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American Revolution

Poems with tag American Revolution
A Farewel to AmericaPhillis Wheatley1773
A Nation's StrengthWilliam Ralph Emerson1847
A Political LitanyPhilip Freneau1775
Abraham Davenport [excerpt]John Greenleaf Whittier1866
AmericaWalt Whitman1892
America, a Prophecy, Plates 3 and 4William Blake1793
England in 1819Percy Bysshe Shelley1839
His Excellency General WashingtonPhillis Wheatley1776
I Hear America SingingWalt Whitman1892
Occasioned by General Washington's Ar...Philip Freneau1783
On Being Brought from Africa to AmericaPhillis Wheatley1773
Paul Revere's RideHenry Wadsworth Longfellow1861
The Star-Spangled BannerFrancis Scott Key1814
To the Right Honourable William, Earl...Phillis Wheatley1773
When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'dWalt Whitman1892
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