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by Robert Herrick, 1648

Thou see’st me, Lucia, this year droop;
Three zodiacs filled more, I shall stoop;
Let crutches then provided be
To shore up my debility.
Then, while thou laugh’st, I’ll sighing cry,
“A ruin, underpropp’d, am I”.
Don will I then my beadsman’s gown,
And when so feeble I am grown,
As my weak shoulders cannot bear
The burden of a grasshopper,
Yet with the bench of aged sires,
When I and they keep termly fires,
With my weak voice I’ll sing, or say,
Some odes I made of Lucia:
Then will I heave my wither’d hand
To Jove the mighty, for to stand
Thy faithful friend, and to pour down
Upon thee many a benison.

Published in Hesperides

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