LoveGeorge Gordon Byron1881
The GiftH. D.1916
The GiftSara Teasdale1907
The Gift of the SeaRudyard Kipling1919
The Gipsy TrailRudyard Kipling1919
The Giver of StarsAmy Lowell1914
The Gladness of NatureWilliam Cullen Bryant1832
The GlimpseThomas Hardy1917
The Glory of the Day Was in Her FaceJames Weldon Johnson1917
The Glory of the GardenRudyard Kipling1919
The Goblet of LifeHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1841
The Goddess in the WoodRupert Brooke1916
The GoingThomas Hardy1914
The Good Moolly Cow [excerpt]Eliza Lee Follen1832
The Good Part, that shall not be take...Henry Wadsworth Longfellow1842
The Good-MorrowJohn Donne1633
The Good-night or BlessingRobert Herrick1648
The Goodness of His GodRobert Herrick1647
The GoopsGelett Burgess1903
The Graduate Leaving CollegeGeorge Moses Horton1845
The Grave of KeatsOscar Wilde1881
The Grave of ShelleyOscar Wilde1881
The Grave of the Hundred HeadRudyard Kipling1919
The Great HuntCarl Sandburg1916
The Great LoverRupert Brooke1915
The Greek National AnthemRudyard Kipling1919
The Green BowlAmy Lowell1912
The Grey RockW. B. Yeats1916
The GrindstoneRobert Frost1923
The Guarded WoundAdelaide Crapsey1915
The Gum-GathererRobert Frost1916
The HagRobert Herrick1648
The Hand And TongueRobert Herrick1648
The Hand of Glory: The Nurse's StoryRichard Harris Barham1840
The Hands of the BetrothedD. H. Lawrence1916
The Hangman at HomeCarl Sandburg1920
The HarborCarl Sandburg1916
The Harlem DancerClaude McKay1922
The HarpRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The Harvest MoonHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1878
The Has-BeenCarl Sandburg1916
The Haunted PalaceEdgar Allan Poe1839
The Haunted TreePaul Laurence Dunbar1922
The HawkW. B. Yeats1919
The HayloftRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The HeadacheRobert Herrick1648
The HeartRobert Herrick1647
The Heart BreakingAbraham Cowley1656
The Heart of a WomanGeorgia Douglas Johnson1918
The Heart of the TreeHenry Cuyler Bunner1912
The Heart of the WomanW. B. Yeats1899
The HelmsmanH. D.1916
The Henpecked HusbandRobert Burns1788
The HeritageRudyard Kipling1919
The HesperidesAlfred Lord Tennyson1832
The Highland Widow’s LamentRobert Burns1794
The HighwaymanAlfred Noyes1906
The HillRupert Brooke1916
The HillEdgar Lee Masters1916
The Hill WifeRobert Frost1916
The Hills of SewaneeGeorge Marion McClellan1922
The Hock-cart or Harvest Home. To the...Robert Herrick1648
The Holy FairRobert Burns1785
The Holy WarRudyard Kipling1919
The HoneycombRobert Herrick1648
The Horrid Voice of ScienceVachel Lindsay1919
The Host of the AirW. B. Yeats1899
The Hosting of the SidheW. B. Yeats1899
The Hour before DawnW. B. Yeats1916
The Hour-GlassW. B. Yeats1916
The Hour-glassRobert Herrick1648
The HouseRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The House BeautifulRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The House By The SeaElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
The House Of YouthElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
The House of DeathWilliam Stanley Braithwaite1908
The House on the HillEdwin Arlington Robinson1897
The House-topHerman Melville1866
The HousekeeperRobert Frost1914
The HousesRudyard Kipling1919
The HousewifeCharlotte Perkins Gilman1911
The Human SeasonsJohn Keats1819
The Humble Petition of Bruar WaterRobert Burns1787
The Humble-BeeRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The Husband SpeaksElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
The HyænasRudyard Kipling1919
The IdiotCharles Reznikoff1919
The Iliad, Book I, Lines 1-14Homer1715
The Iliad, Book XVIII, [The Shield of...Homer1715
The Immanent GodCale Young Rice1916
The Informing SpiritRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The InheritanceD. H. Lawrence1916
The Initial LoveRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The InstructorRudyard Kipling1919
The InterloperThomas Hardy1917
The InventoryRobert Burns1786
The InvitationRobert Herrick1648
The Irish GuardsRudyard Kipling1919
The IslandersRudyard Kipling1919
The IslandsH. D.1921
The Isles of GreeceGeorge Gordon Byron1881
The JacketRudyard Kipling1919
The JesterRudyard Kipling1919
The Jewish YearJessie E. Sampter1920
The Jimmall Ring or True-love KnotRobert Herrick1648
The Jolly Beggars: A CantataRobert Burns1785
The Jolly CompanyRupert Brooke1916
The Judgment-dayRobert Herrick1647
The Judgment-day (2)Robert Herrick1647
The Juggler’s SongRudyard Kipling1919
The JumbliesEdward Lear1871
The Junk ManCarl Sandburg1916
The KingRudyard Kipling1919
The KingdomRudyard Kipling1919
The King’s JobRudyard Kipling1919
The King’s TaskRudyard Kipling1919
The Kirk of Scotland’s Alarm: A BalladRobert Burns1789
The KissSara Teasdale1917
The Kiss. a DialogueRobert Herrick1648
The Kitchen ChimneyRobert Frost1923
The KrakenAlfred Lord Tennyson1830
The Laddies' LeagueWilliam F. Kirk1910
The LadiesRudyard Kipling1919
The Lady That Loved a SwineAnonymous1900
The Lady Visitor in the Pauper WardRobert Graves1918
The Lady of ShalottAlfred Lord Tennyson1833
The Lady of the Manor [Next died the ...George Crabbe1834
The Lake Isle of InnisfreeW. B. Yeats1890
The LambWilliam Blake1794
The LamentRobert Burns1786
The Lament of the Border Cattle ThiefRudyard Kipling1919
The LampRobert Herrick1647
The Lamp of LifeAmy Lowell1912
The LamplighterRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The LandRudyard Kipling1919
The Land of CounterpaneRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The Land of NodRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The Land of Story-booksRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The Landed InterestGeorge Gordon Byron1881
The Lass o’ BallochmyleRobert Burns1786
The Last ChanteyRudyard Kipling1919
The Last DepartmentRudyard Kipling1919
The Last FarewellRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The Last InvocationWalt Whitman1892
The Last LeafOliver Wendell Holmes1833
The Last PostRobert Graves1918
The Last Rhyme of True ThomasRudyard Kipling1919
The Last Stroke Strikes SureRobert Herrick1648
The Last SutteeRudyard Kipling1919
The Last of EzzelinGeorge Gordon Byron1881
The Last of the Light BrigadeRudyard Kipling1919
The Late SingerWilliam Carlos Williams1921
The Law of AveragesWilliam F. Kirk1910
The Law of the JungleRudyard Kipling1919
The LawnRobert Herrick1648
The Lawyers Know Too MuchCarl Sandburg1920
The Lay of the New York FanWilliam F. Kirk1910
The League of Long AgoWilliam F. Kirk1910
The Legend of MirthRudyard Kipling1919
The Legends of EvilRudyard Kipling1919
The LessonRudyard Kipling1919
The LetterAmy Lowell1915
The LiarsCarl Sandburg1920
The Libeller’s Self-reproofRobert Burns1787
The Life BeyondRupert Brooke1916
The Light of ExileJessie E. Sampter1920
The Light of StarsHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1839
The Lighter SideGeorge Gordon Byron1881
The LighthouseHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1850
The Lily In a CrystalRobert Herrick1648
The Line-GangRobert Frost1916
The Liner She’s a LadyRudyard Kipling1919
The LinnetPhilip M. Raskin1917
The Little GardenAmy Lowell1912
The Little GhostEdna St. Vincent Millay1917
The Little HillEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
The Little LandRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The Living BeautyW. B. Yeats1919
The Lockless DoorRobert Frost1923
The Long TrailRudyard Kipling1919
The LookSara Teasdale1918
The Looking-glassRudyard Kipling1919
The Lost LegionRudyard Kipling1919
The Love Song of Har DyalRudyard Kipling1919
The Love Song of J. Alfred PrufrockT. S. Eliot1917
The Love UnfeignedGeoffrey Chaucer1380
The Lovers’ LitanyRudyard Kipling1919
The Lover’s Morning Salute to his Mis...Robert Burns1794
The Lowestoft BoatRudyard Kipling1919
The LynchingClaude McKay1922
The Mad Maid’s SongRobert Herrick1648
The MagiW. B. Yeats1916
The Magpie's ShadowYvor Winters1922
The Mahogany TreeWilliam Makepeace Thackeray1882
The Maiden-blushRobert Herrick1648
The Maker to PosterityRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The Maldive SharkHerman Melville1888
The MalingererCharlotte Perkins Gilman1911
The Man He KilledThomas Hardy1902
The Man Who Could WriteRudyard Kipling1919
The Man with the HoeEdwin Markham1898
The Mare’s NestRudyard Kipling1919
The Married ManRudyard Kipling1919
The Marshes of GlynnSidney Lanier1878
The MaskW. B. Yeats1916
The Mask of Anarchy [Excerpt]Percy Bysshe Shelley1832
The Masque of PlentyRudyard Kipling1919
The MatrixAmy Lowell1912
The Mauchline Lady: A FragmentRobert Burns1784
The May-poleRobert Herrick1648
The Mayor of GaryCarl Sandburg1920
The Meadow-verse; Or, Anniversary To ...Robert Herrick1648
The MeanRobert Herrick1648
The Mean (2)Robert Herrick1648
The Men That Fought at MindenRudyard Kipling1919
The MerchantmenRudyard Kipling1919
The MessageElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
The Minstel at LincludenRobert Burns1794
The MiraclePhilip M. Raskin1917
The MiracleRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The MiraclesRudyard Kipling1919
The Mirror SpeaksRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The MistCarl Sandburg1916
The MoodsW. B. Yeats1899
The MoonRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The Moon of Other DaysRudyard Kipling1919
