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Poems with tag Myth
A Musical InstrumentElizabeth Barrett Browning1860
A Song for St. Cecilia's DayJohn Dryden1687
AconH. D.1916
Beggar WomanCharles Reznikoff1921
DemeterH. D.1921
Diana of the HuntForceythe Willson1867
Goblin MarketChristina Rossetti1862
Kubla KhanSamuel Taylor Coleridge1816
LettuceAbraham Cowley1711
Mime XCharles Schwob1901
Poem 1Edmund Spenser1595
Sea GodsH. D.1916
Shepheardes Calendar [October]Edmund Spenser1579
SimaethaH. D.1921
Story II. The Oilman and his ParrotJalal al-Din Rumi1898
Story XI. The Lion who Hunted with th...Jalal al-Din Rumi1898
The HesperidesAlfred Lord Tennyson1832
The VampireRudyard Kipling1897
The Vampire Bride [I am come-I am come!]Henry Thomas Liddell1833
The Waste LandT. S. Eliot1922
ThetisH. D.1921
To Helen About Her HairRobinson Jeffers1912
UlyssesAlfred Lord Tennyson1842
WinterWalter de la Mare1906
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