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Robert Herrick

Poems by author Robert Herrick
A Bacchanalian VerseRobert Herrick1648
A Bacchanalian Verse (2)Robert Herrick1648
A Bucolic Betwixt Two: Lacon And ThyrsisRobert Herrick1648
A Bucolic, or Discourse of NeatherdsRobert Herrick1648
A Canticle To ApolloRobert Herrick1648
A CautionRobert Herrick1648
A Charm, or an Allay For LoveRobert Herrick1648
A Christmas Carol Sung To the King In...Robert Herrick1647
A Conjuration To ElectraRobert Herrick1648
A Country-life: To His Brother, Mr. T...Robert Herrick1648
A Defence For WomenRobert Herrick1648
A Dialogue Between Himself And Mistre...Robert Herrick1648
A Dialogue Betwixt Horace And Lydia, ...Robert Herrick1648
A Dirge Upon the Death of the Right V...Robert Herrick1648
A FrolicRobert Herrick1648
A Good DeathRobert Herrick1648
A Good HusbandRobert Herrick1648
A Hymn To BacchusRobert Herrick1648
A Hymn To Bacchus (2)Robert Herrick1648
A Hymn To CupidRobert Herrick1648
A Hymn To Sir Clipseby CrewRobert Herrick1648
A Hymn To Venus And CupidRobert Herrick1648
A Hymn To the GracesRobert Herrick1648
A Hymn To the LaresRobert Herrick1648
A Hymn To the MusesRobert Herrick1648
A Hymn To the Muses (2)Robert Herrick1648
A Just ManRobert Herrick1648
A King And No KingRobert Herrick1648
A KissRobert Herrick1648
A Lyric To MirthRobert Herrick1648
A Mean In Our MeansRobert Herrick1648
A Meditation For His MistressRobert Herrick1648
A New-year’s Gift Sent To Sir Simon S...Robert Herrick1648
A Nuptial Song or Epithalamy On Sir C...Robert Herrick1648
A Nuptial Verse To Mistress Elizabeth...Robert Herrick1648
A Panegyric To Sir Lewis PembertonRobert Herrick1648
A Paranæticall, or Advisive Verse, To...Robert Herrick1648
A Pastoral Sung To the King: Montano,...Robert Herrick1648
A Pastoral Upon the Birth of Prince C...Robert Herrick1648
A Position In the Hebrew DivinityRobert Herrick1647
A PrognosticRobert Herrick1648
A Psalm or Hymn To the GracesRobert Herrick1648
A Request To the GracesRobert Herrick1648
A Ring Presented To JuliaRobert Herrick1648
A Short Hymn To LarRobert Herrick1648
A Short Hymn To VenusRobert Herrick1648
A SongRobert Herrick1648
A Song To the MaskersRobert Herrick1648
A Song Upon SilviaRobert Herrick1648
A Sonnet of PerillaRobert Herrick1648
A Ternary of Littles, Upon a Pipkin o...Robert Herrick1648
A Thanksgiving To God For His HouseRobert Herrick1647
A Vow To MarsRobert Herrick1648
A Vow To MinervaRobert Herrick1648
A Vow To VenusRobert Herrick1648
A Will To Be WorkingRobert Herrick1647
Abel’s BloodRobert Herrick1647
AbstinenceRobert Herrick1648
AccusationRobert Herrick1648
AdversityRobert Herrick1648
Adversity (2)Robert Herrick1648
Advice the Best ActorRobert Herrick1648
AfflictionRobert Herrick1647
After Autumn, WinterRobert Herrick1648
AgainRobert Herrick1648
Again (2)Robert Herrick1648
Against LoveRobert Herrick1648
Age Unfit For LoveRobert Herrick1648
All Things Decay And DieRobert Herrick1648
All Things Run Well For the RighteousRobert Herrick1647
AlmsRobert Herrick1647
Alms (2)Robert Herrick1647
AmbitionRobert Herrick1648
Ambition (2)Robert Herrick1648
An Eclogue or Pastoral Between Endymi...Robert Herrick1648
An End DecreedRobert Herrick1648
An Epitaph Upon a ChildRobert Herrick1648
An Epitaph Upon a Sober MatronRobert Herrick1648
An Epitaph Upon a VirginRobert Herrick1648
An Epithalamy To Sir Thomas Southwell...Robert Herrick1648
An Hymn To JunoRobert Herrick1648
An Hymn To LoveRobert Herrick1648
An Ode For HimRobert Herrick1648
An Ode To Master Endymion Porter, Upo...Robert Herrick1648
An Ode To Sir Clipseby CrewRobert Herrick1648
An Ode of the Birth of Our SaviourRobert Herrick1647
An Ode, or Psalm To GodRobert Herrick1647
AnacreonticRobert Herrick1648
Anacreontic (2)Robert Herrick1648
Anacreontic VerseRobert Herrick1648
AngelsRobert Herrick1647
AngerRobert Herrick1648
AnotherRobert Herrick1648
Another (10)Robert Herrick1647
Another (11)Robert Herrick1647
Another (12)Robert Herrick1647
Another (13)Robert Herrick1647
Another (14)Robert Herrick1647
Another (15)Robert Herrick1647
Another (16)Robert Herrick1647
Another (17)Robert Herrick1647
Another (2)Robert Herrick1648
Another (3)Robert Herrick1648
Another (4)Robert Herrick1648
Another (5)Robert Herrick1648
Another (6)Robert Herrick1648
Another (7)Robert Herrick1648
Another (8)Robert Herrick1648
Another (9)Robert Herrick1647
Another Charm For StablesRobert Herrick1648
Another Grace For a ChildRobert Herrick1647
Another Grace for a ChildRobert Herrick1647
Another New-year’s Gift: Or, Song For...Robert Herrick1647
Another On HerRobert Herrick1648
Another On LoveRobert Herrick1648
Another To Bring In the WitchRobert Herrick1648
Another To GodRobert Herrick1647
Another To God (2)Robert Herrick1647
Another To His SaviourRobert Herrick1647
Another To NeptuneRobert Herrick1648
Another To the MaidsRobert Herrick1648
Another Upon HerRobert Herrick1648
Another Upon Her WeepingRobert Herrick1648
Another of GodRobert Herrick1647
Another of the SameRobert Herrick1648
Anthea’s RetractationRobert Herrick1648
Art Above Nature: To JuliaRobert Herrick1648
Bad May Be BetterRobert Herrick1648
Bad Princes Pill the PeopleRobert Herrick1648
Bad Wages For Good ServiceRobert Herrick1648
BaptismRobert Herrick1647
Barley-break; Or, Last In HellRobert Herrick1648
BashfulnessRobert Herrick1648
BastardsRobert Herrick1648
BeautyRobert Herrick1648
BeggarsRobert Herrick1647
Beginning DifficultRobert Herrick1648
Beginnings And EndingsRobert Herrick1647
Being Once Blind, His Request To BiancaRobert Herrick1648
Best To Be MerryRobert Herrick1648
Biting of BeggarsRobert Herrick1648
BlameRobert Herrick1648
Blame the Reward of PrincesRobert Herrick1648
Bribes And Gifts Get AllRobert Herrick1648
BurialRobert Herrick1648
By Use Comes EasinessRobert Herrick1648
Calling And CorrectingRobert Herrick1647
Care a Good KeeperRobert Herrick1648
CasualtiesRobert Herrick1648
Caution In CounselRobert Herrick1648
Ceremonies For Candlemas EveRobert Herrick1648
Ceremonies For ChristmasRobert Herrick1648
Ceremony Upon Candlemas EveRobert Herrick1648
Change Common To AllRobert Herrick1648
Change Gives ContentRobert Herrick1648
CharmsRobert Herrick1648
Charms (2)Robert Herrick1648
Charon And Philomel; a Dialogue SungRobert Herrick1648