The More Mighty, the More MercifulRobert Herrick1648
The Mother-LodgeRudyard Kipling1919
The Mount of the MusesRobert Herrick1648
The MountainRobert Frost1914
The Mountain TombW. B. Yeats1916
The Mower Against GardensAndrew Marvell1668
The Mower's SongAndrew Marvell1681
The Mystic BlueD. H. Lawrence1916
The Mystic TrumpeterWalt Whitman1892
The Mystic's ChristmasJohn Greenleaf Whittier1882
The Native-BornRudyard Kipling1919
The NecessitarianRudyard Kipling1919
The Need of Being Versed In Country T...Robert Frost1923
The Negro SingerJames D. Corrothers1922
The Negro SoldiersRoscoe C. Jamison1922
The New ColossusEmma Lazarus1883
The New DayFenton Johnson1922
The New HelenOscar Wilde1881
The New KnighthoodRudyard Kipling1919
The New YearEmma Lazarus1888
The New-England Boy's Song About Than...Lydia Maria Child1844
The New-year’s GiftRobert Herrick1647
The New-year’s Gift: Or, Circumcision...Robert Herrick1647
The Next WarRobert Graves1918
The Night FireClaude McKay1922
The Night Is StillEdith Matilda Thomas1887
The Night JourneyRupert Brooke1916
The Night-piece, To JuliaRobert Herrick1648
The NightingaleSir Philip Sidney1613
The Ninth BookJohn Milton1674
The Noble NatureBen Jonson1640
The Noon HourCarl Sandburg1916
The Norman BaronHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
The North Sea PatrolRudyard Kipling1919
The Number of TwoRobert Herrick1647
The Nun’s AspirationRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The Nursing SisterRudyard Kipling1919
The Nymph's Reply to the ShepherdSir Walter Raleigh1600
The Occultation of OrionHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
The OceanNathaniel Hawthorne1825
The Old Arm-ChairEliza Cook1840
The Old Clock on the StairsHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
The Old IssueRudyard Kipling1919
The Old MenRudyard Kipling1919
The Old RooterWilliam F. Kirk1910
The Old StoicEmily Brontë1846
The Old Vicarage, GrantchesterRupert Brooke1916
The Old Wives’ PrayerRobert Herrick1648
The Old YearJohn Clare1845
The Oldest SongRudyard Kipling1919
The Olive BranchRobert Herrick1648
The One Before the LastRupert Brooke1916
The Only SonRudyard Kipling1919
The OnsetRobert Frost1923
The Open WindowHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1850
The OrdinationRobert Burns1786
The Outfielder's DreamWilliam F. Kirk1910
The OutlawsRudyard Kipling1919
The Oven-BirdRobert Frost1916
The Overland MailRudyard Kipling1919
The Owl and the Pussy-CatEdward Lear1871
The Ox-TamerWalt Whitman1892
The OxenThomas Hardy1915
The Painted CeilingAmy Lowell1912
The PalaceRudyard Kipling1919
The Pallid WreathWalt Whitman1892
The Paltry Nude Starts on a Spring Vo...Wallace Stevens1919
The Parable of the Old Man and the YoungWilfred Owen1920
The Parasceve, or PreparationRobert Herrick1647
The Parcæ; Or, Three Dainty Destinies...Robert Herrick1648
The ParkRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The Parliament of Roses To JuliaRobert Herrick1648
The Parting Verse or Charge To His Su...Robert Herrick1648
The Parting Verse, the Feast There EndedRobert Herrick1648
The Parting of the ColumnsRudyard Kipling1919
The Passing of the HoursElla Higginson1898
The Passing of the YearRobert W. Service1912
The PassionJohn Milton1909
The Passionate Shepherd to His LoveChristopher Marlowe1599
The PastRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The PastureRobert Frost1914
The Pauper Witch of GraftonRobert Frost1923
The Peace of DivesRudyard Kipling1919
The PeacockW. B. Yeats1916
The PenitentEdna St. Vincent Millay1920
The PeopleW. B. Yeats1919
The PerfumeRobert Herrick1648
The Peter-pennyRobert Herrick1648
The Phases of the MoonW. B. Yeats1919
The PhoenixHafez1876
The Picture of Little T. C. in a Pros...Andrew Marvell1681
The Pied Piper of HamelinRobert Browning1842
The PilasterElizabeth Madox Roberts1921
The Pillar of FameRobert Herrick1648
The Pirates in EnglandRudyard Kipling1919
The Pitcher's SoliloquyWilliam F. Kirk1910
The Planting of the Apple-TreeWilliam Cullen Bryant1864
The PlateauClaude McKay1922
The Plaudite, or End of LifeRobert Herrick1648
The Player QueenW. B. Yeats1916
The Plea of the Simla DancersRudyard Kipling1919
The PleiadesAmy Lowell1912
The Ploughman’s LifeRobert Burns1779
The PlowboyCarl Sandburg1916
The PlunderRobert Herrick1648
The PoetAmy Lowell1912
The PoetRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The Poet Hath Lost His PipeRobert Herrick1648
The Poet Loves a Mistress, But Not To...Robert Herrick1648
The Poet and His BookEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
The Poet and the WorldGeorge Gordon Byron1881
The Poet in the NurseryRobert Graves1918
The Poet pleads with his Friend for o...W. B. Yeats1899
The Poet's SecretElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
The Poet’s CurseGeorge Gordon Byron1881
The Poet’s Good Wishes For the Most H...Robert Herrick1648
The Poet’s ProgressRobert Burns1788
The Pomander BraceletRobert Herrick1648
The PoolH. D.1915
The Poor Man’s PartRobert Herrick1647
The Poor’s PortionRobert Herrick1647
The PoplarRichard Aldington1915
The Post That FittedRudyard Kipling1919
The Poster Girl's DefenceCarolyn Wells1900
The Power In the PeopleRobert Herrick1648
The Power of the DogRudyard Kipling1922
The PrairieRudyard Kipling1919
The Prairie StatesWalt Whitman1892
The Prairie TownHelen Santmyer1921
The Prairie-Grass DividingWalt Whitman1892
The PrayerRudyard Kipling1919
The Prayer of Miriam CohenRudyard Kipling1919
The Present CrisisJames Russell Lowell1845
The Present Time Best PleasethRobert Herrick1648
The Present; Or, the Bag of the BeeRobert Herrick1648
The PressRudyard Kipling1919
The Primitiæ To ParentsRobert Herrick1648
The PrimroseRobert Herrick1648
The Pro-consulsRudyard Kipling1919
The ProblemRalph Waldo Emerson1847
The Prodigal SonRudyard Kipling1919
The Promise of the Morning StarAmy Lowell1912
The ProphetD. H. Lawrence1916
The PulleyGeorge Herbert1633
The PumpkinJohn Greenleaf Whittier1850
The PunisherD. H. Lawrence1916
The Purple CowGelett Burgess1895
The PuzzlerRudyard Kipling1919
The Quadroon GirlHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1842
The Queen DeposedElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
The Queen’s MenRudyard Kipling1919
The QuestionRudyard Kipling1919
The Question AnsweredWilliam Blake1905
The Rabbi’s SongRudyard Kipling1919
The RaceElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
The Rain SongAlex Rogers1922
The RainbowRobert Herrick1648
The Rainbow, or Curious CovenantRobert Herrick1648
The Rainy DayHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1841
The Rantin Dog, the Daddie o’tRobert Burns1786
The RavenEdgar Allan Poe1849
The RealistsW. B. Yeats1916
The Reaper and the FlowersHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1839
The RecallRudyard Kipling1919
The RecompenseRobert Herrick1647
The Red SonCarl Sandburg1916
The Reeds of RunnymedeRudyard Kipling1919
The ReformersRudyard Kipling1919
The RequestAbraham Cowley1656
The ResurrectionRobert Herrick1647
The Resurrection Possible And ProbableRobert Herrick1647
The RetreatHenry Vaughan1650
The ReturnEzra Pound1913
The ReturnRudyard Kipling1919
The Return of the ChildrenRudyard Kipling1919
The Return of the HeroesWalt Whitman1892
The RhodoraRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The Rhyme of the Three CaptainsRudyard Kipling1919
The Right HandRobert Herrick1647
The Right to GriefCarl Sandburg1916
The Rights of Women—Spoken by Miss Fo...Robert Burns1792
The Rime of the Ancient MarinerSamuel Taylor Coleridge1798
The RiverRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The River’s TaleRudyard Kipling1919
The Road Not TakenRobert Frost1916
The Road and the EndCarl Sandburg1916
The Road to AvignonAmy Lowell1912
The Road to the BowJames D. Corrothers1922
The Rock of Rubies, And the Quarry of...Robert Herrick1648
The RodRobert Herrick1647
The Roman Centurion’s SongRudyard Kipling1919
The Romany GirlRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The Ronalds of the BennalsRobert Burns1780
The RosaryRobert Herrick1648
The RoseRobert Herrick1647
The Rose of BattleW. B. Yeats1892
The Rosemary BranchRobert Herrick1648
The RowersRudyard Kipling1919
The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam [excerpt]Edward Fitzgerald1859
The Rubinstein Staccato EtudeR. Nathaniel Dett1922
The Ruined MaidThomas Hardy1901
The Run of the DownsRudyard Kipling1919
The RunawayRobert Frost1923
The RunnerWalt Whitman1892
The Rupaiyat of Omar Kal’vinRudyard Kipling1919
The Sack of the GodsRudyard Kipling1919
The Sacrifice of Er-HebRudyard Kipling1919
The Sacrifice, By Way of Discourse Be...Robert Herrick1648
The Sad ShepherdW. B. Yeats1919
The Sadness of Things For Sappho’s Si...Robert Herrick1648
The Saint and the HunchbackW. B. Yeats1919
The SandmanMargaret Thomson Janvier1912
The Savior must have beenEmily Dickinson1890
The Scare-fireRobert Herrick1648
The Scarlet WomanFenton Johnson1922
The Scholar-GypsyMatthew Arnold1853
The ScholarsW. B. Yeats1919
The School or Pearl of Putney, the Mi...Robert Herrick1648
The Scotman’s Return from AbroadRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The Sea HoldCarl Sandburg1918
The Sea and the HillsRudyard Kipling1919
