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Alfred Lord Tennyson

Poems by author Alfred Lord Tennyson
Break, Break, BreakAlfred Lord Tennyson1842
Crossing the BarAlfred Lord Tennyson1889
In Memoriam, Epilogue, [O true and tr...Alfred Lord Tennyson1850
In Memoriam, [Ring out, wild bells]Alfred Lord Tennyson1850
In Memoriam, [To Sleep I give my powe...Alfred Lord Tennyson1850
Marriage MorningAlfred Lord Tennyson1870
Tears, Idle TearsAlfred Lord Tennyson1847
The Charge of the Light BrigadeAlfred Lord Tennyson1854
The EagleAlfred Lord Tennyson1851
The HesperidesAlfred Lord Tennyson1832
The KrakenAlfred Lord Tennyson1830
The Lady of ShalottAlfred Lord Tennyson1833
The Splendor FallsAlfred Lord Tennyson1850
TithonusAlfred Lord Tennyson1860
UlyssesAlfred Lord Tennyson1842
Vivien’s SongAlfred Lord Tennyson1910
from "The Princess"Alfred Lord Tennyson1874
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