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Fairies and Fusiliers

Poems in publication Fairies and Fusiliers, 1918 (External link) [COMPLETE]
To an Ungentle CriticRobert Graves
An Old Twenty-Third ManRobert Graves
To Lucasta on Going to the War—for th...Robert Graves
Two FusiliersRobert Graves
To Robert NicholsRobert Graves
Dead Cow FarmRobert Graves
Goliath and DavidRobert Graves
BabylonRobert Graves
Mr. PhilosopherRobert Graves
The Cruel MoonRobert Graves
FinlandRobert Graves
A Pinch of SaltRobert Graves
The CaterpillarRobert Graves
Sorley's WeatherRobert Graves
The CottageRobert Graves
The Last PostRobert Graves
When I'm KilledRobert Graves
Letter to S. S. from Mametz WoodRobert Graves
A Dead BocheRobert Graves
FaunRobert Graves
The SpoilsportRobert Graves
The Shivering BeggarRobert Graves
JonahRobert Graves
John SkeltonRobert Graves
I Wonder What it Feels Like to be Dro...Robert Graves
Double Red DaisiesRobert Graves
CareersRobert Graves
I'd Love to be a Fairy's ChildRobert Graves
The Next WarRobert Graves
Strong BeerRobert Graves
MarigoldsRobert Graves
The Lady Visitor in the Pauper WardRobert Graves
Love and Black MagicRobert Graves
Smoke-RingsRobert Graves
A Child's NightmareRobert Graves
EscapeRobert Graves
The Bough of NonsenseRobert Graves
Not DeadRobert Graves
A Boy in ChurchRobert Graves
Corporal StareRobert Graves
The Assault HeroicRobert Graves
The Poet in the NurseryRobert Graves
In the WildernessRobert Graves
Cherry-TimeRobert Graves
1915Robert Graves
Free VerseRobert Graves
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