The Sea of GlassEzra Pound1917
The Sea-wifeRudyard Kipling1919
The Second BookJohn Milton1674
The Second Book [Meanwhile the new-ba...John Milton1671
The Second ComingW. B. Yeats1920
The Second VoyageRudyard Kipling1919
The Secret RoseW. B. Yeats1899
The Secret of the MachinesRudyard Kipling1919
The Secret of the SeaHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1850
The Self-seekerRobert Frost1914
The Sergeant’s WeddinRudyard Kipling1919
The Service ManRudyard Kipling1919
The SettlerRudyard Kipling1919
The Seventh BookJohn Milton1674
The SexGeorge Gordon Byron1881
The Shadows On The Water ReachElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
The SharkWilliam Henry Venable1909
The SharkIsaac McLellan1891
The SharkLord Alfred Douglas1897
The Ship StartingWalt Whitman1892
The ShipwreckGeorge Gordon Byron1881
The Shivering BeggarRobert Graves1918
The Shoe-tyingRobert Herrick1648
The Shovel ManCarl Sandburg1916
The Shower of BlossomsRobert Herrick1648
The ShrineH. D.1916
The ShroudEdna St. Vincent Millay1917
The Shut-eye SentryRudyard Kipling1919
The Sick ChildRobert Louis Stevenson1887
The Sick RoseWilliam Blake1794
The Silken SnakeRobert Herrick1648
The Singer in the PrisonWalt Whitman1892
The SingersHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1850
The Sins of KalamazooCarl Sandburg1920
The SirensJames Russell Lowell1840
The Sixth BookJohn Milton1674
The SkatersJohn Gould Fletcher1921
The Skeleton in ArmorHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1841
The Skyscraper Loves NightCarl Sandburg1920
The Slave MotherFrances Ellen Watkins Harper1854
The Slave in the Dismal SwampHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1842
The Slave singing at MidnightHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1842
The Slave's ComplaintGeorge Moses Horton1829
The Slave's DreamHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1842
The SleepElizabeth Barrett Browning1838
The SleepersWalt Whitman1892
The Smell of the SacrificeRobert Herrick1648
The SnailWilliam Cowper1731
The Snow FairyClaude McKay1922
The Snow StormRalph Waldo Emerson1856
The Snow-StormRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The SnowdropAnna Bunston De Bary1921
The Sobbing of the Bells [Midnight, S...Walt Whitman1892
The Socialist and the SuffragistCharlotte Perkins Gilman1911
The SoldierRupert Brooke1914
The Soldier’s Return: A BalladRobert Burns1793
The Solemn League and CovenantRobert Burns1795
The Solitary ReaperWilliam Wordsworth1807
The Song Of The ChattahoocheeSidney Lanier1877
The Song of DeathRobert Burns1791
The Song of Diego ValdezRudyard Kipling1919
The Song of Hiawatha [excerpt]Henry Wadsworth Longfellow1855
The Song of Seven CitiesRudyard Kipling1919
The Song of Wandering AengusW. B. Yeats1899
The Song of the BanjoRudyard Kipling1919
The Song of the BeastsRupert Brooke1916
The Song of the CitiesRudyard Kipling1919
The Song of the DeadRudyard Kipling1919
The Song of the LathesRudyard Kipling1919
The Song of the Little HunterRudyard Kipling1919
The Song of the PilgrimsRupert Brooke1916
The Song of the SonsRudyard Kipling1919
The Song of the WomenRudyard Kipling1919
The Song of the old MotherW. B. Yeats1899
The Sons of MarthaRudyard Kipling1919
The Sorrow of LoveW. B. Yeats1893
The SoulRobert Herrick1647
The Soul is the SaltRobert Herrick1648
The Soul selects her own SocietyEmily Dickinson1890
The Soul's ExpressionElizabeth Barrett Browning1844
The Sound of the TreesRobert Frost1916
The SouthEmma Lazarus1888
The South Wind Say SoCarl Sandburg1920
The Spacious Firmament on highJoseph Addison1712
The SpaewifeRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The Spanish NeedleClaude McKay1922
The SpellRobert Herrick1648
The SphinxRalph Waldo Emerson1841
The Spies’ MarchRudyard Kipling1919
The Spirit of PoetryHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1839
The Splendor FallsAlfred Lord Tennyson1850
The SpoilsportRobert Graves1918
The SpooniadEdgar Lee Masters1916
The Spring AfarElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
The Staff And RodRobert Herrick1647
The StarJane Taylor1806
The Star-Spangled BannerFrancis Scott Key1814
The Star-SplitterRobert Frost1923
The Star-song: a Carol To the King Su...Robert Herrick1647
The StarlingAmy Lowell1912
The Still Small VoiceJohn Rollin Ridge1851
The Stolen ChildW. B. Yeats1889
The Story of UngRudyard Kipling1919
The Story of UriahRudyard Kipling1919
The StrangerRudyard Kipling1919
The Streamlet from the CliffGeorge Gordon Byron1881
The SubalternsThomas Hardy1902
The Succession of the Four Sweet MonthsRobert Herrick1648
The Sugar-Plum TreeEugene Field1892
The SuicideEdna St. Vincent Millay1917
The Sum And the SatisfactionRobert Herrick1647
The SummonsRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The Sun RisingJohn Donne1635
The Sun-DialAdelaide Crapsey1915
The Sun’s TravelsRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The Suspicion Upon His Over-much Fami...Robert Herrick1648
The SwanJohn Gould Fletcher1921
The SwanF. S. Flint1917
The SwingRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The Tarbolton LassesRobert Burns1779
The Task, Book I, The Sofa [excerpt]William Cowper1785
The Task, Book II, A Time-Piece [exce...William Cowper1785
The TaxiAmy Lowell1914
The TeacherLeslie Pinckney Hill1922
The Tear Sent To Her From StainesRobert Herrick1648
The TelephoneRobert Frost1916
The Tenth BookJohn Milton1674
The TestRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The ThanksgivingsHarriet Maxwell Converse1908
The ThawHenry David Thoreau1895
The ThinkerWilliam Carlos Williams1921
The Third BookJohn Milton1674
The Third Book [So spake the Son of G...John Milton1671
The Thousandth ManRudyard Kipling1919
The Thread of LifeChristina Rossetti1881
The Three BeggarsW. B. Yeats1916
The Three HermitsW. B. Yeats1916
The Three-deckerRudyard Kipling1919
The Tide Rises, the Tide FallsHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1883
The TigerWilliam Blake1794
The Tinker’s SongRobert Herrick1648
The Tired WorkerClaude McKay1922
The Tithe. To the BrideRobert Herrick1648
The TitmouseRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The TorchWalt Whitman1892
The Town MarshalEdgar Lee Masters1916
The TradeRudyard Kipling1919
The TransfigurationRobert Herrick1648
The Travail of PassionW. B. Yeats1899
The TreasureRupert Brooke1916
The TreeAlfred Kreymborg1916
The Trial by ExistenceRobert Frost1913
The Triumph of TimeAlgernon Charles Swinburne1866
The Tropics of New YorkClaude McKay1922
The TroutAmy Lowell1912
The Truce of the BearRudyard Kipling1919
The TrystElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
The Tuft of FlowersRobert Frost1913
The Twa DogsRobert Burns1786
The Twa Herds; or, The Holy TulyieRobert Burns1784
The Twelfth BookJohn Milton1674
The Twenty-Third PsalmSir Philip Sidney1823
The Two KingsW. B. Yeats1916
The Two-sided ManRudyard Kipling1919
The UmpireWilliam F. Kirk1910
The Umpire's HomeWilliam F. Kirk1910
The Undertaker’s HorseRudyard Kipling1919
The Undying One, Canto ICaroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton1830
The Unexpress'dWalt Whitman1892
The United States to Old World CriticsWalt Whitman1892
The UnknownEdgar Lee Masters1916
The Unloved to His BelovedWilliam Alexander Percy1922
The Unquiet GraveAnonymous1400
The Unseen PlaymateRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The Untold WantWalt Whitman1892
The Uses of PoetryWilliam Carlos Williams1909
The Valley of UnrestEdgar Allan Poe1831
The Valley of the Black PigW. B. Yeats1899
The Valley's Singing DayRobert Frost1923
The VampireConrad Aiken1914
The VampireMadison Julius Cawein1896
The VampireRudyard Kipling1897
The Vampire Bride [I am come-I am come!]Henry Thomas Liddell1833
The VampyreJohn Stagg1810
The Vanishing RedRobert Frost1916
The Vantage PointRobert Frost1913
The VerdictsRudyard Kipling1919
The VerseJohn Milton1674
The VeteransRudyard Kipling1919
The Village AtheistEdgar Lee Masters1916
The Village BlacksmithHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1841
The VineRobert Herrick1648
The VioletJane Taylor1806
The VioletRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The Virgin MaryRobert Herrick1647
The Virgin Mary (2)Robert Herrick1647
The Virgin MotherD. H. Lawrence1916
The VirginityRudyard Kipling1919
The VisionRobert Herrick1648
The VisionRobert Burns1786
The Vision (2)Robert Herrick1648
The Vision To ElectraRobert Herrick1648
The Vision of the ArchangelsRupert Brooke1916
The VisionaryEmily Brontë1846
The VisitRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The Visitings Of Truth Known ElsewhereElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
The VoiceThomas Hardy1915
The VoiceRupert Brooke1916
The Voice And ViolRobert Herrick1648
The Voice of ThingsThomas Hardy1917
The Voice of the RainWalt Whitman1892
The VoortrekkerRudyard Kipling1919
The Wage-SlavesRudyard Kipling1919
The WaitsMargaret Deland1886
The WakeRobert Herrick1648
The WalkRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The Walking Man of RodinCarl Sandburg1916
The Wallabout MartyrsWalt Whitman1892
The Walrus and the CarpenterLewis Carroll1872
The WarningHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1842
The Washer-WomanOtto Leland Bohanan1922