Cheerfulness In Charity; Or, the Swee...Robert Herrick1648
Cherry-pitRobert Herrick1648
Cherry-ripeRobert Herrick1648
Choose For the BestRobert Herrick1648
Chop-cherryRobert Herrick1648
ChristRobert Herrick1647
Christmas-eve, Another CeremonyRobert Herrick1648
Christ’s ActionRobert Herrick1647
Christ’s BirthRobert Herrick1647
Christ’s IncarnationRobert Herrick1647
Christ’s PartRobert Herrick1647
Christ’s SadnessRobert Herrick1647
Christ’s SufferingRobert Herrick1647
Christ’s Twofold ComingRobert Herrick1647
Christ’s Words On the Cross: My God, ...Robert Herrick1647
ClemencyRobert Herrick1648
Clemency In KingsRobert Herrick1648
Clothes Are ConspiratorsRobert Herrick1648
Clothes Do But Cheat And Cozen UsRobert Herrick1648
Clothes For ContinuanceRobert Herrick1647
CloudsRobert Herrick1647
Co-heirsRobert Herrick1647
Cock-crowRobert Herrick1647
Comfort In CalamityRobert Herrick1648
Comfort To a Lady Upon the Death of H...Robert Herrick1648
Comfort To a Youth That Had Lost His ...Robert Herrick1648
Comforts In ContentionsRobert Herrick1647
Comforts In CrossesRobert Herrick1648
Coming To ChristRobert Herrick1647
ConfessionRobert Herrick1647
ConformityRobert Herrick1648
Conformity is ComelyRobert Herrick1648
Confusion of FaceRobert Herrick1647
Connubii Flores, or the Well-wishes A...Robert Herrick1648
ConsultationRobert Herrick1648
Content, Not CatesRobert Herrick1648
ContentionRobert Herrick1648
Corinna's Going A-mayingRobert Herrick1648
CorrectionRobert Herrick1647
CounselRobert Herrick1648
Courage CooledRobert Herrick1648
Cross And PileRobert Herrick1648
CrossesRobert Herrick1648
Crosses (2)Robert Herrick1648
CrueltiesRobert Herrick1648
CrueltyRobert Herrick1648
Cruelty Base In CommandersRobert Herrick1648
CrutchesRobert Herrick1648
Cunctation In CorrectionRobert Herrick1648
Dangers Wait On KingsRobert Herrick1648
Death Ends All WoeRobert Herrick1648
DelayRobert Herrick1648
Delight in DisorderRobert Herrick1648
Denial In Women No Disheartening To MenRobert Herrick1648
Devotion Makes the DeityRobert Herrick1648
DietRobert Herrick1648
Discontents In DevonRobert Herrick1648
Discord Not DisadvantageousRobert Herrick1648
Dissuasions From IdlenessRobert Herrick1648
Distance Betters DignitiesRobert Herrick1648
DistrustRobert Herrick1648
Distrust (2)Robert Herrick1648
Divination By a DaffodilRobert Herrick1648
DoomsdayRobert Herrick1647
Draw And DrinkRobert Herrick1648
Draw-glovesRobert Herrick1648
DreamsRobert Herrick1648
Duty To TyrantsRobert Herrick1648
EarringsRobert Herrick1647
EaseRobert Herrick1647
EmpiresRobert Herrick1648
EternityRobert Herrick1647
EvensongRobert Herrick1648
Event of Things Not In Our PowerRobert Herrick1648
EvilRobert Herrick1647
Examples; Or, Like Prince, Like PeopleRobert Herrick1648
ExcessRobert Herrick1648
Expenses ExhaustRobert Herrick1648
FactionsRobert Herrick1648
Fair After FoulRobert Herrick1648
Fair Days: Or, Dawns DeceitfulRobert Herrick1648
Fair Shows DeceiveRobert Herrick1648
FaithRobert Herrick1647
Faith Four-squareRobert Herrick1648
False MourningRobert Herrick1648
FameRobert Herrick1648
Fame Makes Us ForwardRobert Herrick1648
Farewell Frost, or Welcome the SpringRobert Herrick1648
FearRobert Herrick1648
Fear Gets ForceRobert Herrick1648
Felicity Knows No FenceRobert Herrick1648
Felicity Quick of FlightRobert Herrick1648
Few FortunateRobert Herrick1648
First Work, And Then WagesRobert Herrick1648
FlatteryRobert Herrick1648
FortuneRobert Herrick1648
Fortune FavoursRobert Herrick1648
Four Things Make Us Happy HereRobert Herrick1648
Free WelcomeRobert Herrick1647
Fresh Cheese And CreamRobert Herrick1648
GentlenessRobert Herrick1648
GloryRobert Herrick1648
Glory (2)Robert Herrick1648
GodRobert Herrick1647
God (2)Robert Herrick1647
God (3)Robert Herrick1647
God (4)Robert Herrick1647
God And the KingRobert Herrick1647
God Has a Twofold PartRobert Herrick1647
God Hears UsRobert Herrick1647
God Not To Be ComprehendedRobert Herrick1647
God Sparing In ScourgingRobert Herrick1647
God To Be First ServedRobert Herrick1647
God is OneRobert Herrick1647
God's AngerRobert Herrick1647
God's Anger Without AffectionRobert Herrick1647
God's BlessingRobert Herrick1647
God, And LordRobert Herrick1647
God’s BountyRobert Herrick1647
God’s Bounty (2)Robert Herrick1647
God’s CommandsRobert Herrick1647
God’s DescentRobert Herrick1647
God’s DwellingRobert Herrick1647
God’s Gifts Not Soon GrantedRobert Herrick1647
God’s GraceRobert Herrick1647
God’s HandsRobert Herrick1647
God’s KeysRobert Herrick1647
God’s MercyRobert Herrick1647
God’s Mirth: Man’s MourningRobert Herrick1647
God’s PardonRobert Herrick1647
God’s PartRobert Herrick1647
God’s PowerRobert Herrick1647
God’s PresenceRobert Herrick1647
God’s Presence (2)Robert Herrick1647
God’s Presence (3)Robert Herrick1647
God’s Price And Man’s PriceRobert Herrick1647
God’s ProvidenceRobert Herrick1647
God’s Time Must End Our TroubleRobert Herrick1647
Gold And FrankincenseRobert Herrick1647
Gold Before GoodnessRobert Herrick1648
Good And BadRobert Herrick1647
Good ChristiansRobert Herrick1647
Good Friday: Rex Tragicus; Or, Christ...Robert Herrick1647
Good Luck Not LastingRobert Herrick1648
Good Manners At MeatRobert Herrick1648
Good Men Afflicted MostRobert Herrick1647
Good Precepts or CounselRobert Herrick1648
Graces For ChildrenRobert Herrick1647
Great Grief, Great GloryRobert Herrick1647
Great Maladies, Long MedicinesRobert Herrick1648
Great Spirits SuperviveRobert Herrick1648
GriefRobert Herrick1648
Grief (2)Robert Herrick1648
GriefsRobert Herrick1648
HappinessRobert Herrick1648
Happiness To Hospitality; Or, a Heart...Robert Herrick1648
Hardening of HeartsRobert Herrick1647
Haste HurtfulRobert Herrick1648
HealthRobert Herrick1648
HeavenRobert Herrick1647
Heaven (2)Robert Herrick1647
HellRobert Herrick1647
Hell (2)Robert Herrick1647
Hell FireRobert Herrick1647
Hell Fire (2)Robert Herrick1647
Her BedRobert Herrick1648
Her LegsRobert Herrick1648
His Age, Dedicated To His Peculiar Fr...Robert Herrick1648
His AlmsRobert Herrick1648
His Answer To a FriendRobert Herrick1648
His Answer To a QuestionRobert Herrick1648
His Anthem To Christ On the CrossRobert Herrick1647
His CavalierRobert Herrick1648
His ChangeRobert Herrick1648
His Charge To Julia At His DeathRobert Herrick1648
