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W. B. Yeats

Poems by author W. B. Yeats
A CoatW. B. Yeats1916
A Cradle SongW. B. Yeats1899
A Deep-sworn VowW. B. Yeats1919
A Drinking SongW. B. Yeats1916
A Friend's IllnessW. B. Yeats1916
A Memory of YouthW. B. Yeats1916
A Poet to his BelovedW. B. Yeats1899
A Prayer for my DaughterW. B. Yeats1921
A Prayer on going into my HouseW. B. Yeats1919
A SongW. B. Yeats1919
A Thought from PropertiusW. B. Yeats1919
A Woman Homer sungW. B. Yeats1916
Adam's CurseW. B. Yeats1903
Aedh Laments the Loss of LoveW. B. Yeats1899
Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of HeavenW. B. Yeats1889
Aedh gives his Beloved certain RhymesW. B. Yeats1899
Aedh hears the Cry of the SedgeW. B. Yeats1899
Aedh pleads with the Elemental PowersW. B. Yeats1899
Aedh tells of a Valley full of LoversW. B. Yeats1899
Aedh tells of the Rose in his HeartW. B. Yeats1899
Aedh tells of the perfect BeautyW. B. Yeats1899
Aedh thinks of those who have spoken ...W. B. Yeats1899
Aedh wishes for the Cloths of HeavenW. B. Yeats1899
Aedh wishes his Beloved were deadW. B. Yeats1899
Against Unworthy PraiseW. B. Yeats1916
All Things can tempt meW. B. Yeats1916
An AppointmentW. B. Yeats1916
An Irish Airman foresees his DeathW. B. Yeats1919
Another Song of a FoolW. B. Yeats1919
At Galway RacesW. B. Yeats1916
At the Abbey TheatreW. B. Yeats1916
Beggar to Beggar criedW. B. Yeats1916
Breasal the FishermanW. B. Yeats1899
Broken DreamsW. B. Yeats1919
Closing RhymesW. B. Yeats1916
Easter, 1916W. B. Yeats1921
Ego Dominus TuusW. B. Yeats1919
Fallen MajestyW. B. Yeats1916
FriendsW. B. Yeats1916
Hanrahan laments because of his Wande...W. B. Yeats1899
Hanrahan reproves the CurlewW. B. Yeats1899
Hanrahan speaks to the Lovers of his ...W. B. Yeats1899
Her PraiseW. B. Yeats1919
His DreamW. B. Yeats1916
His PhoenixW. B. Yeats1919
In Memory of Alfred PollexfenW. B. Yeats1919
In Memory of Major Robert GregoryW. B. Yeats1919
Into the TwilightW. B. Yeats1899
Introductory RhymesW. B. Yeats1916
King and No KingW. B. Yeats1916
Lines written in DejectionW. B. Yeats1919
MemoryW. B. Yeats1919
Men improve with the YearsW. B. Yeats1919
Michael Robartes asks Forgiveness bec...W. B. Yeats1899
Michael Robartes bids his Beloved be ...W. B. Yeats1899
Michael Robartes remembers forgotten ...W. B. Yeats1899
Mongan laments the Change that has co...W. B. Yeats1899
Mongan thinks of his past GreatnessW. B. Yeats1899
Never give all the heartW. B. Yeats1904
No Second TroyW. B. Yeats1916
On WomanW. B. Yeats1919
On being asked for a War PoemW. B. Yeats1919
On hearing that the Students of Our N...W. B. Yeats1916
PaudeenW. B. Yeats1916
PeaceW. B. Yeats1916
PresencesW. B. Yeats1919
ReconciliationW. B. Yeats1916
Running to ParadiseW. B. Yeats1916
September 1913W. B. Yeats1916
Solomon to ShebaW. B. Yeats1919
That the Night comeW. B. Yeats1916
The Attack on 'The Playboy of the Wes...W. B. Yeats1916
The Balloon of the MindW. B. Yeats1919
The BlessedW. B. Yeats1899
The Cap and BellsW. B. Yeats1899
The Cat and the MoonW. B. Yeats1919
The Cold HeavenW. B. Yeats1916
The Collar-bone of a HareW. B. Yeats1919
The Coming of Wisdom with TimeW. B. Yeats1916
The ConsolationW. B. Yeats1916
The DawnW. B. Yeats1919
The DollsW. B. Yeats1916
The Double Vision of Michael RobartesW. B. Yeats1919
The Everlasting VoicesW. B. Yeats1899
The Fascination of What's DifficultW. B. Yeats1916
The Fiddler of DooneyW. B. Yeats1899
The FishermanW. B. Yeats1916
The Grey RockW. B. Yeats1916
The HawkW. B. Yeats1919
The Heart of the WomanW. B. Yeats1899
The Host of the AirW. B. Yeats1899
The Hosting of the SidheW. B. Yeats1899
The Hour before DawnW. B. Yeats1916
The Hour-GlassW. B. Yeats1916
The Lake Isle of InnisfreeW. B. Yeats1890
The Living BeautyW. B. Yeats1919
The MagiW. B. Yeats1916
The MaskW. B. Yeats1916
The MoodsW. B. Yeats1899
The Mountain TombW. B. Yeats1916
The PeacockW. B. Yeats1916
The PeopleW. B. Yeats1919
The Phases of the MoonW. B. Yeats1919
The Player QueenW. B. Yeats1916
The Poet pleads with his Friend for o...W. B. Yeats1899
The RealistsW. B. Yeats1916
The Rose of BattleW. B. Yeats1892
The Sad ShepherdW. B. Yeats1919
The Saint and the HunchbackW. B. Yeats1919
The ScholarsW. B. Yeats1919
The Second ComingW. B. Yeats1920
The Secret RoseW. B. Yeats1899
The Song of Wandering AengusW. B. Yeats1899
The Song of the old MotherW. B. Yeats1899
The Sorrow of LoveW. B. Yeats1893
The Stolen ChildW. B. Yeats1889
The Three BeggarsW. B. Yeats1916
The Three HermitsW. B. Yeats1916
The Travail of PassionW. B. Yeats1899
The Two KingsW. B. Yeats1916
The Valley of the Black PigW. B. Yeats1899
The Well and the TreeW. B. Yeats1916
The Wild Swans at CooleW. B. Yeats1919
The WitchW. B. Yeats1916
The Young Man's SongW. B. Yeats1916
These are the CloudsW. B. Yeats1916
To a Child dancing in the WindW. B. Yeats1916
To a Friend whose Work has come to No...W. B. Yeats1916
To a PoetW. B. Yeats1916
To a ShadeW. B. Yeats1916
To a Squirrel at Kyle-na-gnoW. B. Yeats1919
To a Wealthy ManW. B. Yeats1916
To a Young BeautyW. B. Yeats1919
To a Young GirlW. B. Yeats1919
To my Heart, bidding it have no FearW. B. Yeats1899
Tom O'RoughleyW. B. Yeats1919
Two Songs of a FoolW. B. Yeats1919
Under the Round TowerW. B. Yeats1919
Upon a Dying LadyW. B. Yeats1919
Upon a House shaken by the Land Agita...W. B. Yeats1916
When Helen livedW. B. Yeats1916
When You Are OldW. B. Yeats1919
Who goes with Fergus?W. B. Yeats1893
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