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Poems in publication Cornhuskers, 1918 (External link) [COMPLETE]
PrairieCarl Sandburg
River RoadsCarl Sandburg
Prairie Waters by NightCarl Sandburg
Early MoonCarl Sandburg
Laughing CornCarl Sandburg
Autumn MovementCarl Sandburg
FalltimeCarl Sandburg
Illinois FarmerCarl Sandburg
Hits and RunsCarl Sandburg
Village in Late SummerCarl Sandburg
Blizzard NotesCarl Sandburg
Sunset From Omaha Hotel WindowCarl Sandburg
Still LifeCarl Sandburg
Band ConcertCarl Sandburg
Three Pieces on the Smoke of AutumnCarl Sandburg
LocalitiesCarl Sandburg
Caboose ThoughtsCarl Sandburg
AlixCarl Sandburg
Potato Blossom Songs and JigsCarl Sandburg
LoamCarl Sandburg
Manitoba Childe RolandCarl Sandburg
WildernessCarl Sandburg
Chicago PoetCarl Sandburg
Fire-LogsCarl Sandburg
RepetitionsCarl Sandburg
Adelaide CrapseyCarl Sandburg
Young BullfrogsCarl Sandburg
Memoir of a Proud BoyCarl Sandburg
BilbeaCarl Sandburg
Southern PacificCarl Sandburg
WasherwomanCarl Sandburg
Portrait of a Motor CarCarl Sandburg
Girl in a CageCarl Sandburg
Buffalo BillCarl Sandburg
Sixteen MonthsCarl Sandburg
Child MargaretCarl Sandburg
Singing NiggerCarl Sandburg
Leather LeggingsCarl Sandburg
Prayers of SteelCarl Sandburg
Always the MobCarl Sandburg
JabberersCarl Sandburg
CartoonCarl Sandburg
InteriorCarl Sandburg
Street WindowCarl Sandburg
PalladiumsCarl Sandburg
ClocksCarl Sandburg
LegendsCarl Sandburg
Psalm of Those Who Go Forth Before Da...Carl Sandburg
Horses and Men in RainCarl Sandburg
QuestionnaireCarl Sandburg
Near KeokukCarl Sandburg
Slants at Buffalo, New YorkCarl Sandburg
Flat LandsCarl Sandburg
LawyerCarl Sandburg
Three BallsCarl Sandburg
ChicksCarl Sandburg
HumdrumCarl Sandburg
JolietCarl Sandburg
KnucksCarl Sandburg
TestamentCarl Sandburg
Valley SongCarl Sandburg
In Tall GrassCarl Sandburg
UpstairsCarl Sandburg
MonosyllabicCarl Sandburg
FilmsCarl Sandburg
KreislerCarl Sandburg
The Sea HoldCarl Sandburg
Goldwing MothCarl Sandburg
Loin ClothCarl Sandburg
Hemlock and CedarCarl Sandburg
Summer Shirt SaleCarl Sandburg
MedallionCarl Sandburg
Bricklayer LoveCarl Sandburg
AshurnatsirpalCarl Sandburg
Mammy HumsCarl Sandburg
BringersCarl Sandburg
Crimson RamblerCarl Sandburg
HauntsCarl Sandburg
Have MeCarl Sandburg
Fire DreamsCarl Sandburg
Baby FaceCarl Sandburg
The YearCarl Sandburg
DrumnotesCarl Sandburg
MoonsetCarl Sandburg
Garden WirelessCarl Sandburg
HandfulsCarl Sandburg
Cool TombsCarl Sandburg
ShenandoahCarl Sandburg
New FeetCarl Sandburg
Old OsawatomieCarl Sandburg
GrassCarl Sandburg
FlandersCarl Sandburg
GargoyleCarl Sandburg
Old TimersCarl Sandburg
HouseCarl Sandburg
John Ericsson Day MemorialCarl Sandburg
Remembered WomenCarl Sandburg
Out of White LipsCarl Sandburg
MemoirCarl Sandburg
A Million Young WorkmenCarl Sandburg
SmokeCarl Sandburg
A Tall ManCarl Sandburg
The Four BrothersCarl Sandburg
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