His ComfortRobert Herrick1648
His Coming To the SepulchreRobert Herrick1647
His ConfessionRobert Herrick1647
His Content In the CountryRobert Herrick1648
His Covenant; Or, Protestation To JuliaRobert Herrick1648
His CreedRobert Herrick1647
His DesireRobert Herrick1648
His DreamRobert Herrick1647
His Ejaculation To GodRobert Herrick1647
His Embalming To JuliaRobert Herrick1648
His Farewell To SackRobert Herrick1648
His GrangeRobert Herrick1648
His Grange, or Private WealthRobert Herrick1648
His Hope or Sheet AnchorRobert Herrick1648
His Lachrymæ; Or, Mirth Turned To Mou...Robert Herrick1648
His Last Request To JuliaRobert Herrick1648
His Litany To the Holy SpiritRobert Herrick1647
His LossRobert Herrick1648
His Meditation Upon DeathRobert Herrick1647
His Misery In a MistressRobert Herrick1648
His Offering, With the Rest, At the S...Robert Herrick1647
His Own EpitaphRobert Herrick1648
His Parting From Mrs. Dorothy KennedyRobert Herrick1648
His PetitionRobert Herrick1647
His Poetry His PillarRobert Herrick1648
His PowerRobert Herrick1647
His Prayer For AbsolutionRobert Herrick1647
His Prayer To Ben JonsonRobert Herrick1648
His Protestation To PerillaRobert Herrick1648
His RecantationRobert Herrick1648
His Request To JuliaRobert Herrick1648
His Return To LondonRobert Herrick1648
His Sailing From JuliaRobert Herrick1648
His Saviour’s Words Going To the CrossRobert Herrick1647
His Tears To ThamesisRobert Herrick1648
His Weakness In WoesRobert Herrick1648
His Winding-sheetRobert Herrick1648
His WishRobert Herrick1648
His Wish (2)Robert Herrick1648
His Wish To GodRobert Herrick1647
His Wish To PrivacyRobert Herrick1648
His Words To Christ Going To the CrossRobert Herrick1647
Honours Are HindrancesRobert Herrick1647
Hope HeartensRobert Herrick1648
Hope Well And Have Well: Or, Fair Aft...Robert Herrick1648
How He Would Drink His WineRobert Herrick1648
How His Soul Came EnsnaredRobert Herrick1648
How Lilies Came WhiteRobert Herrick1648
How Marigolds Came YellowRobert Herrick1648
How Pansies or Heart’s-ease Came FirstRobert Herrick1648
How Primroses Came GreenRobert Herrick1648
How Roses Came RedRobert Herrick1648
How Roses Came Red (2)Robert Herrick1648
How Springs Came FirstRobert Herrick1648
How Violets Came BlueRobert Herrick1648
How the Wall-flower Came First, And W...Robert Herrick1648
HumilityRobert Herrick1647
HungerRobert Herrick1648
I Call And I CallRobert Herrick1648
Ill GovernmentRobert Herrick1648
Impossibilities To His FriendRobert Herrick1648
In Praise of WomenRobert Herrick1648
In the Dark None DaintyRobert Herrick1648
JehovahRobert Herrick1647
Julia’s Churching, or PurificationRobert Herrick1648
Julia’s PetticoatRobert Herrick1648
KingsRobert Herrick1648
Kings And TyrantsRobert Herrick1648
KissesRobert Herrick1648
Kisses LoathsomeRobert Herrick1648
Kissing UsuryRobert Herrick1648
KnowledgeRobert Herrick1647
LabourRobert Herrick1647
Large Bounds Do But Bury UsRobert Herrick1648
Lar’s Portion And the Poet’s PartRobert Herrick1648
LasciviousnessRobert Herrick1647
LawsRobert Herrick1648
Laws (2)Robert Herrick1648
Leander’s ObsequiesRobert Herrick1648
LeavenRobert Herrick1648
LenityRobert Herrick1648
Leprosy In ClothesRobert Herrick1648
Leprosy In HousesRobert Herrick1648
LibertyRobert Herrick1648
Life is the Body’s LightRobert Herrick1648
Like Loves His LikeRobert Herrick1648
Like Pattern, Like PeopleRobert Herrick1648
Lines Have Their Linings, And Books T...Robert Herrick1648
Lip-labourRobert Herrick1647
Lips TonguelessRobert Herrick1648
Little And LoudRobert Herrick1648
Littleness No Cause of LeannessRobert Herrick1648
Loading And UnloadingRobert Herrick1647
Long LifeRobert Herrick1647
Long-looked-for Comes At LastRobert Herrick1648
Loss From the LeastRobert Herrick1648
Lots To Be LikedRobert Herrick1648
LoveRobert Herrick1648
Love Dislikes NothingRobert Herrick1648
Love Killed By LackRobert Herrick1648
Love Lightly PleasedRobert Herrick1648
Love Me Little, Love Me LongRobert Herrick1648
Love PalpableRobert Herrick1648
Love Perfumes All PartsRobert Herrick1648
Love is a SyrupRobert Herrick1648
Love, What It isRobert Herrick1648
Lovers: How They Come And PartRobert Herrick1648
Love’s Play At Push-pinRobert Herrick1648
Lyric For LegaciesRobert Herrick1648
Maids’ Nays Are NothingRobert Herrick1648
MannaRobert Herrick1647
Man’s Dying-place UncertainRobert Herrick1648
Martha, MarthaRobert Herrick1647
Matins; Or, Morning PrayerRobert Herrick1648
Mean Things Overcome MightyRobert Herrick1648
Meat Without MirthRobert Herrick1648
Men Mind No State In SicknessRobert Herrick1648
MercyRobert Herrick1647
Mercy And LoveRobert Herrick1647
Merits Make the ManRobert Herrick1648
MirthRobert Herrick1647
MiseriesRobert Herrick1648
ModerationRobert Herrick1648
Moderation (2)Robert Herrick1648
Money Gets the MasteryRobert Herrick1648
Money Makes the MirthRobert Herrick1648
Montes Scripturarum: the Mounts of th...Robert Herrick1647
Mora Sponsi, the Stay of the BridegroomRobert Herrick1647
More Modest, More ManlyRobert Herrick1648
More Potent, Less PeccantRobert Herrick1648
Most Words, Less WorksRobert Herrick1648
Mrs. Eliz. Wheeler, Under the Name of...Robert Herrick1648
MultitudeRobert Herrick1648
NeedRobert Herrick1648
NeglectRobert Herrick1648
Neutrality LoathsomeRobert Herrick1647
Never Too Late To DieRobert Herrick1648
No Action Hard To AffectionRobert Herrick1648
No Bashfulness In BeggingRobert Herrick1648
No Coming To God Without ChristRobert Herrick1647
No Danger To Men DesperateRobert Herrick1648
No Despite To the DeadRobert Herrick1648
No Difference I’ Th’ DarkRobert Herrick1648
No Escaping the ScourgingRobert Herrick1647
No Fault In WomenRobert Herrick1648
No Loathsomeness In LoveRobert Herrick1648
No Luck In LoveRobert Herrick1648
No Man Without MoneyRobert Herrick1648
No Pains, No GainsRobert Herrick1648
No Shipwreck of Virtue. To a FriendRobert Herrick1648
No Spouse But a SisterRobert Herrick1648
No Time In EternityRobert Herrick1647
No Want Where There’s LittleRobert Herrick1648
None Free From FaultRobert Herrick1648
None Truly Happy HereRobert Herrick1647
Nor Buying or SellingRobert Herrick1648
North And SouthRobert Herrick1647
Not Every Day Fit For VerseRobert Herrick1648
Not To Covet Much Where Little is the...Robert Herrick1648
