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Oscar Wilde

Poems by author Oscar Wilde
A VisionOscar Wilde1881
Amor IntellectualisOscar Wilde1881
ApologiaOscar Wilde1881
At VeronaOscar Wilde1881
AthanasiaOscar Wilde1881
Ave ImperatrixOscar Wilde1881
Ave Maria plena GratiaOscar Wilde1881
Ballade de MargueriteOscar Wilde1881
By the ArnoOscar Wilde1881
CammaOscar Wilde1881
ChansonOscar Wilde1881
CharmidesOscar Wilde1881
E TenebrisOscar Wilde1881
Easter DayOscar Wilde1881
EndymionOscar Wilde1881
Fabien dei FranchiOscar Wilde1881
HelasOscar Wilde1881
Henrietta MariaOscar Wilde1881
Her VoiceOscar Wilde1881
HumanitadOscar Wilde1881
Impression du MatinOscar Wilde1881
Impression du VoyageOscar Wilde1881
Impression: Le ReveillonOscar Wilde1881
In the Gold Room: a HarmonyOscar Wilde1881
ItaliaOscar Wilde1881
La Bella Donna della mia MenteOscar Wilde1881
La Fuite de la LuneOscar Wilde1881
Les SilhouettesOscar Wilde1881
Libertatis Sacra FamesOscar Wilde1881
Louis NapoleonOscar Wilde1881
Madonna MiaOscar Wilde1881
Magdalen WalksOscar Wilde1881
My VoiceOscar Wilde1881
PantheaOscar Wilde1881
PhêdreOscar Wilde1881
PortiaOscar Wilde1881
Quantum MutataOscar Wilde1881
Quia Multum amaviOscar Wilde1881
RequiescatOscar Wilde1881
Rome UnvisitedOscar Wilde1881
San MiniatoOscar Wilde1881
Santa DeccaOscar Wilde1881
SerenadeOscar Wilde1881
Silentium AmorisOscar Wilde1881
Sonnet on approaching ItalyOscar Wilde1881
Sonnet on hearing the Dies Iræ sung i...Oscar Wilde1881
Sonnet on the Massacre of the Christi...Oscar Wilde1881
Sonnet to LibertyOscar Wilde1881
Sonnet written in Holy Week at GenoaOscar Wilde1881
The Ballad of Reading GaolOscar Wilde1898
The Burden of ItysOscar Wilde1881
The Dole of the King’s DaughterOscar Wilde1881
The Garden of ErosOscar Wilde1881
The Grave of KeatsOscar Wilde1881
The Grave of ShelleyOscar Wilde1881
The New HelenOscar Wilde1881
Theocritus: a VillanelleOscar Wilde1881
TheoretikosOscar Wilde1881
To MiltonOscar Wilde1881
Tædium VitæOscar Wilde1881
Urbs Sacra ÆternaOscar Wilde1881
Vita NuovaOscar Wilde1881
Γλυκυπικροσ ΕρωσOscar Wilde1881
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