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Poems with tag Heartache
A Love SongWilliam Carlos Williams1916
A Winter's TaleD. H. Lawrence1916
Ashes of LifeEdna St. Vincent Millay1917
Bei HennefD. H. Lawrence1913
ElegyD. H. Lawrence1916
How Much?Carl Sandburg1922
I Am Not YoursSara Teasdale1917
I Do Not Love TheeCaroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton1829
I know I am but summer to your heart ...Edna St. Vincent Millay1922
I shall forget you presently, my dear...Edna St. Vincent Millay1920
Last Words to MiriamD. H. Lawrence1921
LeisureAmy Lowell1912
Love in Fantastique Triumph sattAphra Behn1677
Love's SecretWilliam Blake1863
Loving and BelovedSir John Suckling1646
Never give all the heartW. B. Yeats1904
Old WineMargaret Widdemer1918
OpalAmy Lowell1919
Passer Mortuus EstEdna St. Vincent Millay1921
PatienceD. H. Lawrence1916
RenouncementAlice Meynell1895
Sonnet 102 [If no love is, O God, wha...Francesco Petrarch1375
Sonnet 12 [Alas, so all things now do...Henry Howard1557
Summer Morn in New HampshireClaude McKay1922
The Ballad of Reading GaolOscar Wilde1898
The BarrierClaude McKay1922
The EndD. H. Lawrence1916
The FlightSara Teasdale1915
The Giver of StarsAmy Lowell1914
The Heart BreakingAbraham Cowley1656
The Sea of GlassEzra Pound1917
The Unloved to His BelovedWilliam Alexander Percy1922
To ElectraRobert Herrick1648
To His Coy LoveMichael Drayton1606
To Love ImpuissantEdna St. Vincent Millay1920
What Do I CareSara Teasdale1920
When You Are OldW. B. Yeats1919
Whoever You Are Holding Me Now in HandWalt Whitman1892
XIII. [When I was one-and-twenty]A. E. Housman1896
XXXVI. [White in the moon the long ro...A. E. Housman1896
[The grass is beneath my head]F. S. Flint1917
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