Not To LoveRobert Herrick1648
Nothing Free-costRobert Herrick1648
Nothing NewRobert Herrick1648
ObedienceRobert Herrick1648
Obedience In SubjectsRobert Herrick1648
Oberon’s FeastRobert Herrick1648
Oberon’s PalaceRobert Herrick1648
ObservationRobert Herrick1647
Observation (2)Robert Herrick1647
Of LoveRobert Herrick1648
Of Love (2)Robert Herrick1648
Of Love (3)Robert Herrick1648
Of Love: A SonnetRobert Herrick1648
On FortuneRobert Herrick1648
On Gilly-flowers BegottenRobert Herrick1648
On HeavenRobert Herrick1647
On HimselfRobert Herrick1648
On Himself (10)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (11)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (12)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (13)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (14)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (15)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (16)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (17)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (18)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (2)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (3)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (4)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (5)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (6)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (7)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (8)Robert Herrick1648
On Himself (9)Robert Herrick1648
On His BookRobert Herrick1648
On Julia’s BreathRobert Herrick1648
On Julia’s LipsRobert Herrick1648
On Julia’s PictureRobert Herrick1648
On LoveRobert Herrick1648
On Love (2)Robert Herrick1648
On Love (3)Robert Herrick1648
On Poet Prat. EpigRobert Herrick1648
On Tomasin ParsonsRobert Herrick1648
On a Perfumed LadyRobert Herrick1648
Once Poor, Still PenuriousRobert Herrick1648
Once Seen And No MoreRobert Herrick1648
OrpheusRobert Herrick1648
Our Own Sins UnseenRobert Herrick1648
Out of Time, Out of TuneRobert Herrick1648
Pain And PleasureRobert Herrick1647
Pain Ends In PleasureRobert Herrick1647
Pains Without ProfitRobert Herrick1648
Painting Sometimes PermittedRobert Herrick1648
ParadiseRobert Herrick1647
Parcel-gilt PoetryRobert Herrick1648
PardonRobert Herrick1647
PardonsRobert Herrick1648
Patience In PrincesRobert Herrick1648
Patience: Or, Comforts In CrossesRobert Herrick1647
Peace Not PermanentRobert Herrick1648
PenitenceRobert Herrick1648
Penitence (2)Robert Herrick1647
PenitencyRobert Herrick1647
Persecutions ProfitableRobert Herrick1647
Persecutions PurifyRobert Herrick1647
PerseveranceRobert Herrick1648
PhysiciansRobert Herrick1648
Pity And PunishmentRobert Herrick1647
Pity To the ProstrateRobert Herrick1648
Pleasures PerniciousRobert Herrick1648
Plots Not Still ProsperousRobert Herrick1648
Poetry Perpetuates the PoetRobert Herrick1648
PoetsRobert Herrick1648
Policy In PrincesRobert Herrick1648
PossessionsRobert Herrick1648
Posting To PrintingRobert Herrick1648
PotentatesRobert Herrick1648
Poverty And RichesRobert Herrick1648
Poverty the Greatest PackRobert Herrick1648
Power And PeaceRobert Herrick1648
Pray And ProsperRobert Herrick1648
PrayerRobert Herrick1647
Prayers Must Have PoiseRobert Herrick1647
PreceptsRobert Herrick1648
PredestinationRobert Herrick1647
PrescienceRobert Herrick1647
Presence And AbsenceRobert Herrick1648
Present Government GrievousRobert Herrick1648
Prevision or ProvisionRobert Herrick1648
Pride Allowable In PoetsRobert Herrick1648
Princes And FavouritesRobert Herrick1648
Proof To No PurposeRobert Herrick1648
PurgatoryRobert Herrick1648
PurposesRobert Herrick1648
Rapine Brings RuinRobert Herrick1648
ReadinessRobert Herrick1648
RecompenseRobert Herrick1648
Regression Spoils ResolutionRobert Herrick1648
RepletionRobert Herrick1648
RestRobert Herrick1648
Rest RefreshesRobert Herrick1648
RevengeRobert Herrick1648
ReverenceRobert Herrick1647
Reverence To RichesRobert Herrick1648
Reward And PunishmentsRobert Herrick1648
RewardsRobert Herrick1648
Riches And PovertyRobert Herrick1647
RoaringRobert Herrick1647
Rules For Our ReachRobert Herrick1648
SabbathsRobert Herrick1647
Safety On the ShoreRobert Herrick1648
Safety To Look To OneselfRobert Herrick1648
Saint Distaff’s Day, or the Morrow Af...Robert Herrick1648
SalutationRobert Herrick1647
SatanRobert Herrick1647
Satisfaction For SufferingsRobert Herrick1648
Sauce For SorrowsRobert Herrick1648
Seek And FindRobert Herrick1648
Shame No StatistRobert Herrick1648
ShipwreckRobert Herrick1648
SilenceRobert Herrick1647
SinRobert Herrick1647
Sin (2)Robert Herrick1647
Sin (3)Robert Herrick1647
Sin (4)Robert Herrick1647
Sin (5)Robert Herrick1647
Sin (6)Robert Herrick1647
Sin And StrifeRobert Herrick1647
Sin SeenRobert Herrick1647
Sin Severely PunishedRobert Herrick1647
SincerityRobert Herrick1648
Single Life Most SecureRobert Herrick1648
SinnersRobert Herrick1647
Sins Loathed, And Yet LovedRobert Herrick1647
SlaveryRobert Herrick1648
SmartRobert Herrick1648
Sobriety In SearchRobert Herrick1647
SocietyRobert Herrick1648
Soft MusicRobert Herrick1648
Some Comfort In CalamityRobert Herrick1648
SorrowsRobert Herrick1647
Sorrows SucceedRobert Herrick1648
Speak In SeasonRobert Herrick1648
Steam In SacrificeRobert Herrick1648
Stool-ballRobert Herrick1648
Strength To Support SovereigntyRobert Herrick1648
Studies To Be SupportedRobert Herrick1648
Suffer That Thou Canst Not ShiftRobert Herrick1648
SufferanceRobert Herrick1648
SufferingsRobert Herrick1647
Supreme Fortune Falls SoonestRobert Herrick1648
Suspicion Makes SecureRobert Herrick1648
Sweetness In SacrificeRobert Herrick1648
TapersRobert Herrick1647
TearsRobert Herrick1648
Tears (2)Robert Herrick1647
Tears (3)Robert Herrick1647
Tears (4)Robert Herrick1647
Tears And LaughterRobert Herrick1648
Tears Are TonguesRobert Herrick1648
Temporal GoodsRobert Herrick1647
TemptationRobert Herrick1647
Temptation (2)Robert Herrick1647
TemptationsRobert Herrick1647
Temptations (2)Robert Herrick1647
ThanksgivingRobert Herrick1647
The AdmonitionRobert Herrick1648
The Amber BeadRobert Herrick1648
The Apparition of His Mistress Callin...Robert Herrick1648
The Apron of FlowersRobert Herrick1648
The Argument of His BookRobert Herrick1648
The AssRobert Herrick1647
