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Poems with tag Memories
A MemoryLola Ridge1918
A Violin at DuskLizette Woodworth Reese1920
Elegy V: His PictureJohn Donne1896
Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tint...William Wordsworth1798
MnemosyneTrumbull Stickney1902
My Grandmother's Love LettersHart Crane1920
Ode on Intimations of Immortality fro...William Wordsworth1807
PianoD. H. Lawrence1918
Remembered LightClark Ashton Smith1912
Rock Me to SleepElizabeth Akers Allen1859
SecretsLola Ridge1920
Tears, Idle TearsAlfred Lord Tennyson1847
With MusicHelen Hay Whitney1905
ΔώριαEzra Pound1914
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