The WassailRobert Herrick1648
The Waste LandT. S. Eliot1922
The WatchRobert Herrick1648
The WatchersJohn Greenleaf Whittier1862
The WaterfallRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The WayAmy Lowell1912
The WayRobert Herrick1647
The Way That Lovers UseRupert Brooke1916
The Way through the WoodsRudyard Kipling1919
The WayfarersRupert Brooke1916
The Weeping CherryRobert Herrick1648
The Welcome To SackRobert Herrick1648
The Well and the TreeW. B. Yeats1916
The Wet LitanyRudyard Kipling1919
The Whistle: A BalladRobert Burns1789
The White CityClaude McKay1922
The White HouseClaude McKay1919
The White Island: Or, Place of the BlestRobert Herrick1647
The White Man’s BurdenRudyard Kipling1919
The White RoseJohn Boyle O'Reilly1886
The White WitchJames Weldon Johnson1922
The Whole White WorldH. D.1921
The Widow at WindsorRudyard Kipling1919
The Widow's Lament in SpringtimeWilliam Carlos Williams1922
The WidowerRudyard Kipling1919
The Widows’ Tears: Or, Dirge of DorcasRobert Herrick1647
The Widow’s PartyRudyard Kipling1919
The Wife SpeaksElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
The Wife-WomanAnne Spencer1922
The Wild CommonD. H. Lawrence1916
The Wild GoatClaude McKay1922
The Wild HoneysucklePhilip Freneau1785
The Wild Swans at CooleW. B. Yeats1919
The Will Makes the Work; Or, Consent ...Robert Herrick1648
The Will the Cause of WoeRobert Herrick1647
The Willow Boughs Are Yellow NowElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
The Willow GarlandRobert Herrick1648
The WindRobert Louis Stevenson1885
The Wind Sings Welcome in Early SpringCarl Sandburg1920
The Wind SleepersH. D.1916
The Wind and the MoonGeorge Macdonald1904
The WindhoverGerard Manley Hopkins1918
The WinnersRudyard Kipling1919
The Wishing-CapsRudyard Kipling1919
The WitchMary Elizabeth Coleridge1893
The WitchW. B. Yeats1916
The Witch of CoösRobert Frost1923
The Witch of the AlpsGeorge Gordon Byron1881
The Witch-BrideWilliam Allingham1850
The WitnessesHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1842
The Wolf-tamerElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
The Wood-pileRobert Frost1914
The WoodspurgeDante Gabriel Rossetti1856
The WordElla Wheeler Wilcox1906
The WorldChristina Rossetti1862
The WorldGeorge Herbert1633
The World below the BrineWalt Whitman1892
The World-SoulRalph Waldo Emerson1904
The Wound-DresserWalt Whitman1892
The Wounded Cupid. SongRobert Herrick1648
The Wounded HareRobert Burns1789
The Wounded HeartRobert Herrick1648
The Wreck of the HesperusHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1841
The YearElla Wheeler Wilcox1910
The YearCarl Sandburg1918
The Year's AwakeningThomas Hardy1914
The Yellow Bittern (An Bunnan Bui)Cathal Bui Mac Giolla Gunna1913
The Young British SoldierRudyard Kipling1919
The Young Man's SongW. B. Yeats1916
The Young QueenRudyard Kipling1919
The bat is dun with wrinkled wingsEmily Dickinson1896
The bee is not afraid of meEmily Dickinson1890
The body grows outside, —Emily Dickinson1891
The bone that has no marrow;Emily Dickinson1896
The brain is wider than the skyEmily Dickinson1896
The brain within its grooveEmily Dickinson1890
The bustle in a houseEmily Dickinson1890
The butterfiy's assumption-gownEmily Dickinson1890
The clouds their backs together laidEmily Dickinson1890
The cricket sangEmily Dickinson1896
The daisy follows soft the sunEmily Dickinson1890
The day came slow, till five o'clockEmily Dickinson1891
The day is gone, and all its sweets a...John Keats1819
The distance that the dead have goneEmily Dickinson1896
The dying need but little, dear, —Emily Dickinson1896
The farthest thunder that I heardEmily Dickinson1896
The gentian weaves her fringesEmily Dickinson1891
The grass so little has to do, —Emily Dickinson1890
The grave my little cottage isEmily Dickinson1896
The heart asks pleasure firstEmily Dickinson1890
The impact of a dollar upon the heartStephen Crane1898
The last night that she livedEmily Dickinson1890
The leaves, like women, interchangeEmily Dickinson1891
The maidens cameAnonymous1700
The moon is distant from the seaEmily Dickinson1891
The moon was but a chin of goldEmily Dickinson1896
The morns are meeker than they wereEmily Dickinson1890
The mountain sat upon the plainEmily Dickinson1890
The murmuring of bees has ceased;Emily Dickinson1896
The mushroom is the elf of plantsEmily Dickinson1891
The nearest dream recedes, unrealized.Emily Dickinson1891
The night was wide, and furnished scantEmily Dickinson1891
The one that could repeat the summer dayEmily Dickinson1891
The only ghost I ever sawEmily Dickinson1891
The past is such a curious creatureEmily Dickinson1896
The pedigree of honeyEmily Dickinson1890
The rat is the concisest tenant.Emily Dickinson1891
The reticent volcano keepsEmily Dickinson1896
The robin is the oneEmily Dickinson1891
The rose did caper on her cheekEmily Dickinson1891
The show is not the showEmily Dickinson1891
The skies can't keep their secret!Emily Dickinson1891
The sky is low, the clouds are meanEmily Dickinson1890
The soul should always stand ajarEmily Dickinson1896
The soul unto itselfEmily Dickinson1891
The spider as an artistEmily Dickinson1896
The springtime's pallid landscapeEmily Dickinson1896
The stimulus, beyond the graveEmily Dickinson1896
The sun just touched the morning;Emily Dickinson1891
The sun kept setting, setting still;Emily Dickinson1890
The thought beneath so slight a filmEmily Dickinson1891
The way I read a letter 's thisEmily Dickinson1891
The wind begun to rock the grassEmily Dickinson1891
The ’EathenRudyard Kipling1919
The “Mary GlosterRudyard Kipling1919
Their Laureate to an Academy Class Di...Robert Louis Stevenson1885
Their height in heaven comforts notEmily Dickinson1891
Theme in YellowCarl Sandburg1916
Theocritus: a VillanelleOscar Wilde1881
Theodore and HonoriaGiovanni Boccaccio1700
Theodore the PoetEdgar Lee Masters1916
TheoretikosOscar Wilde1881
There Was a Child Went ForthWalt Whitman1892
There came a day at summer's fullEmily Dickinson1890
There came a wind like a bugle;Emily Dickinson1891
There is a flower that bees preferEmily Dickinson1890
There is a shame of noblenessEmily Dickinson1891
There is a wordEmily Dickinson1896
There is no frigate like a bookEmily Dickinson1890
There may be chaos still around the w...George Santayana1906
There's Wisdom in WomenRupert Brooke1916
There's a certain slant of lightEmily Dickinson1890
There's been a death in the opposite ...Emily Dickinson1896
There's something quieter than sleepEmily Dickinson1896
These CarolsWalt Whitman1892
These I Singing in SpringWalt Whitman1892
These are the CloudsW. B. Yeats1916
These are the days when birds come backEmily Dickinson1890
ThetisH. D.1921
They All Want to Play HamletCarl Sandburg1920
They Ask Each Other Where They Came FromCarl Sandburg1920
They Buy With an Eye to LooksCarl Sandburg1920
They Flee from MeThomas Wyatt1557
They Lived Enamoured of the Lovely MoonTrumbull Stickney1897
They Will SayCarl Sandburg1916
They dropped like flakes, they droppe...Emily Dickinson1891
They say that 'time assuages,' —Emily Dickinson1896
They won't frown always, — some sweet...Emily Dickinson1896
Thick-Sprinkled BuntingWalt Whitman1892
Thin StripsCarl Sandburg1920
Thine Eyes Still ShinedRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Things Mortal Still MutableRobert Herrick1648
Things SweetGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Things and the ManRudyard Kipling1919
Things of Choice Long A-comingRobert Herrick1648
Third Charm from Masque of QueensBen Jonson1609
Third Epistle to J. LapraikRobert Burns1785
ThirstClaude McKay1922
This CompostWalt Whitman1892
This Dust Was Once the ManWalt Whitman1892
This Lime Tree Bower My PrisonSamuel Taylor Coleridge1797
This Living HandJohn Keats1818
This Moment Yearning and ThoughtfulWalt Whitman1892
This Much and MoreDjuna Barnes1915
This is My LifeWilliam Stanley Braithwaite1908
This is my letter to the WorldEmily Dickinson1890
This is the Dress, AiderGertrude Stein1914
This is the land the sunset washesEmily Dickinson1890
This merit hath the worst, —Emily Dickinson1891
This was in the white of the yearEmily Dickinson1896
This world is not conclusion;Emily Dickinson1896
This, And the Next WorldRobert Herrick1647
Thomas RhodesEdgar Lee Masters1916
Thomas Ross, JrEdgar Lee Masters1916
Thomas TrevelyanEdgar Lee Masters1916
Thorkild’s SongRudyard Kipling1919
Thou Mother with Thy Equal BroodWalt Whitman1892
Thou Orb Aloft Full-DazzlingWalt Whitman1892
Thou ReaderWalt Whitman1892
Though I get home how late, how late!Emily Dickinson1891
ThoughtWalt Whitman1892
ThoughtRalph Waldo Emerson1904
ThoughtsWalt Whitman1892
Thoughts on the Shape of the Human BodyRupert Brooke1916
Thoughts on the Works of ProvidencePhillis Wheatley1773
Three Airs for the Beggar's Opera, Ai...John Gay1728
Three BallsCarl Sandburg1918
Three Fatal SistersRobert Herrick1647
Three GhostsCarl Sandburg1920
Three Pieces on the Smoke of AutumnCarl Sandburg1918
Three Songs of Shattering I.Edna St. Vincent Millay1917
Three Songs of Shattering II.Edna St. Vincent Millay1917
Three Songs of Shattering III.Edna St. Vincent Millay1917
Three Spring Notations on BipedsCarl Sandburg1920
Three ViolinsCarl Sandburg1920
Three weeks passed since I had seen h...Emily Dickinson1896