The Bad Season Makes the Poet SadRobert Herrick1648
The Bag of the BeeRobert Herrick1648
The Bedman, or GravemakerRobert Herrick1648
The BeggarRobert Herrick1648
The Beggar To Mab, the Fairy QueenRobert Herrick1648
The BellmanRobert Herrick1648
The Bellman (2)Robert Herrick1647
The Bleeding Hand; Or, the Sprig of E...Robert Herrick1648
The BodyRobert Herrick1648
The BondmanRobert Herrick1648
The Bracelet To JuliaRobert Herrick1648
The Bracelet of Pearl: To SilviaRobert Herrick1648
The Bride-cakeRobert Herrick1648
The Broken CrystalRobert Herrick1648
The Bubble. a SongRobert Herrick1648
The Candour of Julia’s TeethRobert Herrick1648
The Captiv’d Bee, or the Little FilcherRobert Herrick1648
The CarcanetRobert Herrick1648
The Ceremonies For Candlemas DayRobert Herrick1648
The Changes To CorinnaRobert Herrick1648
The Cheat of Cupid; Or, the Ungentle ...Robert Herrick1648
The Chewing the CudRobert Herrick1647
The Christian MilitantRobert Herrick1648
The CloudRobert Herrick1648
The Cobblers’ CatchRobert Herrick1648
The Coming of Good LuckRobert Herrick1648
The Country Life, To the Honoured M. ...Robert Herrick1648
The Covetous Still CaptivesRobert Herrick1648
The Credit of the ConquerorRobert Herrick1648
The Crowd And CompanyRobert Herrick1648
The Cruel MaidRobert Herrick1648
The Curse. a SongRobert Herrick1648
The Definition of BeautyRobert Herrick1648
The Delaying BrideRobert Herrick1648
The DelugeRobert Herrick1648
The Departure of the Good DemonRobert Herrick1648
The Difference Betwixt Kings And Subj...Robert Herrick1648
The Dirge of Jephthah’s Daughter: Sun...Robert Herrick1647
The DreamRobert Herrick1648
The Dream (2)Robert Herrick1648
The EndRobert Herrick1648
The End (2)Robert Herrick1648
The End of His WorkRobert Herrick1648
The Entertainment; Or, Porch-verse, A...Robert Herrick1648
The EucharistRobert Herrick1647
The EyeRobert Herrick1648
The Eye (2)Robert Herrick1648
The EyesRobert Herrick1648
The Eyes Before the EarsRobert Herrick1648
The FairiesRobert Herrick1648
The Fairy Temple; Or, Oberon’s Chapel...Robert Herrick1648
The Fast, or LentRobert Herrick1647
The First Mars or MakesRobert Herrick1648
The FrankincenseRobert Herrick1648
The Frozen HeartRobert Herrick1648
The Frozen Zone; Or, Julia DisdainfulRobert Herrick1648
The Funeral Rites of the RoseRobert Herrick1648
The Good-night or BlessingRobert Herrick1648
The Goodness of His GodRobert Herrick1647
The HagRobert Herrick1648
The Hand And TongueRobert Herrick1648
The HeadacheRobert Herrick1648
The HeartRobert Herrick1647
The Hock-cart or Harvest Home. To the...Robert Herrick1648
The HoneycombRobert Herrick1648
The Hour-glassRobert Herrick1648
The InvitationRobert Herrick1648
The Jimmall Ring or True-love KnotRobert Herrick1648
The Judgment-dayRobert Herrick1647
The Judgment-day (2)Robert Herrick1647
The Kiss. a DialogueRobert Herrick1648
The LampRobert Herrick1647
The Last Stroke Strikes SureRobert Herrick1648
The LawnRobert Herrick1648
The Lily In a CrystalRobert Herrick1648
The Mad Maid’s SongRobert Herrick1648
The Maiden-blushRobert Herrick1648
The May-poleRobert Herrick1648
The Meadow-verse; Or, Anniversary To ...Robert Herrick1648
The MeanRobert Herrick1648
The Mean (2)Robert Herrick1648
The More Mighty, the More MercifulRobert Herrick1648
The Mount of the MusesRobert Herrick1648
The New-year’s GiftRobert Herrick1647
The New-year’s Gift: Or, Circumcision...Robert Herrick1647
The Night-piece, To JuliaRobert Herrick1648
The Number of TwoRobert Herrick1647
The Old Wives’ PrayerRobert Herrick1648
The Olive BranchRobert Herrick1648
The Parasceve, or PreparationRobert Herrick1647
The Parcæ; Or, Three Dainty Destinies...Robert Herrick1648
The Parliament of Roses To JuliaRobert Herrick1648
The Parting Verse or Charge To His Su...Robert Herrick1648
The Parting Verse, the Feast There EndedRobert Herrick1648
The PerfumeRobert Herrick1648
The Peter-pennyRobert Herrick1648
The Pillar of FameRobert Herrick1648
The Plaudite, or End of LifeRobert Herrick1648
The PlunderRobert Herrick1648
The Poet Hath Lost His PipeRobert Herrick1648
The Poet Loves a Mistress, But Not To...Robert Herrick1648
The Poet’s Good Wishes For the Most H...Robert Herrick1648
The Pomander BraceletRobert Herrick1648
The Poor Man’s PartRobert Herrick1647
The Poor’s PortionRobert Herrick1647
The Power In the PeopleRobert Herrick1648
The Present Time Best PleasethRobert Herrick1648
The Present; Or, the Bag of the BeeRobert Herrick1648
The Primitiæ To ParentsRobert Herrick1648
The PrimroseRobert Herrick1648
The RainbowRobert Herrick1648
The Rainbow, or Curious CovenantRobert Herrick1648
The RecompenseRobert Herrick1647
The ResurrectionRobert Herrick1647
The Resurrection Possible And ProbableRobert Herrick1647
The Right HandRobert Herrick1647
The Rock of Rubies, And the Quarry of...Robert Herrick1648
The RodRobert Herrick1647
The RosaryRobert Herrick1648
The RoseRobert Herrick1647
The Rosemary BranchRobert Herrick1648
The Sacrifice, By Way of Discourse Be...Robert Herrick1648
The Sadness of Things For Sappho’s Si...Robert Herrick1648
The Scare-fireRobert Herrick1648
The School or Pearl of Putney, the Mi...Robert Herrick1648
The Shoe-tyingRobert Herrick1648
The Shower of BlossomsRobert Herrick1648
The Silken SnakeRobert Herrick1648
The Smell of the SacrificeRobert Herrick1648
The SoulRobert Herrick1647
The Soul is the SaltRobert Herrick1648
The SpellRobert Herrick1648
The Staff And RodRobert Herrick1647
The Star-song: a Carol To the King Su...Robert Herrick1647
The Succession of the Four Sweet MonthsRobert Herrick1648
The Sum And the SatisfactionRobert Herrick1647
The Suspicion Upon His Over-much Fami...Robert Herrick1648
The Tear Sent To Her From StainesRobert Herrick1648
The Tinker’s SongRobert Herrick1648
The Tithe. To the BrideRobert Herrick1648
The TransfigurationRobert Herrick1648
The VineRobert Herrick1648
The Virgin MaryRobert Herrick1647
The Virgin Mary (2)Robert Herrick1647
The VisionRobert Herrick1648
The Vision (2)Robert Herrick1648
The Vision To ElectraRobert Herrick1648
The Voice And ViolRobert Herrick1648
The WakeRobert Herrick1648
The WassailRobert Herrick1648
The WatchRobert Herrick1648
The WayRobert Herrick1647
The Weeping CherryRobert Herrick1648
The Welcome To SackRobert Herrick1648
