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A Dome of Many-Coloured Glass

Poems in publication A Dome of Many-Coloured Glass, 1912 (External link) [COMPLETE]
Before the AltarAmy Lowell
Suggested by the Cover of a Volume of...Amy Lowell
Apples of HesperidesAmy Lowell
Azure and GoldAmy Lowell
PetalsAmy Lowell
Venetian GlassAmy Lowell
FatigueAmy Lowell
A Japanese Wood-CarvingAmy Lowell
A Little SongAmy Lowell
Behind a WallAmy Lowell
A Winter RideAmy Lowell
A Coloured Print by ShokeiAmy Lowell
SongAmy Lowell
The Fool ErrantAmy Lowell
The Green BowlAmy Lowell
Hora StellatrixAmy Lowell
FragmentAmy Lowell
Loon PointAmy Lowell
SummerAmy Lowell
"To-morrow to Fresh Woods and Pasture...Amy Lowell
The WayAmy Lowell
ΔιψαAmy Lowell
RoadsAmy Lowell
Teatro Bambino. Dublin, N. H.Amy Lowell
The Road to AvignonAmy Lowell
New York at NightAmy Lowell
A Fairy TaleAmy Lowell
CrownedAmy Lowell
To Elizabeth Ward PerkinsAmy Lowell
The Promise of the Morning StarAmy Lowell
J—K. HuysmansAmy Lowell
March EveningAmy Lowell
LeisureAmy Lowell
On Carpaccio's Picture: The Dream of ...Amy Lowell
The MatrixAmy Lowell
Monadnock in Early SpringAmy Lowell
The Little GardenAmy Lowell
To an Early DaffodilAmy Lowell
ListeningAmy Lowell
The Lamp of LifeAmy Lowell
Hero-WorshipAmy Lowell
In DarknessAmy Lowell
Before DawnAmy Lowell
The PoetAmy Lowell
At NightAmy Lowell
The Fruit Garden PathAmy Lowell
MirageAmy Lowell
To a FriendAmy Lowell
A Fixed IdeaAmy Lowell
DreamsAmy Lowell
Frankincense and MyrrhAmy Lowell
From One Who StaysAmy Lowell
Crepuscule du MatinAmy Lowell
AftermathAmy Lowell
The EndAmy Lowell
The StarlingAmy Lowell
Market DayAmy Lowell
Epitaph in a Church-Yard in Charlesto...Amy Lowell
Francis II, King of NaplesAmy Lowell
To John KeatsAmy Lowell
The Boston AthenaeumAmy Lowell
Sea ShellAmy Lowell
Fringed GentiansAmy Lowell
The Painted CeilingAmy Lowell
The Crescent MoonAmy Lowell
ClimbingAmy Lowell
The TroutAmy Lowell
WindAmy Lowell
The PleiadesAmy Lowell
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