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Rupert Brooke

Poems by author Rupert Brooke
A Channel PassageRupert Brooke1916
A MemoryRupert Brooke1916
Ante AramRupert Brooke1916
Beauty and BeautyRupert Brooke1915
Blue EveningRupert Brooke1916
Choriambics—IRupert Brooke1916
Choriambics—IIRupert Brooke1916
CloudsRupert Brooke1916
DawnRupert Brooke1916
Day That I Have LovedRupert Brooke1916
Day and NightRupert Brooke1916
Dead Men's LoveRupert Brooke1916
DesertionRupert Brooke1916
Dining-Room TeaRupert Brooke1916
DoubtsRupert Brooke1916
DustRupert Brooke1916
FailureRupert Brooke1916
FindingRupert Brooke1916
FlightRupert Brooke1916
HauntingsRupert Brooke1916
He Wonders Whether to Praise or to Bl...Rupert Brooke1916
HeavenRupert Brooke1916
HomeRupert Brooke1916
In ExaminationRupert Brooke1916
JealousyRupert Brooke1916
KindlinessRupert Brooke1916
LibidoRupert Brooke1916
Lines Written in the Belief That the ...Rupert Brooke1916
LoveRupert Brooke1916
Mary and GabrielRupert Brooke1916
Menelaus and HelenRupert Brooke1916
MummiaRupert Brooke1916
MutabilityRupert Brooke1916
On the Death of Smet-Smet, the Hippop...Rupert Brooke1916
One DayRupert Brooke1916
ParalysisRupert Brooke1916
PeaceRupert Brooke1916
Pine-Trees and the Sky: EveningRupert Brooke1916
RetrospectRupert Brooke1916
SafetyRupert Brooke1916
SeasideRupert Brooke1916
Second BestRupert Brooke1916
Sleeping Out: Full MoonRupert Brooke1916
SongRupert Brooke1916
Song [All suddenly the wind comes soft,]Rupert Brooke1916
SonnetRupert Brooke1916
Sonnet: I Said I Splendidly Loved You...Rupert Brooke1916
Sonnet: Oh! Death Will Find Me, Long ...Rupert Brooke1916
SuccessRupert Brooke1916
The BeginningRupert Brooke1916
The Busy HeartRupert Brooke1916
The CallRupert Brooke1916
The CharmRupert Brooke1916
The ChilternsRupert Brooke1916
The DeadRupert Brooke1916
The Dead [These hearts were woven of ...Rupert Brooke1916
The FishRupert Brooke1916
The Funeral of Youth: ThrenodyRupert Brooke1916
The Goddess in the WoodRupert Brooke1916
The Great LoverRupert Brooke1915
The HillRupert Brooke1916
The Jolly CompanyRupert Brooke1916
The Life BeyondRupert Brooke1916
The Night JourneyRupert Brooke1916
The Old Vicarage, GrantchesterRupert Brooke1916
The One Before the LastRupert Brooke1916
The SoldierRupert Brooke1914
The Song of the BeastsRupert Brooke1916
The Song of the PilgrimsRupert Brooke1916
The TreasureRupert Brooke1916
The Vision of the ArchangelsRupert Brooke1916
The VoiceRupert Brooke1916
The Way That Lovers UseRupert Brooke1916
The WayfarersRupert Brooke1916
There's Wisdom in WomenRupert Brooke1916
Thoughts on the Shape of the Human BodyRupert Brooke1916
Tiare TahitiRupert Brooke1915
Town and CountryRupert Brooke1916
UnfortunateRupert Brooke1916
VictoryRupert Brooke1916
WagnerRupert Brooke1916
WaikikiRupert Brooke1916
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