The White Island: Or, Place of the BlestRobert Herrick1647
The Widows’ Tears: Or, Dirge of DorcasRobert Herrick1647
The Will Makes the Work; Or, Consent ...Robert Herrick1648
The Will the Cause of WoeRobert Herrick1647
The Willow GarlandRobert Herrick1648
The Wounded Cupid. SongRobert Herrick1648
The Wounded HeartRobert Herrick1648
Things Mortal Still MutableRobert Herrick1648
Things of Choice Long A-comingRobert Herrick1648
This, And the Next WorldRobert Herrick1647
Three Fatal SistersRobert Herrick1647
To All Young Men That LoveRobert Herrick1648
To AntheaRobert Herrick1648
To Anthea (2)Robert Herrick1648
To Anthea (3)Robert Herrick1648
To Anthea (4)Robert Herrick1648
To Anthea (5)Robert Herrick1648
To Anthea (6)Robert Herrick1648
To Anthea (7)Robert Herrick1648
To Anthea Lying In BedRobert Herrick1648
To Anthea, Who May Command Him Any ThingRobert Herrick1648
To Anthea, Who May Command Him AnythingRobert Herrick1648
To ApolloRobert Herrick1648
To Apollo. a Short HymnRobert Herrick1648
To Bacchus, a CanticleRobert Herrick1648
To Be MerryRobert Herrick1648
To BiancaRobert Herrick1648
To Bianca, To Bless HimRobert Herrick1648
To BlossomsRobert Herrick1648
To Carnations. a SongRobert Herrick1648
To CedarsRobert Herrick1648
To Cherry-blossomsRobert Herrick1648
To ChristRobert Herrick1647
To CriticsRobert Herrick1648
To Crown ItRobert Herrick1648
To CupidRobert Herrick1648
To DaffodilsRobert Herrick1648
To Daisies, Not To Shut So SoonRobert Herrick1648
To Dean Bourn, a Rude River In Devon,...Robert Herrick1648
To DeathRobert Herrick1647
To Dews. a SongRobert Herrick1648
To DianemeRobert Herrick1648
To Dianeme (2)Robert Herrick1648
To Dianeme (3)Robert Herrick1648
To Dianeme (4)Robert Herrick1648
To Dianeme (5)Robert Herrick1648
To Dianeme. a Ceremony In GloucesterRobert Herrick1648
To Doctor AlabasterRobert Herrick1648
To ElectraRobert Herrick1648
To Electra (2)Robert Herrick1648
To Electra (3)Robert Herrick1648
To Electra (4)Robert Herrick1648
To Electra (5)Robert Herrick1648
To Electra (6)Robert Herrick1648
To Electra. Love Looks For LoveRobert Herrick1648
To Enjoy the TimeRobert Herrick1648
To Find GodRobert Herrick1647
To FlowersRobert Herrick1648
To FortuneRobert Herrick1648
To GodRobert Herrick1647
To God (10)Robert Herrick1647
To God (11)Robert Herrick1647
To God (12)Robert Herrick1647
To God (13)Robert Herrick1647
To God (14)Robert Herrick1647
To God (15)Robert Herrick1647
To God (16)Robert Herrick1647
To God (2)Robert Herrick1647
To God (3)Robert Herrick1647
To God (4)Robert Herrick1647
To God (5)Robert Herrick1647
To God (6)Robert Herrick1647
To God (7)Robert Herrick1647
To God (8)Robert Herrick1647
To God (9)Robert Herrick1647
To God In Time of PlunderingRobert Herrick1647
To God, His GiftRobert Herrick1647
To God: His Good WillRobert Herrick1647
To God: On His SicknessRobert Herrick1647
To God: an Anthem Sung In the Chapel ...Robert Herrick1647
To GrovesRobert Herrick1648
To HeavenRobert Herrick1647
To His Angry GodRobert Herrick1647
To His BookRobert Herrick1648
To His Book (10)Robert Herrick1648
To His Book (11)Robert Herrick1648
To His Book (2)Robert Herrick1648
To His Book (3)Robert Herrick1648
To His Book (4)Robert Herrick1648
To His Book (5)Robert Herrick1648
To His Book (6)Robert Herrick1648
To His Book (7)Robert Herrick1648
To His Book (8)Robert Herrick1648
To His Book (9)Robert Herrick1648
To His Brother, Nicholas HerrickRobert Herrick1648
To His Brother-in-law, Master John Wi...Robert Herrick1648
To His Closet-godsRobert Herrick1648
To His ConscienceRobert Herrick1647
To His Dear GodRobert Herrick1647
To His Dear Valentine, Mistress Marga...Robert Herrick1648
To His Dying Brother, Master William ...Robert Herrick1648
To His Ever-loving GodRobert Herrick1647
To His Faithful Friend, M. John Croft...Robert Herrick1648
To His Friend To Avoid Contention of ...Robert Herrick1648
To His Friend, Mr. J. JincksRobert Herrick1648
To His Friend, On the Untunable TimesRobert Herrick1648
To His GirlsRobert Herrick1648
To His Girls, Who Would Have Him Spor...Robert Herrick1648
To His Honoured And Most Ingenious Fr...Robert Herrick1648
To His Honoured Friend, M. John Weare...Robert Herrick1648
To His Honoured Friend, Sir John MinceRobert Herrick1648
To His Honoured Friend, Sir Thomas HealeRobert Herrick1648
To His Honoured Kinsman, Sir Richard ...Robert Herrick1648
To His Honoured Kinsman, Sir William ...Robert Herrick1648
To His Household GodsRobert Herrick1648
To His Kinsman, M. Tho. Herrick, Who ...Robert Herrick1648
To His Kinsman, Sir Thos. SoameRobert Herrick1648
To His Kinswoman, Mistress Susanna He...Robert Herrick1648
To His Kinswoman, Mrs. Penelope WheelerRobert Herrick1648
To His Learned Friend, M. Jo. Harmar,...Robert Herrick1648
To His Lovely MistressesRobert Herrick1648
To His Maid, PrewRobert Herrick1648
To His MistressRobert Herrick1648
To His Mistress Objecting To Him Neit...Robert Herrick1648
To His MistressesRobert Herrick1648
To His Mistresses (2)Robert Herrick1648
To His MuseRobert Herrick1648
To His Muse (2)Robert Herrick1648
To His Muse (3)Robert Herrick1648
To His Muse; Another To the SameRobert Herrick1648
To His Nephew, To Be Prosperous In Hi...Robert Herrick1648
To His Paternal CountryRobert Herrick1648
To His Peculiar Friend, M. Jo. WicksRobert Herrick1648
To His Peculiar Friend, Mr. Thomas Sh...Robert Herrick1648
To His Peculiar Friend, Sir Edward Fi...Robert Herrick1648
To His SaviourRobert Herrick1647
To His Saviour, a Child: a Present By...Robert Herrick1647
To His Saviour. the New-year’s GiftRobert Herrick1647
To His Saviour’s Sepulchre: His DevotionRobert Herrick1647
To His Sister-in-law, M. Susanna HerrickRobert Herrick1648
To His Sweet SaviourRobert Herrick1647
To His Tomb-makerRobert Herrick1648
To His Valentine On St. Valentine’s DayRobert Herrick1648
To His VersesRobert Herrick1648
To His Worthy Friend, M. Arthur BartlyRobert Herrick1648
To His Worthy Friend, M. John Hall, S...Robert Herrick1648
To His Worthy Friend, M. Thos. Falcon...Robert Herrick1648
To His Worthy Kinsman, Mr. Stephen SoameRobert Herrick1648
To JealousyRobert Herrick1648
To Jos., Lord Bishop of ExeterRobert Herrick1648
To JuliaRobert Herrick1648
To Julia (2)Robert Herrick1648
To Julia (3)Robert Herrick1648
To Julia (4)Robert Herrick1648
