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William Cowper

Poems by author William Cowper
Epitaph on a HareWilliam Cowper1783
Hatred and vengeance, my eternal portionWilliam Cowper1816
Olney Hymns, I, [Walking with God]William Cowper1779
Olney Hymns, IX [The Contrite Heart]William Cowper1779
Olney Hymns, XLVIII [Joy and Peace in...William Cowper1779
Olney Hymns, XXXII [The Shining Light]William Cowper1779
The CastawayWilliam Cowper1799
The SnailWilliam Cowper1731
The Task, Book I, The Sofa [excerpt]William Cowper1785
The Task, Book II, A Time-Piece [exce...William Cowper1785
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