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A Hymn To Sir Clipseby Crew

by Robert Herrick, 1648

’Twas not love’s dart,
    Or any blow
    Of want, or foe,
    Did wound my heart
With an eternal smart;

    But only you,
    My sometimes known
    My dearest Crew,
That me unkindly slew.

    May your fault die,
    And have no name
    In books of fame;
    Or let it lie
Forgotten now, as I.

    We parted are
    And now no more,
    As heretofore,
    By jocund Lar
Shall be familiar.

    But though we sever,
    My Crew shall see
    That I will be
    Here faithless never,
But love my Clipseby ever.

Published in Hesperides

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