To Julia (5)Robert Herrick1648
To Julia (6)Robert Herrick1648
To Julia (7)Robert Herrick1648
To Julia (8)Robert Herrick1648
To Julia In the TempleRobert Herrick1648
To Julia, In Her Dawn, or DaybreakRobert Herrick1648
To Julia, the Flaminica Dialis or Que...Robert Herrick1648
To Keep a True LentRobert Herrick1647
To LarRobert Herrick1648
To LaurelsRobert Herrick1648
To Live FreelyRobert Herrick1648
To Live Merrily And To Trust To Good ...Robert Herrick1648
To LoveRobert Herrick1648
To M. Denham On His Prospective PoemRobert Herrick1648
To M. Henry Lawes, the Excellent Comp...Robert Herrick1648
To M. KellamRobert Herrick1648
To M. Laurence SwetnahamRobert Herrick1648
To M. Leonard Willan, His Peculiar Fr...Robert Herrick1648
To MarigoldsRobert Herrick1648
To MeadowsRobert Herrick1648
To Mistress Amy PotterRobert Herrick1648
To Mistress Dorothy ParsonsRobert Herrick1648
To Mistress Katherine Bradshaw, the L...Robert Herrick1648
To Mistress Mary WillandRobert Herrick1648
To MomusRobert Herrick1648
To MusicRobert Herrick1648
To Music, To Becalm His FeverRobert Herrick1648
To Music, To Becalm a Sweet-sick YouthRobert Herrick1648
To Music. a SongRobert Herrick1648
To My Dearest Sister, M. Mercy HerrickRobert Herrick1648
To My Ill ReaderRobert Herrick1648
To Myrrha, Hard-heartedRobert Herrick1648
To OenoneRobert Herrick1648
To Oenone (2)Robert Herrick1648
To Oenone (3)Robert Herrick1648
To PansiesRobert Herrick1648
To PerennaRobert Herrick1648
To Perenna (2)Robert Herrick1648
To Perenna (3)Robert Herrick1648
To Perenna (4)Robert Herrick1648
To Perenna, a MistressRobert Herrick1648
To PerillaRobert Herrick1648
To Phyllis, To Love And Live With HimRobert Herrick1648
To Primroses Filled With Morning DewRobert Herrick1648
To Prince Charles Upon His Coming To ...Robert Herrick1648
To Robin RedbreastRobert Herrick1648
To Rosemary And BaysRobert Herrick1648
To Roses In Julia’s BosomRobert Herrick1648
To SapphoRobert Herrick1648
To Sappho (2)Robert Herrick1648
To Sappho (3)Robert Herrick1648
To SilviaRobert Herrick1648
To Silvia (2)Robert Herrick1648
To Silvia (3)Robert Herrick1648
To Silvia To WedRobert Herrick1648
To Sir Clipseby CrewRobert Herrick1648
To Sir Clipseby Crew (2)Robert Herrick1648
To Sir George Parry, Doctor of the Ci...Robert Herrick1648
To Sir John Berkley, Governor of ExeterRobert Herrick1648
To Springs And FountainsRobert Herrick1648
To SycamoresRobert Herrick1648
To Sylvia To WedRobert Herrick1648
To VioletsRobert Herrick1648
To VirginsRobert Herrick1648
To VulcanRobert Herrick1648
To Women, To Hide Their Teeth If They...Robert Herrick1648
To YouthRobert Herrick1648
To a Bed of TulipsRobert Herrick1648
To a FriendRobert Herrick1648
To a Gentlewoman Objecting To Him His...Robert Herrick1648
To a Gentlewoman On Just DealingRobert Herrick1648
To the DetractorRobert Herrick1648
To the Earl of WestmorelandRobert Herrick1648
To the Fever, Not To Trouble JuliaRobert Herrick1648
To the Generous ReaderRobert Herrick1648
To the Genius of His HouseRobert Herrick1648
To the Handsome Mistress Grace PotterRobert Herrick1648
To the High And Noble Prince George, ...Robert Herrick1648
To the Honoured Master Endymion PorterRobert Herrick1648
To the KingRobert Herrick1648
To the King (2)Robert Herrick1648
To the King And Queen Upon Their Unha...Robert Herrick1648
To the King, To Cure the EvilRobert Herrick1648
To the King, Upon His Coming With His...Robert Herrick1648
To the King, Upon His Taking of Leice...Robert Herrick1648
To the King, Upon His Welcome To Hamp...Robert Herrick1648
To the LadiesRobert Herrick1648
To the Lady Crew, Upon the Death of H...Robert Herrick1648
To the Lady Mary Villars, Governess T...Robert Herrick1648
To the LarkRobert Herrick1648
To the Little SpinnersRobert Herrick1648
To the Lord Hopton, On His Fight In C...Robert Herrick1648
To the Maids To Walk AbroadRobert Herrick1648
To the Most Accomplished Gentleman, M...Robert Herrick1648
To the Most Accomplished Gentleman, M...Robert Herrick1648
To the Most Comely And Proper M. Eliz...Robert Herrick1648
To the Most Fair And Lovely Mistress ...Robert Herrick1648
To the Most Illustrious and Most Hope...Robert Herrick1648
To the Most Learned, Wise, And Arch-a...Robert Herrick1648
To the Most Virtuous Mistress Pot, Wh...Robert Herrick1648
To the Nightingale And Robin RedbreastRobert Herrick1648
To the Painter, To Draw Him a PictureRobert Herrick1648
To the PassengerRobert Herrick1648
To the Patron of Poets, M. End. PorterRobert Herrick1648
To the QueenRobert Herrick1648
To the Reverend Shade of His Religiou...Robert Herrick1648
To the Right Gracious Prince, Lodowic...Robert Herrick1648
To the Right Honourable Edward, Earl ...Robert Herrick1648
To the Right Honourable Mildmay, Earl...Robert Herrick1648
To the Right Honourable Philip, Earl ...Robert Herrick1648
To the Rose. a SongRobert Herrick1648
To the Sour ReaderRobert Herrick1648
To the Virgins, To Make Much of TimeRobert Herrick1648
To the Virgins, to Make Much of TimeRobert Herrick1648
To the Water Nymphs Drinking At the F...Robert Herrick1648
To the Western WindRobert Herrick1648
To the Willow-treeRobert Herrick1648
To the Yew And Cypress To Grace His F...Robert Herrick1648
TreasonRobert Herrick1648
True FriendshipRobert Herrick1648
True SafetyRobert Herrick1648
TruthRobert Herrick1648
Truth And ErrorRobert Herrick1648
Truth And FalsehoodRobert Herrick1648
Twelfth Night: Or, King And QueenRobert Herrick1648
TwilightRobert Herrick1648
Twilight (2)Robert Herrick1648
Two Things OdiousRobert Herrick1648
Ultimus Heroum: Or, To the Most Learn...Robert Herrick1648
Up Tails AllRobert Herrick1648
Upon Ben JonsonRobert Herrick1648
Upon Candlemas DayRobert Herrick1648
Upon CaseRobert Herrick1648
Upon ChubRobert Herrick1648
Upon ClunnRobert Herrick1648
Upon Crab. EpigRobert Herrick1648
Upon CupidRobert Herrick1648
Upon Cupid (2)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Cupid (3)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Cupid (4)Robert Herrick1648
Upon ElectraRobert Herrick1648
Upon Electra’s TearsRobert Herrick1648
Upon GodRobert Herrick1647
Upon God (2)Robert Herrick1647
Upon God (3)Robert Herrick1647
Upon Her AlmsRobert Herrick1648
Upon Her BlushRobert Herrick1648
Upon Her EyesRobert Herrick1648