ThreesCarl Sandburg1920
ThrenodyRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Through AgonyClaude McKay1922
Through the straight pass of sufferingEmily Dickinson1891
Throw RosesCarl Sandburg1920
ThrowbacksCarl Sandburg1920
ThursdayEdna St. Vincent Millay1922
Tiare TahitiRupert Brooke1915
Tie the strings to my life, my LordEmily Dickinson1896
Timber WingsCarl Sandburg1920
Time to DieRay G. Dandridge1922
Time to RiseRobert Louis Stevenson1885
TiredFenton Johnson1922
TithonusAlfred Lord Tennyson1860
To Alex. Cunningham, Esq., Writer, Ed...Robert Burns1788
To Alison CunninghamRobert Louis Stevenson1885
To All Young Men That LoveRobert Herrick1648
To Althea, from PrisonRichard Lovelace1649
To AmericaJames Weldon Johnson1917
To Amy LowellEunice Tietjens1919
To An ArtistElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
To Andrew LangRobert Louis Stevenson1885
To AntheaRobert Herrick1648
To Anthea (2)Robert Herrick1648
To Anthea (3)Robert Herrick1648
To Anthea (4)Robert Herrick1648
To Anthea (5)Robert Herrick1648
To Anthea (6)Robert Herrick1648
To Anthea (7)Robert Herrick1648
To Anthea Lying In BedRobert Herrick1648
To Anthea, Who May Command Him Any ThingRobert Herrick1648
To Anthea, Who May Command Him AnythingRobert Herrick1648
To Any ReaderRobert Louis Stevenson1885
To ApolloRobert Herrick1648
To Apollo. a Short HymnRobert Herrick1648
To AuntieRobert Louis Stevenson1885
To AutumnJohn Keats1820
To AutumnWilliam Blake1783
To Bacchus, a CanticleRobert Herrick1648
To Be MerryRobert Herrick1648
To Beachey—1912Carl Sandburg1916
To BiancaRobert Herrick1648
To Bianca, To Bless HimRobert Herrick1648
To BlossomsRobert Herrick1648
To Captain H——d, of the 65th RegimentPhillis Wheatley1773
To Carnations. a SongRobert Herrick1648
To CedarsRobert Herrick1648
To Certain JourneymenCarl Sandburg1916
To Cherry-blossomsRobert Herrick1648
To Chloe: Who for his sake wished her...William Cartwright1651
To ChristRobert Herrick1647
To CriticsRobert Herrick1648
To Crown ItRobert Herrick1648
To CupidRobert Herrick1648
To Cyriack SkinnerJohn Milton1909
To DaffodilsRobert Herrick1648
To Daisies, Not To Shut So SoonRobert Herrick1648
To Dean Bourn, a Rude River In Devon,...Robert Herrick1648
To DeathRobert Herrick1647
To Dews. a SongRobert Herrick1648
To DianemeRobert Herrick1648
To Dianeme (2)Robert Herrick1648
To Dianeme (3)Robert Herrick1648
To Dianeme (4)Robert Herrick1648
To Dianeme (5)Robert Herrick1648
To Dianeme. a Ceremony In GloucesterRobert Herrick1648
To Doctor AlabasterRobert Herrick1648
To Doctor John BrownRobert Louis Stevenson1885
To E. T.Robert Frost1923
To EarthwardRobert Frost1916
To ElectraRobert Herrick1648
To Electra (2)Robert Herrick1648
To Electra (3)Robert Herrick1648
To Electra (4)Robert Herrick1648
To Electra (5)Robert Herrick1648
To Electra (6)Robert Herrick1648
To Electra. Love Looks For LoveRobert Herrick1648
To Elizabeth Ward PerkinsAmy Lowell1912
To EllenRalph Waldo Emerson1904
To Ellen at the SouthRalph Waldo Emerson1904
To Enjoy the TimeRobert Herrick1648
To EvaRalph Waldo Emerson1904
To F. J. SRobert Louis Stevenson1885
To FannyJohn Keats1848
To Find GodRobert Herrick1647
To FlowersRobert Herrick1648
To Foreign LandsWalt Whitman1892
To FortuneRobert Herrick1648
To Gavin Hamilton, Esq., Mauchline, r...Robert Burns1786
To George Sand: A DesireElizabeth Barrett Browning1844
To George Sand: A RecognitionElizabeth Barrett Browning1844
To Get the Final Lilt of SongsWalt Whitman1892
To GodRobert Herrick1647
To God (10)Robert Herrick1647
To God (11)Robert Herrick1647
To God (12)Robert Herrick1647
To God (13)Robert Herrick1647
To God (14)Robert Herrick1647
To God (15)Robert Herrick1647
To God (16)Robert Herrick1647
To God (2)Robert Herrick1647
To God (3)Robert Herrick1647
To God (4)Robert Herrick1647
To God (5)Robert Herrick1647
To God (6)Robert Herrick1647
To God (7)Robert Herrick1647
To God (8)Robert Herrick1647
To God (9)Robert Herrick1647
To God In Time of PlunderingRobert Herrick1647
To God, His GiftRobert Herrick1647
To God: His Good WillRobert Herrick1647
To God: On His SicknessRobert Herrick1647
To God: an Anthem Sung In the Chapel ...Robert Herrick1647
To GrovesRobert Herrick1648
To H. F. BrownRobert Louis Stevenson1885
To Haydon with a Sonnet Written on Se...John Keats1817
To HeavenRobert Herrick1647
To HelenEdgar Allan Poe1831
To Helen About Her HairRobinson Jeffers1912
To Her Father with Some VersesAnne Bradstreet1678
To Him That Was CrucifiedWalt Whitman1892
To His Angry GodRobert Herrick1647
To His BookRobert Herrick1648
To His Book (10)Robert Herrick1648
To His Book (11)Robert Herrick1648
To His Book (2)Robert Herrick1648
To His Book (3)Robert Herrick1648
To His Book (4)Robert Herrick1648
To His Book (5)Robert Herrick1648
To His Book (6)Robert Herrick1648
To His Book (7)Robert Herrick1648
To His Book (8)Robert Herrick1648
To His Book (9)Robert Herrick1648
To His Brother, Nicholas HerrickRobert Herrick1648
To His Brother-in-law, Master John Wi...Robert Herrick1648
To His Closet-godsRobert Herrick1648
To His ConscienceRobert Herrick1647
To His Coy LoveMichael Drayton1606
To His Coy MistressAndrew Marvell1681
To His Dear GodRobert Herrick1647
To His Dear Valentine, Mistress Marga...Robert Herrick1648
To His Dying Brother, Master William ...Robert Herrick1648
To His Ever-loving GodRobert Herrick1647
To His Faithful Friend, M. John Croft...Robert Herrick1648
To His Friend To Avoid Contention of ...Robert Herrick1648
To His Friend, Mr. J. JincksRobert Herrick1648
To His Friend, On the Untunable TimesRobert Herrick1648
To His GirlsRobert Herrick1648
To His Girls, Who Would Have Him Spor...Robert Herrick1648
To His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor...Phillis Wheatley1773
To His Honoured And Most Ingenious Fr...Robert Herrick1648
To His Honoured Friend, M. John Weare...Robert Herrick1648
To His Honoured Friend, Sir John MinceRobert Herrick1648
To His Honoured Friend, Sir Thomas HealeRobert Herrick1648
To His Honoured Kinsman, Sir Richard ...Robert Herrick1648
To His Honoured Kinsman, Sir William ...Robert Herrick1648
To His Household GodsRobert Herrick1648
To His Kinsman, M. Tho. Herrick, Who ...Robert Herrick1648
To His Kinsman, Sir Thos. SoameRobert Herrick1648
To His Kinswoman, Mistress Susanna He...Robert Herrick1648
To His Kinswoman, Mrs. Penelope WheelerRobert Herrick1648
To His Learned Friend, M. Jo. Harmar,...Robert Herrick1648
To His Lovely MistressesRobert Herrick1648
To His Maid, PrewRobert Herrick1648
To His MistressRobert Herrick1648
To His Mistress Going to BedJohn Donne1654
To His Mistress Objecting To Him Neit...Robert Herrick1648
To His MistressesRobert Herrick1648
To His Mistresses (2)Robert Herrick1648
To His MuseRobert Herrick1648
To His Muse (2)Robert Herrick1648
To His Muse (3)Robert Herrick1648
To His Muse; Another To the SameRobert Herrick1648
To His Nephew, To Be Prosperous In Hi...Robert Herrick1648
To His Paternal CountryRobert Herrick1648
To His Peculiar Friend, M. Jo. WicksRobert Herrick1648
To His Peculiar Friend, Mr. Thomas Sh...Robert Herrick1648
To His Peculiar Friend, Sir Edward Fi...Robert Herrick1648
To His SaviourRobert Herrick1647
To His Saviour, a Child: a Present By...Robert Herrick1647
To His Saviour. the New-year’s GiftRobert Herrick1647
To His Saviour’s Sepulchre: His DevotionRobert Herrick1647
To His Sister-in-law, M. Susanna HerrickRobert Herrick1648
To His Sweet SaviourRobert Herrick1647
To His Tomb-makerRobert Herrick1648
To His Valentine On St. Valentine’s DayRobert Herrick1648
To His VersesRobert Herrick1648
To His Worthy Friend, M. Arthur BartlyRobert Herrick1648
To His Worthy Friend, M. John Hall, S...Robert Herrick1648
To His Worthy Friend, M. Thos. Falcon...Robert Herrick1648
To His Worthy Kinsman, Mr. Stephen SoameRobert Herrick1648
To InezGeorge Gordon Byron1881
To J. WRalph Waldo Emerson1904
To JealousyRobert Herrick1648
To John KeatsAmy Lowell1912
To John Kennedy, Dumfries HouseRobert Burns1786
To Jos., Lord Bishop of ExeterRobert Herrick1648
To JuliaRobert Herrick1648
To Julia (2)Robert Herrick1648
To Julia (3)Robert Herrick1648
To Julia (4)Robert Herrick1648
To Julia (5)Robert Herrick1648
To Julia (6)Robert Herrick1648
To Julia (7)Robert Herrick1648
To Julia (8)Robert Herrick1648
To Julia In the TempleRobert Herrick1648
To Julia, In Her Dawn, or DaybreakRobert Herrick1648
To Julia, the Flaminica Dialis or Que...Robert Herrick1648
To K. De MRobert Louis Stevenson1885
To KathleenEdna St. Vincent Millay1922
To Keep a True LentRobert Herrick1647
To Keep the Memory of Charlotte Forte...Angelina Weld Grimké1915
To LarRobert Herrick1648
To LaurelsRobert Herrick1648
To Live FreelyRobert Herrick1648
To Live Merrily And To Trust To Good ...Robert Herrick1648
To LoveRobert Herrick1648
To Love ImpuissantEdna St. Vincent Millay1920
To Lucasta on Going to the War—for th...Robert Graves1918
To Lucasta, on Going to the WarsRichard Lovelace1649
To M. Denham On His Prospective PoemRobert Herrick1648
To M. Henry Lawes, the Excellent Comp...Robert Herrick1648
To M. KellamRobert Herrick1648
To M. Laurence SwetnahamRobert Herrick1648
To M. Leonard Willan, His Peculiar Fr...Robert Herrick1648
To MarigoldsRobert Herrick1648
To MeadowsRobert Herrick1648
To MiltonOscar Wilde1881
