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Chicago Poems

Poems in publication Chicago Poems, 1916 (External link) [COMPLETE]
HandfulsCarl Sandburg
I am the People, the MobCarl Sandburg
ChicagoCarl Sandburg
SketchCarl Sandburg
MassesCarl Sandburg
LostCarl Sandburg
The HarborCarl Sandburg
They Will SayCarl Sandburg
Mill-DoorsCarl Sandburg
Halsted Street CarCarl Sandburg
Clark Street BridgeCarl Sandburg
Passers-byCarl Sandburg
The Walking Man of RodinCarl Sandburg
SubwayCarl Sandburg
The Shovel ManCarl Sandburg
A Teamster’s FarewellCarl Sandburg
Fish CrierCarl Sandburg
Picnic BoatCarl Sandburg
HappinessCarl Sandburg
MuckersCarl Sandburg
BlacklistedCarl Sandburg
GracelandCarl Sandburg
Child of the RomansCarl Sandburg
The Right to GriefCarl Sandburg
MagCarl Sandburg
Onion DaysCarl Sandburg
Population DriftsCarl Sandburg
CrippleCarl Sandburg
A FenceCarl Sandburg
Anna ImrothCarl Sandburg
Working GirlsCarl Sandburg
MamieCarl Sandburg
PersonalityCarl Sandburg
CumulativesCarl Sandburg
To Certain JourneymenCarl Sandburg
ChamfortCarl Sandburg
LimitedCarl Sandburg
The Has-BeenCarl Sandburg
In a Back AlleyCarl Sandburg
A CoinCarl Sandburg
DynamiterCarl Sandburg
Ice HandlerCarl Sandburg
JackCarl Sandburg
Fellow CitizensCarl Sandburg
NiggerCarl Sandburg
Two NeighborsCarl Sandburg
StyleCarl Sandburg
To Beachey—1912Carl Sandburg
Under a Hat RimCarl Sandburg
In a BreathCarl Sandburg
BathCarl Sandburg
BronzesCarl Sandburg
DunesCarl Sandburg
On the WayCarl Sandburg
Ready to KillCarl Sandburg
To a Contemporary BunkshooterCarl Sandburg
SkyscraperCarl Sandburg
FogCarl Sandburg
PoolCarl Sandburg
Jan KubelikCarl Sandburg
ChooseCarl Sandburg
CrimsonCarl Sandburg
WhitelightCarl Sandburg
FluxCarl Sandburg
KinCarl Sandburg
White ShouldersCarl Sandburg
LossesCarl Sandburg
TrothsCarl Sandburg
KillersCarl Sandburg
Among the Red GunsCarl Sandburg
IronCarl Sandburg
Murmurings in a Field HospitalCarl Sandburg
StatisticsCarl Sandburg
FightCarl Sandburg
ButtonsCarl Sandburg
And They ObeyCarl Sandburg
JawsCarl Sandburg
SalvageCarl Sandburg
WarsCarl Sandburg
The Road and the EndCarl Sandburg
ChoicesCarl Sandburg
GravesCarl Sandburg
Aztec MaskCarl Sandburg
MomusCarl Sandburg
The AnswerCarl Sandburg
To a Dead ManCarl Sandburg
UnderCarl Sandburg
A SphinxCarl Sandburg
Who Am I?Carl Sandburg
Our Prayer of ThanksCarl Sandburg
At a WindowCarl Sandburg
Under the Harvest MoonCarl Sandburg
The Great HuntCarl Sandburg
MonotoneCarl Sandburg
JoyCarl Sandburg
ShirtCarl Sandburg
AztecCarl Sandburg
TwoCarl Sandburg
Back YardCarl Sandburg
On the BreakwaterCarl Sandburg
MaskCarl Sandburg
Pearl FogCarl Sandburg
I SangCarl Sandburg
FolliesCarl Sandburg
JuneCarl Sandburg
Nocturne in a Deserted BrickyardCarl Sandburg
HydrangeasCarl Sandburg
Theme in YellowCarl Sandburg
Between Two HillsCarl Sandburg
Last AnswersCarl Sandburg
WindowCarl Sandburg
Young SeaCarl Sandburg
BonesCarl Sandburg
PalsCarl Sandburg
ChildCarl Sandburg
PoppiesCarl Sandburg
Child MoonCarl Sandburg
MargaretCarl Sandburg
Poems Done on a Late Night CarCarl Sandburg
It Is MuchCarl Sandburg
TraffickerCarl Sandburg
Harrison Street CourtCarl Sandburg
Soiled DoveCarl Sandburg
Jungheimer’sCarl Sandburg
GoneCarl Sandburg
Dreams in the DuskCarl Sandburg
DocksCarl Sandburg
All Day LongCarl Sandburg
WaitingCarl Sandburg
From the ShoreCarl Sandburg
Uplands in MayCarl Sandburg
A Dream GirlCarl Sandburg
The PlowboyCarl Sandburg
BroadwayCarl Sandburg
Old WomanCarl Sandburg
The Noon HourCarl Sandburg
BoesCarl Sandburg
Under a Telephone PoleCarl Sandburg
I Am the People, the MobCarl Sandburg
GovernmentCarl Sandburg
LanguagesCarl Sandburg
Letters to Dead ImagistsCarl Sandburg
SheepCarl Sandburg
The Red SonCarl Sandburg
The MistCarl Sandburg
The Junk ManCarl Sandburg
Silver NailsCarl Sandburg
GypsyCarl Sandburg
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