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Right off the Bat: Baseball Ballads

Poems in publication Right off the Bat: Baseball Ballads, 1910 (External link) [COMPLETE]
John Bourbon, PitcherWilliam F. Kirk
Sunday BaseballWilliam F. Kirk
The Big LeagueWilliam F. Kirk
The Ballad of the Minor LeaguerWilliam F. Kirk
Ballade of a SubstituteWilliam F. Kirk
Casey on a BatWilliam F. Kirk
The Pitcher's SoliloquyWilliam F. Kirk
Blessed Be BaseballWilliam F. Kirk
Raymond's RideWilliam F. Kirk
Four ConversationsWilliam F. Kirk
“Inside” BaseballWilliam F. Kirk
The DifferenceWilliam F. Kirk
Cricket and BaseballWilliam F. Kirk
The League of Long AgoWilliam F. Kirk
The Umpire's HomeWilliam F. Kirk
“Yellow”William F. Kirk
The UmpireWilliam F. Kirk
“Choosing Sides”William F. Kirk
Ode to a Georgia GentWilliam F. Kirk
Life and BaseballWilliam F. Kirk
What Happened to HiloWilliam F. Kirk
I Was with ClarkeWilliam F. Kirk
“Home Folks”William F. Kirk
The Outfielder's DreamWilliam F. Kirk
The Law of AveragesWilliam F. Kirk
A Converted RooterWilliam F. Kirk
To the Lady BugsWilliam F. Kirk
Polo in ArizonaWilliam F. Kirk
The Laddies' LeagueWilliam F. Kirk
The $11,000 BeautyWilliam F. Kirk
The Lay of the New York FanWilliam F. Kirk
The Old RooterWilliam F. Kirk
“If”William F. Kirk
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