To MinnieRobert Louis Stevenson1885
To Minnie [A picture-frame for you to...Robert Louis Stevenson1885
To Miss Ferrier, enclosing Elegy on S...Robert Burns1787
To Miss Logan, with Beattie’s PoemsRobert Burns1787
To Mistress Amy PotterRobert Herrick1648
To Mistress Dorothy ParsonsRobert Herrick1648
To Mistress Katherine Bradshaw, the L...Robert Herrick1648
To Mistress Margaret HusseyJohn Skelton1511
To Mistress Mary WillandRobert Herrick1648
To MomusRobert Herrick1648
To Mr. H. Lawes on His AirsJohn Milton1909
To Mr. LawrenceJohn Milton1909
To Mr. Murray, IGeorge Gordon Byron1881
To Mr. Murray, IIGeorge Gordon Byron1881
To Mr. M’Adam, of Craigen-GillanRobert Burns1786
To Mrs. Will. H. LowRobert Louis Stevenson1885
To MusicRobert Herrick1648
To Music, To Becalm His FeverRobert Herrick1648
To Music, To Becalm a Sweet-sick YouthRobert Herrick1648
To Music. a SongRobert Herrick1648
To My Dear and Loving HusbandAnne Bradstreet1678
To My Dearest Sister, M. Mercy HerrickRobert Herrick1648
To My FatherRobert Louis Stevenson1885
To My Ill ReaderRobert Herrick1648
To My MotherLucretia Maria Davidson1841
To My MotherRobert Louis Stevenson1885
To My MotherChristina Rossetti1842
To My MotherEdgar Allan Poe1849
To My Name-childRobert Louis Stevenson1885
To My WifeAlexander Posey1910
To Myrrha, Hard-heartedRobert Herrick1648
To MæcenasPhillis Wheatley1773
To N. V. De G. SRobert Louis Stevenson1885
To NightPercy Bysshe Shelley1821
To O.E.A.Claude McKay1922
To OenoneRobert Herrick1648
To Oenone (2)Robert Herrick1648
To Oenone (3)Robert Herrick1648
To Old AgeWalt Whitman1892
To One Coming NorthClaude McKay1922
To One Shortly to DieWalt Whitman1892
To Our FriendsLucian B. Watkins1922
To PansiesRobert Herrick1648
To PerennaRobert Herrick1648
To Perenna (2)Robert Herrick1648
To Perenna (3)Robert Herrick1648
To Perenna (4)Robert Herrick1648
To Perenna, a MistressRobert Herrick1648
To PerillaRobert Herrick1648
To Phyllis, To Love And Live With HimRobert Herrick1648
To Primroses Filled With Morning DewRobert Herrick1648
To Prince Charles Upon His Coming To ...Robert Herrick1648
To R.W.E.Emma Lazarus1884
To RheaRalph Waldo Emerson1904
To Rich GiversWalt Whitman1892
To Robert NicholsRobert Graves1918
To Robin RedbreastRobert Herrick1648
To RooseveltRubén Darío1903
To RosaAbraham Lincoln1858
To Rosemary And BaysRobert Herrick1648
To RosemoundeGeoffrey Chaucer1400
To Roses In Julia’s BosomRobert Herrick1648
To RuinRobert Burns1786
To S. M., A Young African Painter, on...Phillis Wheatley1773
To Samuel E. Sewall and Harriet W. Se...John Greenleaf Whittier1863
To SapphoRobert Herrick1648
To Sappho (2)Robert Herrick1648
To Sappho (3)Robert Herrick1648
To ShakespeareFrances Anne Kemble1867
To SilviaRobert Herrick1648
To Silvia (2)Robert Herrick1648
To Silvia (3)Robert Herrick1648
To Silvia To WedRobert Herrick1648
To Sir Clipseby CrewRobert Herrick1648
To Sir Clipseby Crew (2)Robert Herrick1648
To Sir George Parry, Doctor of the Ci...Robert Herrick1648
To Sir Henry Vane the YoungerJohn Milton1909
To Sir Henry WottonJohn Donne1625
To Sir John Berkley, Governor of ExeterRobert Herrick1648
To SleepJohn Keats1900
To Springs And FountainsRobert Herrick1648
To SummerWilliam Blake1783
To SycamoresRobert Herrick1648
To Sylvia To WedRobert Herrick1648
To The States [To Identify the 16th, ...Walt Whitman1892
To Thee Old CauseWalt Whitman1892
To Think of TimeWalt Whitman1892
To Thomas AtkinsRudyard Kipling1919
To Thomas MooreGeorge Gordon Byron1830
To Those Who've Fail'dWalt Whitman1892
To VioletsRobert Herrick1648
To VirginsRobert Herrick1648
To VulcanRobert Herrick1648
To W. E. HenleyRobert Louis Stevenson1885
To W.C.W. M.D.Alfred Kreymborg1920
To Will. H. LowRobert Louis Stevenson1885
To William E. ChanningHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1842
To Willie and HenriettaRobert Louis Stevenson1885
To WinterWilliam Blake1783
To WinterClaude McKay1922
To Women, To Hide Their Teeth If They...Robert Herrick1648
To YouWalt Whitman1892
To YouthRobert Herrick1648
To a Bed of TulipsRobert Herrick1648
To a Certain CantatriceWalt Whitman1892
To a Certain CivilianWalt Whitman1892
To a ChildHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
To a Child dancing in the WindW. B. Yeats1916
To a Clergyman on the Death of his LadyPhillis Wheatley1773
To a Common ProstituteWalt Whitman1892
To a Contemporary BunkshooterCarl Sandburg1916
To a Dead ManCarl Sandburg1916
To a Foil'd European RevolutionaireWalt Whitman1892
To a FriendAmy Lowell1912
To a FriendRobert Herrick1648
To a Friend who sent me some RosesJohn Keats1817
To a Friend whose Work has come to No...W. B. Yeats1916
To a GardenerRobert Louis Stevenson1885
To a Gentleman and Lady on the Death ...Phillis Wheatley1773
To a Gentleman on his Voyage to Great...Phillis Wheatley1773
To a Gentlewoman Objecting To Him His...Robert Herrick1648
To a Gentlewoman On Just DealingRobert Herrick1648
To a HistorianWalt Whitman1892
To a Lady and her Children, on the De...Phillis Wheatley1773
To a Lady on her coming to North-Amer...Phillis Wheatley1773
To a Lady on her remarkable Preservat...Phillis Wheatley1773
To a Lady on the Death of Three Relat...Phillis Wheatley1773
To a Lady on the Death of her HusbandPhillis Wheatley1773
To a Locomotive in WinterWalt Whitman1892
To a LouseRobert Burns1786
To a Mountain DaisyRobert Burns1786
To a MouseRobert Burns1785
To a PoetClaude McKay1922
To a PoetW. B. Yeats1916
To a Poet That Died YoungEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
To a PresidentWalt Whitman1892
To a PupilWalt Whitman1892
To a ShadeW. B. Yeats1916
To a SkullJoshua Henry Jones, Jr.1922
To a SkylarkPercy Bysshe Shelley1820
To a Squirrel at Kyle-na-gnoW. B. Yeats1919
To a Star Seen at TwilightJohn Rollin Ridge1868
To a Steam RollerMarianne Moore1921
To a StrangerWalt Whitman1892
To a Virtuous Young LadyJohn Milton1909
To a WaterfowlWilliam Cullen Bryant1818
To a Wealthy ManW. B. Yeats1916
To a Western BoyWalt Whitman1892
To a Young BeautyW. B. Yeats1919
To a Young GirlW. B. Yeats1919
To a Young Girl at a WindowMargaret Widdemer1918
To an Early DaffodilAmy Lowell1912
To an Old Danish Song-BookHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
To an Old Square PianoRobinson Jeffers1916
To an Ungentle CriticRobert Graves1918
To an Unknown PoetYone Noguchi1897
To fight aloud is very braveEmily Dickinson1890
To hang our head ostensiblyEmily Dickinson1896
To hear an oriole singEmily Dickinson1891
To help our bleaker partsEmily Dickinson1896
To know just how he suffered would be...Emily Dickinson1890
To learn the transport by the painEmily Dickinson1891
To lose one's faith surpassesEmily Dickinson1896
To lose thee, sweeter than to gainEmily Dickinson1896
To make a prairie it takes a clover a...Emily Dickinson1896
To my Heart, bidding it have no FearW. B. Yeats1899
To my quick ear the leaves conferred;Emily Dickinson1896
To the City of BombayRudyard Kipling1919
To the Dead in the Grave-Yard Under M...Adelaide Crapsey1913
To the DetractorRobert Herrick1648
To the Driving CloudHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
To the Earl of WestmorelandRobert Herrick1648
To the East and to the WestWalt Whitman1892
To the Fever, Not To Trouble JuliaRobert Herrick1648
To the Garden the WorldWalt Whitman1892
To the Generous ReaderRobert Herrick1648
To the Genius of His HouseRobert Herrick1648
To the Handsome Mistress Grace PotterRobert Herrick1648
To the High And Noble Prince George, ...Robert Herrick1648
To the Honourable T. H. Esq; on the D...Phillis Wheatley1773
To the Honoured Master Endymion PorterRobert Herrick1648
To the Indifferent WomenCharlotte Perkins Gilman1911
To the KingRobert Herrick1648
To the King (2)Robert Herrick1648
To the King And Queen Upon Their Unha...Robert Herrick1648
To the King's Most Excellent MajestyPhillis Wheatley1773
To the King, To Cure the EvilRobert Herrick1648
To the King, Upon His Coming With His...Robert Herrick1648
To the King, Upon His Taking of Leice...Robert Herrick1648
To the King, Upon His Welcome To Hamp...Robert Herrick1648
To the LadiesRobert Herrick1648
To the Lady BugsWilliam F. Kirk1910
To the Lady Crew, Upon the Death of H...Robert Herrick1648
To the Lady Margaret LeyJohn Milton1909
To the Lady Mary Villars, Governess T...Robert Herrick1648
To the LarkRobert Herrick1648
To the Leaven'd Soil They TrodWalt Whitman1892
To the Little SpinnersRobert Herrick1648
To the Lord General Cromwell, on the ...John Milton1909
To the Lord Hopton, On His Fight In C...Robert Herrick1648
To the Maids To Walk AbroadRobert Herrick1648
To the Man-of-War-BirdWalt Whitman1892
To the Moon [fragment]Percy Bysshe Shelley1824
To the Most Accomplished Gentleman, M...Robert Herrick1648
To the Most Accomplished Gentleman, M...Robert Herrick1648
To the Most Comely And Proper M. Eliz...Robert Herrick1648
To the Most Fair And Lovely Mistress ...Robert Herrick1648
To the Most Illustrious and Most Hope...Robert Herrick1648
To the Most Learned, Wise, And Arch-a...Robert Herrick1648
To the Most Virtuous Mistress Pot, Wh...Robert Herrick1648
To the Nightingale And Robin RedbreastRobert Herrick1648
To the Painter, To Draw Him a PictureRobert Herrick1648
To the PassengerRobert Herrick1648
To the Patron of Poets, M. End. PorterRobert Herrick1648
