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Claude McKay

Poems by author Claude McKay
A Memory of JuneClaude McKay1922
A PrayerClaude McKay1922
A Red FlowerClaude McKay1922
AbsenceClaude McKay1922
AdolescenceClaude McKay1922
AfricaClaude McKay1922
After the WinterClaude McKay1922
Alfonso, Dressing to Wait at TableClaude McKay1922
AmericaClaude McKay1922
BaptismClaude McKay1922
Birds of PreyClaude McKay1922
CommemorationClaude McKay1922
Comrades FourClaude McKay1912
CourageClaude McKay1922
Dawn in New YorkClaude McKay1922
December, 1919Claude McKay1922
EnslavedClaude McKay1922
Exhortation: Summer, 1919Claude McKay1922
Flame-HeartClaude McKay1922
FlirtationClaude McKay1922
Flower of LoveClaude McKay1922
French LeaveClaude McKay1922
FutilityClaude McKay1922
Harlem ShadowsClaude McKay1922
HeritageClaude McKay1922
Home ThoughtsClaude McKay1922
Homing SwallowsClaude McKay1922
I Know My SoulClaude McKay1922
I Shall ReturnClaude McKay1922
If We Must DieClaude McKay1922
In BondageClaude McKay1922
JasminesClaude McKay1922
Joy in the WoodsClaude McKay1920
La Paloma in LondonClaude McKay1922
MemorialClaude McKay1922
Morning JoyClaude McKay1922
My MotherClaude McKay1922
North and SouthClaude McKay1922
O Word I Love to SingClaude McKay1922
On BroadwayClaude McKay1922
On a Primitive CanoeClaude McKay1922
On the RoadClaude McKay1922
One Year AfterClaude McKay1922
OutcastClaude McKay1922
PoetryClaude McKay1922
PolarityClaude McKay1922
Rest in PeaceClaude McKay1922
RomanceClaude McKay1922
Spring in New HampshireClaude McKay1922
Subway WindClaude McKay1922
Summer Morn in New HampshireClaude McKay1922
The BarrierClaude McKay1922
The CastawaysClaude McKay1922
The City's LoveClaude McKay1922
The Easter FlowerClaude McKay1922
The Harlem DancerClaude McKay1922
The LynchingClaude McKay1922
The Night FireClaude McKay1922
The PlateauClaude McKay1922
The Snow FairyClaude McKay1922
The Spanish NeedleClaude McKay1922
The Tired WorkerClaude McKay1922
The Tropics of New YorkClaude McKay1922
The White CityClaude McKay1922
The White HouseClaude McKay1919
The Wild GoatClaude McKay1922
ThirstClaude McKay1922
Through AgonyClaude McKay1922
To O.E.A.Claude McKay1922
To One Coming NorthClaude McKay1922
To WinterClaude McKay1922
To a PoetClaude McKay1922
To the White FriendsClaude McKay1922
TormentedClaude McKay1922
Two-an'-SixClaude McKay1922
When Dawn Comes to the CityClaude McKay1922
When I Have Passed AwayClaude McKay1922
Wild MayClaude McKay1922
Winter in the CountryClaude McKay1922
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