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The Book of American Negro Poetry

Poems in publication The Book of American Negro Poetry, 1922 (External link) [COMPLETE]
A Negro Love SongPaul Laurence Dunbar
Little Brown BabyPaul Laurence Dunbar
Ships That Pass in the NightPaul Laurence Dunbar
Lover's LanePaul Laurence Dunbar
The DebtPaul Laurence Dunbar
The Haunted TreePaul Laurence Dunbar
When De Co'n Pone's HotPaul Laurence Dunbar
A Death SongPaul Laurence Dunbar
Negro SerenadeJames Edwin Campbell
De Cunjah ManJames Edwin Campbell
Uncle Eph's Banjo SongJames Edwin Campbell
Ol' Doc' HyarJames Edwin Campbell
When Ol' Sis' Judy PrayJames Edwin Campbell
CompensationJames Edwin Campbell
At the Closed Gate of JusticeJames D. Corrothers
Paul Laurence DunbarJames D. Corrothers
The Negro SingerJames D. Corrothers
The Road to the BowJames D. Corrothers
In the Matter of Two MenJames D. Corrothers
An Indignation DinnerJames D. Corrothers
Dream and the SongJames D. Corrothers
'Weh Down SoufDaniel Webster Davis
Hog MeatDaniel Webster Davis
Dusk SongWilliam H.A. Moore
It Was Not FateWilliam H.A. Moore
A Litany of AtlantaW. E. B. Du Bois
Dogwood BlossomsGeorge Marion McClellan
A Butterfly in ChurchGeorge Marion McClellan
The Hills of SewaneeGeorge Marion McClellan
The Feet of JudasGeorge Marion McClellan
Sandy Star and Willie GeeWilliam Stanley Braithwaite
Del CascarWilliam Stanley Braithwaite
Turn Me to My Yellow LeavesWilliam Stanley Braithwaite
Ironic: LL.DWilliam Stanley Braithwaite
ScintillaWilliam Stanley Braithwaite
Sic VitaWilliam Stanley Braithwaite
RhapsodyWilliam Stanley Braithwaite
Stanzas from The Fledgling Bard and t...George Reginald Margetson
O Black and Unknown BardsJames Weldon Johnson
Sence You Went AwayJames Weldon Johnson
The CreationJames Weldon Johnson
The White WitchJames Weldon Johnson
Mother NightJames Weldon Johnson
O SouthlandJames Weldon Johnson
BrothersJames Weldon Johnson
Fifty YearsJames Weldon Johnson
Miss MelerleeJohn Wesley Holloway
Calling the DoctorJohn Wesley Holloway
The Corn SongJohn Wesley Holloway
Black MammiesJohn Wesley Holloway
TuskegeeLeslie Pinckney Hill
Christmas at MelroseLeslie Pinckney Hill
Summer MagicLeslie Pinckney Hill
The TeacherLeslie Pinckney Hill
A Song of ThanksEdward Smyth Jones
Time to DieRay G. Dandridge
'Ittle Touzle HeadRay G. Dandridge
Zalka PeetruzaRay G. Dandridge
Sprin' FevahRay G. Dandridge
De Drum MajahRay G. Dandridge
Children of the SunFenton Johnson
The New DayFenton Johnson
TiredFenton Johnson
The Banjo PlayerFenton Johnson
The Scarlet WomanFenton Johnson
The Rubinstein Staccato EtudeR. Nathaniel Dett
The Heart of a WomanGeorgia Douglas Johnson
YouthGeorgia Douglas Johnson
Lost IllusionsGeorgia Douglas Johnson
I Want to Die While You Love MeGeorgia Douglas Johnson
WeltGeorgia Douglas Johnson
My Little DreamsGeorgia Douglas Johnson
The LynchingClaude McKay
If We Must DieClaude McKay
To the White FriendsClaude McKay
The Harlem DancerClaude McKay
Harlem ShadowsClaude McKay
After the WinterClaude McKay
Spring in New HampshireClaude McKay
The Tired WorkerClaude McKay
The BarrierClaude McKay
To O.E.A.Claude McKay
Flame-HeartClaude McKay
Two-an'-SixClaude McKay
A PrayerJoseph Seamon Cotter, Jr.
And What Shall You SayJoseph Seamon Cotter, Jr.
Is It Because I Am Black?Joseph Seamon Cotter, Jr.
The Band of GideonJoseph Seamon Cotter, Jr.
Rain MusicJoseph Seamon Cotter, Jr.
SupplicationJoseph Seamon Cotter, Jr.
The Negro SoldiersRoscoe C. Jamison
La Vie C'est la VieJessie Fauset
Christmas Eve in FranceJessie Fauset
Dead FiresJessie Fauset
OriflammeJessie Fauset
OblivionJessie Fauset
Before the Feast of ShushanAnne Spencer
At the CarnivalAnne Spencer
The Wife-WomanAnne Spencer
TranslationAnne Spencer
DunbarAnne Spencer
Why Adam SinnedAlex Rogers
The Rain SongAlex Rogers
Keep Me, Jesus, Keep MeWaverley Turner Carmichael
Winter Is ComingWaverley Turner Carmichael
SonnetAlice Dunbar-Nelson
A Little CabinCharles Bertram Johnson
Negro PoetsCharles Bertram Johnson
The Dawn's Awake!Otto Leland Bohanan
The Washer-WomanOtto Leland Bohanan
The Big Bell in ZionTheodore Henry Shackelford
Star of EthiopiaLucian B. Watkins
Two Points of ViewLucian B. Watkins
To Our FriendsLucian B. Watkins
My HeroBenjamin Brawley
ChaucerBenjamin Brawley
To a SkullJoshua Henry Jones, Jr.
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