To the Pending YearWalt Whitman1892
To the QueenRobert Herrick1648
To the Rev. Dr. Thomas Amory on readi...Phillis Wheatley1773
To the Reverend Shade of His Religiou...Robert Herrick1648
To the Right Gracious Prince, Lodowic...Robert Herrick1648
To the Right Honourable Edward, Earl ...Robert Herrick1648
To the Right Honourable Mildmay, Earl...Robert Herrick1648
To the Right Honourable Philip, Earl ...Robert Herrick1648
To the Right Honourable William, Earl...Phillis Wheatley1773
To the River CharlesHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1841
To the Rose. a SongRobert Herrick1648
To the SameJohn Milton1694
To the Sour ReaderRobert Herrick1648
To the StatesWalt Whitman1892
To the Sun-Set BreezeWalt Whitman1892
To the Thawing WindRobert Frost1913
To the True RomanceRudyard Kipling1919
To the University of Cambridge, in Ne...Phillis Wheatley1773
To the Unknown GoddessRudyard Kipling1919
To the Virgins, To Make Much of TimeRobert Herrick1648
To the Virgins, to Make Much of TimeRobert Herrick1648
To the Water Nymphs Drinking At the F...Robert Herrick1648
To the Western WindRobert Herrick1648
To the White FriendsClaude McKay1922
To the Willow-treeRobert Herrick1648
To the Yew And Cypress To Grace His F...Robert Herrick1648
To the beautiful Miss Eliza J——n, on ...Robert Burns1794
To venerate the simple daysEmily Dickinson1896
To-Day and TheeWalt Whitman1892
To-dayRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Today We Make the Poet's Words Our OwnHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1875
TogetherRudyard Kipling1919
Tom BeattyEdgar Lee Masters1916
Tom MerrittEdgar Lee Masters1916
Tom O'RoughleyW. B. Yeats1919
Tomb of Cecilia MetellaGeorge Gordon Byron1881
TomlinsonRudyard Kipling1892
TommyRudyard Kipling1919
TormentedClaude McKay1922
Town and CountryRupert Brooke1916
TraffickerCarl Sandburg1916
Tragic Fragment—All villain as I amRobert Burns1779
Train-MatesWitter Bynner1913
Trainor, the DruggistEdgar Lee Masters1916
TranslationAnne Spencer1922
TranslationsRalph Waldo Emerson1904
TranspositionsWalt Whitman1892
TravelEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
TravelRobert Louis Stevenson1913
TravellingWilliam Wordsworth1802
TreasonRobert Herrick1648
TreesJoyce Kilmer1913
Trees Need Not Walk the EarthDavid Rosenthal1920
TriadAdelaide Crapsey1915
Trickle DropsWalt Whitman1892
Trinity PlaceCarl Sandburg1920
Triumph may be of several kinds.Emily Dickinson1891
TroopinRudyard Kipling1919
Troth with the DeadD. H. Lawrence1916
TrothsCarl Sandburg1916
TroyGeorge Gordon Byron1881
True ConquerorsWalt Whitman1892
True FriendshipRobert Herrick1648
True SafetyRobert Herrick1648
TruthRobert Herrick1648
Truth And ErrorRobert Herrick1648
Truth And FalsehoodRobert Herrick1648
Ts'ai Chi'hEzra Pound1916
Turn Me to My Yellow LeavesWilliam Stanley Braithwaite1922
Turn O LibertadWalt Whitman1892
TuskegeeLeslie Pinckney Hill1922
Twelfth Night: Or, King And QueenRobert Herrick1648
Twenty YearsWalt Whitman1892
TwilightWalt Whitman1892
TwilightRobert Herrick1648
TwilightHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1850
Twilight (2)Robert Herrick1648
Twilights, VConrad Aiken1922
TwoCarl Sandburg1916
Two Butterflies went out at Noon—Emily Dickinson1891
Two FusiliersRobert Graves1918
Two ItemsCarl Sandburg1920
Two KopjesRudyard Kipling1919
Two Look At TwoRobert Frost1923
Two LovesLord Alfred Douglas1892
Two MonthsRudyard Kipling1919
Two NeighborsCarl Sandburg1916
Two Points of ViewLucian B. Watkins1922
Two RiversRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Two SewingHazel Hall1921
Two Songs of a FoolW. B. Yeats1919
Two Strangers BreakfastCarl Sandburg1920
Two Things OdiousRobert Herrick1648
Two in the CampagnaRobert Browning1855
Two swimmers wrestled on the sparEmily Dickinson1890
Two-an'-SixClaude McKay1922
Tædium VitæOscar Wilde1881
UbiqueRudyard Kipling1919
UlalumeEdgar Allan Poe1847
UlsterRudyard Kipling1919
Ultimus Heroum: Or, To the Most Learn...Robert Herrick1648
UlyssesAlfred Lord Tennyson1842
UnaRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Uncle Eph's Banjo SongJames Edwin Campbell1922
UnderCarl Sandburg1916
Under GlassAlfred Kreymborg1916
Under a Hat RimCarl Sandburg1916
Under a Patched SailMarianne Moore1907
Under a Telephone PoleCarl Sandburg1916
Under the Harvest MoonCarl Sandburg1916
Under the Round TowerW. B. Yeats1919
Under the Willows [May is a pious fra...James Russell Lowell1890
Underwoods: EpigramRobert Louis Stevenson1899
Undue significance a starving man att...Emily Dickinson1891
Unfolded Out of the FoldsWalt Whitman1892
UnfortunateRupert Brooke1916
UnityRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Unnamed LandWalt Whitman1892
UnreturningElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
Unseen BudsWalt Whitman1892
Untitled [Places among the stars,]Stephen Crane1895
Untitled [There, by the crescent moon...Shido1902
Untitled [Tis now since I sate down b...Sir John Suckling1848
Unto my books so good to turnEmily Dickinson1891
Up Tails AllRobert Herrick1648
Up-HillChristina Rossetti1818
Uplands in MayCarl Sandburg1916
Upon Ben JonsonRobert Herrick1648
Upon Candlemas DayRobert Herrick1648
Upon CaseRobert Herrick1648
Upon ChubRobert Herrick1648
Upon ClunnRobert Herrick1648
Upon Crab. EpigRobert Herrick1648
Upon CupidRobert Herrick1648
Upon Cupid (2)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Cupid (3)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Cupid (4)Robert Herrick1648
Upon ElectraRobert Herrick1648
Upon Electra’s TearsRobert Herrick1648
Upon GodRobert Herrick1647
Upon God (2)Robert Herrick1647
Upon God (3)Robert Herrick1647
Upon Her AlmsRobert Herrick1648
Upon Her BlushRobert Herrick1648
Upon Her EyesRobert Herrick1648
Upon Her FeetRobert Herrick1648
Upon Her VoiceRobert Herrick1648
Upon Her WeepingRobert Herrick1648
Upon HimselfRobert Herrick1648
Upon Himself (2)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Himself (3)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Himself (4)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Himself (5)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Himself (6)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Himself (7)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Himself (8)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Himself Being BuriedRobert Herrick1648
Upon His Departure HenceRobert Herrick1648
Upon His Eyesight Failing HimRobert Herrick1648
Upon His Grey HairsRobert Herrick1648
Upon His JuliaRobert Herrick1648
Upon His Kinswoman, Mistress Bridget ...Robert Herrick1648
Upon His Kinswoman, Mistress Elizabet...Robert Herrick1648
Upon His Kinswoman, Mrs. M. SRobert Herrick1648
Upon His Sister-in-law, Mistress Eliz...Robert Herrick1648
Upon His Spaniel TracyRobert Herrick1648
Upon His VersesRobert Herrick1648
Upon IreneRobert Herrick1648
Upon Judith. EpigRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia Washing Herself In the RiverRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia's ClothesRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia’s BreastsRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia’s ClothesRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia’s FallRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia’s Hair Bundled Up In a Gol...Robert Herrick1648
Upon Julia’s Hair Fill’d With DewRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia’s RecoveryRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia’s RibandRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia’s SweatRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia’s Unlacing HerselfRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia’s VoiceRobert Herrick1648
Upon KingsRobert Herrick1648
Upon LoveRobert Herrick1648
Upon Love (10)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Love (2)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Love (3)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Love (4)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Love (5)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Love (6)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Love (7)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Love (8)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Love (9)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Love, By Way of Question And AnswerRobert Herrick1648
Upon LuciaRobert Herrick1648
Upon Lucia Dabbled In the DewRobert Herrick1648
Upon Lucy. EpigRobert Herrick1648
Upon M. Ben. Jonson. EpigRobert Herrick1648
Upon M. William Lawes, the Rare MusicianRobert Herrick1648
Upon ManRobert Herrick1648
Upon Mistress Susanna Southwell, Her ...Robert Herrick1648
Upon Mrs. Elizabeth Wheeler, Under th...Robert Herrick1648
Upon One Lily, Who Married With a Mai...Robert Herrick1648
Upon Prew, His MaidRobert Herrick1648
Upon Prudence Baldwin: Her SicknessRobert Herrick1648
Upon Puss And Her ‘prentice. EpigRobert Herrick1648
Upon RosesRobert Herrick1648
Upon SapphoRobert Herrick1648
Upon Sappho Sweetly Playing And Sweet...Robert Herrick1648
Upon SharkRobert Herrick1648
Upon Silvia, a MistressRobert Herrick1648
Upon Some WomenRobert Herrick1648
Upon TearsRobert Herrick1648
Upon TimeRobert Herrick1647
Upon TrapRobert Herrick1648
Upon Tuck. EpigRobert Herrick1648