Upon Her FeetRobert Herrick1648
Upon Her VoiceRobert Herrick1648
Upon Her WeepingRobert Herrick1648
Upon HimselfRobert Herrick1648
Upon Himself (2)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Himself (3)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Himself (4)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Himself (5)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Himself (6)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Himself (7)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Himself (8)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Himself Being BuriedRobert Herrick1648
Upon His Departure HenceRobert Herrick1648
Upon His Eyesight Failing HimRobert Herrick1648
Upon His Grey HairsRobert Herrick1648
Upon His JuliaRobert Herrick1648
Upon His Kinswoman, Mistress Bridget ...Robert Herrick1648
Upon His Kinswoman, Mistress Elizabet...Robert Herrick1648
Upon His Kinswoman, Mrs. M. SRobert Herrick1648
Upon His Sister-in-law, Mistress Eliz...Robert Herrick1648
Upon His Spaniel TracyRobert Herrick1648
Upon His VersesRobert Herrick1648
Upon IreneRobert Herrick1648
Upon Judith. EpigRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia Washing Herself In the RiverRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia's ClothesRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia’s BreastsRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia’s ClothesRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia’s FallRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia’s Hair Bundled Up In a Gol...Robert Herrick1648
Upon Julia’s Hair Fill’d With DewRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia’s RecoveryRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia’s RibandRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia’s SweatRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia’s Unlacing HerselfRobert Herrick1648
Upon Julia’s VoiceRobert Herrick1648
Upon KingsRobert Herrick1648
Upon LoveRobert Herrick1648
Upon Love (10)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Love (2)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Love (3)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Love (4)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Love (5)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Love (6)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Love (7)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Love (8)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Love (9)Robert Herrick1648
Upon Love, By Way of Question And AnswerRobert Herrick1648
Upon LuciaRobert Herrick1648
Upon Lucia Dabbled In the DewRobert Herrick1648
Upon Lucy. EpigRobert Herrick1648
Upon M. Ben. Jonson. EpigRobert Herrick1648
Upon M. William Lawes, the Rare MusicianRobert Herrick1648
Upon ManRobert Herrick1648
Upon Mistress Susanna Southwell, Her ...Robert Herrick1648
Upon Mrs. Elizabeth Wheeler, Under th...Robert Herrick1648
Upon One Lily, Who Married With a Mai...Robert Herrick1648
Upon Prew, His MaidRobert Herrick1648
Upon Prudence Baldwin: Her SicknessRobert Herrick1648
Upon Puss And Her ‘prentice. EpigRobert Herrick1648
Upon RosesRobert Herrick1648
Upon SapphoRobert Herrick1648
Upon Sappho Sweetly Playing And Sweet...Robert Herrick1648
Upon SharkRobert Herrick1648
Upon Silvia, a MistressRobert Herrick1648
Upon Some WomenRobert Herrick1648
Upon TearsRobert Herrick1648
Upon TimeRobert Herrick1647
Upon TrapRobert Herrick1648
Upon Tuck. EpigRobert Herrick1648
Upon UrsleyRobert Herrick1648
Upon Woman And MaryRobert Herrick1647
Upon WrinklesRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Black Twist Rounding the Arm o...Robert Herrick1648
Upon a ChildRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Child That DiedRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Child. an EpitaphRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Comely And Curious MaidRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Delaying LadyRobert Herrick1648
Upon a FlyRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Gentlewoman With a Sweet VoiceRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Hoarse SingerRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Lady Fair But FruitlessRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Lady That Died In Child-bed, A...Robert Herrick1648
Upon a MaidRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Maid (2)Robert Herrick1648
Upon a Maid (3)Robert Herrick1648
Upon a Maid That Died the Day She Was...Robert Herrick1648
Upon a Painted GentlewomanRobert Herrick1648
Upon a PhysicianRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Scar In a Virgin’s FaceRobert Herrick1648
Upon a VirginRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Virgin Kissing a RoseRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Wife That Died Mad With JealousyRobert Herrick1648
Upon a Young Mother of Many ChildrenRobert Herrick1648
Upon an Old Man: a ResidentiaryRobert Herrick1648
Upon the Bishop of Lincoln’s Imprison...Robert Herrick1648
Upon the Death of His Sparrow. an ElegyRobert Herrick1648
Upon the Lady CrewRobert Herrick1648
Upon the Loss of His FingerRobert Herrick1648
Upon the Loss of His MistressesRobert Herrick1648
Upon the Much-lamented Mr. J. WarrRobert Herrick1648
Upon the Nipples of Julia’s BreastRobert Herrick1648
Upon the Roses In Julia’s BosomRobert Herrick1648
Upon the SameRobert Herrick1648
Upon the Troublesome TimesRobert Herrick1648
VersesRobert Herrick1648
VirtueRobert Herrick1648
Virtue Best UnitedRobert Herrick1648
Virtue is Sensible of SufferingRobert Herrick1648
WagesRobert Herrick1647
WantRobert Herrick1648
Want (2)Robert Herrick1648
WarRobert Herrick1648
Welcome What ComesRobert Herrick1647
What God isRobert Herrick1647
What Kind of Mistress He Would HaveRobert Herrick1648
When He Would Have His Verses ReadRobert Herrick1648
WhipsRobert Herrick1647
Why Flowers Change ColourRobert Herrick1648
Wit Punished, Prospers MostRobert Herrick1648
Women UselessRobert Herrick1648
WritingRobert Herrick1648
Youth And AgeRobert Herrick1647
Zeal Required In LoveRobert Herrick1648
[This crosstree here]Robert Herrick1647
[to His Book.] AnotherRobert Herrick1648
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