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Poems in publication Hymen, 1921 (External link) [COMPLETE]
HymenH. D.
DemeterH. D.
SimaethaH. D.
ThetisH. D.
CirceH. D.
LedaH. D.
Hippolytus TemporizesH. D.
Cuckoo SongH. D.
The IslandsH. D.
At BaiaH. D.
Sea HeroesH. D.
"Not Honey"H. D.
EvadneH. D.
SongH. D.
Why Have You SoughtH. D.
The Whole White WorldH. D.
PhaedraH. D.
She Contrasts With Herself HippolytaH. D.
She Rebukes HippolytaH. D.
EgyptH. D.
HeliosH. D.
PrayerH. D.
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