Upon UrsleyRobert Herrick1648
Upon Woman And MaryRobert Herrick1647
Upon WrinklesRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Black Twist Rounding the Arm o...Robert Herrick1648
Upon a ChildRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Child That DiedRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Child. an EpitaphRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Comely And Curious MaidRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Delaying LadyRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Dying LadyW. B. Yeats1919
Upon a FlyRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Gentlewoman With a Sweet VoiceRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Hoarse SingerRobert Herrick1648
Upon a House shaken by the Land Agita...W. B. Yeats1916
Upon a Lady Fair But FruitlessRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Lady That Died In Child-bed, A...Robert Herrick1648
Upon a MaidRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Maid (2)Robert Herrick1648
Upon a Maid (3)Robert Herrick1648
Upon a Maid That Died the Day She Was...Robert Herrick1648
Upon a Painted GentlewomanRobert Herrick1648
Upon a PhysicianRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Scar In a Virgin’s FaceRobert Herrick1648
Upon a VirginRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Virgin Kissing a RoseRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Wife That Died Mad With JealousyRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Young Mother of Many ChildrenRobert Herrick1648
Upon an Old Man: a ResidentiaryRobert Herrick1648
Upon the Bishop of Lincoln’s Imprison...Robert Herrick1648
Upon the CircumcisionJohn Milton1909
Upon the Death of His Sparrow. an ElegyRobert Herrick1648
Upon the HeightsYone Noguchi1910
Upon the Lady CrewRobert Herrick1648
Upon the Loss of His FingerRobert Herrick1648
Upon the Loss of His MistressesRobert Herrick1648
Upon the Much-lamented Mr. J. WarrRobert Herrick1648
Upon the Nipples of Julia’s BreastRobert Herrick1648
Upon the Roses In Julia’s BosomRobert Herrick1648
Upon the SameRobert Herrick1648
Upon the Troublesome TimesRobert Herrick1648
Upon the gallows hung a wretchEmily Dickinson1896
UpstairsCarl Sandburg1918
Urbs Sacra ÆternaOscar Wilde1881
UrielRalph Waldo Emerson1904
V. GrenadierA. E. Housman1922
V. [Oh see how thick the goldcup flow...A. E. Housman1896
VI. LancerA. E. Housman1922
VI. [When the lad for longing sighs,]A. E. Housman1896
VII. [In valleys green and still]A. E. Housman1922
VII. [When smoke stood up from Ludlow,]A. E. Housman1896
VIII. ["Farewell to barn and stack an...A. E. Housman1896
VIII. [Soldier from the wars returning,]A. E. Housman1922
Valley SongCarl Sandburg1920
Vaudeville DancerCarl Sandburg1920
VealGertrude Stein1914
VegetableGertrude Stein1914
Venetian GlassAmy Lowell1912
Venice, IGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Venice, IIGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Venice, IIIGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Venus and AdonisWilliam Shakespeare1593
Venus of the LouvreEmma Lazarus1888
Vers De SociétéElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
VersesRobert Herrick1648
Verses Written with a Pencil at the I...Robert Burns1787
Verses inscribed under a Noble Earl’s...Robert Burns1787
Verses on Captain GroseRobert Burns1790
Verses on Castle GordonRobert Burns1787
Verses on Friars’ Carse Hermitage (Fi...Robert Burns1788
Verses on GamesRudyard Kipling1919
Verses on a Parting KissRobert Burns1788
Verses on the destruction of the Wood...Robert Burns1791
Verses to Clarinda, with Drinking Gla...Robert Burns1788
Verses to Collector MitchellRobert Burns1795
Verses to Miss CruickshankRobert Burns1789
Verses upon the Burning of our HouseAnne Bradstreet1666
Versicles on Sign-PostsRobert Burns1788
Versified Note to Dr. Mackenzie, Mauc...Robert Burns1786
Versified Reply to an InvitationRobert Burns1786
VictoryRupert Brooke1916
Victory comes lateEmily Dickinson1891
Vigil Strange I Kept on the Field One...Walt Whitman1892
Village in Late SummerCarl Sandburg1918
Virgin YouthD. H. Lawrence1916
Virginia—The WestWalt Whitman1892
VirtueRobert Herrick1648
Virtue Best UnitedRobert Herrick1648
Virtue is Sensible of SufferingRobert Herrick1648
VisionRobert Penn Warren1922
Vision of BelshazzarGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Visor'dWalt Whitman1892
VistaAlfred Kreymborg1916
Vita NuovaOscar Wilde1881
Vitae Summa Brevis Spem Nos Vetat Inc...Ernest Dowson1900
Vivien’s SongAlfred Lord Tennyson1910
VocalismWalt Whitman1892
Voltaire JohnsonEdgar Lee Masters1916
VoluntariesRalph Waldo Emerson1904
W. Lloyd Garrison StandardEdgar Lee Masters1916
WagesRobert Herrick1647
WagnerRupert Brooke1916
Waifs and StraysArthur Rimbaud1912
WaikikiRupert Brooke1916
Wait till the majesty of DeathEmily Dickinson1891
WaitingCarl Sandburg1916
Waiting Afield at DuskRobert Frost1913
WaldeinsamkeitRalph Waldo Emerson1904
WaldenRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Wall Street at NightLola Ridge1920
Wallace FergusonEdgar Lee Masters1916
Walter SimmonsEdgar Lee Masters1916
Walter Von Der VogelweideHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1845
Wandering at MornWalt Whitman1892
WantRobert Herrick1648
Want (2)Robert Herrick1648
Wanted—a HeroGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Wanting is — What?Robert Browning1883
WarRobert Herrick1648
War Is Kind [excerpt]Stephen Crane1899
War and Hell, XVI [I am a great inven...Ernest Crosby1902
Warble for Lilac-TimeWalt Whitman1892
Warm Summer SunMark Twain1896
WarsCarl Sandburg1916
Wartime ChristmasJoyce Kilmer1918
WasherwomanCarl Sandburg1918
Washington McNeelyEdgar Lee Masters1916
Washington's Monument, February, 1885Walt Whitman1892
WaterRalph Waldo Emerson1867
Water RainingGertrude Stein1914
Water is taught by thirst;Emily Dickinson1896
Water-LilyAbraham Cowley1881
WaterlooGeorge Gordon Byron1881
Way Lay VegetableGertrude Stein1914
We Are SevenWilliam Wordsworth1798
We Have Been Friends TogetherCaroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton1840
We Must WaitElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
We Two Boys Together ClingingWalt Whitman1892
We Two, How Long We Were Fool'dWalt Whitman1892
We Wear the MaskPaul Laurence Dunbar1896
We cover thee, sweet face.Emily Dickinson1896
We learn in the retreatingEmily Dickinson1896
We like March, his shoes are purpleEmily Dickinson1896
We live in deeds, not years; in thoug...Philip James Bailey1884
We never know how high we areEmily Dickinson1890
We never know we go, — when we are goingEmily Dickinson1896
We outgrow love like other thingsEmily Dickinson1896
We play at pasteEmily Dickinson1891
We thirst at first, — 'tis Nature's act;Emily Dickinson1896
We'll Go No More a-RovingWilliam Ernest Henley1893
WealthRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Weave in, My Hardy LifeWalt Whitman1892
WebsterRalph Waldo Emerson1904
Webster FordEdgar Lee Masters1916
Wedded BlissCharlotte Perkins Gilman1911
Wedding BellsEliza Cook1840
WeedsEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
WeedsCarl Sandburg1920
Week-night ServiceD. H. Lawrence1916
Welcome What ComesRobert Herrick1647
Well! thou art happyGeorge Gordon Byron1881
WeltGeorgia Douglas Johnson1922
Wendell P. BloydEdgar Lee Masters1916
Went up a year this evening!Emily Dickinson1891
What Am I After AllWalt Whitman1892
What Do I CareSara Teasdale1920
What God isRobert Herrick1647
What HappenedRudyard Kipling1919
What Happened to HiloWilliam F. Kirk1910
What Is an Epigram?Samuel Taylor Coleridge1802
What Kind of Mistress He Would HaveRobert Herrick1648
What Place Is Besieged?Walt Whitman1892
What Ship Puzzled at SeaWalt Whitman1892
What Think You I Take My Pen in Hand?Walt Whitman1892
What if I say I shall not wait?Emily Dickinson1891
What inn is thisEmily Dickinson1891
What mystery pervades a well!Emily Dickinson1896
What soft, cherubic creaturesEmily Dickinson1896
What the People SaidRudyard Kipling1919
What's the railroad to me?Henry David Thoreau1854
When Dawn Comes to the CityClaude McKay1922
When De Co'n Pone's HotPaul Laurence Dunbar1922
When Earth’s Last Picture Is PaintedRudyard Kipling1919
When He Would Have His Verses ReadRobert Herrick1648
When Helen livedW. B. Yeats1916
When I Buy PicturesMarianne Moore1921
When I Consider How My Light Is SpentJohn Milton1655
When I Have Fears that I May Cease to BeJohn Keats1848
When I Have Passed AwayClaude McKay1922
When I Heard at the Close of the DayWalt Whitman1892
When I Heard the Learned AstronomerWalt Whitman1892
When I Peruse the Conquer'd FameWalt Whitman1892
When I Read the BookWalt Whitman1892
When I Rise UpGeorgia Douglas Johnson1922
When I hoped I fearedEmily Dickinson1891
When I was small, a woman died.Emily Dickinson1890
When I'm KilledRobert Graves1918
When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'dWalt Whitman1892
When Malindy SingsPaul Laurence Dunbar1901
When Ol' Sis' Judy PrayJames Edwin Campbell1922
When We Two PartedGeorge Gordon Byron1919
When You Are OldW. B. Yeats1919
When aince Aprile has fairly comeRobert Louis Stevenson1885
When night is almost doneEmily Dickinson1890
When roses cease to bloom, dearEmily Dickinson1896
When the Assaul