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Poems with tag Nature
4. [My heart leaps up when I behold]William Wordsworth1807
7. [I wandered lonely as a Cloud]William Wordsworth1807
A Baby Running BarefootD. H. Lawrence1916
A Bird SongChristina Rossetti1873
A Jelly-FishMarianne Moore1909
A Love SongWilliam Carlos Williams1916
A Prophecy: To George Keats in AmericaJohn Keats1900
A Song for Merry HarvestEliza Cook1840
A Summer NightElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
A WindflowerLizette Woodworth Reese1891
Above the DockT. E. Hulme1912
AconH. D.1916
AugustLizette Woodworth Reese1887
AusterityJanet Loxley Lewis1920
AutumnElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
AutumnAlexander Posey1910
BlueberriesRobert Frost1914
By the StreamPaul Laurence Dunbar1896
ClosedElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
Conversation GalanteT. S. Eliot1917
ConversionT. E. Hulme1912
DawnJohn Gould Fletcher1917
Dead LeavesGeorgia Douglas Johnson1918
Deep in the Quiet WoodJames Weldon Johnson1917
Déjeuner Sur L’HerbeEdith Sitwell1918
EldersLouise Bogan1922
Elegy Before DeathEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
Evangeline, A Tale of AcadieHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1847
FarewellJohn Clare1920
FloodJames Joyce1917
Frogs Eat Butterflies. Snakes Eat Fro...Wallace Stevens1922
GardenH. D.1916
God's WorldEdna St. Vincent Millay1917
Home-ComingLéonie Adams1921
Huge Vapours Brood above the Clifted ...Charlotte Smith1798
ImageryArchibald MacLeish1917
ImagesRichard Aldington1916
Inscription for the Entrance to a WoodWilliam Cullen Bryant1854
I’ll tell you how the sun roseEmily Dickinson1890
JanuaryHelen Hunt Jackson1886
Juan Higera CreekRobinson Jeffers1916
Kubla KhanSamuel Taylor Coleridge1816
La Figlia Che PiangeT. S. Eliot1917
Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tint...William Wordsworth1798
Low-TideEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
MarchElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
MariposaEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
Merry AutumnPaul Laurence Dunbar1896
Morning SongSara Teasdale1920
Morning on ShinnecockOlivia Ward Bush-Banks1899
Mount ShastaJohn Rollin Ridge1868
MowingRobert Frost1913
MutabilityPercy Bysshe Shelley1816
My BrookHelen Hay Whitney1898
NatureGeorge Herbert1633
No!Thomas Hood1844
NovemberElizabeth Drew Stoddard1895
October-NovemberHart Crane1918
Ode on Intimations of Immortality fro...William Wordsworth1807
Ode to the West WindPercy Bysshe Shelley1820
Of Many Worlds in This WorldMargaret Cavendish1653
Park Going to SleepHelen Hoyt1915
Patience Taught by NatureElizabeth Barrett Browning1845
Pea BrushRobert Frost1916
Pied BeautyGerard Manley Hopkins1918
Poppies on the WheatHelen Hunt Jackson1870
Prairie SpringWilla Cather1913
PursuitH. D.1916
Sea GodsH. D.1916
Sea PoppiesH. D.1916
Sheltered GardenH. D.1916
SimaethaH. D.1921
SmellWilliam Carlos Williams1917
Song of NatureRalph Waldo Emerson1867
Song of a Second AprilEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
SonnetAlice Dunbar-Nelson1922
Spontaneous MeWalt Whitman1892
SpringEliza Cook1840
SpringGerard Manley Hopkins1918
Spring in New HampshireClaude McKay1922
StormH. D.1916
Summer Morn in New HampshireClaude McKay1922
Summer PastJohn Gray1893
Summer in the SouthPaul Laurence Dunbar1903
The Battle Autumn of 1862John Greenleaf Whittier1862
The Christmas HollyEliza Cook1840
The Clouded MorningJones Very1839
The Darkling ThrushThomas Hardy1900
The EmbankmentT. E. Hulme1912
The Gladness of NatureWilliam Cullen Bryant1832
The Lake Isle of InnisfreeW. B. Yeats1890
The Magpie's ShadowYvor Winters1922
The Noble NatureBen Jonson1640
The Oven-BirdRobert Frost1916
The Prairie TownHelen Santmyer1921
The SwanJohn Gould Fletcher1921
The SwanF. S. Flint1917
The ThawHenry David Thoreau1895
The Wind and the MoonGeorge Macdonald1904
The WorldChristina Rossetti1862
There may be chaos still around the w...George Santayana1906
ThetisH. D.1921
They Lived Enamoured of the Lovely MoonTrumbull Stickney1897
To an Old Square PianoRobinson Jeffers1916
To the Thawing WindRobert Frost1913
Today We Make the Poet's Words Our OwnHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1875
TreesJoyce Kilmer1913
Ts'ai Chi'hEzra Pound1916
Two Butterflies went out at Noon—Emily Dickinson1891
Two SewingHazel Hall1921
VisionRobert Penn Warren1922
WaterRalph Waldo Emerson1867
WeedsEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
What's the railroad to me?Henry David Thoreau1854
While Loveliness Goes ByAnna Hempstead Branch1903
Within the Circuit of this Plodding LifeHenry David Thoreau1863
Work Without HopeSamuel Taylor Coleridge1825
[Aye, workman, make me a dream]Stephen Crane1899
[Immortal?... No,]F. S. Flint1917
[The grass is beneath my head]F. S. Flint1917
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